True Martial World Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615 Dao Exchange

“This is”

Yi Yun widened his eyes as he watched Human Emperor’s phantom create each stroke. He was writing in a language Yi Yun had never seen before.

Although Yi Yun did not know the language, he was aware of the Great Dao which was contained within.

Every character gave Yi Yun a completely different feeling.

An entire line of characters, when put together, made Yi Yun’s lifeblood surge. It made him wish to pick up a weapon and kill everything around him without regard for the consequences.

He seemed to see armies and horses, mountains of corpses and seas of blood!

Following that, he saw a spear-wielding man standing amid the void.

“Senior Human Emperor is having a Dao exchange with me?”

Yi Yun drew a deep breath. His state of mind gradually calmed down as he trained both his eyes and mind completely on the characters

He guessed that Human Emperor’s final heritage was embedded in those characters.

Yi Yun hesitantly raised his hand and began delivering strokes like Human Emperor. Two surging lifeblood powers erupted from Yi Yun’s and Human Emperor’s bodies as they intermingled in midair.

As for the text written by Yi Yun and Human Emperor, they produced nomological ripples. Both series of text seemed to be separated by billions of years and yet they resonated.

The fog in the sky was dispersed by the boundless energy as the expansive galaxy poured its stellar light down, gathering at Human Emperor’s fingertip. At that moment, the images appeared to manifest into something eternal.

Upon seeing this scene, the disciples of the various factions, including the few Godly Monarchs, were dumbstruck.

What was happening? The duo were engaging in an intense battle just moments ago. Although Yi Yun’s performance was astounding, to the point of devouring Human Emperor’s 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, it did not mean that Yi Yun had won. Yi Yun was likely to be at a greater disadvantage if the battle dragged on.

But now the duo’s nomological powers were adding both radiance and beauty to each other, forming a phenomenon.

“What is that Yi Yun writing?”

The disciples from the various factions tried widening their eyes in a bid to see what Yi Yun and Human Emperor’s projection were writing. However, the duo seemed to be enveloped by a thin layer of fog. And their fingers had points of stellar light concentrated on them, preventing them from capturing the trajectories.

“There’s no way to see it.”

“What exactly is it” A disciple tried his best to look, but suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his eyes. He felt faint and seemed to lose a sense of his bearings.

At that moment, an angry bellow sounded in his ears. “Stop looking!”

The disciple jolted awake and realized that he had deviated from the array node. Immediately, his heart raced, afraid that he would be punished. He hurriedly returned to his spot.

The person who had shouted was Golden Winged Celestial Peng. He was burning with a frenzy of rage.

He never expected that Yi Yun would not only absorb Human Emperor’s final strike, but also have a Dao exchange with Human Emperor.

The opportunity of having a Dao exchange with Human Emperor made him envious.

Could it be that the punk had passed Human Emperor’s trial?

Just as Golden Winged Celestial Peng had that thought, he saw the characters in front of Human Emperor transform into countless resplendent points of stellar light which surged towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun did not resist the surging stellar light. Instead, he welcomed it and allowed it to fully infuse him.

This was the nomological powers left behind by Human Emperor!

The nomological powers cleansed Yi Yun’s body while he stood silently in his spot. His entire body was bathed in the luster of laws.

A Great Dao aura similar to the universe gradually suffused from Yi Yun’s body. The disciples were astonished to discover that Yi Yun’s aura was increasingly resembling Human Emperor’s. It approached that of a Great Dao Origins as though he was a manifestation of the Great Dao itself.

At that moment, Human Emperor’s projection spread his hands and raised them, sending Lightning and Fire powers toward Yi Yun.

This was the Heretical God Force.

Back when Yi Yun faced the Heretical God Force, what he felt was an intense threat.

But now, it was a peaceful feeling.

With a thought, Yi Yun conjured the Heretical God Fire.

Immediately, the Heretical God Force sank inside the Heretical God Fire. There was no resistance as it allowed itself to be absorbed by the Heretical God Fire.

Yi Yun sensed that the Heretical God Fire took on a different form after it absorbed the Heretical God Force. The flames jumped as a more terrifying aura emitted from within. The tiny flame turned into something akin to a volcano as though it would erupt at any time.

“Thank you, Senior Human Emperor.” Yi Yun bowed at Human Emperor’s projection.

When Ghost Ming saw Yi Yun receive the laws and fire from Human Emperor’s projection, his eyes nearly spewed from his head. Golden Winged Celestial Peng was raging.

Yi Yun had indeed passed the trial!

At that moment, the nine stars landed above the Heavenly Dao Palace. The palace’s doors also suffused nine stars which corresponded to the descending stars.

At that instant, the doors opened!

The Heavenly Dao fragment!

A magnificent and mighty Heavenly Dao aura spewed out from the door. It made the disciples in the array have the involuntary urge to bow their heads. They even wished to kowtow and submit themselves.

Only the few Godly Monarchs were able to ignore the feeling; however, the shock in their hearts was in no way inferior to that of their disciples.

The Heavenly Dao fragment was inside the palace!

And at that moment, all they could do was watch helplessly as Yi Yun entered the palace!

After giving Human Emperor’s projection a deep bow, Yi Yun looked straight ahead at the palace.

The Heavenly Dao aura made one yearn for it.

The Heavenly Dao was eternally immutable. It was the underlying nomological reason for the continued existence of the Heavenly Dao and myriad items. All things in the world followed its laws.

Any mortal being would feel tiny and powerless when facing the Heavenly Dao. However, Yi Yun felt pumped as his back straightened.

As a warrior, he started from insignificance. He worked hard to pursue the martial peak and the true meaning of life. How could he retreat in the face of the Heavenly Dao?

Yi Yun took one step after another toward the palace.

With every step, he felt an immense and terrifying force crush down on his body. Everything in front of him turned ethereal while the laws surrounding him kept changing.

Warriors who were lacking in strength could not face the Heavenly Dao fragment head on. As for Yi Yun, he took one step a time, his lifeblood churning like a sea of magma.

As Yi Yun approached the palace, he felt additional bits of energy returning to him with every step. When Yi Yun arrived at the palace’s entrance, Human Emperor’s phantom had returned all the energy it absorbed to Yi Yun.

By the time he entered, Yi Yun was already back at peak form. Not only so, he had absorbed the nomological powers of Human Emperor’s phantom as well as the Heretical God Force. His aura had an even more profound feeling. It even resembled the Heavenly Dao fragment inside the palace.

Yi Yun stepped into the hall!

Sanguine Ax watched Yi Yun enter the palace coldly before he extended his hand and tapped on a disk array.

Immediately, all the disciples felt a stronger suction.

Some of these disciples could not help but panic, for at that moment they realized that the suction was too powerful, so powerful that they could not easily leave the array nodes.

However, even if they could leave the array nodes, none of them dared to do so under Sanguine Ax’s cold gaze. Sanguine Ax had acted so intimidatingly precisely to raise the array’s might.

“Divine General Sanguine Ax, do you need to do this?” Dreamlight glanced at his Soul disciples and frowned. “Although Yi Yun has passed the trial, no one can refine the Heavenly Dao fragment other than Celestial Godly Monarchs.”

“That’s right. Yi Yun can’t absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment. All he can do is study it,” Ghost Ming said coldly. However, his fury was not lessened in any way. He was determined to extract Yi Yun’s soul and refine him into a ghost banner. He wanted Yi Yun to serve him as a slave for millions of years, while torturing him daily!

“The longer we wait, the greater the chance for unforeseen circumstances. We have to remove the array formation as soon as possible. Let’s crack the array and enter!” said Sanguine Ax.

This trivial figure he thought nothing of previously had given him too great a surprise. When he saw Yi Yun disappear into the palace’s door, he felt a sense of unease.

He was determined to get the Heavenly Dao fragment. Now that something unexpected had happened, he absolutely would not allow for more surprises.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lifeblood was extracted from the warriors in the nodes before it gathered in the array core. Then, augmented by the Godly Monarchs, it transformed into a blood pillar that surged into the sky. It emanated the smell of blood as it constantly inundated the massive array formation that enveloped the palace.

And in the middle of the array core, Sanguine Ax’s gaze was cold as he directed it at the palace’s door.

Even with the array formation in the way, he could clearly sense the Heavenly Dao fragment’s aura.

He did not know what Yi Yun could do to the Heavenly Dao fragment, but to be safe, he wanted to attack with full force.

After Yi Yun stepped into the palace, the door shut firmly, preventing Sanguine Ax from seeing anything else.


After the door closed, Yi Yun turned his head to take a glance before turning back.

Ever since the palace was sealed by Human Emperor, no one had ever stepped in again.

Across the vast expanse of time, only two people had stood in the palace. One was Human Emperor and the other was Yi Yun.

While looking at the empty palace, Yi Yun felt like he was looking at Human Emperor’s figure standing there across the river of time.

No, there was really a figure.

Compared to the psyche mark outside, this figure looked more illusory, but also more real.

Through a layer of blurry mist, Yi Yun sensed the figure cast his gaze on him.

“This is Senior Lin” Bai Yueyin’s wistful voice sounded. “This is a memory fragment which Senior Lin left behind.”

Bai Yueyin felt conflicted emotions. She once had the immense desire to follow in Human Emperor’s footsteps, but her dream ultimately burst. Now, all she could see was a memory fragment of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch.

At that moment, Human Emperor turned around and walked into the inner sanctums of the palace.

Yi Yun looked at the projection’s back before following him.

The duo walked through the massive palace and finally entered the deep depths of the palace which had been sealed for a long time.

And the whole time, an aura of the highest level in the world was silently emanating.

Yi Yun walked into a vast hall by following Human Emperor.

In the middle of the palace, stellar light emanated as the galaxy beneath his feet spiraled.

Furthermore, Yi Yun could feel that one of his feet was really stepping into the galaxy.

The Heavenly Dao fragment’s might was already capable of forming a miniature world inside the hall.

All the stars revolved according to a particular law.

Above the stars were the birth of vegetation, mountains and water bodies, avian and ground creatures.

In time to come, perhaps the hall could form a universe. It might even get to the point where intelligent life would be born on the star.