True Martial World Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 Breakthrough

Chapter 1616: Breakthrough


After Yi Yun entered the Heavenly Dao Hall, its doors closed, leaving the few Godly Monarchs outside the hall with extremely ugly expressions.

The warriors under them stared intently at the door, eager to know what Yi Yun saw inside the hall. However, the door had blocked everything from vision to perception.

To these warriors, it was like they were a group of sexually-desperate men in a mortal world attempting to search for trapped beauties. Success was just at hand when a man charged in before them and closed the door behind him.

All the others could do was wait outside.

The aggrieved feeling was obvious.


Sanguine Ax looked at Divineheart, his gaze seemingly about to devour him.

Divineheart was helpless as well. He knew he had been implicated, but the Godly Monarchs also knew that he was only cooperating with Yi Yun. He could not be blamed for Yi Yun’s sudden surprising actions. After all, the Heavenly Dao fragment was not in his hands. Attacking him was pointless.

“I will not do a thing when Yi Yun comes out.”

In order to prevent himself from being the target of everyone, Divineheart had no choice but to recuse himself. Whatever happened, Yi Yun definitely had some means if he dared enter the Heavenly Dao palace. If not, he would simply be courting death. No one could save him if that was what Yi Yun truly wished for. There was no way he would put his life at risk in order to save Yi Yun.

“Crack the array!” Sanguine Ax ordered through clenched teeth.

However, he knew that completely cracking the array would take a lot of time. Although he could expend some of the warriors’ lifeblood, he could not go overboard while doing so. The other Godly Monarchs would be disagreeable to it as well.

Meanwhile, Yi Yun was looking at the ceiling of the Heavenly Dao Hall.

He saw a clump of clouds amassing in the middle of the ceiling. It constantly churned and changed as though it contained all things in the world and was in endless flux.

The Heavenly Dao fragment was contained within the clump of clouds!

Yi Yun originally thought that the Heavenly Dao was formless and textureless, that it was only a rule. But now, it appeared that the Heavenly Dao had already solidified into something corporeal. He could see a faint rainbow stream of light contained inside the cloud. Within it were endless transformations.

That was the Heavenly Dao fragment.

At this moment, Yi Yun saw Human Emperor turn his head.

An illusory pair of eyes that seemed to contain all of the universe since time immemorial cast its gaze on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was alarmed as he looked at Human Emperor in surprise.

He had a feeling that he was truly being observed by Human Emperor

What was left behind was only Human Emperor’s memory fragment, but the feeling of being observed felt extremely real. It left Yi Yun somewhat anxious.

Perhaps with Human Emperor’s abilities, he could truly see the present him across endless space-time.

Yi Yun seemed to realize something as he took a step forward.

This step brought him onto a star.

Instantly, the starry space transformed as Yi Yun felt change happening around him. The hall, Human Emperoreverythingvanished. And he was now immersed in a surprising cloud. Ahead of him were countless dancing rainbow beams of light that looked unreal.


Vast auras of the Great Dao reverberated his surroundings. Yi Yun knew that he had arrived inside the Heavenly Dao fragment.

Yi Yun could faintly hear a murmur from the rainbow light, but it was not any known language. It was ethereal and indistinct, but it also seemed to constantly resound in his ear.

This was not any true speech, but the sounds produced by the Great Dao.

As he listened, Yi Yun felt that his nomological powers were responding to the sounds of the Great Dao.

The sounds of his churning lifeblood, thumping heartbeats, the circulation of his essence energies, and the sound of his grinding bones every single sound in him gradually synchronized to the sounds of the Great Dao.

This was Yi Yun’s body talking to the Great Dao.

Yi Yun slowly sat down cross-legged. He relaxed his body and mind completely and immersed himself in this conversation.

At that moment, Bai Yueyin looked on in astonishment beside him.

While Yi Yun was resonating with the sounds of the Great Dao, Bai Yueyin had been expelled by a formless energy out of his soul sea.

She knew that this was because Yi Yun’s soul sea was completely left open while it accepted the Great Dao’s suction forces.

As an external mental force, she could not listen to the sounds of the Great Dao with him.

And expelled with Bai Yueyin was a tiny pagoda in which Lin Xintong and Shan Ling were inside.


Lin Xintong came out of the the pagoda and had a general understanding what was happening to Yi Yun. She was filled with worry for him.

“Watch. This is his fate.”

At that moment, the rainbow light surrounded Yi Yun. His resonance with the Great Dao formed into vast, boundless sounds.

Bai Yueyin knew that this was the sound of the universe, but she had never heard it so clearly.

The sounds grew louder until it sounded like the world itself was making an announcement.

At that moment, Yi Yun’s body suddenly emitted a stunning sound.

Some of the rainbow light seemed to find an entrance as it surged into his body.

Yi Yun’s lifeblood churned as his soul sea opened up completely. His body and soul were being inundated by the supreme Great Dao.

“He really is attempting to absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment.”

Bai Yueyin drew a deep breath. She knew Yi Yun’s ambition, but a Heavenly Dao fragment was not that easily refined.

When the Celestials devoured the Heavenly Dao, they had to use divine powers as well as their powerful bloodlines and bodies to withstand the powers of the Heavenly Dao.

But Yi Yun was not a Celestial.


The powers of the Heavenly Dao surged down and inundated his body. The blast of the Great Dao caused him to lose tremendous amounts of vitality immediately.

Moments later, Yi Yun’s flesh began to age and deteriorate. His originally supple body which was akin to jade began to wrinkle. His black hair turned white as he lost energy rapidly.

“He does not have enough vitality!”

Bai Yueyin watched Yi Yun’s body wither.

A human’s body could not withstand the cleansing of the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao represented eternity, something that remained indestructible even if the celestial bodiesthe moon, the sun, the starswere to perish.

A human’s body was simply too fleeting in the face of eternity.

In the long history of river in the multiverse, countless elites had been turned to dust, with nothing left behind.

Even Yi Yun’s body began to deteriorate due to his lacking lifespan while enduring the eternal Heavenly Dao’s baptism.

However, Celestials were different. They had extremely long lifespans, which was one of the main reasons why they could refine Heavenly Dao fragments.

As his vitality gradually dried up, Yi Yun’s desiccated flesh shrank to his bones. As his skin tore, it revealed his skeleton.

Even his crystalline bones began to dim. Lin Xintong held her breath while Bai Yueyin wore a heavy expression. If this continued, Yi Yun could wither and die. Every second of the Heavenly Dao’s baptism was equal to the loss of millions of years.

And then


A dragon’s roar sounded as a True Dragon phantom surged out of Yi Yun’s body.

All of Yi Yun’s clothes had already turned to dust. His withered body grew new flesh and blood as his bones turned crystalline again.

This scene made Bai Yueyin prick her brows.

“He’s using the vitality of the Dragon Emperor to withstand the loss of vitality produced by the Heavenly Dao’s baptism?”

This was probably the first time a human warrior attempted to absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment in billions of years. She had no idea what would happen.

In terms of lifespan, Dragon Emperor’s lifespan was definitely on par with that of the strongest Celestial.

This made up for Yi Yun’s lacking vitality.

With the Dragon Emperor’s vitality nourishing him, Yi Yun’s body and soul recovered, but it was still insufficient.

After his body was restored to a certain level, the Heavenly Dao’s baptism would inundate him again, draining him of his vitality.

At this moment, thousands of green vines drooped down from above Yi Yun. The Azure Wood Divine Tree suddenly appeared as its massive phantom shrouded him. It withstood the Heavenly Dao along with him.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged silently under the Azure Wood Divine Tree as rainbow rays appeared over him. In terms of vitality, the vibrant Azure Wood Divine Tree far exceeded the Dragon Emperor!

In addition, Yi Yun swiped his interspatial ring as large numbers of Chaos Crystals appeared from within. Following that, all the Chaos Crystals shattered into pure Chaos energies which he absorbed!

Following that, herbs began appearing around Yi Yun. These were the herbs he had obtained from the Herbal Garden of Confusion. THey had not been refined, but it did not matter. All Yi Yun needed was the vitality in them.

He opened his mouth and sucked at them. Like a hungry dragon, Yi Yun absorbed all the vitality the precious herbs from the God Confusion Valley had after millions of years of nourishment.

These precious herbs rapidly withered at a discernible pace.

With all of these effects combined, the rich vitality around Yi Yun solidified into something corporeal. His body was tempered by the Heavenly Dao, repeating the process of being born and aging.


A blue lightning appeared in front of Yi Yun at this moment.

Upon seeing this happen, Bai Yueyin’s pupils constricted. This was the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s Heretical God Lightning!

“Yi Yun is planning on” Lin Xintong’s heart nearly stopped beating. In his current situation, was Yi Yun planning on absorbing the Heretical God Lightning?

Even if his body was in perfect condition, the absorption of the Heretical God Lightning was unlikely a simple matter, much less in the present circumstances.

Bai Yueyin said, “Senior Lin’s Heretical God Lightning is not just a force of destruction. It also contains the powers of vitality. When Yi Yun had a Dao exchange with Senior Lin, he was likely made full aware of this point. Now, his body is deteriorating due to his decreasing vitality and not as the result of the Heavenly Dao’s massive energy. Perhaps, absorbing the Heretical God Lightning now would bring better effects.”

Legend had it that when the multiverse was first formed, it was lightning that smote the ancient oceans before giving birth to the first lifeform. Many worlds also independently produced life in similar situations.

Soon, the Heretical God Lightning entered Yi Yun’s body and flowed into his dantian. Inside his dantian, the Heretical God Lightning began fusing with the Heretical God Fire Seed.

Once the fusion succeeded, he would have all of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s Heretical God Force heritage. The cultivation technique was the amalgamation of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s essence after hundreds of thousands of years of meditation. Its strength was not necessarily much weaker than the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

“Perhaps he might really succeed”

Bai Yueyin took a deep breath. In terms of nomological insight, Yi Yun had enough of it. His lacking vitality had been made up for. Perhaps, Yi Yun would be the first human warrior to refine a Heavenly Dao fragment for himself in billions of years.

Slowly, Yi Yun’s body turned crystalline and flawless. It was as though it was born naturally from the heaven and earth.

His soul turned firm and tenacious as it gradually effused the aura of a Great Dao.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

The starry space suddenly quaked. Bai Yueyin saw that the remaining energies of the Heavenly Dao fragment stirred the starry space and gradually gathered towards Yi Yun. The massive auras of the stars constantly surged into Yi Yun’s body and fused with the rainbow light. They formed points of starlight within.

With the passage of time, a complete star chart began forming.

The star chart finally landed in Yi Yun’s dantian. His body’s bloodline and meridians seemed to transform into a resplendent network of lights just like the star chart.

All of Yi Yun’s energies and lifeblood flowed smoothly at that moment!

His strength rose rapidly as it increased exponentially!

He had broken through!

Bai Yueyin felt her heart quake. As a Godly Monarch, she naturally knew what was happening to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had broken through, going from a Divine Lord to a Royal Sealed Divine Lord.

Only by doing so would all his energy achieve such unobstructed flow, resulting in a qualitative change!

However, the characteristic of a Royal Sealed Divine Lord was the formation of a Divine Lord Royal Seal inside one’s dantian.

But as for Yi Yun’s Divine Lord Royal Seal, could it be

Bai Yueyin looked at the star chart.

The star chart was very likely Yi Yun’s Divine Lord Royal Seal!

And it

It stemmed from the Heavenly Dao fragment!

Upon realizing this, Bai Yueyin felt astounded.

There were three types of Divine Lord Royal Seals. The first type was a Royal Seal condensed from one’s cultivation of the Dao. The second type was the inheritance of the Godly Monarch Royal Seals of other Godly Monarchs. The third was a Grand Primordium Royal Seal formed naturally by the Heavenly Dao.

Among these, the first kind of Royal Seal suited one the most. However, when warriors first became Divine Lords, their insights into the Heavenly Dao were limited. The Royal Seals they condensed often lacked strength. Unless they were extraordinary geniuses, their own Royal Seals often were incomparable to the Royal Seals left behind by ancient Godly Monarchs.

As for Godly Monarch Royal Seals, they were inferior to the legendary Grand Primordium Royal Seals.

One can’t have everything in life.

Bai Yueyin was confident that her Divine Lord Royal Seal was of the first typea Royal Seal which belonged to her.

Of course, this was also because Bai Yueyin was unable to find a Grand Primordium Royal Seal.

In fact, Bai Yueyin had never heard of anyone obtaining a Grand Primordium Royal Seal in the Sinkhole.

However, the grade of the star chart Royal Seal in Yi Yun’s dantian seemed to even exceed that of a Grand Primordium Royal Seal. After all, it was condensed from a Heavenly Dao fragment!

And during this process, there was the infusion of Yi Yun’s own Dao and the laws left behind by Human Emperor!

This could also be described as Yi Yun’s own Royal Seal!

Bai Yueyin found this combination of the first and third kinds of Royal Seals unimaginable.

“Even Senior Lin probably never imagined that a Heavenly Dao fragment he left behind would be absorbed by Yi Yun and transformed into a Heavenly Dao Royal Seal”

Bai Yueyin felt mixed emotions!

Without even realizing it, Yi Yun had already gone a step further than her!

As for not being a Godly Monarch Bai Yueyin knew that not only would Yi Yun eventually become one, but that he was likely to become a supreme Godly Monarch who would leave his name for all eternity since time immemorial!

This was a level that even Bai Yueyin dreamed of reaching, but it was impossible for her to reach.

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