True Martial World Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617 Cracks


At the instant Yi Yun condensed the Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, a loud boom rocked the square outside the palace.

The warriors looked up at the sky in astonishment.

They were horrified to discover that the winds and clouds in the sky were undergoing tumultuous changes. Thunder boomed as lightning flashed in clear, bright skies simultaneously. Rainbows tore through the sky as rain and snow fell at the same time. This phenomena extended out for tens of thousands of kilometers.

Large numbers of white air streams surged out from the various spots in the ground. These were made of energy that was buried deep underground.

But now, all the energy was surging to one spot.

The streams gathered above the palace like a gigantic maelstrom. The immense energy even left the warriors shuddering in fear.

“What is going on?”

The Godly Monarchs looked up as well. They were the leaders of the various factions and had prolonged lifespans. All of them were knowledgeable and experienced, but even they could not identify the phenomenon happening in front of them.

Be it a Divine Lord breakthrough, the absorption of a Royal Seal to become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord, or the breakthrough to become a Godly Monarch, none of them resembled the phenomena.

However, it was without doubt that the drastic changes had to do with Yi Yun.

“What is Yi Yun doing inside!?” Ghost Ming became somewhat fidgety. For someone of Yi Yun’s strength and identity, he did not even deserve to see the Heavenly Dao fragment. And now, not only was he seeing the fragment, but he was the only one permitted to see it.

“Could it be that he has absorbed the Heavenly Dao fragment?” said a Fey disciple suddenly.

However, the moment he finished his sentence, he felt his mind quake from a sweep of Divine General Sanguine Ax’s gaze. It was as though his soul was crumbling.

“Pfft!” The Fey disciple spat out a mouthful of blood as he retreated several steps with a pale expression. Even his Fey core nearly cracked.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng did not interfere. He had only himself to blame for speaking so thoughtlessly.

“A Heavenly Dao fragment can only be refined by Celestials. How can a mere human Divine Lord dare snatch my Dao?”

Sanguine Ax’s expression was gruesome. He was under tremendous stress from carrying out this operation at the Xuanyuan Dune! He had concealed this matter from the other Celestials for his own selfish reasons. If he obtained the Heavenly Dao fragment, his status would soar among the Celestials. No one would dare comment on his actions. However, if he failed, news was bound to spread. His end would be a tragic one.

The competition among Celestials was extremely cruel!

“Yi Yun must have obtained some benefit in the Heavenly Dao palace,” said Dreamlight. “I heard that when Celestials absorb a Heavenly Dao fragment, they will cause the world to weep as all things bleed blood.”

Everyone looked at Sanguine Ax and, upon seeing his heavy gaze, they guessed that Dreamlight was saying the truth.

The various phenomena that were happening now was clearly different from what happened during the absorbing of a Heavenly Dao fragment.

“It’s very possible that Yi Yun has begun studying the Heavenly Dao fragment. He might even have reaped benefits from it already. Even if we were to enter the palace, it’s unlikely we can benefit that quickly, right?”

Dreamlight’s words made Ghost Ming and company’s expression turn even uglier.

The talent which Yi Yun had showcased truly left them afraid.

“This array is already beginning to weaken. A dead genius is nothing but a pile of rotten flesh,” said Golden Winged Celestial Peng coldly.

Ever since the phenomenon began, the amount of energy in the entire pocket world was declining.

This was understandable. The various array restrictions that Human Emperor left behind were to protect the Heavenly Dao fragment. Now that it had been taken away by Yi Yun, the array formation had lost its core. Thus, its collapse was only a matter of days.

And they planned to stand guard outside. There was no way for Yi Yun to escape even if he grew wings! Whatever Yi Yun obtained in the Heavenly Dao palace was meaningless!

Inside the palace, Yi Yun had opened his eyes.

His eyes seemed to contain the transitions of the celestial bodies as eons passed.

Having absorbed the Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, Yi Yun found himself in an extremely magical feeling.

It was as though he was the world itself.

He could see the worldly laws with his eyes and changing these laws seemed as easy as lifting a finger. Causing rivers to flow upstream, the inversion of sky and sea, the reversal of space-time, it all seemed possible with a mere thought.

However, Yi Yun also knew that although he had just condensed the Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, he was not in full control of the Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, he had yet to fully absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment.

Through this breakthrough, Yi Yun had finally seen what the Martial Dao’s true peak was. The ultimate warrior was one who was one with the heaven and earth. Their bodies were the Heavenly Dao as they shared the same lifespan as the multiverse.

Upon reaching this stage, they could create their own universes. They were not bound by anything in the world. They were truly carefree.

“I wonder if the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch managed to attain it” thought Yi Yun.

While Yi Yun had this in mind, lustrous light flashed across his body. His true essence automatically condensed a white robe. He converged his aura and stood in stellar space silently like a mortal.

If one did not look at him with their eyes, they would not even have sensed his presence. He was fully integrated with the world.


Bai Yueyin looked at Yi Yun with a complicated look as she said softly.

Yi Yun looked at Bai Yueyin, his eyes profound and distant. It momentarily left her mind adrift.

In that moment, she felt as though she was seeing the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch Yi Yun’s gaze resembled the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s. They were a pair of eyes that saw things as they were at their very core. They were eyes that could not be fooled by any illusion.

“Back then, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch likely stood here just like you,” said Bai Yueyin with a sigh.

Yi Yun smiled faintly.

He knew that Bai Yueyin was having such wistful feelings because her memories were being invoked by the familiar scene.

“You have never met the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, but you are the person who has inherited his heritage. You can be considered his disciple. However, he is ultimately different from you” Bai Yueyin seemed to snap out of her thoughts as a hint of disappointment suffused her eyes.

Yi Yun looked at Bai Yueyin’s expression and said, “Back then, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch sealed the Ancestor God and now that the Ancestor God is making a comeback while I have inherited his mantle, it is time to end things.”

Bai Yueyin’s mouth gaped before she finally nodded lightly.

“Yi Yun.” The worried look in Lin Xintong’s eyes vanished completely as she looked at Yi Yun, her eyes filled with love and pride.

Her husband had accomplished something no one had completed since time immemorial. Her joy for Yi Yun’s elevation in strength far exceeded her own elevation.

“I’ve just become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord, and my Heavenly Dao Royal Seal is still unstable. I will still need to continue consolidating my realm. Xintong, there are still some resources here. You can also cultivate here,” suggested Yi Yun.

There was still a sliver of the Great Dao’s aura in the chamber. When the Heavenly Dao fragment was still intact, cultivating there would result in one being inundated by the Great Dao aura. It would drain one’s vitality.

But now that there was only a sliver of the Great Dao’s aura, it made it possible to study the Great Dao safely. It was very beneficial for cultivation.

Yi Yun knew that the array left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch would not last long. And now, with his realm unstable, he was in no hurry to leave. It was best to be in tip-top shape.

Lin Xintong thought for a moment before saying, “Yi Yun, I also plan on attempting to condense my own Divine Lord Royal Seal.”


With Lin Xintong’s talents, a Royal Seal she condensed by herself would definitely be as good as a Godly Monarch Royal Seal that was passed down over the ages.

Lin Xintong was feeling happy about Yi Yun’s breakthrough, but she was also feeling stressed. She did not wish to be too far behind Yi Yun.

Bai Yueyin seemed to sense Lin Xintong’s thoughts as she sighed. Back then, Empress Sheng Mei was naturally inferior to Senior Lin, but they still managed to pursue the pinnacle of the Martial Dao hand in hand.

When she thought of this, Bai Yueyin could not help but feel a sliver of envy. Once upon a time, she had wished to follow the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s footsteps, catching up to him and becoming a Dao partner who could accompany him for her entire life Even if they could not become Dao partners, she was happy to be able to accompany him

Yi Yun reached out his hand and beckoned. Large amounts of refined ores and Chaos Crystals flew over and surrounded Yi Yun and Lin Xintong like a tiny hill.

The Chaos Crystals’ energies instantly melted into energy fluxes.

Simultaneously, there were also the nomological charms that formed from the refinement of the Heavenly Dao fragment.

Be it energy or the laws, they were both condensed to an extremum. It was very extravagant cultivating in here. No wonderland in the Chaos Heavens could compare when it came to cultivation.

Having just become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord, Yi Yun’s body was like a parched lake. He began to rapidly absorb the surrounding energies and laws.

The speed at which he raised his strength alarmed even Bai Yueyin.

“The Heavenly Dao fragment has already widened Yi Yun’s dantian to such an extent”

Bai Yueyin muttered to herself as her heart suddenly quivered. At that moment, she sensed the palace tremble!

Sending her perception out of the palace, Bai Yueyin saw Divine General Sanguine Ax holding a gigantic ax and cleaving down on the protective barriers of the palace. Immense might surged over, causing the array to tremble violently.

As for the other warriors, they were supplementing Sanguine Ax by grinding away the array’s core laws.

The barrier was unable to last long.

“Perhaps it can last another four days or so”

Bai Yueyin estimated as such, but she soon came to the realization that she had underestimated Divine General Sanguine Ax.

The Celestials were indeed the beloved race of the universe. Wielding the gigantic ax, Sanguine Ax cleaved down repeatedly. The reactionary force he experienced was enough to reduce a Divine Lord to a pulp, but Sanguine Ax managed to withstand the blows using his powerful body. Even though his body was slightly damaged, he could recover with his lifeblood powers.

His body was strong and had a nomological affinity. His mental strength was powerful and his lifespan long. The talent of the Celestials made people envious.

Just two days later, the array was on the brink of complete collapse. Every strike Sanguine Ax delivered was enough to make the Heavenly Dao palace shake violently.

“It’s your turn! Take turns attacking!”

Sanguine Ax stopped attacking as he held a Chaos Crystal to begin restoring his strength. It was not because he was afraid of Yi Yun.

Instead, he was worried about the other Godly Monarchs snatching of the Heavenly Dao fragment after he finished Yi Yun.

Even a lion had to use full force when hunting a rabbit, so he had to restore himself to peak condition.

The other Godly Monarchs also held back when attacking. However, the strikes they delivered were those of Godly Monarchs’. The array which was in perilous condition finally cracked like an egg shell.