True Martial World Chapter 1618

Chapter 1618 Array Shatters

At this moment, the core laws of the array were already greatly weakened. Divine General Sanguine Ax had even stopped using his disk array. The disciples from each faction had deluged the area. Although their strengths were insignificant, as the saying goeseven an elephant can succumb to a legion of mosquitoes. Besides, this “elephant” had already collapsed to the ground and was gasping for its life.


With Dreamlight’s strike, the ancient palace’s dome shattered. The outer facade began to molt as gigantic pillars collapsed.

Divineheart stood by the side as his eyes flashed with a hint of pity.

Although he exerted as little strength as he could, Divine General Sanguine Ax was leading the assault. The array still rapidly broke down.

“Hahaha!” Ghost Ming let out a piercing laugh when he saw the array completely collapse. “The little bastard must have been shivering in fear over the past two days! All is good now. Golden Winged Celestial Peng, don’t you fight me on this. I definitely want the little bastard’s soul.”

“Ghost Thearch, you are the best when it comes to torturing souls. I’ll naturally not fight you on that. I want to rip his spine out and use it as a whip,” said Golden Winged Celestial Peng coldly.

“Heh heh heh” Ghost Ming smiled in satisfaction.

The soul of a peerless genius was definitely extraordinarily resilient. Even if it were tormented for hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years, they would still have a remnant consciousness linger on. It only made things better. He wanted to make Yi Yun see himself become one of the main souls of his Thousand-eyed Mo and be under his beck and call! With Yi Yun’s soul, the Thousand-eyed Mo was bound to evolve into a Myriad-eyed Mo!

“Little bastard, get the f**k out!” Ghost Ming roared angrily. A black gas spewed out from his mouth as it transformed into a massive ghost head. It roared at the palace which no longer had any defenses.

The roar made all the non-Ghost disciples feel as though their souls were quaking. It felt like the roar were peeling their souls out of their bodies.

If Yi Yun was already feeling extremely nervous, the roar might probably have scared him out of his wits.

At that moment, a figure slowly walked out of the palace. He walked over air very slowly.

Yi Yun!?

Everyone widened their eyes. The white-robed figure was no doubt Yi Yun!

The array formation had completely shattered and Yi Yun had no intention to let the palace which Human Emperor left behind crumble completely.

At that instant, Yi Yun sensed a gaze land on him. It was as sharp as a blade and filled with killing intent.

The gaze was not from Ghost Ming but from Divine General Sanguine Ax!

“Little bastard, you are finally out!” Ghost Ming revealed a grotesque smile. He had used his powers to force Yi Yun out to meet his end.

However, it did not matter if he chose not to come out. Death was inevitable.

“This is something Senior Human Emperor left behind. Although he might not care about it, you wish to obtain his heritage, but are also destroying what he left behind. All of you deserve death for defying a master you supposedly seek wisdom from.”

Yi Yun’s voice resounded and his words left everyone dumbfounded.

Ghost Ming was taken aback for a moment before he roared with laughter. It was as though he had heard the world’s funniest joke.

“Have you gone silly from studying the Heavenly Dao fragment? You spout nothing but nonsense! I’ll first rip your soul out!” As Ghost Ming spoke, the massive ghost head tore straight for the figure in a devouring bid. The ghost head opened its mouth, revealing countless spirits struggling in pain within its jaws. They let out wailing cries.

Upon seeing the massive mouth, even the disciples beneath felt as though their souls were about to be pulled in.


Amid the ghost head’s roar, the mouth blanketed Yi Yun’s figure.

But at that moment, Yi Yun raised his hand and waved it.

Yi Yun’s actions appeared completely negligible when compared to the gruesome ghost head.

But at the moment he waved his hand, the ghost head seemed to encounter an extremely terrifying force. It let out a shrill scream abruptly and exploded instantly!

Countless ghostly auras dissipated rapidly after the explosion. In a blink of an eye, there was nothing. It was as if nothing had existed at all.

The warriors were alarmed. What was happening?

“Oh!?” Ghost Ming’s expression changed. The ghost head was a sinister divine power which could bite and pull out a person’s soul directly. He had once used it against an opposing faction. In one chomp, it had devoured all the souls of the disciples of the opposing sect. Even the bodies’ essences were drained clean.

However, this divine power was so easily nullified when used on Yi Yun?

Ghost Ming looked at Yi Yun, only to see him looking composed, as though the terrifying strike from before was nothing but a casual strike.

Less than half a month had passed, but upon seeing Yi Yun again, he found him unfathomable.

What just happened!?

At that moment, Yi Yun raised his hand again and smacked it toward Ghost Ming.

“Old Ghost, try taking on this strike!”

A gigantic palm appeared in mid-air as though it was falling from the sky. It loomed down with horrifying might.

Many warriors felt a sense of helplessness when they saw the palm. Some even lost their footing in despair.

This was only possible because they were not the ones being targeted.

As for Ghost Ming who was the target of the strike, he revealed a look of utter disbelief.

He felt as though he was being bound by a powerful aura. He even felt that injuries were a definite if he took the strike head-on.

However, Yi Yun was only a Divine Lord As a Godly Monarch, a Ghost Thearch of the Ghost race, how could he be injured by Yi Yun!?

“Little bastard, you are too arrogant!” Ghost Ming raged as his sleeves bulged. His surroundings were instantly enveloped by a domain resembling the River of the Netherworld. Beneath his feet were floating corpses and souls. The sight of death looked endless.

Ghost Ming stood on this sea of corpses as terrifying cadaveric auras amassed in him. They formed a gargantuan gnarly shadow. It held a hundred-foot-long saber which was dotted with blood stains. It was a blade that had slaughtered countless.

“Shura Ghost General, kill this man!”


The Shura Ghost General’s blade could slay both bodies and souls!

This blade of death brought with it the corrosive powers that stemmed from the River of the Netherworld. It had a corrosive force which was a nemesis to protective Yuan Qi, divine powers, or even enchanted armaments.

A hint of a sneer flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes when he faced the Shura Ghost General. A flame suddenly blazed in his palm.

The flame looked ordinary, but when it made contact with the Shura Ghost General’s blade of death, it transformed into an inferno which instantly blanketed the blade.

The power of the River of the Netherworld and the aura of death were like a paper mache in front of the flame.

In just an instant, the flame had reached the Shura Ghost General!

The Shura Ghost General was a manifestation of the deathly exploits Ghost Ming had performed over his entire life. It was extremely powerful.

Countless warriors had perished in the face of the Shura Ghost General.

Ghost Ming had planned on capturing Yi Yun while he was embroiled in battle with the Shura Ghost General, but he never imagined that before Yi Yun even made a significant move, the Shura Ghost General would succumb!

What sort of fire was this!?