True Martial World Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619 Power Of The Heavenly Dao

Yi Yun’s flame was no longer the ordinary Heretical God Fire from before.

It was the Heretical God Force!

While activating the Heretical God Force, the strength of Yi Yun’s palm had doubled. It shattered the Shura Ghost General and, without even stopping, continued its trajectory towards Ghost Ming!

Faced with the increased strength from the overwhelming strike, Ghost Ming was surprised to feel himself threatened.

At that moment, Divine General Sanguine Ax leaped up with his gigantic ax in hand.

“Are you ignoring me!?” Sanguine Ax cleaved down with his ax, his cold tone filled with rage!

A mere human actually dared ignore him. Yi Yun had acted so flagrantly the moment he came out the Heavenly Dao palace!

More importantly, Sanguine Ax sensed a sliver of the Heavenly Dao’s aura from Yi Yun!

The Heavenly Dao fragment was on Yi Yun! How could a human have the right to hold onto a Heavenly Dao fragment!?


Ghost Ming’s eyes flashed a cold look. Yi Yun was doomed!

All he needed to wait was for Yi Yun to turn around to block Sanguine Ax’s blow, and he could take down Yi Yun in one strike!

However, what left Ghost Ming’s pupils constricting was Yi Yun’s lack of intention to turn around. He continued delivering his attack on him.

Was Yi Yun planning to die with him?


“If you really wish for death, go ahead!” Ghost Ming’s River of the Netherworld domain around him shrank a little as the powers surged into Ghost Ming’s body. Instantly, Ghost Ming’s body was filled with a ghostly aura. His figure rapidly grew in size as his hands transformed into sepulchral claws. White bones reached out from the black gases and grabbed at Yi Yun.

If Yi Yun continued without dodging, he was bound to die under Sanguine Ax’s hand!

For this, Ghost Ming would only lose some ghostly aura. It was naturally a small price to pay.

At that moment, Sanguine Ax had arrived behind Yi Yun.

Ghost Ming had the intention of pulling back some of his ghostly aura as he rushed toward Yi Yun with a nasty smile.

But it was at that moment when a gigantic tree phantom appeared behind Yi Yun.

Branches filled with greenery swayed as immense vibrant auras blanketed him immediately.

“This is” Sanguine Ax’s pupils constricted as he revealed a look of horror.

This tree!?

For some reason, the tree contained a force that left him extremely uneasy. It was as though it was born to be his nemesis.

Furthermore, the divine tree was towering. It emanated an intense aura of vibrancy that made him feel repelled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All the veins lashed at Sanguine Ax like they had a mind of their own!


Ghost Ming’s expression changed suddenly. He never expected Yi Yun to have such a move up his sleeve. As for Sanguine Ax, he had obviously being fended off!

Without Sanguine Ax’s pincer attack, Ghost Ming naturally did not dare clash with Yi Yun head on. However, against Yi Yun’s dominating might, Ghost Ming had no other choice.

When he saw Yi Yun’s eyes filled with killing intent, Ghost Ming roared angrily as he stirred all his ghostly aura. His sepulchral claws emitted a terrifying dark aura and the River of the Netherworld which contained lethal poison that nearly shrouded half the sky was released on Yi Yun.



Yi Yun’s palm strike struck the sepulchral claws!

A loud boom ensued as all the warriors had their minds go blank. Some even had blood spewing out of their ears!

The terrifying Yuan Qi churned turbulently in mid-air. If these people were in the sky, they would probably be instantly shred to pieces.

Yi Yun was only a Divine Lord, but he was already capable of causing such a loud stir when fighting a Godly Monarch like Ghost Ming!

And Yi Yun’s figure was obstructed by the Yuan Qi. The Ghost disciples could not help but gulp a mouthful of saliva.

“He should be dead, right?”

“Even if he’s not dead, he should be heavily injured”

In their hearts and minds, the respect they had for the Ghost Thearch was nearly instinctive.

But at that moment, there was a loud dragon’s roar as a figure charged out of the Yuan Qi flux like a burning sun!

Yi Yun’s lifeblood was boiling around him as a True Dragon phantom coiled behind him with its head up. It was staring at Ghost Ming intently with its domineering dragon eyes.


Yi Yun roared again and like a meteor, blasted straight for Ghost Ming!

Ghost Ming’s expression changed drastically. Yi Yun’s might had far exceeded his expectations!

“Little bastard, do you think I’m no match for you?” Ghost Ming roared as the River of the Netherworld beneath him churned. In the meantime, Yi Yun had charged into the river along with his burning Heretical God Force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The disciples could no longer see the battle between Ghost Ming and Yi Yun, but the terrifying energy blasts left them shuddering in fear!

They found a battle of this scaleone between a Divine Lord and a Godly Monarchinconceivable!

Some of them were Divine Lords, but the gap between them and Yi Yun was like night and day!

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s eyes turned cold. Just as he wanted to join the fray, he was suddenly stopped.

“Divineheart, are you planning on stopping me!?” Golden Winged Celestial Peng asked coldly.

“Heh heh, how can you say that? I’m just surprised how three of you are fighting a mere Divine Lord. Isn’t it a little disgraceful doing that in front of so many juniors?” Divineheart roared with laughter as he said calmly.

All he did was stop Golden Winged Celestial Peng without delivering any real blows. Even if Sanguine Ax were to blame him later, there was not much he could do. After all, Sanguine Ax had betrayed the Celestials and was already in trouble. From this day forth, he was probably unable to even fend for himself.

With Yi Yun showcasing his heaven-defying talent, he was bound to have a limitless future if he survived the day, even if he failed to keep the Heavenly Dao fragment.

Thus, by providing Yi Yun aid in his time of need, that would gain his friendship. It was worth it.

Of course, there was one more point. Yi Yun was human. As a human Godly Monarch, Divineheart did not wish for a human genius to die under the collective attacks of other races!

Golden Winged Celestial Peng was enraged. This darn old fox!

He glared at Dreamlight suddenly. “Dreamlight, aren’t you going to attack!?”

Dreamlight stood to the side, watching the fight between Yi Yun and Ghost Ming.

His sight was naturally superior to the Divine Lord disciples. These disciples were unable to discern the battle’s process, but he could see the details clearly.

The more he watched, the more alarmed he became.

Back in the God Confusion Valley, Yi Yun could only turn to leave upon seeing him. But just days later, Yi Yun had reached a level he could not help but marvel.

Yi Yun’s every strike combined the Heavenly Dao. Each move was delivered with powerful nomological forces. Furthermore, his body was extremely powerful. He had rich vitality as his lifeblood boiled like a radiant sun.

Instead, Ghost Ming, as a member of the Ghost race, was being placed at a disadvantage because of Yi Yun’s terrifying lifeblood!

Although the battle looked to be a draw, as a Godly Monarch, Ghost Ming was actually the clear loser!

“This child’s talent sure is terrifying”

Dreamlight shot Golden Winged Celestial Peng a glance. The reason why Golden Winged Celestial Peng was urging him to attack was because he too could see the threat that Yi Yun had become. Furthermore, he and Ghost Ming had offended Yi Yun the most.

If they were to let Yi Yun leave, how could they feel at ease?

However, Dreamlight did not have any deep grudge with Yi Yun.