True Martial World Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Heaven, Earth, Man Rolls of Honor
Chapter 162: Heaven, Earth, Man Rolls of Honor

Yi Yun and company waited for about fifteen minutes before a door opened and about a dozen people walked out.

A thin youth led them. This youth wore a simple and loose training suit, with a saber behind his back.

Each step the thin youth made were all exactly four feet, as if they were measured by a ruler.

This thin youth gave people the impression of being an unsheathed saber with an oppressing blade.

The moment the thin youth appeared, many eyes focused on him.

Yi Yun only felt his eyes contracted. His eyebrows felt a chill. The pressure from this youth was too great.

Not far away, Zhou Kui was alarmed at this youth.

This thin youth’s aura was greater than Yang Qian!

Yang Qian stood up and they exchanged glances that sparked.

“Broken through?” Yang Qian looked at the thin youth as his pupils contracted almost to that of a needle.

“A lucky breakthrough and I obtained some glory points. I can now do some things…” The thin youth said indifferently.

“Some glory points… Heh! A great result, congratulations!” Yang Qian’s eyebrows moved as his eyes flashed strangely. Although he was congratulating, everyone could tell the competitiveness between the two.

Yang Qian and the thin youth were rivals!

This was not surprising. In the Tai Ah Divine City, all the young heroes were in a competitive relationship.

Just like Yi Yun who would compete with many people. There were many things that if you took it, no one else could.

In such circumstances, how could there be amiable relationships?

Eventually, the thin youth rubbed shoulders with Yang Qian and left. Just as he was about to step out, he turned around and said to Yang Qian, “I’m waiting for your challenge!”

This words made all the rookies to the Tai Ah Divine City look at each other. Who was this thin youth? Why was he so arrogant as to wait for Yang Qian’s challenge?

Seeing Yang Qian’s reaction, it was clear that Yang Qian had secretly admitted that the thin youth’s strength was greater than his!

Heavens! Yang Qian was already so powerful. He was a fifteen-year-old viscount, yet there was someone suppressing him!

Many people paused and swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, “This place is indeed full of experts…”

After the youth with the saber left, many could not help but ask, “Who’s that thin swordsman? What’s his cultivation level?”

The leader, Baldy Qin answered, “His name is Yao Dao (Demon Saber). It is his nickname and also his name. He has been in the Tai Ah Divine City for three years. He is fifteen years old this year.”

“He and Yang Qian has been the best out of the batch from three years ago. They are each other’s greatest rivals. But Yao Dao has always been surpassing Yang Qian!”

“As for his cultivation level, he is the same as Yang Qian. They are both above the peak of the Purple Blood realm–the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm!”

Yuan foundation realm!

Everyone drew a cold breath.

“Yuan” had the meaning of beginning. “Yuan year” was the first year. “Yuan general” was the highest commander in the military, “Yuan Scholar” was the person who scored first in the exams.

Yuan foundation was a warrior’s beginning and the original root.

After a warrior reaches the peak of the Purple Blood realm, their body’s essence will be nourished. When converged, there would be a qualitative change. The blood would condense into an energy fountain. Once the energy fountain was solidified, it became a solid foundation!

This was the Yuan foundation!

If one were to call Purple Blood the beginning steps of martial arts, then the Yuan foundation realm was the first step for a warrior to attain divinity.

Yuan foundation realm warriors were very prestigious in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Besides, Yao Dao and Yang Qian were only fifteen!

It turns out they had already entered the Yuan foundation realm!

Many rookies turned speechless. They were all at the Purple Blood realm, but others were already at the Yuan foundation realm. Yang Qian was already impressive, but in reality, Yang Qian was suppressed by Yao Dao.

No matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger!

“Your path ahead is still long. They have already been in the Tai Ah Divine City for three years. You have just arrived, what’s the rush?” The bald man said upon seeing the rookies’ downed spirits.

“Alright, it’s our turn to enter now.” As he said that, the bald man led them through the hall’s door.

It was dimly lit within the hall. The most prominent thing was the three statues in the middle of the hall.

Each statue was carved into the shape of a big and tall man.

They were the most famous divine emperors in the history of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

The middle was the founding divine emperor. The divine emperors on the side had previously extended the territory. They were wise rulers, exceptional both in politics and martial arts.

These three wise rulers left behind a great name for themselves, and obtained the admiration of people.

But Yi Yun was no longer paying attention to the three sculptures.

He saw that in front of the sculptures, there were three metal tablets. Each tablet had names engraved on it.

These were the three rolls of honor!

“These are the Heaven, Earth and Man rolls of honor!” The bald man said.

Each list’s top ten people had their names written in bigger font, almost to the point of a foot. Hence, it was very striking!

Yi Yun noticed that the names at the top of the Heaven and the Earth lists were the same, Tai Haotian.

As for the Man list’s top person, that was another person, Luo Huoer.

“Oh? Luo Huoer? A girl?”

Yi Yun quickly found Yao Dao and Yang Qian’s names. Yao Dao’s name appeared both on the Heaven and Earth list at fifty-two.

Yang Qian also appeared on the Heaven and Earth list at sixty-eight.

Both of them did not enter the Man list.

“See this? This is the roll of honor. If you were to leave the Tai Ah Divine City after six years and were able to enter the top 1000 of any of the lists, then you have performed well.”

“I know all of you are very proud. To be able to come here proves your excellence. But your excellence is only compared to the areas you came from. No one who came here is any worse than you! As for those who have been training in the Tai Ah Divine City for three to four years, it is normal for them to be stronger than you!”

“If anyone of you were to enter the top 1000 of any of those lists within one year, and not when you leave the Tai Ah Divine City, then you will attract the attention of all the large factions in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. They will scramble to attract you!”

The bald man’s words were very provocative.

To enter the top 1000 in a year! Winning the attraction of all the large factions in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

This was very exciting!

Zhou Kui grabbed his wrists as his eyes lit up with fighting spirit. As a man, he had to accomplish this. This was Zhou Kui’s dream, and also the dreams of many of the young heroes present.

Yi Yun quietly memorized the names on the list. On the Heaven, Earth, Man rolls of honor, even an early stage Yuan foundation elite was ranked in the tens.

Then for those that ranked in the top ten or top three, what were their cultivation levels?

Middle of the Yuan foundation realm? Or perhaps even the late stages of the Yuan foundation realm?

It was hard to imagine!

This Tai Ah Divine City was indeed the place where all the elites of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom gathered.

Even the Jin Long Wei was nothing when compared with the many large family clans, royal family, the four military regiments, the Qing Luan Wei, the Royal guards and other elite groups formed from the various factions. Furthermore, the Jing state’s Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei branch was just one of the hundred Jin Long Wei branches in the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

This roll of honor was indeed a great challenge!

Yi Yun felt a surge of hot blood.

“I wonder what the current me would rank? It’s impossible to be in the top 1000. I heard that there were 12,000 cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City. Every year there would be about 2000 rookies. And the rookies tend to be ranked last. Song Zijun who came with me is definitely beyond 10,000!”

“Among the rookies, my strength should be pretty good. That Zhou Kui, even if I didn’t attacked him by surprise, I could still beat him! But… there are about 2000 people in this batch. Zhou Kui can at most be considered above average in the 2000 rookies. What would my rank be? In this 2000 rookies, are there many who are stronger than me?”

Yi Yun did not undervalue himself, but he knew that his Purple Blood realm strength was just the beginning.

In the entire Jing state, Yi Yun was considered among the best.

But there were 107 other states, and there was the biggest Zhong state! The imperial city!

It would be no surprise that there were others stronger than him among the rookies.

If he were to count the old from the Tai Ah Divine City, Yi Yun estimated his overall ranking to be somewhere above 10,000. Was it 8000? 9000? Or could he be way beyond 10,000, he had no idea…

Entering the top 1000 in one year’s time was considered exceptional. And it would attract the attention of various large factions in the country, then what about me? How far would I go in a year?

Yi Yun was looking forward to it. Thinking it through, he had come from the vast wilderness. Be it cultivation techniques or resources, he could not be compared to the youths from the royal family or the super family clans. Although he had led two lives, with high perceptivity and a heaven-defying Purple Crystal’s help, his contact with martial arts was short. To be able to enter the top 10,000 among the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s young heroes was already pretty good.

“Alright, there’s no point saying all this nonsense. Now, you have to begin cultivating! See those stone doors?” The bald man pointed to somewhere nearby. There were six huge stone doors erected in front of them. The stone doors were engraved with primordial desolate beasts and look ancient and mysterious.

The bald man said, “The six stone doors in front of you is the heart of the Wilderness Divine Hall! The Wilderness Divine Hall is a cultivation place. As rookies, all of you will get two hours of free cultivation time. Now, you can all enter! As for which door, choose freely! Each door only lets in 18 people!”

“Oh? ‘Free’ cultivation time?” Yi Yun paused, it seemed like entering this place in the future would require payment with dragon scale runes.

At this moment, the bald man stood by the side with his hands crossed across his chest. Beside him was a large hourglass. The bald man had just flipped the hourglass and the sand quietly flowed down. When it finished, two hours would have passed.

The young heroes present all came to the Tai Ah Divine City for their first time. They did not know that many rules, but they could tell that the time in the Wilderness Divine Hall was extremely valuable. Naturally, it was not something to be wasted.