True Martial World Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620 Battling Ghost Ming

Chapter 1620: Battling Ghost Ming


Golden Winged Celestial Peng burned with rage when he saw Dreamlight’s inaction.

It was clear that Dreamlight was planning to sit it out and reap the spoils later.

“Even if Yi Yun sends Ghost Ming into retreat, he’s no match for Divine General Sanguine Ax. Divineheart, once Yi Yun dies, the next person I’ll kill is you!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng shot Dreamlight a cold glance before turning to Divineheart.

“Don’t say that. I’m already so old and can’t stand hearing about death. Golden Peng, you aren’t that young either. Stop being angry all the time. It will shorten your lifespan.” Divineheart laughed indifferently, showing no intention to move away.

How could he as a Godly Monarch be threatened by a few words from Golden Winged Celestial Peng?

Dreamlight was even more unconcerned.

At that moment, there was a sharp, shrill cry as a gigantic devilish ghost phantom appear out of the chaotic energies.

Upon seeing the devilish ghost, the Ghost disciples felt their spirits raise.

“That’s a billion life souls!”

“Lord Ghost Thearch has even summoned the Senluo Devil condensed by a billion life souls. It looks the outcome has been determined”

The sentence only barely faded away when they saw the Senluo Devil turn around as it widened its pace.

This scene froze the expressions on the disciples’ faces What was happening?

The Senluo Devil was actually running?


A large cauldron appeared behind the Senluo Devil as it smashed down heavily!

The Senluo Devil let out a strange cry as a huge hole immediately appeared.

Immediately following that, a flaming hand grabbed at the Senluo Devil’s horn. The flame instantly enveloped the Senluo Devil amid its tragic cries.

The Senluo Devil struggled and cried tragically while being consumed by the inferno.

And the most terrifying thing, the one detail of this scene that chilled the hearts of all, was the white-robed figure gently landing on the Senluo Devil’s head.

Behind Yi Yun, the towering divine tree’s phantom nearly covered half the sky. A True Dragon was coiled behind him as well. He took his place above the Senluo Devil, completely ignoring the burning body and tragic cries beneath him.

“How can this be” The Ghost disciples were appalled.

The Senluo Devil actually wanted to escape while facing Yi Yun, and actually failed. Then what happened to the Ghost Thearch?

At that moment, Yi Yun stomped his foot and as the Senluo Devil plummeted amid tragic cries, then suddenly charged forward and threw his fist at a ghostly phantom that suddenly appeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless ghostly phantoms were dissipated by Yi Yun’s barrage of attacks. The chaotic energies gradually thinned from the blasts as the actual battle situation became revealed.

The warriors were surprised to see a white-robed figure battling a figure covered in ghostly aura.


Amid Yi Yun’s relentless assault, the ghostly phantom retreated by hundreds of feet before finding its footing.

It was none other than the Ghost Thearch!

However, Ghost Ming’s expression was livid. He was clearly at the disadvantage in the previous skirmish.

Upon seeing this scene, the warriors were dumbfounded. This This Yi Yun was just a Divine Lord!

Ghost Ming looked coldly at Yi Yun with an intense look of shock underlying his eyes.

He never imagined that Yi Yun, someone who days ago was just a mere junior whose life he held power over, would be completely able to suppress him!

Before Ghost Ming could even catch his breath, Yi Yun’s attacks came again!

A destructive aura silently crept in front of Ghost Ming.

A ghostly shadow immediately charged out from his body and blocked his front.

“Punk, you are going too far!”


The energy instantly exploded.

At that moment, Ghost Ming’s expression changed.

A more terrifying destructive aura shot out from the exploding energies. It instantly enveloped him!

Shura Finger!

Yi Yun’s Shura Finger was very different from what it was in the past. Its current strength was completely incomparable.

Furthermore, hidden within the Shura Finger was the Heretical God Force. It dealt even more damage to a soul body like Ghost Ming!

However, even with Yi Yun’s massive dantian, his face paled a little after using the Heretical God Force-enhanced finger.


Yi Yun looked coldly at the center of the blast.

Amid the world-rapturing booms, everyone was astonished.

Especially the Ghost disciples. All of them had changes in expression.

Faced with the stray energy blasts, there were some whose bodies and souls turned unstable. Some of the weakest ones cried out tragically as their bodies exploded!

The Ghost Thearch was in the middle of the explosion. Could it be

At that moment, a furious roar sounded.

Ghost Ming’s hair was disheveled and his express was livid. He was covered in injuries and greenish-black ghostly auras emitted from his wounds. These were not ghostly auras he could replenish with his River of the Netherworld domain at any time, but ghostly auras that were core to him!

The protective ghostly shadows he stored in his body had been fully expended from the explosion.

Upon seeing Ghost Ming in such a state, even Dreamlight and company were taken aback.

As a mighty Godly Monarch, he had been beaten into such a pathetic state by a Divine Lord. It was embarrassing

Divineheart never expected Yi Yun to defeat Ghost Ming in such a decisive manner. From the looks of it, Yi Yun’s potential was even greater than he imagined! He had made the correct bet!

“Haha, Golden Peng, I think the one who should be worrying is you. It’s just a matter of time for an unconstrained peerless genius who can defeat a Godly Monarch as a Divine Lord to become a Godly Monarch. Golden Peng, when you return, I hope you can sleep in peace.” Upon seeing Golden Peng’s expression, Divineheart’s mood improved drastically.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s expression was as ugly as if he had swallowed a fly.

When Yi Yun looked at Ghost Ming, his face took on a nonplussed look.

Godly Monarchs were indeed difficult to kill.

Ghost Ming’s body contained countless ghostly shadows and the means available to him seemed endless.

The strike from before was meant to be the final blow on Ghost Ming, but he still managed to fend it off.

“Old Ghost, don’t run. Let’s fight again.” Yi Yun sneered when he noticed Ghost Ming’s intention to retreat.

At that moment, an angry hiss sounded from behind Yi Yun.

“Punk, do you think a tree can stop me!?”

Sanguine Ax’s body emitted a faint golden halo, making him resemble a golden giant. His eyes protruded as a terrifying aura swept over him. It even distorted the surrounding space.


Sanguine Ax suddenly raised his ax and a sanguine light blasted out. Ten vines that bound him were immediately diced!

The vibrant vines instantly withered and all the energies they had dissipated the moment they fell to the ground.

When the gigantic vines fell, all the warriors in the square scattered in a bid to dodge. However, their main reason was to avoid Divine General Sanguine Ax.

The mighty stance he had made their bodies numb and legs weak just by standing near him. It felt like Death was standing just before them.

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