True Martial World Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621 Evenly Matching The Divine General

Divine General Sanguine Ax stared at Yi Yun intently with his ice-cold gaze. The intense killing intent enveloped the entire square.

“Divineheart, you are right. Yi Yun is indeed very powerful. If he is given enough time to grow, Sanguine Ax might not even be his match. But now, he’s still too tender!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng looked at Sanguine Ax in midair and said.

Divineheart smiled lightly. “Golden Peng, even if Yi Yun is no match for him, escaping would not pose a problem for him. Don’t be happy too soon”

Divineheart’s words sank Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s heart. Yes, if Yi Yun was bent on escaping, it was true that Sanguine Ax might indeed fail to stop him!

Once such a peerless genius escaped, it would only lead to endless repercussions!

“Oh? Yi Yun does not seem to have any intention of escaping.”

Golden Winged Celestial Peng saw that Yi Yun’s body was enveloped in boundless worldly powers, facing Divine General Sanguine Ax’s killing intent head on!

“Yi Yun, hand over the Heavenly Dao fragment and I’ll spare you!” said Divine General Sanguine Ax with a deep voice.

“Let’s see if you have what it takes.” Yi Yu looked at Sanguine Ax with eyes that burned with intense fighting spirit.

Yi Yun felt that his combat strength had reached an unprecedented new height thanks to his entry into the Heavenly Dao palace. Now, he looked forward to fighting Sanguine Ax to test his strength!

Sanguine Ax glared at Yi Yun. “You are courting death!”


Sanguine Ax’s figure instantly vanished!

The next moment, sanguine light which seemed to blot out the sky descended as it cleaved down at Yi Yun’s head.

Ka Ka Ka!

Space shattered, and the ground which had lost the protection of the array formation instantly cratered.

Warriors who failed to dodge in time spat out blood at that moment. The ones who were most injured even emitted cracking sounds from their bodies. All their bones had shattered in that very moment!

Dreamlight and company released Yuan Qi barriers to envelop their disciples.

“Divine General Sanguine Ax’s battle ax is a divine armament. It is infused with the blood of the Celestials. Even I will be injured by such a cleave!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng was fully focused on the battle.

The blood of Celestials were extremely precious. It was the source of the Celestial’s strength.

In response, Yi Yun moved.

Terrifying lifeblood instantly ignited within Yi Yun’s body.

He grabbed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron with both hands and swung it straight at Sanguine Ax.


Amid the ear-shattering boom, the mountains beneath them quaked violently. Violent Yuan Qi swept in every direction like the blast from an explosion. It instantly leveled the surrounding mountains!

Even the entire pocket world was echoing with the terrifying noise.

Ka! Ka!

Sanguine Ax’s eyes were filled with rage as he pressed down with his ax. “I’ll crush you flat!”

Heretical God Force!

Yi Yun roared as his elegant immortal-like figure suddenly emitted astounding lifeblood as his arms bulged with muscles.

He converted lightning and fire into lifeblood!

Yi Yun was not Sanguine Ax’s match with just his body alone, but after activating the Heretical God Force, his strength increased by more than ten times!

He had managed to parry it!

Yi Yun looked up at Sanguine Ax as the corners of his mouth suffused a smile. “You should not underestimate me as well!”

“What impudence!” Sanguine Ax roared as his body phased away again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The disciples beneath only saw two figures clashing violently amid the sanguine light and explosive Yuan Qi.

And just the sounds produced by the battle felt like claps of thunders to these warriors’ ears. Their vision turned black as a result. This was despite the Yuan Qi barriers having reduced a large portion of the aftershocks.

Too powerful!

One was a mighty figure among Godly Monarchs while the other was the newly-born strongest Divine Lord!

A battle at that level had far exceeded their comprehension.

“Yi Yun can actually hold his own against Sanguine Ax!” Ghost Ming’s expression turned extremely nasty. The stronger Yi Yun was, the harder it was for him to seek revenge. It was even getting to the point where he needed to worry that Yi Yun would turn the tables and seek revenge on him!

Godly Monarchs were difficult to kill, but it did not mean they were immortal. Ghost Ming could hardly improve further. He had been stuck at this realm for hundreds of thousands of years. Otherwise, he would not have spent all his time and energy in recent years rearing his Thousand-eyed Mo.

But Yi Yun was different.

This darn Yi Yun was not even a Godly Monarch!

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s eyes wore a look of shock.

He also wished that Sanguine Ax could slay Yi Yun.

No matter how much a genius Yi Yun was, a dead genius was ultimately a pile of rotting flesh!

With this in mind, Golden Winged Celestial Peng felt more infuriated. Divineheart was bent on stopping him while Dreamlight was a fence sitter. Having missed their opportunity to attack, it did not seem like there would be another chance.

It was true that Dreamlight had no intention to take action. He silently watched Sanguine Ax’s and Yi Yun’s intense battle and thought to himself, “Yi Yun is indeed strong, but Sanguine Ax has probably not used his trump card”

At that moment, Sanguine Ax let out an angry bellow.


The loud roar churned the lifeblood of the warriors.

At that moment, they found a blinding golden light was preventing them from opening their eyes.

Sanguine Ax’s skin looked like pure gold as it shimmered with glaring radiance.

But in fact, his muscles had bulged. The dense blood vessels within had golden divine blood surging through them while emitting burning auras.

Celestials were born as the precious offspring of the world. Their lifeblood was extremely powerful and their bodies were immensely resilient. They had a close affinity with laws and their divine blood had many uses.

At that moment, Sanguine Ax was using the powers of his divine blood!

“Ka Ka Ka Ka!”

Thunderous blasts sounded from Sanguine Ax’s body.

His massive body had grown in size once again!

“Yi Yun, no matter how powerful you are, you are still human. Do you think a mere human like you can defy the might of a god!?” Sanguine Ax’s voice echoed. He raised his ax as the massive blade shimmered with a light that was bent on tasting blood.



As the ax cleaved down, a gigantic spatial rift opened, spewing forth destructive spatial storms. The ax appeared to be cleaving apart the entire pocket world.

Yi Yun was completely locked down. There was no way he could dodge the strike!

“Yi Yun, what do you have to fend me off!?” roared Sanguine Ax.

This person had actually taken away the Heavenly Dao fragment right under his nose!

Yi Yun’s expression turned solemn when facing Sanguine Ax’s strike.

A killing blow delivered by a Godly Monarch in a rage combined with the divine powers of the Celestials

With the ax literally tearing through space as it approached with its indomitable might, Yi Yun extended one hand.

“You want to fend me off with one hand? What a joke!” A cold glint flashed in Sanguine Ax’s eyes as all his strength surged, causing the ax to emit tremendous amounts of sanguine light again.