True Martial World Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622 Power Of The Divine Blood

Sanguine Ax quaked the entire pocket world with his terrifying powers.

More spatial rifts appeared everywhere as the mountain began collapsing!

Yet Yi Yun appeared indifferent to Sanguine Ax’s terrifying might. His extended hand appeared indignant in the face of the cleaving ax.

But at that moment, an indescribable aura emitted from Yi Yun’s body.

All of Yi Yun’s churning lifeblood seemed to vanish at that instant.

But similarly, everything around him, including Sanguine Ax’s strike, seemed to calm down.

It was as though Yi Yun’s hand was the only thing left in everyone’s eyes. The hand slowly pressed towards the ax.

The hand looked as fair as jade and did not seem to deliver much force.

However, the moment Yi Yun touched the forbidding ax, a blurry luster flew out from Yi Yun’s dantian. It was a star chart!

Instead of describing it as a star chart, it was actually more like a multiverse shrank down multiple times and placed itself into Yi Yun’s dantian.

There was silence. At that instant, the sky vanished and turned into the boundless universe. Galactic arms of stars appeared out of thin air as the lustrous glow of a billion stars descended. The pocket world in the God Confusion Valley seemed to lead straight to an infinite universe!

What is that!?

Everyone was alarmed. And at that moment, Sanguine Ax’s ax had stopped in mid-air!

It was clearly an ordinary-looking palm, but it managed to block Sanguine Ax’s ax

This scene left everyone shocked.

Sanguine Ax’s expression was of utter astonishment.

He looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. “You”

Yi Yun stood in his spot as he emanated an aura of supremacy.

He stood there indifferently as though he was the center of the universe.

Dreamlight’s pupils constricted suddenly. “This is the aura of the Heavenly Dao!”

The powers Yi Yun was releasing were none other than the powers of the Heavenly Dao!

The Heavenly Dao was supreme!

An inconceivable guess arose in Dreamlight’s mind. Could it be that Yi Yun had absorbed the Heavenly Dao fragment!?

“The Heavenly Dao fragment! He really refined it!?” Divineheart said in disbelief. The appearance of a miniature universe, one that shone like the multiverse itself could only mean that Yi Yun had refined the Heavenly Dao for himself!

It could be said that Yi Yun was the Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Dao was Yi Yun!

It was not easy even for Celestial experts to refine a Heavenly Dao fragment, but Yi Yun had done it despite being a human!

This talent

All the Godly Monarchs found it unbelievable.

And at that moment, Sanguine Ax was like a deranged ancient behemoth.

This was an opportunity that belonged to him! But now, Yi Yun had taken it away!

“Human, how dare you absorb the Heavenly Dao fragment!? You deserve death! You deserve having your body smashed to pieces and your soul obliterated!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sanguine Ax’s arm muscles bulged out. Blood vessels as thick as a child’s arm protruded to the point of explosion, spurting dark gold blood!

Immense power erupted from within Sanguine Ax’s body!

The entire world quaked as people only saw blade and sanguine flashes shroud the sky!

Divine General Sanguine Ax was completely enraged!

As for Golden Winged Celestial Peng and company, they were still reeling from the shock of seeing the star chart that flew out of Yi Yun’s dantian.

This was indeed a Great Dao aura gained from refining the Heavenly Dao fragment, but from the star chart, the few Godly Monarchs sensed the clear indication of a Divine Lord Royal Seal’s aura.

The star chart was Yi Yun’s Divine Lord Royal Seal! He had gone from a Divine Lord to a Royal Sealed Divine Lord. This was the most simple explanation for Yi Yun’s rise in strength.

Could it be that

Yi Yun had absorbed the Heavenly Dao fragment to be his Divine Lord Royal Seal!?

Was was this even possible? A Heavenly Dao could become a Divine Lord Royal Seal!? It was completely unheard of! No! Completely unthinkable!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The ground collapsed as the pocket world which lost the protection of the array formation trembled vigorously as though it was on the brink of utter collapse!

Sanguine Ax’s arms were spurting blood, but even so, he failed to defeat Yi Yun!

As a Celestial, Sanguine Ax was extremely proud. When he saw that a human younger than him had not only absorbed the Heavenly Dao fragment, but also withstand his strikes with a cultivation level lower than his, it felt like it was the greatest insult!

A human was an inferior being in his eyes! What right did they have to attain the Heavenly Dao!?

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Sanguine Ax exchanged frenzied blows with Yi Yun, ignoring Yi Yun’s strikes due to his extremely resilient body.

And after using the Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, Yi Yun’s strength had also increased exponentially.

Furthermore, in his battle with Sanguine Ax, all of the nomological insight and strength enhancement Yi Yun gained from his elevation to the Heavenly Dao finally became consolidated through integration.

At that moment, Yi Yun stomped down with his feet as Mirage Snow appeared instantly in his hand. He immediately injected the sword with terrifying demonic powers.

The demonic powers burned like a divine flame as it manifested a Shura phantom. It had three heads and six arms with a pair of wings behind it. Each of the six arms wielded a different weapon. And behind it was a wheel.

Shura Heavenly Dao, 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

This was the complete inheritance of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that Yi Yun gained after Yi Yun’s dantian devoured the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence of Human Emperor’s projection!


A sword beam flashed as stellar light streaked to the horizons and stabbed at Sanguine Ax’s head.

At that instant, Sanguine Ax felt the space around him seem to turn heavy.

Primordial Chaos space!

In that fleeting moment, Sanguine Ax could only cock his head, but immediately following that, a stabbing pain inundated him. The sword tip stabbed into his shoulder as brutal energies surged into his body, expanding the wound in the process.

It was then that hundreds if not thousands of divine tree branches flew out from behind Yi Yun, boring straight into Sanguine Ax’s wound.

These branches sucked at Sanguine Ax’s blood vessels as they rapidly drew away his dark gold blood. Immediately following that, the entire divine tree swayed as the branches turned more luxuriant and sturdy at a discernible speed.

In a blink of an eye, Sanguine Ax had weakened greatly.

“Scram!” Sanguine Ax bellowed loudly as a large shadow flew out of his body. The humanoid shadow looked like a devilish spirit and was none other than a demonic servant!

Apart from the demonic servant, there was also a demonic general dressed in combat armor!

The demonic general was engulfed in black demonic flames. The moment it appeared, its demonic aura surged to the skies.

Upon seeing the demonic general, Yi Yun’s brows pricked up slightly.

He recalled the Demonic General Perfected Hou he met in the Sinkhole, but the demonic general he was facing was much stronger than Perfected Hou!

The appearance of the demonic general brought with him numerous demonic servants. They surged towards the divine tree and Yi Yun!

“Begone!” Yi Yun shouted out lightly.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless emerald-green vines swept towards the demonic general and demonic servants with its immense powers and ample vibrancy!

The demonic general let out an angry bellow as he was struck by an extremely thick vine!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The vine carried the demonic general with it in its trajectory before slamming him into the ground.

Just as the demonic general struggled to get up, his pupils shrank suddenly as a vine came falling from the heavens and penetrated him!

Immediately a powerful suction force reared its head as his demonic aura was crazily sucked away!

“Ahhh!” The demonic general let out an indignant and furious roar, but he failed to extricate himself from the thick vine, In a blink of an eye, he was drowned by a massive number of vines.

As for the demonic servants, they failed to put up any resistance against the Azure Wood Divine Tree!

The Azure Wood Divine Tree sourced its strength from Yi Yun after all. The stronger he was, the more terrifying the Azure Wood Divine Tree was.

If a demonic general like Perfected Hou faced the Azure Wood Divine Tree in its current form, he would not have been able to withstand even one vine.

I wonder what sort of changes the Azure Wood Divine Tree will undergo if it absorbs more divine blood When this thought came to Yi Yun, a look of eagerness flashed in the gaze he cast at Sanguine Ax.

Sanguine Ax nearly blew a top when he saw Yi Yun looking at him in such a manner. He knew what Yi Yun had just done. Yi Yun was using his divine blood to feed the Dao Tree in his body!

He was a Godly Monarch of the Celestials, but he was being used as mere sustenance by Yi Yun!

It was an absolute insult!

“Break it for me!”

Golden blood blasted out from Sanguine Ax’s back. The blood ignited in mid-air as it burned through the void.

Fire of the Divine Blood!

It was actually no longer fire, but vital energy which was pushed to the limits. The burning divine blood burned a large number of the Azure Wood Divine Tree’s vines to crisp!

Yi Yun thought nothing of it. With a mere thought, the burnt vines broke off automatically. Then, the Azure Wood Divine Tree’s tremendous vitality flowed, growing new vines at a discernible pace.

Endless vibrancy!

Upon seeing this scene, all the Godly Monarchs were alarmed. Yi Yun was too frightening.

His physical body was comparable to a Fey Godly Monarch, his laws were equivalent to the Heavenly Dao, and his vitality was fused with a divine tree, allowing him to constantly renew himself. Did he still have any weaknesses?

At that moment, Golden Winged Celestial Peng was feeling worried. He originally believed that Yi Yun could pose a threat to him only when Yi Yun developed his strength to maturity. But now, Yi Yun had already done it!

He did not use all his strength while fighting Ghost Ming!

Yi Yun stood in mid-air with Mirage Snow in hand. A thousand-foot-tall Azure Wood Divine Tree stood behind him as Mirage Snow was covered in a slick of frozen dark gold blood..

“Pa Da! Pa Da!”

The dripping sound of the divine blood was so clear.

Suddenly, Yi Yun struck out with his palm!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The star chart in his dantian came crushing over. Containing both the powers of Primordial Chaos and Destruction, it enveloped Sanguine Ax immediately.

Primordial Chaos and Destruction were the beginning and end of a universe. In addition to the Heavenly Dao laws, Yi Yun’s miniature universe in his dantian had already reached the level of matching that of a real universe.

By using his star chart, it was equivalent to having a universe trap Sanguine Ax!

This was a true domain. It was more than a hundred times stronger than Yi Yun’s original Primordial Destruction domain!

This scene left all the Godly Monarchs astonished. If Yi Yun was said to be battling Sanguine Ax previously, now he was trapping Sanguine Ax. Could it be that he was planning on killing Sanguine Ax!?

This was completely unimaginable!

The expressions of the Godly Monarchs changed. Regardless if Yi Yun succeeded, he already had the right to be a proud figure in the Chaos Heavens’ long river of history.