True Martial World Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins

Chapter 1626: Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins


“Alright then.” Divineheart nodded. Although he wished to keep Yi Yun on his side, Yi Yun was in the limelight at the moment. He was probably the target of everyone in the Chaos Heavens. It was indeed unsuitable for him to have any official ties with the Taixia Ancient Mining.

Upon hearing this, the Taixia Ancient Mining warriors could not help but find it a pity. If such a peerless expert were to join the Taixia Ancient Mining, they could also thrive along with him. The female disciples in particular showed obvious looks of disappointment.

Purple Succubus noticed this and could only shake her head. These female disciples were also considered elites of Taixia, but it was wishful thinking on their part if they hoped to become associated with Yi Yun.

“I wonder what your future plans are?” Divineheart asked Yi Yun.

“There is somewhere I might have to make a trip to” Yi Yun deliberated for a moment before saying vaguely.

“Haha, okay. I have a dedicated voice transmission mark here. All you need to do is inject your Yuan Qi and it will be able to contact me no matter how far you are as long as you’re within the Chaos Heavens.”

Divineheart did not ask where Yi Yun was going. Likewise, the voice transmission mark he gave was one-way. Only Yi Yun could contact Divineheart, while Divineheart was unable to initiate contact with him.

This was also to prevent Yi Yun from having any suspicions, or Yi Yun would worry that his whereabouts were exposed.

Yi Yun naturally did not reject such a thoughtful arrangement.

Ignoring Divineheart’s strength and talent, just his handling of social relationships was flawless.

Yi Yun put away the mark and cupped his hands. “Thank you.”

Yi Yun did not say anything else. He just took note of the kindness Divineheart had shown him.

“Then, let’s part!” said Divineheart.


With a casual step, Yi Yun had penetrated into the void

Three days later, in a void hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the God Confusion Valley.

A flying vessel tore through space rapidly like a meteor.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged within as his body was enveloped in a mystical aura.

Even if someone stood in front of the flying vessel, they would not sense the presence of Yi Yun inside.

Yi Yun opened his eyes.

His eyes seemed to sparkle with thousands of stars before he converged them. It turned like the endless night, looking extremely profound.

“Indeed The body I have honed is still not perfect enough.” Yi Yun exhaled lightly.

After fusing with the Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, Yi Yun’s nomological insight and comprehension had reached a brand new level. His strength similarly raised by leaps and bounds.

In addition, while Yi Yun was battling Human Emperor’s projection, he also saw the trajectory Human Emperor had taken. It included the body arts which Human Emperor had cultivated.

The present Yi Yun was already immersed in Human Emperor’s heritage. He could view his Martial Dao from an even higher height.

His body might have appeared powerful, but there was a weakness at its core. He cultivated in too many randomly connected arts.

Yi Yun’s first contact with body cultivation was because of the Dragon Emperor Technique. He inherited the bloodline of the Fey God, Dragon Emperor. Later, he kept cultivating the Dragon Emperor Technique and consumed innumerable natural treasures. Finally, on the day of Lin Xintong’s ascension to the throne, he used a ‘Heavenly Tribulation’ to temper his body.

During the transcendence over the Heavenly Tribulation, Yi Yun had absorbed all of the Ancestor God’s blood!

That was the heart blood that bled when the Ancestor God was stabbed in the chest by Human Emperor’s spear. Although heart blood was inferior to blood essence, the Ancestor God was far stronger than Divine General Sanguine Ax; therefore, the quality of the blood was similar.

As such, Yi Yun’s present body was filled with the Celestial’s divine blood, the Dragon Emperor’s bloodline, and the human’s bloodline!

These three bloodlines formed a system!

Such an opportunity left others envious. However, after Yi Yun’s fusion with the Heavenly Dao fragment, he began realizing that his body’s tolerance was still insufficient.

The Heavenly Dao fragment’s leaking of Heavenly Dao energies nearly drained Yi Yun of his vitality. If not for the Azure Wood Divine Tree’s injection of vitality into him, he would probably have died of age inside the Heavenly Dao palace.

Having an insufficiently powerful body was a latent trouble for his attempt to reach the pinnacle of the Martial Dao!

“Back in the Sinkhole, although I tempered my body with a Heavenly Tribulation, the Heavenly Tribulation I experienced was a fake Heavenly Tribulation cast by Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord! It was ultimately insufficient” Yi Yun muttered to himself.

First, he needed to fuse the three powers!

With this in mind, Yi Yun reached out and swiped his interspatial ring.

A blob of golden blood immediately floated in front of Yi Yun. Although the blob of blood had been separated from its owner, it still emanated an intense might. It was beating constantly like a heart.

The Celestial’s Divine Blood Origins!

Yi Yun also took out two of Celestial Peng’s golden feathers.

“In Human Emperor’s heritage, there is a type of pill. It’s named the Myriad Forms Shura Pill, which provides the domineering effect of body cultivation. Back then, Senior Human Emperor had also embarked on the path of herb-seeking and alchemy to slowly attain his supreme divine body”

Yi Yun recalled the information left by Human Emperor’s projection.

The pill actually did not have a fixed prescription, only the laws governing the concoction of it.

In fact, in the final stages of body cultivation, it was nearly equivalent to the Heavenly Dao. As the saying goes, all paths lead to the same point. Warriors who cultivated their bodies could similarly embark on a path to the pinnacle Martial Dao.

After figuring out the Great Dao laws of body cultivation, and using the records from Human Emperor’s heritage, Yi Yun could use the many rare materials in his possession to refine a Myriad Form Shura Pill meant for himself.

Yi Yun prepared to use materials related to Man, Celestial, and Fey.

So-called “Man” referred to the natural treasures used by humanity. These types of natural treasures were most common. Yi Yun had obtained a sizable number of them from the Herbal Garden of Confusion, but it was insufficient.

“Celestial” was Divine General Sanguine Ax’s Divine Blood Origins. It was naturally better if he could obtain even more precious divine blood.

As for “Fey,” Yi Yun already had Celestial Peng’s golden feathers. He also had the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm to provide him with some blood, but none of these things were essential to Fey. It would be best if he could obtain the Fey core of a mighty ancient Fey.

Now that mighty ancient Fey had mostly perished, the Fey cores that passed down were probably few and far between.

“Senior Bai, the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was something from a billion years ago. I wonder if it has already declined by now.”

When Yi Yun mentioned his wish to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pill, Bai Yueyin suggested Yi Yun to head to the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins. Perhaps, he could find some supreme treasures that would be of help to refining the pill.

The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was not a mystic land, but a powerful faction, a faction that belonged to the Fey!

Bai Yueyin said, “Back when I came to the Chaos Heavens, the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was already the hegemonizing body of the Fey. The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins has Fey Patriarchs! Although Fey Patriarchs are at the Godly Monarch realm as well, they are considered peak Godly Monarchs. They are not someone the likes of Golden Winged Celestial Peng can compare with. In terms of heritage, the Desolate clan is far inferior to the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins. It would not be surprising to see such a powerful faction last for billions of years.”

The Fey had long lifespans to begin with, let alone when one cultivated to the Fey Patriarch realm. Just a Fey Patriarch alone could live for billions of years and at that realm, it was almost impossible for him to perish. Such a powerful faction would hardly be destroyed with the Fey Patriarch backing it.

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