True Martial World Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627 Heavenly Dao Divine Lord

Upon hearing Bai Yueyin’s words, Yi Yun nodded.

As Bai Yueyin returned into Yi Yun’s soul sea, Yi Yun waved his outstretched hand as a figure flew out from the God Advent Tower and landed inside the flying vessel.

“Young Master Yi” Shan Ling looked at Yi Yun and drew a deep breath as she went forward to bow.

Ever since Yi Yun killed Shaomang Xuan, Shan Ling had been hiding in Yi Yun’s God Advent Tower. As for Yi Yun’s entry into the Heavenly Dao palace under the noses of the various Godly Monarchs and his defeat of Ghost Ming and Sanguine Ax, she had a vague idea of it.

Although she did not see the details with her own eyes, just the outcome was enough to leave Shan Ling in shock.

Back then, she even believed that Shaomang Xuan was the best genius in the Chaos Heavens. But now, having seen Yi Yun, she realized how myopic she had been. The difference between Shaomang Xuan and Yi Yun was as stark as night and day.

Originally, Shan Ling imagined that Yi Yun was the disguise of some old freak, but in the God Advent Tower, Shan Ling met Lin Xintong. She learned from her that Yi Yun was indeed very young. In fact, he was about the same age as her.

This left Shan Ling completely speechless. She could only marvel at how vast the world was to give rise to such an elite

“Shan Ling, we have already left the God Confusion Valley. You may leave,” said Yi Yun.

Shan Ling raised her head suddenly. After biting her lips, she bowed and said, “I have nowhere to go as of now. I was hoping Young Master Yi could take me in. I’m willing to be your maidservant.”

She could not disavow herself from Shaomang Xuan’s death, so it was impossible for her to return to the Shaomang clan. Besides, the Desolate clan was likely to pursue her.

Yi Yun hesitated for a while.

In truth, he had no need for maidservants. However, Shan Ling was a Divine Lord after all. By keeping her around, she could take care of Lin Xintong’s daily needs.

“You can be my maidservant”

The moment Yi Yun said that, Shan Ling revealed a look of pleasant surprise. Just as she wanted to bow down, she was stopped by Yi Yun.

“You will need to sign a contract with me to ensure your loyalty. If you are unwilling, you can leave freely,” said Yi Yun lightly.

The signing of a contract was different from the mark Yi Yun left on her Fey core previously. It was a life-and-death contract.

Yi Yun did not go on when he saw Shan Ling bite down on her lips slightly.

It was already good enough that he did not implant a slave imprint in Shan Ling. If Shan Ling was unwilling to sign a contract, he naturally had no intentions of keeping her.

At that moment, Shan Ling said, “I’m willing to sign the contract.”

To be able to be a follower of a figure like Yi Yun was something even the former Shan Ling could not imagine. Now, although she needed to sign a contract, it was only right for her to do so considering her status.

She reached out her sharp cat claws and lacerated her glabella, forcing out a drop of blood essence. Then, she used the drop of blood to draw an extremely complicated hex seal in mid-air.

Yi Yun allowed the hex seal to fly towards him and fuse with him.

Immediately, Yi Yun sensed that he had a special connection with Shan Ling. Unless he chose to sever the connection, he would immediately be made aware of any negative thoughts Shan Ling had against him, even if it was just a passing thought.

After signing the contract, Shan Ling immediately bowed towards Yi Yun. “Greetings, Young Master.”

“Get up.” Yi Yun said as he took out a Fey cultivation manual from his interspatial ring. “For you to be able to cultivate to the Divine Lord realm within the Shaomang clan, it means you have remarkable talent. This is for you. Perhaps it will be of some use.”

Shan Ling took the manual and immediately revealed a look of surprise when she saw it. “This is the Shaomang clan’s top cultivation technique”

“That’s right. I found it in Shaomang Xuan’s interspatial ring,” said Yi Yun. The Fey cultivation manual was useless to him. He had scanned it before throwing aside. He figured he might as well pass it to her.

Shan Ling held the manual and went into a momentary daze. With her talent, although she cultivated some decent cultivation techniques in her time with the Shaomang clan, she was unable to come close to cultivating top cultivation techniques that only important disciples such as Shaomang Xuan were exposed to.

She never expected to be able to obtain it now.

“Also, here’s some refined ores. Take them and restore yourself.” Yi Yun took out some refined ores and handed them to her.

“Thank you, Young Master,” said Shan Ling gratefully.

“By the way, do you know where the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins is?” asked Yi Yun again.

“Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins? That is the strongest faction among the Fey. I’ve been there once with Shaomang Xuan. The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins is two stellar domains away from our present location. If we fly at full speed, we should be able to arrive in a month,” said Shaomang Xuan reverently.

“Then I’ll leave controlling the flying vessel to you. Let’s head for the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins,” said Yi Yun.

The Chaos Heavens was expansive. Flying for a month meant nothing. To warriors, that bit of time was just a blink of an eye.

During this period, Yi Yun returned to the God Advent Tower to cultivate with Lin Xintong. Although he did not slack off, it was quite a relaxing and comfortable period for him since he had was usually cultivating under pressure.

As for Shan Ling, she was a Divine Lord, so she only needed to divert a little attention to steer the flying vessel. She used every second available to her to cultivate and quickly recover her strength

A month later.

In the stellar domain where the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was.

The Chaos Heavens’s stellar domains had many scattered cities.

Most of these cities slowly became occupied thanks to long-distance teleportation arrays.

One of these cities was at a scale not inferior to a major faction’s main city. There were countless mortals and numerous warriors.

Anbei City was one such city.

At this moment in the most luxurious restaurant in Anbei City, two warriors were chatting amid drinks.

“Did you hear of a human Godly Monarch that recently appeared? He obtained an impressive treasure and offended three factions. He’s currently being pursued by everyone,” one of the warriors asked.

“I just came out of seclusion, so I’m not aware of it. Tell me what happened in detail,” requested the other warrior.

At that moment, a scoff sounded from a neighboring table. “What do you mean human Godly Monarch and him being pursued? This rumor is getting ridiculous.”

The two warriors looked over and saw that it was a Soul warrior. From his getup and the servants beside him, it was apparent he enjoyed a lofty status.

“Fellow Daoist, does that mean you know what happened?”

“Naturally. This happened in the God Confusion Valley. And the person responsible for this was not a Godly Monarch, but a Divine Lord. This human Divine Lord managed to defeat a Ghost Thearch and the Celestial’s Godly Monarch Sanguine Ax by his strength alone. Even the Fey’s Godly Monarch Golden Winged Celestial Peng had to concede. Finally, he took away a Heavenly Dao fragment with his own strength,” said the Soul warrior lightly.

When the warriors inside the restaurant heard the Soul warrior’s words, many people revealed looks of disbelief.

“A Divine Lord defeated three Godly Monarchs? And one of them is the Celestials’ Godly Monarch Sanguine Ax?”

They shook their heads, finding it ludicrous.

However, there were some who had heard rumors. This seemed to be true!

“I was there in the God Confusion Valley and saw it with my own eyes. That human Divine Lord was young and handsome. Although he’s not a member of my race, that valiant bearing is something I yearn for as well,” the Soul warrior took note of everyone’s expression and said with a sneer.

“Many warriors saw it happen with their own eyes. If you don’t believe it, it’s because you are ignorant. Back then, the humans had Human Emperor with extraordinary strength. He was equally astounding.”

“I wonder what this human Divine Lord’s name and title are?” asked the person.

“This Divine Lord’s name is Yi Yun. His title is Heavenly Dao Divine Lord,” said the Soul warrior.

At that moment, there was a sound of a woman’s giggle in a corner table.

However, when the Soul warrior turned to look, he found the corner table empty without a person.

“Did I hear wrong? Or was a mighty figure present?” The Soul warrior thought of the second possibility as he could not help but feel alarmed. Ignoring the questions about the Heavenly Dao Divine Lord, he hurriedly left.

If a mighty figure were to capture him to ask about the Heavenly Dao fragment’s location, wouldn’t he be in trouble? He originally found the conversing warriors to be low in strength, so he made a comment out of interest. In fact, he had never been to the God Confusion Valley. He had only heard it from seniors

Three figures appeared outside the restaurant out of thin air.

At one look, it was a somber young scion with a beautiful maidservant beside him. There was another young girl wearing a face veil, but her figure was filled with a natural grace.

Shan Ling still wore a smile on her face. “I never expected people to give Young Master a title. This is already the third title I’ve heard over the past few days. However, Heavenly Dao Divine Lord sounds much better than a Myriad Demon Divine Lord or Shura Divine Lord.”

The somber scion shot her a glance. “This matter has spread far faster than I expected. Thanks to this Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask, I’ve saved myself quite a bit of trouble.”

The somber scion was none other than Yi Yun. After he put on the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask, his aura and looks changed completely and gave him an extremely natural and flawless disguise. Even Ghost Ming, Sanguine Ax, and company who fought him before would probably not guess that he was the now-famous Yi Yun.

As for Shan Ling and Lin Xintong, few people knew of them. In addition, Yi Yun used the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book to change their auras. This was a disguise mystic technique he obtained back in the God Advent Tower. When Yi Yun’s cultivation was still low, it had played an important role. However, it was still inferior to the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask.

Unless there was a Godly Monarch stronger than Yi Yun present, there was no way to notice any abnormalities of the two women. And if such a mighty figure really came close, Yi Yun would have long sensed it.

Over the past few days, Yi Yun had already passed through several teleportation arrays. News of him obtaining the Heavenly Dao fragment and his defeat of Godly Monarchs had already spread throughout the Chaos Heavens.

Even though some people were not kept abreast with the news, such as the warriors from before, they would quickly learn from others.

These ordinary warriors naturally would not bring trouble. However, when old freaks at the Godly Monarch level learned of the news, it was likely they would have thoughts arise in them. When it came to old freaks like these, it was possible that Yi Yun was no match for them.

After passing through a few teleportation arrays, the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins’ main city, Heaven Fey City, was right in front of their eyes.