True Martial World Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Primordial Species Sculpture
Chapter 163: Primordial Species Sculpture

Yi Yun swept his eyes across the six stone doors. The stone doors all looked the same; the only difference was the engravings on the doors. There were three-headed beasts, large serpents, fierce birds and a large shark…

To choose any of the six stone doors.

Yi Yun thought for a moment before walking towards the three-headed beast door.

At this moment, Yi Yun realized that Zhou Kui also walked towards the three-headed beast door.

“Heh! The chimera stone door is considered the most difficult stone door in the Wilderness Divine Hall!” Zhou Kui knew some things about the Wilderness Divine Hall. His words stirred Yi Yun.


It seems this cultivation ground was not a simple place.

“How about it? Do you have the guts to compete with me? This Wilderness Divine Hall is a place that tests your true ability. Sneak attacks are useless here.” Zhou Kui tossed his head over and said it sarcastically. It was clear he was still holding a grudge from Yi Yun’s sneak attack from yesterday.

Zhou Kui found it disgraceful to suffer losses under Yi Yun. He found himself wronged to have lost to a sneak attack. He wanted to regain his pride with this entry into the Wilderness Divine Hall.

Many Xuanwu Army warriors followed Zhou Kui. They were his followers and brother-in-arms.

Quickly, they took the other sixteen places for the three-headed beast door.

Those who entered the three-headed beast were all from the Xuanwu Army, except Yi Yun!

These strong youths from the Xuanwu Army gave contemplative looks at Yi Yun. It felt like a pack of wolves looking at a little sheep that had fallen into their lair.

“Fighting is prohibited in the Wilderness Divine Hall, or there will be serious consequences!” Noticing the tension in the air, the bald man exhorted them without much ado.

Battles were common in the Tai Ah Divine City. As long as they did not fight in places that prohibited fighting, then it was alright to fight elsewhere in the event there were no deaths or serious injuries.

Hence, the bald man did not interfere the battles between the trainees, and in fact condoned it.

If the team he led fought with others, they would be rewarded if they won, and punished if they lost.

“These guys are like a bunch of flies having their eyes on you!” Xu Zheng transmitted this from behind Yi Yun.

Yi Yun shrugged and said casually, “Whatever!”

While saying that, Yi Yun headed towards the three-headed beast door.

Zhou Kui laughed and followed.

The other members of the Xuanwu Army also piled in.


A white light flashed and before the stone door was fully opened, it sucked Yi Yun in.


Yi Yun’s vision blurred and turned clear the next moment. Before he could figure out what was happening, he felt his scalp burning. It was as if something terrifying had its eyes on him. He could feel feel the existence of an overpowering pressure that was pressing against him, as if he was immersed in a mercury pool.

What’s the matter?

Yi Yun looked towards the strange overwhelming pressure and was surprised to see a huge desolate beast sculpture standing in front of him!

This sculpture was completely black. It had a black golden luster, and its body was hard to be described as lion or a roc. It had three animal heads, and had unkempt fur. Each head’s eyes flashed with purple lightning. On its back were three thirty feet wings, as if it was ready to take off at anytime.

Its body gave off a sense of immense pressure, making Yi Yun inevitably feel a sense of smallness.


Suddenly, by looking at the divine beast, Yi Yun felt a tumultuous thunder within his mind. Yi Yun could not help but shake a few times. His whole body felt an oppressive feeling.

At this time, a voice entered Yi Yun’s ear, “Before the Tai Ah Divine City was completely built, the three-headed chimera sculpture was created by the Tai Ah Divine City’s first city lord. It was a real primordial species. It was created by injecting large amounts of molten Great Yan gold into it and casted! This sculpture contains within it the primordial species’ oppression, and the true spirit of the first city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City! How much one can comprehend depends on oneself.”

The primordial species’ real body was injected with molten Great Yan gold before making into a sculpture?

The sculpture’s origin startled Yi Yun. This was actually a real primordial species. No wonder it had such a terrific pressure!

In front of the chimera, Yi Yun found it hard to breathe. The immense pressure nearly made him kneel on the ground!

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and lowered the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight to its lowest before being barely able to withstand it.

At this time, many white light flashed beside Yi Yun. One after another, the men from the Xuanwu Army were sent in.

The first was naturally Zhou Kui. It had to be said that Zhou Kui had some ability. In front of the chimera’s immense pressure, he just trembled before standing firm.

As for the others, they were worse. Their ability was inferior. Although they were mentally prepared, to suddenly experience such overwhelming pressure made their blood turbulent. They found it hard to endure it. One by one, they faltered and fell to the ground!

They had been bragging a lot outside, but when the true test of their abilities and worth came, it wasn’t enough to just move their lips!

“Trash! Don’t be a f**king pussy!” Zhou Kui still had the strength to curse. Indeed, he had strong foundations. In fact, being under pressure was his forte!

He grinned at Yi Yun, “Come on, let’s compete to see who is more manly!”

Zhou Kui laughed with a pride that seemed to surge to the sky.

Yi Yun only glanced at Zhou Kui and did not respond. He was pondering about everything within the Wilderness Divine Hall.

The Wilderness Divine Hall wasn’t a place just to endure the primordial species’ pressure. The most valuable item in this cultivation ground was to understand the sage’s true spirit within the primordial species sculpture.

One had to endure the primordial species’ pressure and understand the true spirit of the sage at the same time!

The sage’s true spirit wasn’t easy to realize. Besides, these cultivators were rookies. They did not have much strength, hence it was not easy to endure the pressure, what’s more, it was not easy to calm themselves down to ponder over the true spirit.

Even Yi Yun did not find it easy. In just a while, his forehead was sweating.

As for Zhou Kui, he looked stronger than Yi Yun. A vein appeared on his forehead as his joints started to crackle. This aura was extremely amazing.

Zhou Kui looked at Yi Yun and thought to himself, “This kid is stronger than I thought. He actually has some skill, and not just sneak attacking.”

Zhou Kui gathered his all to compete with Yi Yun, so it was natural that he was watching Yi Yun. Zhou Kui was very confident with his endurance and resilience. Even if he could not keep up with Yi Yun at the beginning, he believed he could beat Yi Yun near the end. Furthermore, he was much stronger than Yi Yun from the beginning, so he was sure to win in the end.

Zhou Kui expected his victory, so he would not rejoice. Instead, he wanted to see what Yi Yun’s limits were.

What Zhou Kui did not know was that Yi Yun wasn’t concentrating on competing on him. In fact, Yi Yun had treated Zhou Kui as air from the beginning to the end.

Yi Yun was single-mindedly examining the chimera’s sculpture.

“Primordial species. This is the pressure left behind by a primordial species. Its strength exceeds that of a human lord. Even the elders of the Tai Ah Divine City might not be able to handle it. Obtaining a primordial species’ body to make into a relic could cause a bloody storm if it is reaches the mortal world! Even human sages would want it to nourish their bodies, and understand the laws embedded within the primordial species relic.

“It deserves the name of the primordial species!”

This was Yi Yun’s first encounter with a primordial species. Although it was sealed within gold.

Then could it possibly…

Ever since Yi Yun entered the Wilderness Divine Hall and saw the chimera sculpture, he had a thought he couldn’t suppress. This thought made him speed up his breathing.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. He let his consciousness enter an ethereal state and interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal Origins within its heart. With that, Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes!

Yi Yun’s vision turned white. In front of Yi Yun, the three-headed beast sculpture lit up with white light.

Yi Yun felt that his spiritual energy when attached with the Purple Crystal had managed to interface with the primordial species sculpture in front of him.

However, the gold used to seal the primordial species was preventing Yi Yun’s spirit energy from penetrating it.

This Great Yan gold was a wonderful metal. It had a natural property that absorbed Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Using it to seal the primordial species’ body, after tens of millions of years, the primordial species’ energy within would not decrease but even increase constantly, making it more pure!

The body of the chimera had actually more energy contained within it than when the Tai Ah Divine City was first built. Its cost was even greater.

The six primordial species sculptures within the Divine wilderness were the cornerstone treasures of the Tai Ah Divine City!

This was all thanks to the Great Yan gold. Its special property made energy easy to enter, but difficult to exit. It could be said to be one-way.

Unfortunately, although the Great Yan gold had the ability to nourish the primordial species’ body, it took too long.

Every hundred thousand years or million years, human sages died of old age and could not wait. Only a superpower like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom could be handed down generation after generation. Together with the super fortress of the Tai Ah Divine City, it could protect the primordial species’ real body, preventing it from being robbed!

Yi Yun was now reversing the polarity of the Great Yan gold.

After he regulated his breathing, with full concentration, he used the Purple Crystal’s ability to control energy to draw out the energy from within the Great Yan gold drop by drop!

Slowly, the three-headed beast’s middle head shined a light that grew brighter as more energy gathered. Energy from all corners of the three-headed sculpture began to gather in the middle head of the three-headed beast, as if it were breaking out of a shell.

When the energy was condensed to its extremes, a light blob the size of a pigeon egg was squeezed out from the Great Yan gold with great difficulty. It slowly floated over and under the Purple Crystal’s guidance flew towards Yi Yun.

Seeing this light blob, Yi Yun was overjoyed!

I’ve succeeded!