True Martial World Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632 Meeting

After Yi Yun left the Ancient Ruins Palace square, he went straight for the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda.

“Oh? Young Master Lin, are you willing to come under the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor?” The middle-aged store manager was somewhat surprised seeing Yi Yun return.

But he immediately realized why. “Young Master Lin, did you watch the intense battle between Her Highness Soft Clouds and the Qiongqi?”

Yi Yun nodded. “Yes!”

The store manager laughed as a look of pride flashed across his face. Although he felt that Yi Yun was a genius, he also found him too arrogant. He was not very fond of Yi Yun.

He had suggested Yi Yun watch the competition among the princes and princesses, hoping to deal him a blow. He wanted Yi Yun to know that there was always someone better!

Her Highness Soft Clouds was a rare talent. He believed that anyone who saw her capabilities would be convinced.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was still a zealous young human. An elite like Her Highness Soft Clouds would definitely be very attractive to a youth like Yi Yun.

Many young geniuses probably became guest mercenaries of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor due to their adulation towards her. If not, why would they not choose the few princes and princesses with stronger backgrounds?

Although it was a little shameless using such underhanded means, the situation now was dire. The store manager could not harp on such trivialities since Her Highness Soft Clouds would not learn of his schemes in the end.

Indeed, Yi Yun had been impressed by her.

With everything in his grasp, the store manager was very pleased. “I’m Yuchi Huo. Years ago, Treasure Fey Pagoda was indebted to Senior Blood King” the store manager introduced briefly.

Blood King

Yi Yun guessed that Blood King was likely Jiang Xiaorou’s father.

How strong was Blood King?

To have a huge conglomerate like the Treasure Fey Pagoda be indebted to him, he was at least in the Fey Thearch realm, right?

However, Fey Thearchs differed in strength!

“So it’s Senior Yuchi. I wonder if it’s possible to meet Her Highness Soft Clouds?”

Yi Yun’s request was within Yuchi Huo’s expectations. He smiled and said, “I can give you a recommendation to allow you entry, but whether you gain Her Highness’s favor will depend on your strength and performance. You have to understand that the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor under Her Highness is filled with experts. Young Master Lin, you might be strong, but you might not be able to stand out. In Soft Clouds Mountain Manor, the guest mercenaries under Her Highness do their best to showcase themselves. Young Master Lin, you must not appear inadequate,” Yuchi Huo said with a faint smile.

It was advice and a warning to Yi Yun, mainly to make a show of strength. He wanted Yi Yun to understand that he was nothing special. He was not to act so arrogantly in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor.

Yi Yun smiled without a reply. He only wanted to meet Jiang Xiaorou.

Yuchi Huo took care of things very quickly. He burned a voice transmission talisman and reported the matter.

With Yi Yun’s status, as a Royal Sealed Divine Lord who was less than a thousand years old, he obviously had the qualifications to meet Her Highness Soft Clouds. If such a person was a Fey, they could very likely be bestowed with a sizable piece of property.

“You are lucky. Her Highness Soft Clouds is currently resting after her battle. You can head over. If it was any other day, she might have been in seclusive cultivation and you’d have had to wait.”


Yi Yun nodded as he could not help but drift off. Centuries had passed in a blink of an eye.

To meet his sister he had not seen in so many years, he felt a little uneasy.

Yuchi Huo led Yi Yun out the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda as a chariot covered in flames flew over. It was pulled by four Fey beasts and the carriage was thirty feet wide, enough to seat ten people in a row. It was rather spacious!

“Let’s go!”

Yuchi Huo invited Yi Yun up the carriage. The driver shook the ropes as they flew through the streets.

At that moment in the Ancient Ruins Palace!

The competition between the princes and princesses had just ended. Jiang Xiaorou had spent many days preparing for it and although she was heavily injured, it was nothing much for a Fey with potent restorative lifeblood forces.

“Your Highness.”

In front of Jiang Xiaorou stood a female Fey.

She had a natural allure and she wore breezy clothes. However, her expression was somber while the lifeblood she emitted was extremely powerful. She was clearly not to be underestimated.

Many people in Heaven Fey City knew of this woman!

She was Rain Numinous, a follower of the Blood King in the past. She was now the supervisor of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor and had the strength of a quasi-Fey Thearch.

However, the gap between a quasi-Fey Thearch and a Fey Thearch remained huge. Many people remained stuck in the Fey Lord realm, never to break through.

“Aunt Rain.” Jiang Xiaorou stood up from her couch. She was very respectful towards Rain Numinous.

“Your Highness, you did very well for this competition. However, Blood King has sent word that His Majesty, the Ruins Emperor, has intentions to enter seclusion. He will likely choose the final crown designate in the next three years!” said Rain Numinous.

Jiang Xiaorou instantly widened her eyes.

Three years?

Jiang Xiaorou frowned slightly.

Jiang Xiaorou was extremely talented. Given time, she was bound to have more illustrious results, but her faction was still in a nascent state. Three years was too much of a rush.

“Blood King has said that it’s likely because Prince Tianluo’s father, Frost King, gave a rare treasure to His Majesty. With that treasure, he has higher confidence in the seclusion. This seclusion might last centuries,” said Rain Numinous with a heavy expression.

Prince Tianluo had build up the strongest faction and he was strong himself. However, in terms of talent, he was not necessarily better than Jiang Xiaorou.

“He has always been targeting me. It looks like he has invested a lot,” said Jiang Xiaorou.

At that moment, a voice transmission talisman flew in and was caught by Rain Numinous.

“What is it?” asked Jiang Xiaorou.

“Pagoda Elder Yuchi of the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor wishes to seek an audience. He said that a human Royal Sealed Divine Lord wishes to join the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. Your Highness, if you are not in the mood, I’ll appear on your behalf,” offered Rain Numinous.

Jiang Xiaorou deliberated for a moment before saying, “Aunt Rain, inform him of the present situation.”

To join the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor at such a critical juncture was not necessarily a good thing. Once she failed in a her bid for the throne, she had her father protecting her and would be fine. However, the mercenaries under her might be implicated.

“Your Highness?” said Rain Numinous hurriedly. Although the person was a human Divine Lord, Pagoda Elder Yuchi was leading him personally. It obviously meant that there was something extraordinary about him.

“Tell him,” said Jiang Xiaorou.

She closed her eyes again as vibrant lifeblood forces erupted in her.

In fact, she was not good at recruiting mercenary guests. From her point of view, her own strength was most important

If she successfully broke through to become a Fey Thearch, she did not need to mind such matters at all.

Rain Numinous gave Jiang Xiaorou a glance, nodded slightly, and left.

A few minutes later, Rain Numinous returned. “Your Highness, he still wishes to meet you. He’s already waiting in the guest room.”

Jiang Xiaorou opened her eyes and nodded. “Alright.”

She stood up and casually draped a luxurious royal gown on herself while she walked to the guest room.

In the middle of the guest room was a young man.

His aura was somber and he had ordinary looks. There was nothing seemingly special about him, but the man gave Jiang Xiaorou a baffling sense of wonder which she could not place her thumb on.

Yi Yun looked at Jiang Xiaorou.

At the instant their gazes locked, Yi Yun felt as though time had frozen.

At that instant, all his memories inundated his mind.

Unknowingly, he felt like he had returned to the point when he first came to this universe. He had been so weak that even the wind could topple him. It was this girl who used her frail shoulders to carry him home

A bowl of porridge and some salted vegetables. As the family had no healthy men, they were not able to eat their fill, much less speak of practicing martial arts.

Having thought of this, Yi Yun felt his eyes welling with tears.

As for Jiang Xiaorou, she turned more hesitant as she looked at him.

He was clearly someone she did not know, but

At that moment, Yuchi Huo bowed at Jiang Xiaorou and said, “Your Highness Soft Clouds, this is a human genius I found. His surname is Lin and he is less than a thousand years old. He’s at present a single-sealed Divine Lord He intends to join the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor and become a guest mercenary under Your Highness”

“Young Master Lin, why aren’t you bowing to Her Highness?” Yuchi Huo was somewhat depressed. Do I even need to teach you this? Ignoring the fact that you are a single-sealed Divine Lord, even if you have two or cultivated to become a peak Divine Lord, you will still have to bow before Her Highness.

But at that moment, Yi Yun was standing there in a daze. Even geniuses who idolized Her Highness Soft Clouds would not act in such an unbecoming manner on their first meeting. How could a genius act this way?

Yuchi Huo was even beginning to feel that roping the punk into Soft Clouds Mountain Manor might be a mistake.

Yuchi Huo was just about to berate Yi Yun when he surprisingly discovered that Jiang Xiaorou’s expression was adrift. It was as though she was not listening to him.

A voice transmission had already sounded by her ears. It was a very familiar voice to her. “Sis Xiaorou It’s me, Yun’er”

Jiang Xiaorou’s body jolted.

Yun’er Yi Yun!?

Jiang Xiaorou found it unbelievable, but the voice and the spiritual fluctuation could not be wrong.

Why would Yun’er be here!?

Instantly, all the matters of the past inundated Jiang Xiaorou’s heart. Countless scenes flashed past her mind

It was as though whatever she had been fighting for all this while turned unimportant that very instant

Once upon a time, he was her everything.

Unknowingly, a crystalline tear drop rolled down Jiang Xiaorou’s beautiful cheek.

This scene was noticed by Yuchi Huo and Rain Numinous. They were astounded as they produced alarmed looks.

Yuchi Huo was just about to say something when he watched in disbelief as Jiang Xiaorou’s body flashed. At that instant, she had jumped into the arms of the human!

Yuchi Huo instantly widened his eyes. This was!?


Jiang Xiaorou did not make a sound, but her psyche fluctuations sounded in Yi Yun’s mind.

Her reason told her that the way Yi Yun had come to her with a different look and name, while sending her voice transmissions, meant that she was not to rashly acknowledge him. However, the upheaval of emotions she was undergoing made her unable to control her feelings.

“Sis Xiaorou”

Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou hugged each other. At that moment, it seemed like every sound in the universe had vanished, leaving only the two of them in the universe.

All these years, Yi Yun had killed countless while walking on the tightrope of death. However, back when he was extremely weak, he experienced familial love and warmth in the Cloud Wilderness. That was the final bastion of pureness in his heart