True Martial World Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 Blood King

Upon seeing this scene, Rain Numinous and Yuchi Huo were shocked.

What What was going on? Fairy Soft Clouds knows this human genius, and they might even be lovers!?

Yuchi Huo had a spectacular expression when this idea came to him. But at that moment a barrier appeared like a water mirror, isolating Jiang Xiaorou and Yi Yun inside.

Yuchi Huo fell into a daze. “Housekeeper Rain”

Rain Numinous’s pupils shrank slightly as her expression instantly turned calm. She said in a cold tone, “What happened just now”

“Housekeeper Rain, rest assured that I did not see a thing,” Yuchi Huo cupped his hands and said.

He had worked in Treasure Fey Pagoda for years and was an extremely crafty person. He knew very well what he could say and not say.

Regardless of how shocked he was or how curious the kind of person Yi Yun was, he had no plans on asking further.

“The two of them are unlike what you think. They have some familial ties.”

Rain Numinous had already obtained some confirmation from Jiang Xiaorou. If they were truly romantic partners, Jiang Xiaorou’s actions would have been too outrageous.

How could the elite Fey of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins be with a human?

If such a thing were to spread, Her Highness Soft Clouds would be punished and people like Yuchi Huo would not serve her with dedication.

“Then, I shall be taking my leave.”

After Yuchi Huo left, Rain Numinous looked at the water mirror in front of her with a hesitant look. Why did Her Highness’s younger brother from the lower realm appear now of all times?

Rain Numinous frowned. The next three years were of utmost importance to Jiang Xiaorou. She was afraid that Yi Yun’s appearance would waver Jiang Xiaorou’s dedication to cultivation.

She sighed before vanishing from the room.

After Yi Yun casually conjured the water mirror, he had pulled Jiang Xiaorou tightly into his embrace.

After all these years, the familiar smell when he hugged her once again left him nostalgic.

After a long while, Jiang Xiaorou slowly looked up while in Yi Yun’s arms.

“Yun’er, it’s really you” Jiang Xiaorou still found it unbelievable.

They had separated after he left the Tian Yuan world, but were surprisingly able to meet again in the Chaos Heavens’s Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins.

“I once believed that only by inheriting the throne of the Ruins Emperor would I be able to seek you out in the vast cosmos” said Jiang Xiaorou.

She clasped Yi Yun’s hand tightly as though Yi Yun would not leave her by doing so.

“By the way, she is” Jiang Xiaorou looked at Lin Xintong.

“Sister Rou, it’s me. Xintong,” Xintong smiled and answered.

After experiencing a few reincarnations, she looked like a fifteen-year-old girl. Jiang Xiaorou naturally found it hard to recognize her.

Jiang Xiaorou was taken aback, but she quickly sensed a familiar aura from Lin Xintong.

“It’s been so many years; yet, the both of you are still together. It puts my heart at rest,” Jiang Xiaorou said very happily. Couples staying together since their mortal world times was truly not easy!

“Actually Xintong only returned to my side just recently. Many things happened in between. I’ll slowly recount it all later. Sis Xiaorou, tell me first, how did you come to the Chaos Heavens?” asked Yi Yun.

Jiang Xiaorou sighed and appeared to be evoking memories of her past. She recounted from the time Yi Yun left the Tian Yuan world.

Back then, Yi Yun had become a legend in the Tian Yuan world. As for Jiang Xiaorou, she had inherited the throne of Desolate Queen in the Divine Wilderness.

She constantly focused on cultivation, hoping she could one day tear through the void and follow in Yi Yun’s footsteps.

Yi Yun listened silently, finding even the most mundane cultivation days interesting.

After being separated from Jiang Xiaorou for so long, he was eager to know what experiences she had while he was away.

“It’s unfortunate that cultivation is slow in the Divine Wilderness. Later, my father came to the Tian Yuan world. He brought me and my mother to the Chaos Heavens.”

“Sis Xiaorou, is your father the Blood King?” asked Yi Yun.

Having a slow cultivation was not Jiang Xiaorou’s fault. Her talent was not to be doubted. Back when the Black-armored Demon God wreaked havoc in the Tian Yuan world, Yi Yun had gathered nearly all the elites of the Desolate race and humans to battle him. The Desolate race refused to retreat in battle because Jiang Xiaorou’s bloodline talent had caught Black-armored Demon God’s eye. He left a psyche mark in her, hoping to possess her body.

Jiang Xiaorou was unable to cultivate rapidly only because the cultivation techniques of humans and the Desolate race were not suited for her.

Jiang Xiaorou nodded.

“How did the Blood King find himself in the Tian Yuan world?” asked Yi Yun.

Jiang Xiaorou explained, “The competition among Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins royalty is extremely bloody. Back then, my father’s talent was ordinary so he was quickly eliminated from the competition for the crown.

“Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins princes with ordinary talent either strive for a title and be left to their own devices, or get sent to mystic realm battlefields. My father chose the mystic realm battlefields.

“With my father’s blood lineage, cultivating normally to the Fey Lord realm was already difficult. He refused a life of mediocrity and chose a path almost no one in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins tookthe Blood Demon Dao. This is also the reason for my father’s title as Fey Thearch.

“In the mystic realm battlefield, my father was pushed to the brink of death numerous times. He honed his Dao heart and kept engaging in slaughter! He slaughtered for thousands of years, taking so many lives that he lost count himself. Miraculously, he survived. However, the Blood Demon Dao is difficult to attain. My father still failed despite turning himself into a Shura Heretic Demon through all of his massacres!

“Back then, he was already very powerful, but his Dao Heart had been tainted with evil. It turned into an obsession and the situation became more dangerous. If he continued, he could very well have experienced a deviation and turned into a walking corpse.

“And back then, my father found an opportunity in the mystic realm battlefieldan opportunity related to his bloodline!”

“Oh?” Yi Yun pricked up his brows. “The Heaven Fey totem?”

“That’s right!” Jiang Xiaorou nodded. “The Heaven Fey totem. Father had slaughtered for millennia, but the Heaven Fey totem was only a blurry shadow, much less him being able to light up the six corners. However, Father learned of a huge secret in the mystic realm. That is my Heaven Fey ancestors had gone to the 12 Empyrean Heavens back then!”

Yi Yun drew a gasp. Indeed, the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was very related to the 12 Fey Gods of the Sinkhole and the 12 Empyrean Heavens!

“Yun’er, you know about it too?”

Yi Yun nodded. “I managed to guess some of it.”

“Yes. My Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was very powerful in primordial times. We were the originators of the Fey! But later, there was still some decline. The main reason has to be that with time, no matter how hard we try to preserve and groom, our bloodline will slowly thin.

“My father found a place where my ancestor bloodline might exist and it was located in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven!

“Later, Father followed the path forged by our ancestors and headed to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven!

“In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, my father obtained the opportunities our ancestors left behind. He finally managed to activate the Heaven Fey totem and light up a few corners. He was just short of stepping into the Fey Thearch realm!

“But unfortunately, Father did not know that the energy blasts that resulted from his opening of the path to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had attracted others despite him trying to conceal his tracks. Five Chaos Heavens Fey had entered the passageway and found him while he was in seclusion.

“It was an intense battle!

“Father’s bloodline powers were unstable and he nearly suffered a deviation. However, he managed to kill three of them. Still, he was on his last legs by then. He used his remaining strength and opened a spatial passageway, escaping into the lower realm of the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

“He flew past many planets, but was drawn to the Tian Yuan world which had a unique attractive force.

“When Father came to the Tian Yuan world, he had already damaged his bloodline Origins. Even his Fey core had shattered. As time passed, his strength not only failed to increase, it even began to sap away.

“In a few short years, his realm fell drastically. His martial path was practically severed. It was also then that he met my mother

“My father had been in battle his entire life and never had a Dao partner. In fact, my father had a miserable life. His mother, who is my grandmother, died as a result of schemes. The enemy was in the Ancient Ruins Palace but as Father was too weak, he was unable to exact revenge. With him unwilling to accept that, he took the path of the Blood Demon Dao. So how could he have the capacity to attempt love?

“But it was different in the Tian Yuan world. Back then, all his hopes were dashed. He began leading a peaceful life. Remarkably, despite his powers decreasing, his state of mind was elevated during those days. The Blood Demon Dao, which had become an obsession, something that threatened his soul, was completely resolved. It fused into his body, allowing him to master his Blood Demon Dao!

“Father’s strength slowly recovered. And during that time, he also sought the thing in the Tian Yuan world that had attracted him in the first place. It wasthe strongest human in historyHuman Emperor’s sealing of one of the Celestial’s mighty figure’s eyes. This was probably an outcome of fate. Although my father lacked talent, providence shone immense light on him.

“He obtained some of the Blood of the Ancestor God which Senior Human Emperor left behind!

“After which, he recovered his strength fully! It was also at that time when I was born. My father chose to leave when I was one. He had his grudge and obsessions he needed to resolve. He wanted to become a Fey Thearch!”

By the time Jiang Xiaorou finished, Yi Yun had a rough idea of the rest. Back when he met Jiang Xiaorou’s mother, she had mentioned to him what happened.

The Blood King had promised before leaving that he would come back for Jiang Xiaorou and the Desolate Queen once he was done resolving his obsession. And indeed, he had done so.

He just never expected that in the short few years he was gone, the Jiang family would end up experiencing a calamity.

Ultimately, everything was resolved.

When the Blood King and the Desolate Queen conceived Jiang Xiaorou, he had already obtained his ancestor’s bloodline. Jiang Xiaorou naturally inherited the blood lineage.

In the Chaos Heavens, Jiang Xiaorou’s talent finally manifested itself.

“Father felt that he owed me and mother. He provided me with massive amounts of resources. Even the son of the Ruins Emperor do not receive such treatment. It is also because of this that people are jealous of me,” added Jiang Xiaorou.