True Martial World Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Sage’s Truth
Chapter 164: Sage’s Truth

Yi Yun only wanted to experiment, and it was a success. Even though it was energy from a primordial species that had been sealed by Great Yan gold, the Purple Crystal could still suck it out!

The process was difficult and the reason was likely because his spiritual energy was weaker.

The energy plucked out from within the Great Yan gold was actually an extremely tiny portion of the primordial species’ total energy.

If his spiritual energy was greater, then it would be much easier to absorb the energy from within the Great Yan gold.

Yi Yun had previously used the Purple Crystal to absorb desolate bones energy, which was in the form of densely-packed light dots. But now, the energy absorbed from the primordial species were light blobs the size of a pigeon egg.

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. Upon careful inspection, he found that within the light blobs were extremely small chimera shadows that tumbled around.

These mini three-headed beasts looked like puppies with two additional heads. It looked less ferocious than the chimera sculpture. It was even cuter.

Clearly, this was what a chimera looked like as a cub.

“To think there would be something like that within the primordial species energy. Is it because its energy is too pure that it forms this? It’s incredible!”

Yi Yun knew that certain herbs that reached a certain age, such as the purple jade ginseng, could form into a physical manifestation like a fat baby or a little girl.

It was unbelievable that the energy exuded out by the primordial species could form such shapes in a tiny light blob!

What would it feel like absorbing this energy?

Yi Yun carefully controlled the mini tiny beast shadow to fly towards himself.

Looking closer, he found the small beast to be extremely exquisite. Although it was the size of a pigeon egg, its wings, tiny claws and even scales could be clearly seen.

Yi Yun opened up his mouth and swallowed the energy blob.

A moment later, a warm energy surged within Yi Yun’s body, reaching his mind and his dantian!

This energy was completely different from the energies he had previously absorbed. It not only contained an extremely pure life essence, but it also contained some spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy entered Yi Yun’s mind and Yi Yun felt his surroundings turn into a blur.

In the misty white light, he felt like he saw himself flying. He was flying thousands of meters in the sky above the vast wilderness.

Yi Yun felt like he had turned into the primordial species.

This primordial species would hunt prey, flying into the air and onto the ground, battling with other primordial species. These images intermittently appeared within Yi Yun’s mind.

In these fuzzy scenes, Yi Yun felt like he had touched a brand new world. He was perceptive of the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. He had never found it so clear!


Yi Yun’s mind flashed with brilliance. He recalled that he had read in the book “Divine wilderness” that the primordial species’ energy not only contained their life essences, but it also contained their nomology!

By consuming the primordial species’ relic, one could obtain tiny traces of the primordial species’ nomology. It was something all human peerless experts dreamed of!

On the road of martial arts, the higher the level, the more important the nomology truths became.

Upon being accomplished in nomology, one could control the world’s Heaven Earth Yuan Qi freely.

If he could understand the primordial species’ nomology truths, how much would his strength improve?

Yi Yun’s heart raced. He was full of anticipation for his future!

But now, this single energy blob contained too little of the nomology truths. It was severely insufficient.

Yi Yun closed his eyes and concentrated. With his teeth gritted, his spiritual energy entered the Purple Crystal Origins once again. By controlling the Purple Crystal, he drew out the energy from within the Great Yan gold drop by drop.

Although the Purple Crystal could absorb the primordial species’ energy, but its pressure was still applied to Yi Yun’s body in an overwhelming manner similar to a tidal impact on his blood.

It was not easy to absorb the primordial species’ energy under such a situation.

After taking nearly fifteen minutes, Yi Yun managed to squeeze out a second energy blob from within the Great Yan gold, sending it flying slowly towards him.

Although the primordial species’ energy was strong, a light blob the size of a pigeon egg did not contain much energy. With Yi Yun’s foundation, he could completely withstand it.

The second light blob was swallowed by Yi Yun.

Soon, a surge of warmth entered Yi Yun’s body again. The primordial species’ memory images also became clearer.

Yi Yun felt that he was the primordial species itself, and he could sense the laws.

Following that, under great difficulty, Yi Yun managed to absorb the third and fourth light blob…

After swallowing four light blobs, the images in Yi Yun’s head began to become complete. Slowly, he saw a scene that made him excited and shocked!

He saw the vast barren plains of the Divine wilderness. Above the plains, in the vast blue sky, a chimera was flying. It spread open its three big wings and flapped, sending clouds hundreds of miles away.

The chimera was battling a long-haired man wearing golden battle armor!

This golden armored man was armed with a spear. With an upstanding and dauntless pose, his long hair blowing in the wind!

In his hands, there was a four meter long spear that danced in the air causing turmoil and gave off an overwhelming aura!

Yi Yun realized that he was watching from the perspective of the primordial species as it fought against the golden-armored man!

Yi Yun suddenly realized that the man he was looking at was the first city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City! He was the one who killed the six primordial species beasts, and sealed their bodies within the Wilderness Divine Hall by using Great Yan gold to make them into sculptures.

The scenes he was seeing while the last memories of the chimera.

What did it mean to be Tai Ah Divine City’s city lord?

He could enjoy the Tai Ah Divine City’s pyramid’s 99th level’s cultivation ground, and could allocate all the resources within the Tai Ah Divine City!

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there were two giants; one was the divine emperor, and the other was the Tai Ah Divine City’s city lord!

The divine emperor had to deal with governance and deal with memorandums, but the Tai Ah Divine City’s city lord did not need to. He could cultivate all he wanted.

If strength was to be compared, the Tai Ah Divine City’s city lord was definitely stronger!

Yi Yun was watching the first city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City. He was an eternal character that existed in the tens of millions of years of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

His strength was in an unimaginable realm for Yi Yun.

When the Tai Ah Divine City city lord cast the six sculptures in the Wilderness Divine Hall, he had also left his own thoughts of nomology within the sculptures.

But now, when Yi Yun absorbed the primordial species energy, the laws within the energy had also been absorbed within Yi Yun’s body!

Besides that, Yi Yun could watch from the perspective of the primordial species, experiencing the battle scenes with the first city lord. It was almost as if Yi Yun was exchanging blows with the city lord himself. As such, Yi Yun had a totally immersive experience for understanding the first city lord’s nomology.

This two-prong approach of understanding was infinitely more superior to standing before the primordial species sculpture to understand.

Yi Yun’s perceptivity was always good. Having led two lives, Yi Yun’s spiritual energy was great. Even his perceptivity had been praised by Lin Xintong, and even old man Su, who had always despised Yi Yun, had to acknowledge Yi Yun’s perceptivity.

With his high perceptivity and the immersive experience, Yi Yun slowly understood the essence within the first city lord’s moves!

Although he could not understand it, Yi Yun formed a vague concept.

The law’s true meaning, is this the law’s true meaning…

With his own mind, he could induce the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to use it for himself. Upon reaching a sufficient cultivation realm, one could even transform one’s body into a heavenly one in short periods of time, allowing them to control the laws of Heaven and Earth!

Light blob after blob from the primordial species flew towards Yi Yun. These light blobs opened a mysterious door for Yi Yun. The simple understanding from the door surged over. It made Yi Yun feel like he had touched a magical new field. It was something he had never heard or seen before.

Yi Yun began consuming all these understandings like a starved person. This was the mysteries of the world. By lifting the veil of mystery, what appeared in front of him made him infatuated!

There was no concept of time when cultivating. Yi Yun was immersed in a magical state for an unknown period of time. However, outside Yi Yun’s mind, Zhou Kui was still giving his all competing with Yi Yun.

Zhou Kui’s goons could no longer take it. Many of them knelt or laid on the ground, as they felt the oppression from the primordial species.

There were only a few people still standing within the hall.

Zhou Kui was of course one of them.

“Hmph! Being under pressure is my forte. To withstand pressure, if I were to say I was second among the people here, no one will dare claim first. I will roll over everyone here!

Zhou Kui had this proud thought.

The primordial species oppression was great, but so what?

He was strong, like a hill against the wind!

He was free, like a metal chain stopping the river!

This was Zhou Kui’s current mental state.

Zhou Kui could already feel the pressure. Although he was dog-tired and his body was near its limits, but under this self-hypnosis, Zhou Kui entered an overjoyed state. He subconsciously told himself that he was the strongest. Hence, his resistance against the pressure increased another level!

Zhou Kui’s head was full of sweat as his body’s bones crackled. He turned with difficulty to look at Yi Yun.

But he saw Yi Yun’s face pale with his eyes closed. And Yi Yun’s eyelashes were constantly trembling, as if he was in a nightmare.

“His mental state is unstable. He’s at his limit.” Those were Zhou Kui’s thoughts. Of course, at this point, he was not finding it easy himself.

Zhou Kui wanted to see the scene of Yi Yun collapsing, however he was fated never to see it.


Suddenly, a loud gong rang in everyone’s ears!

“Two hours is up. All the cultivators are to leave the Wilderness Divine Hall!” An authoritative voice echoed within the six rooms. This was the same voice that had introduced the sculptures within the Wilderness Divine Hall.

“Time’s up? Such a pity!” Yi Yun’s spirit was still in a trance. He slowly opened his eyes as he gradually returned from the world within his mind.