True Martial World Chapter 168

Chapter 168: School grounds
Chapter 168: School grounds

Zhou Kui had reached the limits of his limits. The people around him were dumbstruck.

Zhou Kui and Yi Yun were both frog-jumping bearing weights of 250 cauldrons.

Yi Yun had been jumping all this way, and the more he jumped, the more he increased his lead. And Zhou Kui had even fainted from exhaustion!

How could this be possible!?

Just from their weight, the sturdy Zhou Kui was probably twice Yi Yun’s weight. And he came from the Xuanwu Army, which meant he was good at taking on weight.

What’s the meaning of this?

“Brother Kui! Brother Kui!” A few members of the Xuanwu Army noticed something disastrous had happened, and scrambled to help Zhou Kui.

Zhou Kui was already foaming at the mouth and his eyes were rolling back.

At this time, the Xuanwu Army members no longer cared about their reputation, and they quickly took out a few fierce beast relics for Zhou Kui to eat.

Zhou Kui’s body was still considered good.

He had fainted from the frog-jumps only because he had depleted both his stamina and Yuan Qi.

The moment the fierce beast relics entered his stomach, they turned into a stream of warm energy. Zhou Kui slowly recovered and opened his eyes. In his blurred vision, he saw that Yi Yun’s back had turned into a fuzzy shadow the size of a fist and he was about to disappear at an intersection.

Zhou Kui could not believe it. How did this happen?

Yi Yun’s strength could not be stronger than him. If Yi Yun could really handle 500-600 cauldrons, then wearing 250 cauldrons would have been a very relaxed task.

But in fact, at the beginning, although Yi Yun managed to support the two training suits, he was not able to treat it as they were weightless and even struggled.

This simply meant that… Yi Yun had remarkable endurance!

In this aspect, Yi Yun was someone he could not compare with.

Zhou Kui even suspected that back in the Wilderness Divine Hall, Yi Yun had not even expended any of his Yuan Qi. If so, that would explain why Yi Yun had such great endurance…

This was something Zhou Kui had trouble accepting.

“Brother Kui, this kid is strange!” The other members of the Xuanwu Army refused to believe Yi Yun was that powerful.

Zhou Kui was panting like a bull. He could no longer take in any of their words.

He had lost the middle-class residence to Yi Yun, and now, he had lost at frog-jumps. He had lost twice consecutively.

Finally, Yi Yun managed to frog-jump the five kilometer distance to the school grounds.

The hundred people frog jumping from the Wilderness Divine Hall to the school grounds was a spectacular scene to behold. But the passers-by did not pay any attention to them, as obviously this scene was common.

As for the bald man, Yi Yun noticed the bald man’s expression when he finished the frog-jumps.

He made a slight nod with some appreciation, and that was all.

This made Yi Yun take a small breath of cold air. From the bald man’s attitude, he knew that to endure two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall and then bearing 250 cauldrons (on the surface), frog-jumping all the way to the square was just considered not bad, not something amazing.

There were too many extraordinary people in the Tai Ah Divine City. They came from large family clans, with fate-defying bloodlines and amazing opportunities.

At this time, many of these extraordinary people had the advantage by possessing two out of the three qualities, or even all three.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was too big, and there were too many young heroes.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s square had many parts.

The population of the Tai Ah Divine City was small, but covered a great area. Most of the city’s land besides the army camp, the divine hall, the central divine tower and other essential buildings, a lot of them were part of the school grounds.

The school grounds was the place where sparring matches and army training happened. This was the reason why the Tai Ah Divine City’s school grounds was so big!

Some of the school’s grounds were big and others small. Some were high-class and others low class. The training facilities also varied.

Do not underestimate these training facilities. Many of the facilities’ cost of construction was extremely expensive. They were made by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s refining masters and array masters and were very beneficial for a warrior’s cultivation!

This high-class school grounds needed dragon scale runes for entry. It was not something a typical rookie could afford.

The bald man brought Yi Yun, Zhou Kui and the others to a rookie school ground which was free to use.

“Damn it, I’m so tired!”

“We’ve finally gotten here!”

The group of people reeled right and left upon reaching the school grounds.

Under the circumstances of their physical exhaustion and having to frog-jump with weights for five kilometers really drained them of their Yuan Qi.

That was just the road to the school grounds. They still had to do more training upon reaching their destination. They took the opportunity to recover some physical energy while the bald man stayed silent.

People began eating fierce beast relics. Yi Yun also ate one.

In a rare moment of kindness, the bald man allowed them to meditate and regulate their breathing.

As for the most exhausted Zhou Kui, he felt he had not recovered even after eating the fierce beast relic. He resolutely decided to eat a desolate bone relic which was worth ten times more than a fierce beast relic.

A desolate bone relic was the relic essence refined from desolate beast bones. It could allow a warrior to break through in their levels, but now, Zhou Kui was only using it to recover his energy.

Thinking about it, Zhou Kui’s heart was bleeding.

Zhou Kui may be a son of a rich family, but his family was insignificant compared to the Tai Ah royal family. To use a desolate bone relic to replenish his energy was extremely heart-wrenching.

But now he had no choice. He had been cornered by Yi Yun. He had lost to Yi Yun during the frog-jumps. And now, for the cultivation at the school grounds, he could not lose again.

Zhou Kui gathered a burst of strength, determined to exceed Yi Yun.

The school ground was wide. It was about 200 meters in all directions. On one side of the school ground, there were many iron rods and black iron rollers.

These were used to do weighted squats and frog-jumps.

These black iron items were extremely heavy. Even a palm sized piece was enough to crush a horse.

Beside these metal rollers were iron stumps and puppets. They were used to train a person’s punches and kicks.

On another side, there were plum blossom poles. These plum blossom poles were not ordinary. A typical plum blossom pole’s top surface was flat, and allowed one to stand steadily.

But the plum blossom poles used in the Tai Ah Divine City had rounded tops, and were even pointed. By standing on these, a person’s feet would hurt, let alone making fast-moving intricate moves on these plum blossom poles.

Besides all these, Yi Yun also saw something similar to the Divine Capital Jin Long Wei’s Frost Metal Blood Balls array. It was also used to train a person’s movement skills.

But the most prominent thing was the metallic wall in the middle of the school grounds.

This metallic wall was about ten meters tall and thirty meters long. It was made of some unknown metal, and it was covered in shocking imprints.

On closer inspection, one would see that those imprints were marks left behind by sabers, swords, spears, hammers, etc.

It was clearly imprints left behind by weapons!

“This wall is constructed using a mixture of a dozen metals by Tai Ah Divine City’s refining masters. The metal wall’s material is known as ‘purple tungsten’. Purple tungsten is soft, so a weapon can leave a mark on it. But in a month or two, the imprints on the metal wall will slowly disappear. This is the magic of the purple tungsten.

“This wall is used to test the strength of your moves!”