True Martial World Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Primal Arrow
Chapter 169: Primal Arrow

In the army, attacking exercises were the most basic exercises.

A simple description is a warrior attacking straight ahead with a weapon in hand.

Spears and swords stab, while sabers and axes slash, and a hammer smashes.

For a warrior, the weight of the weapon was nothing. Training by using a weapon to simply attack had little effect.

Hence, they had to use a target to test their attack’s power.

An effective attack was to stab through armor. Only an attack that could break through an enemy’s steel armor was threatening.

In an army like the Xuanwu Army, the attack target was made of metal. The metal used was ordinary iron, but for most soldiers, that was enough.

But in the Tai Ah Divine City, things were different.

With the attack power of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors, an ordinary thick iron plate would be easily pierced with a fine weapon. It would be no different than a normal person chopping wood.

Hence, the Tai Ah Divine City’s refining masters created a purple tungsten wall that could self-heal.

It had sufficient thickness and toughness. It could test a warrior’s attack power, and it could also self-heal. This design made Yi Yun amazed.

The facilities and rules of the Tai Ah Divine City really opened up his eyes.

It was said that the purple tungsten wall would self-heal in a few months after a mark was left on it by an attack.

But during these few months, the purple tungsten wall would still be attacked, causing it to be filled with compact marks. Counting all these marks, there were thousands of them.

This was evidence of the intense training in the Tai Ah Divine City!

If a normal soldier from an army were to come here, he would fall apart from exhaustion. Those who could survive were the elites among elites.

“There’s such a wall!”

At this time, after the break, whether they were members of the Xuanwu Army or the Jin Long Wei, they had recovered quite a sizable amount of energy. With energy, they were raring to try.

The people from Xuanwu Army especially liked this form of manly training due to their culture.

“Alright, the attack training begins now!” The bald man waved. Many people began to wield their weapons. All the young heroes present did not have interspatial rings. Many of their weapons were not light, and had to be carried on their backs. This, no doubt, made it more difficult frog-jumping.

Many of them could not even make it halfway. They had to eat a fierce beast relic or some other supplementary elixir.

“Weapons…have to be standardized.” Seeing many people wield their weapons, the bald man shook his head. He pointed to a huge metal box beside the purple tungsten wall.

This metal box was four to five meters wide. The bald man kicked the box open and everyone saw what was in the box.

Within it were metal spears that were four meters long and were as thick as a strong man’s arm.

The metal spear was entirely black. Its tip was conical and cold. Yi Yun had never seen such a thick and long spear. This had to be something a three meter tall giant would use?


Yi Yun noticed that on the other end of the metal spear were metal notches, making it look like an arrow.

“Have you seen the ballistae on the Tai Ah Divine City walls? The Tai Ah Divine City has 128 ballistae. Among them, one of them is the Primal Divine Crossbow. It was made by three sage level refining masters. This Primal Divine Crossbow can only be loaded through the combined efforts of twelve human lord experts!”

Combined efforts of twelve human lord experts? Then what would be the power if such an arrow was sent flying?

“Have you heard about the Star Shooting Bow?” The bald man asked and the crowd nodded in reply. The Star Shooting Bow was a famous weapon in the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Even Yi Yun had heard of it in the Cloud Wilderness.

When he was secretly learning from Yao Yuan, when Yao Yuan reached the part about “Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock”, he had said, “Everyone’s body is a treasure! The limit of human tendons is terrifying. The Star Shooting Bow bowstring was made of the tendons of the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.”

The bald man had taken out a metal spear from the metal box. As he balanced it in his hand, he said, “You must have guessed that this thick spear is the arrow used by the Primal Divine Crossbow. If we are talking about its piercing strength, the arrows shot out from the Primal Divine Bow is fully comparable with the Star Shooting Bow! It can hurt even a primordial species beast!”

Upon hearing the bald man’s words, everyone’s heart jumped.

From the arrow’s thickness and length, the feeling it gave off made the Primal Divine Crossbow frightening.

But it had to be said that the Star Shooting Bow was more terrifying.

Only through the combined strength of twelve human lords could the Primal Divine Bow be strung, hence there had to be several restrictions in its use. And from the way the bald man said it, the Primal Divine Bow was only comparable to the Star Shooting Bow in terms of penetration power.

As for the Star Shooting Bow, it was not all about penetration strength. The arrows shot out from the Star Shooting Bow included within it Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and nomological truths. The burst of power it could create exceeded that of the Primal Divine Bow.

Of course, to open the Star Shooting Bow, one had to be at least a human sage. This made it incomparable to the combined effort of human lords to use the Primal Divine Crossbow.

“We will be using these for today’s attack practice!” As he said this, the bald man casually threw the four-meter long thick metal arrow into the purple tungsten wall with a shrilling sound!


A clear metallic sound rang out. The vibrations made a person’s eardrums numb as the arrow’s tail vibrated!

Upon seeing this scene, everyone took a cold, light breath. He had thrown it so easily as if he had stuck a chopstick into a cake.

“Don’t you want to prove yourselves? Come forward, grab a spear and insert it into the metal wall without regard. Insert it and pull it out!”

“If you can’t even do the basic motions of a man, then you should just castrate yourself, and don’t bother calling yourself a man ever again.” The bald man used a frivolous and sarcastic tone.

Many men in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom got married at the age of fifteen. A fourteen-year-old youth was sensitive about boy-girl relations. In fact, many among them had bade farewell to ** (words got censored); hence, the bald man’s words easily created certain associations.

At this moment, the youths, especially the brutes from the Xuanwu Army were all reeled up and became excited. They could not wait to prove their manly abilities.

The army was male-dominated, although there were female armies like the Qing Luan Wei, many people stubbornly believed that the army belonged to men. How could men be accused of being impotent?

Who could endure the bald man’s contempt towards them?

Many of them cracked their knuckles and rubbed their palms. They couldn’t wait to try, it was as if they had forgotten about the great consumption of energy during both the Wilderness Divine Hall and the frog-jumping process. Although they had recovered some of their energy, they might not be able to prove that they were men…

“Instructor Qin, let me!”

“We’ll see who can insert it the most number of times. Damn, I want to f**k it a hundred times!”

“If you are a man, you need to insert it a hundred times!”

Many of the youths from the Xuanwu Army shouted. What other matter could make these human beasts more excited than displaying their manly prowess?

The bald man had a contemplative smile, “Sure, those who want to give it a try, come on up!”

Immediately, eight members of the Xuanwu Army rushed up!

These people couldn’t wait to grab the Primal Arrows from the metal box.

But the moment the Primal Arrow entered their hands, their expressions changed.

The heaviness and that coldness to the touch told them a ruthless truth–

This arrow was heavier than they originally imagined!

“What the…!?”

A few members of the Xuanwu Army started sweating.

In fact, even if this Primal Arrow was made of normal metal, the four meter length and the arm-thickness like arrow would have a weight of 2000-3000 pounds.

However, the Primal Arrows were custom-made from very special heavy metals, so they weighed more than a hundred times more than normal metal!

And the long arrow shaft made one end of the arrow tilt, making it more difficult to lift the arrow.

Usually, at these Xuanwu Army members’ peak conditions, they could barely lift such an arrow. But now, after spending two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall and frog-jumping, it was like they had been tortured, making them dog-tired. Although they had recovered some of the energy, they had no way of lifting such a ridiculously heavy Primal Arrow!


“Get it up for me!”

These strong youths shouted at the top of their lungs. They used all their strength, gritted their teeth, puffed their cheeks and nearly burst their eyeballs.

“Come on, move!”

A youth’s muscles flared up and an earth-worm like vein appeared on his head. But no matter how hard he tried, besides the sweat on his forehead, nothing happened.

Those with greater strength only managed to lift half the arrow shaft, but could not completely lift the Primal Arrow.

The weaker ones, those that depleted all their energy in the Wilderness Divine Hall, only felt that the Primal Arrow was melded to the box. No matter how much strength they used, the arrow remained motionless.

The surrounding people, including the Jin Long Wei members, were dumbfounded by this scene.