True Martial World Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Dragon Scale Runes
Chapter 172: Dragon Scale Runes

Yi Yun and company’s training lasted all the way till sunset.

Including Yi Yun, all of them were exhausted. They felt like a layer of skin had been peeled off.

But, all the way till the end, there were only ten people who could lift the Primal Arrow. Among those ten, besides Zhou Kui and Yi Yun, the rest were Xuanwu Army members who had rested for a long time. They could just about manage to lift the Primal Arrow in a better condition.

But no one left a mark deeper than one foot in the purple tungsten wall using the Primal Arrow.

“From today onwards, you can come to this school ground to train at any time. This purple tungsten wall is for you to use! Thirty days! I will give you thirty days time, if anyone can pierce three Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall by then, I will reward him with two hours of cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall!” Just before dismissing them, Baldy Qin suddenly said those words, stirring the hearts of the youths.

A reward of cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall?

Not only Yi Yun, everyone else was yearning to cultivate in the Wilderness Divine Hall. The primordial species sculptures in the Wilderness Divine Hall was extremely beneficial for them! If they could enter occasionally, their cultivation level would increase by leaps and bounds!

But… there was no doubt that it was not an easy task to stick three Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall in thirty days. And… the reward given by Baldy Qin was only two hours.

Either Baldy Qin was stingy, or the cultivation time within the Wilderness Divine Hall was too precious, making it difficult to enter!

“Instructor Qin, if one wants to spend dragon scale runes to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall, how much is it?” Someone could not help but ask.

Instructor Qin sneered, “Heh! All of you look like a group of defeated soldiers! If I said it crudely, letting the current you enter the Wilderness Divine Hall is a waste of resources! You are only using the Wilderness Divine Hall to endure the pressure to forge your body and condense your blood? That is such a waste of a treasure!”

“The most important thing in the Wilderness Divine Hall is the nomology left behind by the first city lord. When you can gain any insight of this nomology, no matter how tiny, then you will have entered the path of martial arts. A little achievement will be a great advantage, but… did any of you learn anything about the nomological truths?”

Instructor Qin fiercely swept across them with hawk-like eyes.

Many of the youths lowered their heads. The nomological truths were too far away.

After all, it was their first time entering the Wilderness Divine Hall. Their cultivation levels were low too. The pressure from the primordial species was almost unbearable. As for gaining any insight to the nomological truths, ignoring perceptivity alone, all their strength was used to bear the Wilderness Divine Hall’s pressure, where did they have the mental strength to gain insight into the truths?

Many of them felt humbled. They were proud geniuses in their own cities, but upon arriving in the Tai Ah Divine City, they could not succeed in anything. They were last in everything!

A youth mumbled, “The next time we enter, we will definitely gain some insight!”

The youth was short of breath, because he had no clout in front of Baldy Qin.

“Hehe!” Baldy Qin sneered. The youth who spoke before immediately felt a like a cricket who got frightened by a cold late autumn breeze. He did not dare to say a word.

“Next time? To enter the Wilderness Divine Hall, two hours is a thousand dragon scale runes. There is no idea when your next time will be! Earn a thousand dragon scale runes before talking!”

The youth who spoke out shrunk his neck. He did not dare to retort the bald man.

“A thousand dragon scale runes, we do not know how much that is… How difficult is it to earn a thousand dragon scale runes?” A youth asked.

Yi Yun thought and asked, “Instructor Qin, may I know what the quickest ways to earn dragon scale runes are.”

Many of the youths present wanted to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall again, but the one who wanted that the most was none other than Yi Yun.

Every entrance into the Wilderness Divine Hall made Yi Yun’s strength increase by leaps and bounds!

No one could gain more from the Wilderness Divine Hall than Yi Yun.

Currently, Yi Yun had already absorbed most of the primordial species energy. He felt that his cultivation level was approaching the middle-stages of Purple Blood!

Baldy Qin said, “To earn dragon scale runes, there are six common ways. First, kill desolate beasts, and exchange the desolate beasts’ corpses with the Tai Ah Divine City for dragon scale runes. If you are strong, then earning dragon scale runes would be very fast! But, the strength needed to hunt a desolate beast is extremely high. People such as you who go limp just from two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall will only become food for the desolate beasts if you go to hunt in the Divine wilderness!”

“The second method is also fast. It is by earning dragon scale runes from other cultivators. For example, trading with others or fighting with others in a gambling match. The Tai Ah Divine City’s fighting arenas not only allow you to bet dragon scale runes, even glory points can be bet! But I advise you not to go. With your current strength, you will be sheep for the slaughter. In front of a pack of wolves, you will lose all you have.”

“The third method is to get onto the three rolls of honors. Every month, when the ranking is compiled, a sizable amount of dragon scale runes will be awarded. Of course, that is if you can enter the roll. There is probably no chance for you in the next two years…”

“The fourth method is to complete certain achievements, such as breaking a record, or gaining insight into some nomology. It can give you a massive one-off amount of dragon scale runes, but… naturally that has nothing to do with you.”

“The fifth method is to receive rewards from your instructor. But do you think that with your qualifications, I will reward you with any dragon scale runes?”

“The last method, doing miscellaneous jobs, by mining, picking herbs or be a sparring partner for others to earn dragon scale runes. This method is of course slow, but the advantage is… as long as you are a human, you can do it.”

Baldy Qin’s words never left the concept of “you guys are weak”. The young heroes were dumbfounded upon hearing this.

In the end, among the most common six methods, the first five methods of earning dragon scale runes had nothing to do with them. They felt like Baldy Qin was just telling them about those methods simply for his own amusement.

The most viable route was the last one, which was the least technical one, doing miscellaneous jobs!

It was slow in earning dragon scale runes and it didn’t sound good. Before they could cultivate in the Tai Ah Divine City, they had to do miscellaneous jobs!

But for their training, they had to concede into doing miscellaneous jobs. This was, after all, the Tai Ah Divine City, which was a warrior’s city. There were no normal mortals, and there weren’t many weaker warriors.

Then who was left to do the miscellaneous jobs in the city? Of course, it had to be them. Because, they were probably the weakest bunch in the Tai Ah Divine City.

“Then… Instructor Qin, I would like to ask. If we did miscellaneous jobs, how many dragon scale runes would we make a day?” A youth could not help but ask.

“This, it depends on what you do. Typically, it’s about 20 or so a day…”

Hearing Instructor Qin’s words, the youths present felt like their hearts were in a stampede of 10,000 near-horned beasts with mud-stained hoofs.

20 or so a day?

Then wouldn’t they need to save a month or two before they could finally spend two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall?

This must be a joke!

They knew that there were many cultivation resources in the Tai Ah Divine City, and they were not limited to the Wilderness Divine Hall.

There were other uses for the dragon scale runes.

Dragon scale runes were needed to purchase 90% of the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivation resources. It was impossible of them to refrain from eating or drinking just to save all of their dragon scale runes so that they could enter the Wilderness Divine Hall.

No wonder Baldy Qin said, “There is no guarantee when your next time will be!”

If they were to carry on like this, they were destined to not have anything to do with the Wilderness Divine Hall.

And it was obvious that there were other precious cultivation resources in the Tai Ah Divine City that were like the Wilderness Divine Hall. To obtain those, they needed thousands or tens of thousands dragon scale runes!

“I see… That’s why rookies have two hours in the Wilderness Divine Hall cultivation time upon entering the Tai Ah Divine City. This is to tell the rookies that the Tai Ah Divine City is filled with good things. If you have the ability, come get it.”

“This is to inspire the morale of the rookies. They are not counting on rookies to gain any insight of the founding city lord’s nomological truths in that two hours.”

Yi Yun understood. The person who had set up the various rules in the Tai Ah Divine City had put a lot of thought into it.

Many of the young heroes were now a little discouraged.

“Heh! Do you think that the Tai Ah Divine City’s resources are prepared for you? There are so many cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City. There are limited top-level resources, how can it possibly be allocated? In the Tai Ah Divine City, there is a strong polarization. Less than 10% of the experts here account for 90% of the resources!”

“What do you think the reason for gathering all the talent in the Tai Ah Divine City is?”


Hearing Baldy Qin’s words, they were dumbfounded.

A youth said weakly, “Isn’t it to focus on nurturing us by gathering here in the Tai Ah Divine City?”

To them, the Tai Ah Divine City’s resources were prepared for cultivators like them.

“Focus on nurturing?” Baldy Qin laughed. “It’s indeed correct. It is to focus on nurturing. But this method is different from what you think. Have you heard of breeding venomous worms? Those who breed them will put all sorts of poisonous worms inside a jar. They will then feed all sorts of poisonous foods to the worms, letting them grow. Later, the jar will be sealed and no food will be provided. This to let the worms fight and devour each other! Only one will be left from a few hundred worms. And that will be the King worm! The most venomous worm!”

“Right now, you are the worms being captured. The Divine Kingdom wants to nurture you, but it only wants to nurture a small number of you. The rest are destined to be eliminated. They are destined to become the stepping stones for those chosen to be proud sons of Heaven!”