True Martial World Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Even picking herbs has a record?
Chapter 174: Even picking herbs has a record?

Yi Yun said, “Thank you for Instructor Qin’s advice. This junior understands what the instructor is saying.”

However perfect people may be, someone better will always appear. He barely insert a single Primal Arrow, but a genius youth from a reclusive family had inserted seven.

The gap was obvious.

Baldy Qin’s eyelids jumped, “Can you tell me your reason?”

He felt that for Yi Yun to stick to his beliefs meant that he had to have some reason, or else it would be too difficult to understand.

Yi Yun said, “There’s no special reason. In the past, when I was in the Cloud Wilderness, I picked herbs everyday to earn a living. Once I could walk, I began picking herbs. Thus, after all these years, I have accumulated some experience picking herbs. Also, I have some talent in picking herbs, so I think I will do well.”

Yi Yun casually gave an explanation, but when this fell onto the surrounding people’s ears, they were stunned and looked at Yi Yun oddly.

Cloud Wilderness? Picking herbs to earn a living?

The young heroes present had sometimes gone to pick herbs, but that was only when they were searching for treasures that could aid in their breakthroughs. Who needed to pick herbs for a living?

They did not believe that one of them was previously a medicine boy, and was even from the Cloud Wilderness?

They knew Yi Yun’s strength was greater than theirs!

This made it even more difficult for them to accept… A medicine boy from the poor, barren Cloud Wilderness was better than all of them who came from family clans?

It made them speechless. It was like a mule had infiltrated a group of horses and then it defeated all of the horses.

A mule was not necessarily worse than a horse. It excelled in endurance and strength, and it ate less. Although a horse was weaker, making it unable to do heavy work, it was better at running fast. It could be said that each had their own advantages, but… no one would wish they were the hard-working mule instead of the horse.

Now, the group of horses could choose a job that could train their abilities, yet Yi Yun chose to pick herbs.

It was like the horses had chosen to go on the battlefield, but the mule had chosen to go mill grinding.

And the reason was, he had done this in the Cloud Wilderness and it was his trade.

Besides, he even said he had talent in picking herbs.

This made them at a loss on whether to laugh or to cry. What talent was there in herb picking? Who couldn’t pick herbs?

“This kid! What the hell?” Zhou Kui gave a frowning look at Yi Yun. He had engaged with Yi Yun a few times, and except for not necessarily losing the last round, he had lost the other two times. He knew of Yi Yun’s strength, making him curious.

“Don’t mind him, Brother Kui. I guess this kid must have been hooked on being a bumpkin. People who come from the vast wilderness have a special way of thinking…”

“Old Xiong is right. Brother Kui, since we have come to the Tai Ah Divine City, we need to quickly accumulate dragon scale runes to increase our strength. This way we can go out to hunt or engage in other high-risk, high-reward jobs. How can picking herbs be a fast way of accumulating dragon scale runes? This kid Yi Yun may be stronger than us by a bit, but since he wants to take the road of ruin, no one can stop him. Maybe later, he will drown in an ocean of people, and he will become a stepping stone for us to trample upon.”

The people from the Xuanwu Army privately transmitted their voices. They were complete strangers to Yi Yun, so they would not say much. It should be said that for someone to make a foolish decision, they would actually gloat, as they were all competitors!

Baldy Qin shook his head. Finally, he gave up on persuading Yi Yun. He said, “Then take care of yourselves. Among the rookies every year, there will be a few exceptional ones. In two years time, both Qiuniu, Chu Xiaoran will become the Yang Qian and Yao Dao you saw previously!”

“The two of them have the chance to enter the top 1000 spots in the Heaven or Earth roll of honor within a year, but you? How long would it take to enter the top 1000? Furthermore, will you even be be able to enter the top 1000 before you leave the Tai Ah Divine City?” Saying those words, Baldy Qin left.

Baldy Qin had said that whoever managed to enter the top 1000 places in the Tai Ah Divine City, they would receive the attention of all the various large factions within the Divine Kingdom.

To enter the top 1000 in one year, meant that it was easy to enter the top 200 in two years. At three years, it would be the top 50-60. When leaving the Tai Ah Divine City after six years, they were likely to enter the top 5 or top 3, even being the first!

Being first in the Tai Ah Divine City’s roll of honor sounded too far. The person taking that spot was someone who Yao Dao and Yang Qian were a far cry from.

And Yao Dao and Yang Qian were someone that they were too far behind to catch up with.

The gap was obvious.

Yi Yun ignored the opinions of others. After he had his dinner, he went straight back to his residence. He began meditating, allowing his body to slowly fuse with the primordial species essence.

After a night…

When the sky lit up, the Tai Ah Divine City was still filled with fog. After Yi Yun finished washing up, he prepared to report for his job.

Song Zijun also came out. The both of them lived close to one another.

Today, Song Zijun had changed into an ordinary bunt shirt and looked less like a wealthy young master, and had a little more rustic flavor.

“Yi Yun, you picking herbs is such a waste. Your movement skills at your age, are the best I’ve seen in my whole life!” Song Zijun was still completely puzzled over Yi Yun’s decision.

The most important part about being a sparring partner was not to be resilient against attacks. Even if you were resilient against attacks, after being hit multiple times, you would still get beaten down. The most powerful sparring partner was the type that could dodge attacks and protect himself.

Yi Yun had entered the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, meaning he would have great benefits as a sparring partner. Song Zijun was actually very envious, but now Yi Yun was going to pick herbs, which was a waste of a treasure.

“Are you really not thinking of following me?” Song Zijun still felt some regret over Yi Yun’s decision.

“No.” Yi Yun smiled and waved at Song Zijun.

Song Zijun shook his head, “Forget it, you have your own decisions. My thoughts might not suit you…”

Ever since Yi Yun managed to reach the threshold of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, Song Zijun had greatly admired Yi Yun. Although Yi Yun’s decision was odd, Song Zijun believed that Yi Yun had his reasons…

Fifteen minutes later, Yi Yun reached his job’s location. The different types of miscellaneous jobs had their own respective locations.

Since sparring was very popular, it resulted in a surplus of applicants, producing a long line.

But the job of picking herbs was much quieter.

Yi Yun reached his destination, he found a few girls who were arranging the herbs leisurely.

When these girls saw Yi Yun, they were a bit surprised. When they saw that Yi Yun was in rookie attire, it was apparent he was a rookie that just entered the Tai Ah Divine City. To be a boy and pick herbs as a rookie was unbelievable.

Boys who occasionally came to pick herbs usually suffered some injuries, resulting in them being unfit for sparring or forging; hence, they came to pick herbs.

Yi Yun ignored the girls and reported his name, receiving a drug basket, a jade box to hold the herbs, and a map of the herb mountain.

The person-in-charge was a thirty-odd year old woman with last name Wang. She was indifferent with Yi Yun’s arrival, and she just kept looking into her mirror. She kept fiddling with a lock of her hair, but she was never satisfied with whatever position it was in.

Even as the herb-picking person-in-charge, she herself felt that herb-picking was a dead-end business. Seeing Yi Yun coming to dawdle at his young age made her have no good feelings for Yi Yun.

“That… This Sister… May I ask how many dragon scale runes are exchanged for the herbs picked by this junior?”

The Wang girl glanced at Yi Yun and placed her mirror down. This was probably because Yi Yun used the words “Sister” making her feel good; hence, she grew some patience for this lazy child who came to pick herbs. She threw a manual at Yi Yun and said, “This is the exchange table of the herbs and dragon scales. Look at it yourself.”

Yi Yun caught the manual and flipped to the first page. Seeing the words on the first page, Yi Yun was shocked.

The first page wrote–

“Qingli Year 82, Zhong Yi picked 630 pounds of herbs using 60 days, obtaining 19,260 dragon scale runes. He had broken the records of the ancestors. This record is to encourage future generations!”

Record? This can’t be…

“Even a miscellaneous job like picking herbs has a record?”

Zhong Yi, in 60 days, broke a record picking herbs!