True Martial World Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Herb Picking Profession
Chapter 176: Herb Picking Profession

Zhao Qingcheng could tell that Yi Yun had some interest in the Luohuo Association and turned slightly delighted, “Hehe, little brother, it will be difficult to last in the Tai Ah Divine City without being in an association. How about it, are you interested in joining our Luohuo Association? Our Luohuo Association has very strict entry requirements! But I will introduce you, and you can immediately become an associate member!”

The olive branch Zhao Qingcheng threw to Yi Yun was rejected by him with a shake of his head, “No thanks, I’ll go at it alone.”

Associate member? What a joke! I wouldn’t even join as a full member!

Although Yi Yun had these thoughts on his mind, a harmless smile was still plastered on his face.

Actually Yi Yun knew that his current situation as a rookie kid with a medicine basket on his back made him look like a poor, low-class peasant. Who would want to accept him!

“Alright, if anyone bullies you, Sis here will protect you, hehe!”

Zhao Qingcheng fluttered her eyes at Yi Yun before she went off with her other sisters like lark birds.

Yi Yun was left holding the little booklet in a daze. The primordial herbs seemed difficult to pick. It was better for him to look for Heaven-ranked herbs, which was more reliable. Even Earth-ranked herbs would do.

But he could not be too exaggerated in his picking. He had to toe the line.

As he was thinking about this, a lioness suddenly roared behind him.

“Are you done? If you are done, stop dazing here blocking the path! Go elsewhere if you fancy to daze!”

Yi Yun jumped and turned his head and saw the Wang woman with a mirror in one hand, and the other hand tapping the table impatiently.

“This woman… reached her menopause?” Yi Yun maliciously thought, but he felt that it was not worth it to make a fuss with the bad-tempered woman. Well… the real reason is that he had no ability to make a fuss. His arms were thin, he had just arrived at the Tai Ah Divine City and could not yet do a thing. He was just a shrimp with no presence wherever he went.

But Yi Yun did not mind. He was extremely happy. Who said that there was no future in picking herbs? He just got a goal he could work hard towards.

As such, Yi Yun carried the the herb sickle and the herb basket that was about half his size out of the office.

In this pathetic, uncouth outfit, he walked on the streets of the Tai Ah Divine City, receiving all sorts of contempt, as well as odd and confused stares. Finally, Yi Yun reached the teleportation portal to the herbal mountain.

When he began to pick herbs, Yi Yun realized that trying to date girls while picking herbs was an unrealistic situation.

The Tai Ah Divine City herbal mountain had been divided into many sectors, and each sector was immense. And many of the sectors were segregated by arrays, preventing passage into another sector.

A herbal mountain was a wonderland nearly a thousand miles in radius. Around the wonderland, there were multiple arrays surrounding it.

In this mountain a rich spiritual aura and the protection of arrays prevented any typical desolate beasts from entering.

The herb mountain bred all sorts of treasures. These treasures were widely distributed on steep cliffs, deep abysses, or in the middle of a huge divine mountain.

Herb-gatherers were randomly sent to a herb mountain and Yi Yun was the only person in this particular herb mountain. After the herbs were collected, a herb-gatherer would have to use the teleportation portal in order to return to the Tai Ah Divine City.

Upon reaching the Tai Ah Divine City, they had to turn over the herbs and calculate the dragon scale runes rewards.

Hence, the herbs picked in the herb mountain could not be traded or secretly kept.

There was even a body-search of the warriors before they went picking herbs. This was to prevent unscrupulous people from bringing their own herbs to exchange for dragon scale runes.

Under all these rules, herb-picking was a lonely and boring job. It was hardly surprising that few people were willing to do it.

But, this suited Yi Yun.

When his body entered the teleportation array, sparkles flew around his body and a violent wind blew, making Yi Yun feel some change. When he opened his eyes again, he was already at the base of a huge unfamiliar mountain.

What Yi Yun saw made him speechless.

While in the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun had seen many magnificent mountains. But those mountains could not compete with the peak in front of him.

The mountain in front of him pierced the clouds and stretched far, with no end in sight.

The peak was probably obscured several dozen miles away by a thick hazy mist.

Under the mountain peak, lush plants grew. Ignoring the large trees, just the shrubs alone were as tall as a person. Their roots were dense and sharp, like swords and spears.

There was jagged gravel that rolled down to the foot of the mountain. They were like falling meteorites that were about the size of a house. Their hardness was greater than steel.

The huge, luxuriant mountain was so immense that it made one feel little.

“Such a big mountain, it’s really a wonderland!” Yi Yun sighed. This so-called ‘herb field’ of the Tai Ah Divine City was spectacular. The small part of the herbal mountain a person was transported to was already so vast!

Such a large divine mountain had limitless treasures and only needed the sufficient number of opportunities to obtain them.

“Such a massive herbal mountain, and not the only one…The Tai Ah Divine City sure is bottomless…I wonder how many herbs I can pick here?”

Yi Yun felt more and more assured that choosing herb-picking as his job was perfect.

After cutting through grass taller than him, Yi Yun walked towards the deeper parts of the herbal mountain. The air here was misty and chaotic. There was a milk-like smell of herbs in the air.

When these aromas entered the body, it felt like every pore was being cleansed in top-quality nectar, making it extremely pleasurable.

By just sitting here meditating, needless to say picking herbs would be be extremely beneficial.

“Let’s begin!”

Yi Yun warmed up his body and with a rub of his wrist, he felt he was at his optimal state! With this endless herb mountain that contained numerous treasures, Yi Yun was filled with lofty sentiments!

By interfacing with the Purple Crystal through his spiritual energy, Yi Yun’s vision slowly turned white. In Yi Yun’s vision, there was an area with slightly denser light, while another area was lacking. This meant that the different areas had different concentrations of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Yi Yun naturally headed to the place with more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

With a thought of his mind, the Flowing Mercury Gown he wore had a bizarre change.

The weight began to surge up, pressing down every inch of Yi Yun’s skin.

Soon, a sound came out from Yi Yun’s feet. He had shattered the hard rocks under his feet!

Ka Ka Ka!

Crack lines appeared in all directions on the rocks with Yi Yun as the center.

It was as if Yi Yun was carrying a mountain on his body. He had adjusted the weight on the Flowing Mercury Gown to 200 cauldrons.

His back was slightly bent, making him look like a strong and vigorous cheetah, poised to strike any moment!

Yi Yun could endure 350 cauldrons while frog-jumping. But climbing up the herbal mountain was more difficult than frog-jumping. If he took on 350 cauldrons, his strength would be quickly drained.

Yi Yun not only wanted pick herbs, he wanted to take this opportunity to also train his body’s strength, allowing himself to continuously grow to his limit.

Time was of the essence; due to the fierce competition in the Tai Ah Divine City, Yi Yun had to seize every second to train. Even picking herbs was a rare opportunity to train.

Yi Yun became outstanding in the Cloud Wilderness in a short amount of time. He had gone from an ordinary youth step by step into his current state. The word miracle was not enough to describe this. The real reason was due to the Purple Crystal Yi Yun had. But using that as a foundation, Yi Yun had worked hard, and with good, decisive use of time, he was able to take every opportunity to cultivate.

It was challenging to climb such a tall mountain while wearing a 200 cauldron Flowing Mercury Gown. After all, the herb mountain did not have any special tiles within it. 200 cauldrons of weight was enough to crush these rocks to pieces!

After taking a long breath, Yi Yun sank Qi into his Dantian, and all the bones in his body began to snap. The energy at the peak of the early stages of Purple Blood began to ignite.

With a flowing blood’s support, Yi Yun was like a vigorous cheetah running through the mountain!

The Tai Ah Divine City’s herbal mountain, with its limitless treasures, was awaiting Yi Yun’s discovery.

Yi Yun was full of anticipation and yearning. The road of martial arts that belonged to Yi Yun had flipped open to an exciting new chapter.