True Martial World Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Entering the Wilderness Divine Hall again
Chapter 181: Entering the Wilderness Divine Hall again

Yi Yun started a daily routine in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Every morning he would go to the herb mountain. As he trained his movement skills, he picked herbs.Then, at night, he would meditate. This slowly became Yi Yun’s life.

As Yi Yun’s job was separate from Zhou Kui’s and Song Zijun’s job, he slowly had less and less contact with them, this was compounded by the fact he left early and returned home late, and never leaving his house.

Slowly, many Xuanwu Army members moved into the Tai Ah Divine City’s inner rings, and they began to live in medium-class rooms.

Middle-class rooms were more spacious and they were in better locations. But if one were to compare the density of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Divine City, other than the central divine tower, there was not much difference. Some might be stronger, but not by much.

Of course, the middle-class rooms had a spirit gathering array which was more useful.

Besides that, the greatest advantage from staying in a middle-class room was face. Among the many young heroes, they had certain backgrounds; hence, face was very important.

Yi Yun did not move. He stayed at the corner of the city, he was happy being alone.

As for the spirit gathering array, his room also had one. This room had been snatched from Zhou Kui, and it was the best room in the area.

Today was Yi Yun’s fifth day picking herbs.

Even Song Zijun was planning on moving out. He came over to say goodbye.

“Yi Yun, are you not moving to the middle-class district?”

Yi Yun shook his head, “There’s not a big difference. Besides, my room is also a middle-class room. There’s no need to.”

Song Zijun said, “It may be so, but the cultivators at the middle-class districts are stronger. Having contact with them has several advantages. For example, trading, discussions, etc. They will help in increasing your strength.”

That was the main reason behind Song Zijun moving into the middle-class district.

Yi Yun still shook his head.

“Alright then…” Song Zijun did not say more. “Yi Yun, you should come be a sparring partner soon. With your movement techniques, it is such a pity for you to not be a sparring partner…”

Due to the separate locations of their jobs, Song Zijun did not know of Yi Yun’s herb-picking situation.

Yi Yun smiled and did not say further. “I’ll only be picking herbs for a few months. I won’t be carrying on after that.”

“Okay… Alright then.” Song Zijun said no more.

After Song Zijun left, Yi Yun headed to the Wilderness Divine Hall.

If there was a day Yi Yun wanted to change his residence, it would not be to the middle or upper-class rooms, but he would move his residence into the central divine tower!

Middle-class district?

Yi Yun felt no need to live there.

In the past five days, Yi Yun had been receiving a steady amount of above 200 dragon scale runes a day from his herb-picking.

The Wang woman originally thought that Yi Yun had been lucky to pick so many herbs on his first day and she was waiting to see Yi Yun’s dragon scale runes earnings slowly decline.

However, Yi Yun’s herb count did not decrease, it was increasing everyday.

As a result, Wang had nothing else she could say. Her chattering foul mouth finally shut itself.

This Yi Yun was a freak!

Although at this speed, it was unlikely he could break Zhong Yi’s record, Yi Yun was the best herb-picking cultivator in the Tai Ah Divine City for the past several hundred years!

People who had ability were respected. Hence, no matter how mean Wang was, she no longer treated Yi Yun terribly.

And today, Yi Yun had amassed a thousand dragon scale runes. He wanted to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall.

By then, it was already dark.

Yi Yun stood in front of the Wilderness Divine Hall and raised his head. Seeing the towering Wilderness Divine Hall, he was filled with emotion.

“Which room do you want?” Today, it was an old man in charge of manning the Wilderness Divine Hall. This old man’s hair stood up like a sword. His pair of black eyes shined. In between his eyebrows, there was a red jewel, which was very special.

This jewel made Yi Yun take a second look. With that gem there, it gave the old man an indescribable flavor.

“Chimera! Two hours!” Yi Yun chose the chimera from before. His purpose was not only to absorb energy, but to also gain insight on the chimera’s nomological truths!

After handing over his token, a thousand golden runes flew out into the Wilderness Divine Hall’s array. Yi Yun had finally gained the qualification to enter the chimera hall once again.

With a flash of light, Yi Yun was sucked in.

Immediately, Yi Yun felt that he was under intense pressure.

Yi Yun had made his preparations, he immediately interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and circulated his body’s Yuan Qi, undertaking the baptism of primordial species’ oppression.

In a short while, Yi Yun could feel the extremely pure energy boil and rise up within his body.

Yi Yun’s vision turned white again. As he focused his spiritual energy, numerous points of light from the chimera’s head gathered, eventually forming a blob of light, the size of a pigeon egg.

After going through the Great Yan gold, the light blob floated slowly towards Yi Yun. There were extremely small chimera shadows that tumbled around within the light blob.

Yi Yun opened up his mouth and swallowed the energy blob.

Yi Yun was already very familiar with this and he found it much easier than the first time.

Yi Yun began to slowly gain insight of the nomological truths from the chimera’s energy and he also allowed his body to take in all of the energy.

Yi Yun swallowed blob after blob of the primordial species energy as he sealed it within his Dantian.

Time soon passed and the two hour limit was up.


A bell rang!

In this two hours, Yi Yun was only focused on swallowing the energy. He did not digest it so his body was feeling warm. He did not return to his residence after he exited the chimera hall. Instead, he paid 80 dragon scale runes to rent a high-class room in the Wilderness Divine Hall for a night.

Yi Yun began to meditate on the stone bed within this cultivation room.

The energy that he had taken out from the Great Yan gold was not a lot, but due to its pureness and its primordial origins, it could not be compared to the energy from typical desolate bones.

Yi Yun used his spiritual energy to make the energy flow out from his Dantian into all his limbs.

This energy had the ancient primal beasts’ bloodline essence within it. This essence slowly merged into Yi Yun’s blood.

This feeling felt like he had drank an entire pot of vintage wine. In time, Yi Yun’s body was burning hot and gave off steam!

The Qi within the primordial species’ energy was like a raging flood, it surged through Yi Yun’s meridians and blood vessels, all the way to Yi Yun’s head!

Under the chaotic energy flow, it was extremely painful.

This feeling was like his body was metal, and the primordial species’ energy essence was like a hammer. Every surge was like a hammer, striking him, constantly forging Yi Yun’s body.

Although it caused Yi Yun’s joints to hurt, this pain was an enjoyable experience for Yi Yun.

It was both pain and pleasure!

Yi Yun was engrossed in this feeling, and after seven hours, his body was drenched with sweat. It was like he had been steamed in hot water vapor for a long time.

Slowly, the strikes weakened.

What replaced that was a drunken state. In this state, Yi Yun forgot about everything and without any conviction or worries, he was like a primordial beast, flying in the sky, overlooking the vast wilderness…

The control of the nomological truths by the primordial beast subtly branded within Yi Yun’s mind.

These nomological truths were still unclear, but they left a seed in Yi Yun’s mind, which was waiting to sprout in the future.

Late at night, after meditating for eight hours, Yi Yun woke up from his wondrous state.

He circulated his body’s Yuan Qi and he was surprised to find his cultivation level was a tiny distance away from the middle stages of Purple Blood.

It had been two months since Yi Yun had broken through to the Purple Blood realm. These two months, he had been wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown and constantly cultivated. Together with the two absorptions of the primordial species’ energy, Yi Yun’s current cultivation level had finally reached its current state.

Although he was just a tiny distance away from breaking through, he had fully absorbed all the primordial species’ energy!

To press on to the finish without letting up, with just half a step away from the middle stage of Purple Blood, how could Yi Yun give up?

He immediately took out two bean-sized crystals from his luggage.

Back at the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei camp, Yan Menglong had promised to give two upper-grade weapons and two desolate bone relics to the person who placed first in the Frost Metal Blood Balls!

Yi Yun had not used the two desolate bone relics until now, he was using the material where it was needed the most!

With a flick of his fingers, he swallowed the two desolate bone relics without thought!


The energy within the desolate bone relics exploded like gunpowder within Yi Yun’s body

Yi Yun’s blood began to boil once again.

The mystical feeling came back once again. Under the surge of energy, Yi Yun could feel like he was touching the middle stages of Purple Blood.

The two desolate bone relics gave sufficient Yuan Qi to Yi Yun, which filled his body with energy.

“Break for me!” Yi Yun roared together with his bones!


At that instant, it was as if something exploded. Yi Yun felt his meridians clear and his blood become turbulent, which made him delighted.

He could not help but let out a long roar!

After that, the meditating Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes. It was extremely late, but Yi Yun’s eyes were like lightning at night, it electrified the void.

Yi Yun leaped from his stone bed like an agile hunting leopard.

Middle stage of Purple Blood! He had finally reached the middle stage of Purple Blood.

Yi Yun jumped to the center of the cultivation room and when he started moving his body, he formed a whole series of shadows. These series of shadows made Yi Yun’s body look completely blurred and it looked like it was not real!

Yi Yun’s speed grew faster, and slowly, it was like he integrated into the surrounding space. He was one with his surroundings!

Large success stage of Minute Subtlety!

Yi Yun again demonstrated his movement technique to the extreme. It was really the large success stage of Minute Subtlety!