True Martial World Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Door Manning Elder
Chapter 182: Door Manning Elder

Yi Yun had such horrifying speed even though he was still wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown!

Although the Flowing Mercury Gown was reduced to its lowest weight, it was still 10 cauldrons. To not be affected under this weight and restrictive strength was terrifying. But Yi Yun’s understanding of Minute Subtlety allowed him to completely ignore it.

Yi Yun suddenly stalled and punched out with both fists, sending out a force wind! His body even sounded out!


With the sound of metal, the Thousand Army Saber was unsheathed!

The saber flashed, reflecting the moonlight!

The saber’s shadows conjured up a wind, preventing water from splashing in!

Such brilliant saber flashes formed a whirlwind within the cultivation room. Yet it did not damage any of the furnishings within the room. This was due to Yi Yun’s absolute control of his energy!


With the Thousand Army Saber sheathed, Yi Yun’s body went from motion to stillness suddenly. The changes were done so quickly that it seemed to violate the laws of physics.

Yi Yun stood quietly within the dark room. The room was still the same. The moonlight that entered the cultivation room’s array reflected off the ground, making it a layer of white. And on that reflection stood a quiet Yi Yun. It was as if he had not even moved once…

This ability to freely receive and dispatch made Yi Yun ecstatic.

“Feels great! It’s really delightful!”

Yi Yun had not felt so happy in a long time. Yi Yun became more envious of the primordial species’ energy. He wanted to earn more dragon scale runes to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall once again!

Currently, he could only rely on picking herbs.

This job was really his life’s blessing. It gave him the most basic ability to accumulate. If not, at his current strength, it would be difficult to quickly amass dragon scale runes in the Tai Ah Divine City. All the people that had been cultivating for more than four years were much stronger than he was.

Yi Yun sheathed the Thousand Army Saber and walked out of the cultivation room.

Not far from the cultivation room stood the old man in charge of manning the Wilderness Divine Hall. The red gem between his eyebrows shined in the moonlight.

The elder looked oddly at Yi Yun, “Oh? You have broken through?”

This old man had clearly opened up his Heaven eyes, and could tell Yi Yun’s cultivation level. He was surprised, as Yi Yun had entered with a cultivation level of early stage Purple Blood but exited as a middle stage Purple Blood.

“Not bad.”

The old man stroked his beard. From an angle, the red gem between his eyebrows was like another eye, accentuating a strange feeling.

Previously, after having his fill within the chimera hall, he had rushed into the cultivation room. As a result, he did not notice the old man.

But now, upon closer inspection, Yi Yun found that the old man was like a deep pool of water, and was unfathomable.

But suddenly, the unfathomable feeling disappeared, and the elder returned to normal. There was no shred of Yuan Qi fluctuation, as if the old man in front of Yi Yun was just an ordinary mortal.

This sudden change stunned Yi Yun for a moment.

He could not help but sigh. There were all sorts of hidden dragons in the Tai Ah Divine City!

Of course, Yi Yun could not tell the cultivation level of the old man. But his intuition told him that the old man was fearsome.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, many people had unattractive positions, but were all top experts.

The old man in front of him, Instructor Qin, and even the herb office’s mean Wang woman were all absolute experts among humans!

“A lucky breakthrough? You seem like a rookie. To be able to earn a thousand dragon scale runes and come to the Wilderness Divine Hall again is not bad at all.”

The old man rubbed his chin. Some rookies were strong and could go through gamble fights, trading, or obtain rewards from their instructors to quickly earn dragon scale runes.

Before Yi Yun could reply, the old man suddenly smiled and moved without warning!

He stretched out a finger and pointed towards the center of Yi Yun’s eyebrow .

The old man’s speed was not fast, but this finger seemed to contain an indescribable charm, making Yi Yun apprehensive!

Without any thought, he jumped backwards and unsheathed the Thousand Army Saber!

A human length sharp blade slashed towards the old man!

Yi Yun did not go easy, nor was he worried that the Thousand Army Saber would harm the old man. Those were jokes, for if he could harm the old guy with an unknown cultivation level, he could become an instructor in the Tai Ah Divine City.

“Ah yah!” The old man yelped. “You little rascal, you sure didn’t go easy! Don’t you know the need to respect your elders?”

He was just testing Yi Yun, but he never expected for Yi Yun’s reaction to be quick and decisive!

When people were suddenly tested, they would often be shocked and might even give a look of “elder, what are you doing”.

But for Yi Yun, within a pause lasting less than a blink of an eye, he had unsheathed his saber!

With the sharp saber drawn, he had sliced it towards the old man’s head without a word. This reaction was surprising to the old man, but at the same time, he was impressed.

Although the old man had yelped, his hand motions were precise. He simply flicked the spine of Yi Yun’s saber.

With a metallic “clang”, a tremor reached Yi Yun’s wrist. Yi Yun felt his wrist go numb, and his sword fell away.

The spine was the weakest part of a saber.

The old man had easily found the weakness in Yi Yun’s moves. And in the next moment, the old man’s finger had gently touched Yi Yun’s forehead, like a dragonfly landing on the surface of water.

Yi Yun only felt his forehead go numb. Like an electric current, he nearly dropped the Thousand Army Saber!

Yi Yun retreated several steps backwards before stabilizing himself.

“Hehe, Kid, if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead.”

The old man retracted his finger.

Yi Yun rolled his eyes. He was extremely speechless handling this old man who bullied the weak.

What “if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead”. Wasn’t that nonsense? With his strength, it was easy to kill me. How could I block your blow?

The old man could read Yi Yun’s mind and shook his head, “I know you are disgruntled, but that flick of a finger on your blade was at a speed 30% slower than yours, and only with a hundred cauldrons of strength. There were no nomological truths or Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, just a simple flick of a finger!”

“The reason why I could flick away your saber was because you had too many defects in your saber skills. It’s filled with holes!” The old man said without letting up.

Hearing the old man’s words, Yi Yun stayed silent. On careful thought, his saber skills were nothing. The only few saber skills he had were from ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ and ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

These were unorthodox saber techniques. Besides, his ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ was a mess.

If he was against a person inferior to him, just from his speed and strength, he could easily crush the other party, just as he defeated Zhou Kui in one swift attack. It was all because of his speed. There was no way of beating a fast move, and speed had nothing to do with saber techniques.

But like today, if he fought someone much stronger than him, it was immediately clear that Yi Yun’s haphazard saber techniques were full of flaws.

Yi Yun felt some pressure. He had a lot of imperfections!

The only thing Yi Yun was good at was his movement skills.

As for others, his strength was not outstanding. His saber techniques were full of flaws, and he only knew the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ as a cultivation technique. He had only just begun to understand the nomological truths.

Against Tao Yunxiao and Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun could easily suppress them. But compared to the young heroes nurtured by the royal family or reclusive family clans, Yi Yun was still a distance away.

Even his Tempered Body and Dragon Pulse was something many in the Divine wilderness camp had!

Let alone the royal family or reclusive family clans.

The gap between them was large, and there was a lot to brush up on!

Yi Yun’s time was precious, and so were his dragon scale runes!

The old man said, “For a warrior, one’s own cultivation level is the most important, but the use of weapons must not be too careless. I recommend you to go to a place, the Sword Scar Palace!”

“Oh? Sword Scar Palace?”

Upon hearing the name, Yi Yun felt that it was a place related to swords.

“Elder, this junior currently uses a saber. Must I switch to using a sword? Or can I change the sword skills into a saber skill?”

Yi Yun did not reject using a sword, since he had just begun using a saber, so it was nothing much.

To use a sword, he still had to buy a handy weapon. A good sword was not cheap!

“Hehe, Sword Scar Palace isn’t just about swords. You will know once you get there! If it’s your first time going to the Sword Scar Palace, there is a 50% discount. Two hours is only 50 dragon scale runes. You can consider buying 40 hours at a go…”

The old man smiled at Yi Yun. Yi Yun gaped and was speechless. That was another 1000 dragon scale runes!

The Tai Ah Divine City’s resources were too expensive!

Like Zhao Qingcheng, who was not exceptional, had to scrimp daily in the Tai Ah Divine City.

But the top resources easily cost tens of thousands. It was a huge gap!

No wonder Qin Hongxi said that 10% of the experts in the Tai Ah Divine City accounted for 90% of the resources!

“I want to go to the Sword Scar Palace. For the other places, I want to go there too. I need a lot of resources. I can’t earn enough dragon scale runes! I need to raise my strength and once I’m stronger, I will go to the arena to earn more dragon scale runes, which will make it faster!”

The initial amassing of resources was the most difficult. Yi Yun was now at the middle stage of Purple Blood. Once he reached the late stages of Purple Blood or the peak of Purple Blood, he had the confidence to be in the arena!

These five days, Yi Yun had asked around. Among the Tai Ah Divine City’s Heaven, Earth, Man rolls of honor, the Earth ranking was the ranking for the arena!

The first person on the Earth ranking, which was number one on the arena, was Qin Haotian!

The previously seen Yang Qian and Yao Dao were ranked in the tens. For a cultivator who had come to the Tai Ah Divine City, accomplishing that in three years was a pretty outstanding achievement!