True Martial World Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Falling off the cliff
Chapter 185: Falling off the cliff

The illusion carried on. As Yi Yun pretended to still be within it, he was thinking of a way to catch this primordial herb.

According to the ‘Divine wilderness’ book’s records, many primordial herbs have the ability to tunnel into the earth or water. Just like some novels that had records of human ginseng fruits, which had the ability to “dissolve upon contact with water, entering upon contact with soil…”

This sort of primordial herb would dissolve upon contact with water, and it would tunnel into the ground upon contact with soil. As such, they would be like the fish swimming in the ocean, impossible to find!

Catching a primordial herb needed to be done in one swift strike!

If it were to escape deep into the herb mountain, even a human sage would be helpless.

And Yi Yun was completely inadequate in terms of speed and experience in picking primordial herbs. Rushing to pick it would only result in failure.

The primordial herb still did not know that Yi Yun could see it. If Yi Yun were to draw out the Thousand Army Saber and rush at it, then the disguise from before would crumble. This would put the primordial herb on high alert.

Did he have to report this matter to the Divine City, letting a sage handle it?

If the tip-off led to success, then he would be rewarded. But the point was, if the human sage were to come with him, would the primordial herb discover it early on and slip off?

At that time, he might even be charged with the crime of crying wolf.

And even if the human sage had some exceptional method to capture the primordial herb, how was he going to explain his discovery of the primordial herb’s location?

Many things could easily arouse suspicion.

After some thought, Yi Yun decided to do it himself, betting all on a single attempt!

But… Not today!

Currently, he was grossly inadequate in preparations.

By rashly making a move, it could startle the enemy.

Although there might be no way of finding the primordial herb if it were to escape, Yi Yun had the confidence to locate the primordial herb’s location because the Blood Yang Flower did not have the ability to dissolve or tunnel through the earth.

Finding the Blood Yang Flower meant finding the primordial herb.

Yi Yun believed that the primordial herb was lurking around the Blood Yang Flower, protecting its ‘property’.

“The primordial herb’s hiding technique sure is good. Previously, when I used my spiritual energy to interface with the Purple Crystal, I could only detect the Blood Yang Flower, and missed that primordial herb. Its distance could not have been far off, but yet I didn’t see it. It was only when it used its magic could I find it!”

Yi Yun also felt lucky. For him to find a primordial herb was purely coincidental.

At the same time, Yi Yun felt that he needed to cultivate more, so he could increase his spiritual energy. Without sufficient spiritual energy, whether it was a primordial herb, immortal herb or primal herb, he would not be able to find it.

As Yi Yun was thinking, he suddenly found that in the illusion, there were more and more corpses surging towards him like a tidal wave, forcing him into a corner.

It looked like Yi Yun was in a forsaken cemetery, surrounded by plains. But Yi Yun knew that behind him was a cliff.

One more foot back and he would fall off the cliff.

Although 30 meters was not much, a person within an illusion would be unaware of this.

If Yi Yun hit his head first on the rocks, due to the heavy Flowing Mercury Gown he wore, his head and neck would take the brute force of the weight. He would be seriously injured and might even die from a broken neck!

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun’s urge to catch the primordial herb grew stronger.

Although primordial herbs did not have the ability to kill, by using their magic to charm a cultivator, they could still cause a cultivator’s death.

Yi Yun had no room for retreat. He lowered the weight of the Flowing Mercury Gown to its lowest, and pretending to slip, he let out a cry and fell down the cliff!

Whilst midair, it seemed like Yi Yun was alarmed and bewildered, but secretly, he was maintaining his balance.


Yi Yun fell to the ground on his back, sending rocks flying!

Even with the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight at its lowest, the impact from falling thirty meters was still tremendous.

Yi Yun sprawled out on the ground. His body had formed a huge human-sized crater. In fact, before Yi Yun landed, he had gathered his body’s Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to cushion his fall. However, it still caused his body to ache.

Although he was uninjured, Yi Yun pretended to pass out. At the same time, using the Purple Crystal’s vision, he quietly observed the primordial herb at the top of the cliff.

Yi Yun could feel a faint sneer coming from the herb.

“Primordial herb, this rascal…”

Yi Yun made sure that he would make the primordial herb pay for this.

Soon, the primordial herb lost interest in Yi Yun and left in a carefree manner.

In fact, to the primordial herb, Yi Yun was like an ant to it. He was not worth paying attention to.

Ever since this primordial herb formed a spirit, it had been growing in the Tai Ah Divine City herb mountain for thousands of years.

In the thousands of years, the primordial herb had seen countless numbers of cultivators from the Tai Ah Divine City.

All these cultivators were treated as unimportant animals like ants by the primordial herb.

They were young and extremely weak. Furthermore, they were extremely dumb. They said they were picking herbs, but they were like headless flies, randomly flying around.

There were many herbs under their noses, yet they could not see them.

Although it wanted to tease these cultivators, this primordial herb knew that there were human sages in the Tai Ah Divine City.

If it constantly teased the cultivators, accidentally killing a few, it would alert the Tai Ah Divine City’s sages.

If that happened, its days were over.

If it was targeted by a human sage, it had to be vigilant and live underground, reducing its foray outside.

It had to be known that many human sages had the ability to hide their presence. No matter how careful the primordial herb was, or how keen its senses were, it could miss a human sage that was creeping up on it. When that happened, it was done for.

Yi Yun laid at the bottom of the cliff for an hour before getting up.

Yi Yun remembered the position of the cliff. In the Purple Crystal’s vision, that Blood Yang Flower had not yet left. As it was startled, it hid underground and it was likely that it would not appear to absorb the pure Yang Qi for the next few days.

As long as the Blood Yang Flower was around, Yi Yun was relieved.

Yi Yun did not go up that cliff anymore. In fact, he walked in the opposite direction and picked a few herbs before leaving the herb mountain early.

When he handed over the herbs, Zhao Qingcheng and company were also there.

Seeing Yi Yun, Zhao Qingcheng shyly smiled. Her face was red, apparently due to her borrowing of money from Yi Yun the other day. Zhao Qingcheng was still embarrassed over it.

“Hi Sis Qingcheng,” greeted Yi Yun.

Today, Yi Yun’s harvest was only a hundred dragon scale runes.

After weighing it, Wang glanced at Yi Yun with a slight surprise. But it was nothing much. An expert would still suffer from bad luck occasionally. Having a smaller harvest one day was normal. But at this rate, Yi Yun would have no chance of breaking Zhong Yi’s record.

“About this, Sister Wang, I want to ask if there’s a book that introduces primordial herbs?” When he finished handing over the herbs, Yi Yun weakly asked. The ‘Divine wilderness’ book was mainly for Tai Ah Divine City rookies to read.

As the Divine City’s rookies had no chance of making contact with a primordial herb, the ‘Divine wilderness’ book only had brief records, which meant that Yi Yun had no idea what primordial herb he had encountered.

This naturally was a big obstacle in Yi Yun’s plan to capture the primordial herb.

Hearing Yi Yun’s question, Wang was speechless. This kid was still dreaming!

Even Zhong Yi did not manage to pick a primordial herb! Even the great human sages had to carefully plan for it. With some luck, they could catch one. How would it be possible for a kid like you?

If not for Yi Yun’s proof of his keen observational powers over the past couple of days, Wang would have cursed. But even so, her tone was still very mean.

“Kid, just because you have some talent at picking herbs and you have slightly better pair of eyes, it makes you think you are awesome? Primordial herbs? Wait another seven or eight years before caring about primordial herbs! You really don’t know anything!”

“Oh… I just want to read.” Yi Yun said.

“Read what? Just the contents in the ‘Divine wilderness’ is enough for you to read! If you understand everything, it will be pretty good!”

Wang was still mean.

Yi Yun touched his nose and felt speechless. He would not ask Wang again. He only had himself to blame at asking a question that was beyond his grasp. Wasn’t asking her the same thing as asking for trouble?

“Little brother Yi Yun, you want to find books related to primordial herbs?” At this time, a voice transmission from Zhao Qingcheng came into Yi Yun’s ear.

“Yes, you know anything about it?” Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes…There’s a library in the Tai Ah Divine City, don’t you know that? In the library, there’s a variety of information and cultivation technique manuals, etc. There are many zones in the library. The most restrictive zone has cultivation techniques in it, which makes it very precious!”

“If you want to read information on primordial herbs, it should be in the middle-ranked zones. You just need to pay a small amount of dragon scale runes to borrow it.”

“Ha, I see. Thank you Sister Qingcheng.” Yi Yun rejoiced. The library suited him the most. If he had to speak with others, it would cause some inconvenience.

“Little brother Yi Yun, don’t think that I’m nagging. Why are you asking about primordial herbs? You cannot possibly be eyeing primordial herbs, right? It’s not easy to come into contact with primordial herbs.” Zhao Qingcheng was afraid that Yi Yun was unaware of the dangers and that he belittled primordial herbs. After reading the information, Yi Yun might feel a thrill and rush to look for the primordial herbs. When that happened, it would just be a waste of time.

For many people, those at the age of twelve or thirteen felt they were the center of the world, especially those who had some accomplishments. They could not measure themselves and thought they were different from others, and were confident of accomplishing great things.

But reality was cruel. Those who had those thoughts tended to fail miserably.

“Don’t worry. I know too well. I am just interested and would like to know more.” Yi Yun knew Zhao Qingcheng meant well. Even that foul-mouthed Wang woman might have done it out of kindness.