True Martial World Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Lunar Yin Day
Chapter 189: Lunar Yin Day

With the teleportation array’s white beams leading on, Yi Yun stepped through the teleportation array.

This herb mountain, labeled #60, was the herb mountain Yi Yun was sent to by the teleportation array. In the past 30 days, he had always been picking herbs in #60. It was considered the herb mountain designated to Yi Yun for the past and the following months.

Cultivators who choose to pick herbs would be randomly sent to a herb mountain and they would not change locations for several months. The benefit would be that they could remember the places they had already searched, removing the need to search again the next time.

If all the cultivators were to be randomly assigned new herb mountains every time, that would be the possibility that a spot one searched was a spot previously searched a few days ago by someone else.

Yi Yun, with his Flowing Mercury Gown, had combed through a large region of this #60 herb mountain.

Yi Yun was especially familiar with the region a hundred mile radius around the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

The moment he was sent through the teleportation array, Yi Yun traveled through the mountain by the familiar paths, slowly approaching the cliff the Blood Yang Flower was.

At this time, Yi Yun was about a few dozen miles from the cliff.

He was not in a hurry to scale the cliff and just carried on casually searching for herbs nearby.

He was also not practicing his movement skills. He had taken off the Flowing Mercury Gown. After wearing 200 tons for an extended period of time, by suddenly removing it, Yi Yun felt weightless and he was as light as a dove, it was as if he could leap into the clouds!

This was Yi Yun’s optimal state. With a large battle looming, Yi Yun did not want anything that could adversely affect his speed.

“Another one, a high-grade Yellow-ranked Deathroot. This is a kind of poisonous herb that can be made into a poison.” Yi Yun muttered to himself as he kept the Deathroot. The alchemists in the Tai Ah Divine City could not only create elixirs with beneficial effects, they could also create drugs with adverse effects, for example poisons, hallucinogens, or drugs with paralysis effects. There were all sorts of possibilities.

After the Deathroot, there was black fungus, blood coiled roots, purple heart grass…

Yi Yun picked herb after herb at a casual pace, as if he had forgotten about the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

After picking herbs for the entire day, the evening was approaching. Unknowingly, Yi Yun had already approached the cliff where the Blood Yang Flower was.

Yi Yun knew that the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had long since discovered his presence. Primordial herbs were very alert. With Yi Yun’s methods, trying to secretly approach the primordial herb would simply be wishful thinking.

It was about two hours before midnight.

Yi Yun looked up into the sky. There was no moon and the night sky was as black as coal!

Yi Yun had came to #60 herb mountain early in the morning, but he deliberately dragged out time before arriving at this cliff. The reason was to wait for this opportunity.

It was the first day of the lunar month, the day of a “new moon”. Without the moon present, it was the lunar Yin day.

The lunar Yin day was the day with the most intense Yin Qi. Three-quarters of an hour past midnight was the time of the day with the densest Yin Qi.

Hence, Yi Yun had timed it to the moment when the Yin Qi was the densest throughout the month!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng liked Yang Qi and it swallowed herbs that were Pure Yang in nature.

The lunar Yin day at three-quarters of an hour past midnight was the moment when it was weakest.

Hence, Yi Yun chose this moment to attack!

Even so, Yi Yun had little confidence in hitting the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng with his Tai Cang Bow.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s speed was terrifying and its reaction speed was extremely fast!

For the past few days, Yi Yun had spent a lot of effort in searching for information on the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. Besides the “Divine Wilderness Anthology”, he had read all the information regarding it.

He was constantly comparing his archery skills with the abilities of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. His final conclusion was that, within thirty meters, even if his arrow exceeded the speed of sound, there was a high possibility the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could still avoid it!

And the moment he failed in his attempt, he would not have the slightest chance to capture the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in the future.

Hence, Yi Yun had to carefully take everything into consideration and he had to make all sorts of calculations.

“Let’s go for it! I’ll see if your tunneling skills are stronger or my arrow is faster!” Yi Yun told himself that and leaped up!


With inaudible footsteps, Yi Yun set foot on the cliff’s rocks with a herb basket on his back.

He was a hundred times more nimble than a monkey and he easily scaled the cliff like he was on flat ground.

In the night, there was a cold mountain breeze that entered the bone.

On the flat cliff top, the weathered skeleton was scattered and it stood there through the successive gusts of wind.

The Yin Qi was extremely dense on the cliff top!

In this land, there were some spirits who would like to appear at this time.

Yi Yun stood on the cliff for a while and closed his eyes to concentrate. With his spiritual energy interfaced with the Purple Crystal, he could feel something looking at him.

It was the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was extremely sensitive to the surrounding energy. Even so, in the Purple Crystal’s vision, Yi Yun could not pinpoint the exact location of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

But in the thick Yin Qi, there was a clear strand of Yang Qi. This belonged to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was not wary of Yi Yun’s observation. To the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, Yi Yun was like a wild rabbit that had walked into its territory and he was nothing of significance.

The primordial herb had existed for thousands of years, it had seen countless numbers of cultivators. Those idiots had never found it.

Some of the human experts had tried to catch it, but they could not threaten it. Occasionally, there would be sages from the Tai Ah Divine City who came to the #60 herb mountain. Only then would this primordial herb be on alert and hide in advance. As such, it had been safe.

With Yi Yun’s current strength, the primordial herb did not feel any threat.

In the darkness, Yi Yun stayed silent. He was secretly counting the time, and there were still two more hours before the appointed time.

Yi Yun seemed to randomly draw out his Thousand Army Saber. Although he could not pinpoint the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng using his Purple Crystal vision, he had already pinpointed the location of the Blood Yang Flower.

The Blood Yang Flower was about a hundred meters to the left and it was buried deep underground!

Yi Yun walked to the location he previously found the Blood Yang Flower.

There was still the hole he had excavated.

Yi Yun put on a face of curiosity and muttered, “Isn’t this where I found the Blood Yang Flower the last time…? I don’t know why, but when I was about to pick up the Blood Yang Flower, suddenly many corpses came out from the graves. I killed many, but after some time, I don’t know what happened. When I woke up, I was full of injuries and all the corpses and Blood Yang Flower had disappeared. It was like a dream…”

Yi Yun muttered to himself. Not far away, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was quietly watching this interesting human.

It had a certain amount of intelligence and it could understand Yi Yun’s words.

Humans were a really stupid species. They could be hit by magic without knowing and they ended up thinking they were dreaming.

This dumb specimen even wanted to try picking the Blood Yang Flower. Such wishful thinking.

After Yi Yun appeared confused for a long while, he swung his Thousand Army Saber and quickly chopped downwards.


With a splash of soil and rocks, a deep, dark crack appeared on the ground.

Yi Yun hesitated and carefully reached in. In the darkness, he touched around, but of course, he found nothing.

He muttered to himself, “Wasn’t it here the last time? This Blood Yang Flower…ran away?”

Seeing Yi Yun being so dumb, if the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could make an expression, it would be one where tears came out from laughing too much.

Are all humans so dumb? They didn’t even know they had been hit by magic, but they were so naive to think they can still find the Blood Yang Flower at the same spot.

So extremely dumb!

At this time, Yi Yun changed spots, and began digging.

Of course, it was another dud.

Yi Yun did not lose heart and rolled up his sleeves. On this cliff, he began to dig around, each about three feet deep.

To the primordial herb, Yi Yun’s behavior was humorous.

But slowly, it started getting serious. It realized that Yi Yun’s aimless digging was slowly approaching the Blood Yang Flower’s location.

This… Was it a coincidence?

Yi Yun was almost reaching the Blood Yang Flower!

Seeing Yi Yun’s digging become more meticulous and deeper, the primordial herb thought that he could really find the Blood Yang Flower if this kept going on!

Was this dumb luck?

Of course, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng did not want Yi Yun to steal the Blood Yang Flower.

It suddenly felt that the lesson previously given to this stupid human was not severe enough. This time, it had to give him a more severe lesson, hopefully one that would end him, which would solve the problem once and for all.