True Martial World Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Double arrays
Chapter 190: Double arrays

Killing a human was a difficult task for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

Spirit herbs were different from desolate beasts, as they had innate deficiencies.

When a herb cultivates itself into a primordial herb or immortal herb, although it’s lifespan becomes very long, it could not escape its fate of being picked or captured.

Some primordial herbs were even inferior to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. Even as a primordial herb, they had no ability to escape through water or land, they were just sitting there waiting to be picked by humans or eaten by desolate beasts.

Such herb species had little chance of turning into a primordial herb.

Unless these herbs grew in really hidden locations and they were never found by humans, only then would they have the ten thousand years needed to absorb the Heaven Earth essence.

If not, some of them were under the protection by a strong desolate beast. Some primordial desolate beasts would guard a primordial herb for thousands of years and then finally eat it when it matured.

Only under such circumstances would these herbs have the opportunity to turn into a primordial herb.

At this time, it was simple for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng to use its magic to confuse Yi Yun, but it was not easy to kill him.

It had to absorb Heaven Earth essence and pure Yang Qi for another few thousand years to form a magical illusion that could really kill.

Although it was not easy for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng to kill people, it could immerse them into a most horrifying vision, confusing them to the point of a mental breakdown, eventually making them a lunatic.

If the human died in the process of going crazy, the human corpse could be used as fertilizer for the Blood Yang Flower.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng began to gather energy. It slowly condensed the tiny bit of pure Yang Qi from the surroundings.

It wanted to finish Yi Yun off, or else he might come again and again for the Blood Yang Flower. If an almighty human were to be led to it, they would only cause trouble for it.

It was approaching the lunar Yin day’s midnight. The pure Yang Qi in its surroundings had decreased to the lowest point possible.

The powers of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng dropped to 30% at this time. But even if it had dropped to 30%, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng did not feel that a youth at the middle-stage of the Purple Blood realm could pose a threat to itself.

Ignoring the Purple Blood realm, even a peak-Yuan foundation realm cultivator was nothing. The greatest means of survival for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was its ability to hide itself in its surroundings. Unless it was a human sage, no human would be able to detect its presence.

As it was gathering its power and was about to launch its magical attack at Yi Yun, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng suddenly realized that Yi Yun had bent down and put two items on the ground.

They were two discs about a foot in diameter. One was black in color and the other ice-blue.

The two round discs looked clumsy and they had numerous runes written on it. It was like a tortoise shell but not eye-catching.

Although the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had some intelligence, it had no understanding of array techniques, desolate heaven techniques or even cultivation techniques.

Cultivating, creating charms or arrays were purely for humans.

In terms of lifespan, strength or affinity with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, humans were inferior to many other species. Humans could survive in the desolate wilderness, while holding on to their land with a firm grip, because of their creativity, their ability to learn and the creation of heritage amongst humans.

It was impossible for a spiritual herb to learn anything about arrays or charms.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng did not know what the two objects Yi Yun placed on the ground were for. It felt that a human teenager was no threat, but as a wary primordial herb, it secretly kept track of where Yi Yun had placed the two array disks.

It was not worried. Because once it launched its powerful magic attack, Yi Yun’s mind would shatter. So it was no matter what array disk Yi Yun had placed on the ground.

It was late into the night as the stars were blocked by clouds. Yi Yun was quietly counting the time in his mind.

It was about a minute away from three-quarters of an hour past midnight.

Yi Yun slowed down his breathing and he adjusted himself to his optimal state.

Slowly, the surrounding Yin Qi grew denser.

Even the two array disks Yi Yun had placed on the ground were faintly exuding a Yin coolness. They were ice-cold to the touch.

These two disk arrays were also immersed within the lunar Yin day’s night, emitting air that mixed with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Among the two disk arrays, one of them was inscribed with a lunar Yin array, and the other was inscribed with a cicada array.

Both disk arrays were built by array masters from the Tai Ah Divine City. Besides using his dragon scale runes to buy the Divine Hellion Bead, most of the remainder was spent on these two array disks.

On the lunar Yin array, there was a pale purple charm stuck to it. It was a cheap activation charm.

This charm was connected to Yi Yun’s mind. As long as he wished, the activation charm would immediately activate the lunar Yin array.

With his setup properly laid out, the appointed time was slowly approaching.

With the lunar Yin Qi density reaching its apex, Yi Yun could feel a coldness that seemed to seep into his bone marrow.

Yi Yun tightened his muscles and as if aimlessly walking, approached the Blood Yang Flower!

At this time.


A tumultuous sound rang in Yi Yun’s ear!

Yi Yun felt a huge impact on his soul as his head ached. It was the psychic attack by the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

This psychic attack was more than ten times stronger than the other time. It was clear that the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had gathered enough energy to shatter Yi Yun’s soul!

But, before Yi Yun came to the herb mountain, he had taken a Clear Minded Elixir. This was prepared by Yi Yun early on. Although it was not expensive, it was sufficient.

Yi Yun could clearly feel that at the moment his soul hurt, a stream of relieving power rushed out from his Dantian into his soul, which cleansed his mind like refreshing water and lessening the pain.

Yi Yun knew that the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s best trick was its magical attack. How could he not prepare for it in advance?

Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal’s vision field, so together with the Clear Minded Elixir, he returned to his clear state of mind in almost an instant!

But there still was not enough time to attack the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. Yi Yun knew that even at a distance of thirty meters, there was a chance of missing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng with an arrow shot from the Tai Cang Bow.

Yi Yun could shoot anything immobile, or something that moved in a regular pattern at a distance of ten miles. But if it was something that could dodge, Yi Yun did not have the ability to steer the arrow.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s speed was too fast!

Yi Yun’s arrow might not catch up with it; so the only way of hitting it was to predict the next move of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

Yi Yun was waiting for the final opportunity.

At this time, Yi Yun’s surroundings had slowly transformed.

The cliff had changed into a vast wilderness, with the strong smell of the wilderness attacking his nostrils.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The land shook as a behemoth the size of a small mountain charged towards Yi Yun with a relentless force.

After the psychic attack, illusion magic followed immediately.

Yi Yun no longer had any doubt or hesitation compared to the first time he entered this illusion.

He identified the scene as the one he saw when he first entered the Tai Ah Divine City. It was the Divine wilderness he had seen while in the airship.

With that, Yi Yun pretended to be confused by the illusion. He drew his Thousand Army Saber and charged towards the behemoth.

The illusion was after all an illusion. Yi Yun had no fear, so even though there was a mighty desolate beast in front of him, it was just an illusion.


The Thousand Army Saber slashed downwards. A mighty desolate beast that that could in reality, kill Yi Yun in an instant, was slashed into two by Yi Yun!

As the saber formed shadows and reflecting off cold flashes, the Thousand Army Saber in Yi Yun’s hand began to be splattered by blood!

Terrifying behemoths after behemoths were sliced apart by Yi Yun!

In the apparent chaos, Yi Yun was dodging and moving forward, slowly approaching the primordial herb!

Thirty meters!

Twenty-seven meters!

Twenty-four meters!

As he slowly approached, Yi Yun held his breath while counting the distance.

He pretended that he was still within the illusion magic, but he was making killing blows in reality!

Just as Yi Yun reached the twenty-meter mark from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng finally became wary!

Although it looked down on Yi Yun, its nature as a primordial herb made it have a habit to avoid humans.

It secretly slipped backwards by a tiny bit, but it did not retreat much, or its magic would not be able to carry on its attack on Yi Yun.

Seeing the primordial herb retreat, Yi Yun’s heart sank slightly. His plans of slowly approaching the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in the chaos had been shot down.

Indeed, primordial herbs were naturally cautious. They would make a subconscious decision to maintain a distance even if the person was of no threat to them.

As such, trying to reduce the distance between himself and the primordial herb to under three meters before using the Thousand Army Saber to attack was impractical.

Yi Yun had to rely on his bow and arrow, issuing a death shot!