True Martial World Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Primordial Herb in Hand!
Chapter 192: Primordial Herb in Hand!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was particularly good at hiding. Even if a top human lord was standing in front of it, he would find it difficult to spot any traces of it. Hence, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng found this hard to believe.

A kid with an extremely low cultivation level had not only discovered its presence, but he had even sent out such a terrifying blow towards it?

Carefully selecting the lunar Yin day, and seemingly placing array disks randomly, and finally having the confidence to grasp its trajectory all meant that the youth had calculated everything. Back when he picked the Blood Yang Flower for the first time, he had already noticed its existence. He had deliberately planned for half a month to set up this perfect kill!

A terrifying youth!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had no time to think further. The Wind Chasing Arrow Yi Yun had shot over was less than a foot from it!

There was no time left to dodge!

This arrow was more than three times faster than the ones Yi Yun had previously shot!

By pretending to be weak to reduce the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s wariness, making it think Yi Yun’s archery skills were mediocre, he could then shoot the arrow that was a one-hit kill!

Even this detail was not omitted by Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s plan of capturing the primordial herb was perfect!

In a split second, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng conjured all of its pure Yang energy, pushing it to its maximum. It was planning to resist the arrow even at the cost of losing its spiritual energy!

A mid-stage Purple Blood warrior had limited attack power. Typically, such an attack would not do any harm to its Yuan Qi defense!

But when it tried to conjure its pure Yang Qi, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng realized that it had very little pure Yang Qi left. Firstly, it was due to the Yin Qi being extremely dense on this day of the month and time. Secondly, it had expended a lot of energy while attacking Yi Yun with its illusion magic.

Three quarters of an hour past midnight on the lunar Yin day that Yi Yun had carefully chosen played its role now!

But, this was still enough. The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was confident that the scarce amount of remaining pure Yang Qi it had was enough to defend against the arrow.

It would, at most, be inflicted with minor injuries.

It had already decided. After escaping this time, it would never return to this place. It would tunnel deep underground for a few hundred years before coming out. It did not even want the Blood Yang Flower.

Although the Blood Yang Flower was important, it was not as important as its own life.

This youth was too terrifying. Just by being able to make the herb turn into such a pathetic state by himself, if he were to bring a human sage, it was doomed to die!

Thinking back to when it wanted to make the youth into fertilizer for the Blood Yang Flower, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng cringed. It had underestimated the enemy. This youth was an evil demon who would not let anything slip past him.

Humans were indeed a crafty species!

With its pure Yang Qi gathered, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng formed a misty layer of pure Yang around it. It was prepared to resist the impact of the Wind Chasing Arrow!

But at this time, Yi Yun had activated his Minute Subtlety movement skill and fled in the opposite direction. He smiled, and with a simple thought, he silently recited–


The moment the Wind Chasing Arrow hit the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s Yuan Qi shield, a bright flash emitted from the shiny arrow head. A bead emitting a thunder-fire aura had been embedded in the arrow head.

It was the Divine Hellion Bead!

A sure-kill treasure made by a Tai Ah Divine City master! Yi Yun had spent 2000 dragon scale runes just to buy this tiny bead!

This Wind Chasing Arrow, with the embedded Divine Hellion Bead, had been placed in a special spot in Yi Yun’s quiver. Just before he activated the lunar Yin array, he had strung this special arrow and just pulled open the bow!

The thunder-fire exploded at that moment!


There was a tumultuous explosion , which tore up the night sky!

Ice-blue flames roared as numerous snake-like black lightning bolts shot out from within the flames!

The fire was ice-cold fire!

The thunder was Yin hellion thunder!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was afraid of thunder-fire power. And among the thunder-fire power, it was most afraid of Yin fire and Yin thunder!

This combination of thunder-fire power was the bane of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

Cruel, too cruel!

He had entrapped it with no possible chance of survival!


The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng let out a blood-curling scream. The pure Yang shield around it broke apart with a “Peng” sound.

The Yin thunder and the frost ice-fire interweaved together, sending out countless fire webs and lightning snakes. Upon coming into contact with the pure Yin Qi from the surroundings, it swept over the area like a hurricane.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

The cliff’s rocks crumbled within the frost Qi. They were also burned by the cold fire, which slowly melted them into ash in the frost ice!

The extreme Yin thunder power that had completely restrained the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s power exploded at close range, causing the entire cliff to be blown away with it!

Yi Yun had fled the area before the explosion occurred. Just before the thunder-fire power had swallowed the cliff, he had jumped off the cliff.


Yi Yun was covered by a lot of soil and dirt!

With a thought, Yi Yun’s body was covered in a faint green light. It was like a layer of armor wrapping him within.

This was the last item Yi Yun bought in the Ten Thousand Pagoda, the Green Mystic Protection Charm.

The charm contained the power of green Nature that was endless. When the Yin Qi swept over, the charm produced a strong life force from the green Nature power, reducing Yi Yun’s damage to a minimum!

The Green Mystic Protection Charm was not made by a master, but it was not sold cheap.

Yi Yun had noticed who the maker of this Green Mystic Protection Charm was before buying it. It was made by Luo Huo’er who was first on the Man rankings!

Luo Huo’er’s products were very popular in the Tai Ah Divine City.

It was because she made good quality products and there was a guarantee with her reputation.

This Green Mystic Protection Charm did not disappoint Yi Yun. The misty green light blocked a large portion of the Yin Qi’s rush. In addition to Yi Yun having jumped off the cliff earlier, he had not received the brunt of the force and he was essentially unhurt.

A small amount of Yin Qi had entered Yi Yun’s bloodstream, but it was all absorbed by the Purple Crystal.

Over a long period of time, Yi Yun knew the rules of energy absorption that the Purple Crystal Origins had. It could only absorb energy which belonged to no one, or in other words, energy that had lost its spiritual connection with its owner.

For example, when herbs were picked, they were already dead, so Yi Yun could absorb their energy.

The primordial species’ statue was also dead. If the primordial species was still alive, Yi Yun would have no way of obtaining the energy from within its body.

Yi Yun did not know the Purple Crystal’s reason behind such energy-absorbing principles. It was likely the Purple Crystal’s law.

Falling in midair, Yi Yun forcibly twisted his body. Ever since he reached the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, Yi Yun had precise control over the surroundings Qi flow. Hence, he could move through the air for ten meters before landing in front of the cliff.


The Thousand Army Saber stabbed into the cliff wall, causing sparks to fly!

Using the Thousand Army Saber, Yi Yun stopped his falling body.

Following that, Yi Yun used his limbs to agilely climb back up to the top of the cliff!

Just before Yi Yun fell down the cliff, he had activated the second disk array, the cicada array.

When Yi Yun had placed the two disk arrays, the lunar Yin array was above the cicada array.

The cicada array was the last item, created by a master, that had Yi Yun bought.

The three items that Yi Yun bought were made by masters, the most expensive was the Divine Hellion Bead, followed by the lunar Yin array, while the cicada array was the cheapest.

The cicada array was just a sealing array. Desolate beasts or herbs sealed by the cicada array would be as weak as a tree plagued by cicadas. Their movement will be slow or they might not even be able to move.

That was how the cicada array got its name.

The cicada array was the last line of protection Yi Yun had set. Yi Yun could not guarantee that the Divine Hellion Bead and the lunar Yin array was sufficient to debilitate the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s ability to move.

If the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng still had any strength left and it managed to escape through the soil, Yi Yun would suffer a huge loss.

Hence, with the cicada array, he could block off the possibility of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng escaping. Only then was it foolproof!

With a leap, Yi Yun returned to the top of the cliff. At the top of the cliff, the thick Yin Qi was still raging. Every blow of the wind was biting to the bone. The wind that blew on a person was like knives that were slashing on a person’s skin and it was extremely painful.

The grass and rock on the ground had been flattened. The cliff top had been shaved, leaving thick white plume of whitish smoke. This white smoke was dispersing from the explosive center. Layer after layer of the smoke made it look like a giant lotus flower.

Such a devastating explosion that gave rise to a lotus flower plume, it was aesthetically pleasing to Yi Yun.

Right in the middle of the lotus flower plum, Yi Yun finally saw the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s real body with his naked eyes!

It was about a foot long and it was as thick as a wrist, somewhat like a wooden stick.

Its body was greenish-purple in color and it was half-buried in the ground. There was thunder-fire bolts lingering around it and a large part of it was frozen in ice. It looked miserable.

Most of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s roots were destroyed in the Divine Helion Bead’s explosion, even a huge block of its stem had been blown off.

Of course, this damaged the herbal potency of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

But this could not be helped. Yi Yun had used all his tricks and strength to barely capture the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

In this process, he did not dare to go easy at all, or he was bound to fail.


To Yi Yun, injuring the primordial herb was not a big deal.

The primordial herb’s energy was indeed pure, but in terms of quantity, it was much lesser than the primordial species.

When people collected a primordial herb, they would be extremely afraid of harming the primordial herb, as Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would leak out from the primordial herb’s wound, wasting its herbal potency.

It was the same for this Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

Ignoring primordial herbs, even when normal people dug up ginseng, they had to use a brush to clear the ginseng’s roots, in order not to break them, or the ginseng would be drained of its energy.

Yi Yun could feel the pure energy within the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng leaking out from its wound.

Yi Yun smiled. With the spiritual energy interfaced with the Purple Crystal, the Yuan Qi and herbal essence that was about to dissipate slowly formed light dots and drifted towards Yi Yun.

The dissipated energy was no longer controlled by the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng after it left the body. Hence, the Purple Crystal Origins could easily absorb this free energy.

Seeing this pure energy, Yi Yun subconsciously licked his lips. His expression was that of a glutton seeing a feast that suddenly appeared before him.