True Martial World Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Returning to the City
Chapter 195: Returning to the City

Upon being questioned by Baldy Qin, Song Zijun became nervous. He had no idea how to explain where Yi Yun was.

For today’s assessment, Song Zijun had looked for Yi Yun so they could go to the school ground together, but Yi Yun was not in his room. When he found out where Yi Yun was, he turned speechless.

The Xuanwu Army members around Song Zijun began to show schadenfreude when they noticed Yi Yun was absent.

They knew very well that Baldy Qin was stern. Whoever went against Baldy Qin’s commands would have to bear all the consequences. Yi Yun was going to be in trouble.

Yi Yun had previously outshone all of them, so they were glad to see Yi Yun get in trouble.

“This Yi Yun sure is interesting. When choosing jobs, everyone chose either sparring or forging, but only he chose herb-picking, which is done only by girls. He even dared to miss Instructor Qin’s examination…” A Xuanwu Army member privately transmitted his voice with his peers.

“Hehe, he’s only courting death. I don’t know what Yi Yun is thinking. It’s clear he has a great foundation. If he works hard, he will obtain good results, but he had to self-degrade himself! How much strength could he gain from a month of picking herbs? Back then, he couldn’t insert a Primal Arrow, I doubt he is capable this time.”

A flurry of discussion erupted amongst the members of the Xuanwu Army. They were unable to insert the three Primal Arrows as required by Baldy Qin, but they were barely able to insert one. It was only possible for their strongest few to manage three.

In the past month, they had been tortured by their seniors. This living death cultivation had made them grow so much!

“I was asking you. Where is Yi Yun?” Baldy Qin looked at Song Zijun’s hesitation and slowly began to frown. He was like a lion about to burst into a rage.

Song Zijun helplessly told the truth, “Answering the Instructor, three days ago, Yi Yun had applied for a seven-day period of consecutive herb-picking with the herb-picking job office, now… Uh… he should still be on the herb mountain.”

When Song Zijun said those words, it made everyone dumbfounded.

Applied for a seven-day period of consecutive herb-picking?

Yi Yun had simply ignored the assessment day Baldy Qin had decided on a month ago and he was still on the herb mountain picking herbs!

Picking herbs on the herb mountain…

The people were at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

How much did Yi Yun love that job!?

He ignored everything else just to pick herbs for seven days!

Was herb-picking that addictive?

Many of them did not know what to say. According to what Yi Yun said, he had been picking herbs since young. Even when he came to the Divine wilderness campgrounds, he carried on picking herbs. They had previously ridiculed Yi Yun saying that it was a habit from being a bumpkin.

Those words were originally a joke; but now, it seems like Yi Yun was really thinking so!

A talent came to the Tai Ah Divine City to be a farmer!

Hearing Song Zijun’s words, Baldy Qin’s forehead, which had a scar, popped a hideous vein.

Baldy Qin still appreciated Yi Yun. He felt that Yi Yun was the most outstanding person among his recruits. Although he was inferior to Qiuniu or Chu Xiaoran, it was not impossible for him to enter the top 1000 of the Heaven or Earth rankings within the next three years.

Although this achievement was not amazing, it was considered pretty good.

Previously when Yi Yun wanted to pick herbs, Baldy Qin had not interfered. But now, he had promised that whoever succeeded in this assessment of inserting three Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall would be given two hours to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall!

This reward was a tidy sum!

Yi Yun had chosen herb-picking; for that, Baldy Qin felt that he may have his reasons. But for him to not grab the opportunity to enter the Wilderness Divine Hall, what was the point of him staying here in the Tai Ah Divine City?

Baldy Qin ignored the matter with Yi Yun. To him, Yi Yun was just a good recruit and that was it. There were many talents better than Yi Yun in the Tai Ah Divine City. Losing one Yi Yun was nothing.

“Everyone, listen up! I said a month ago, that in this one month, if anyone can insert three Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall, I will reward them with two hours of cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall. I mean what I say! In today’s assessment, let me see the results of your cultivation for this past month!”

Baldy Qin’s words made the youths gear up!

The past month’s experience in the Tai Ah Divine City was too unusual for them.

A month ago, many of these youths were young masters from rich and large family clans. They were all extremely proud, but having arrived in the Divine wilderness camp, their lives were only constantly filled with beatings after beatings. They were beaten till their bones fractured and their tendons tore, they vomited blood from their serious injuries!

After being beaten up, they would eat some healing medicine, and once they recovered, they would stand up to continue to be beaten!

As sparring partners, they could counter-attack. In the beginning, they were indignant about it, and tried to counter-attack against the senior cultivators they were sparring with. The result was them being beaten up even worse!

After continuous beatings, they matured and honed their cultivation levels. At the same, in this one-month ordeal, they had trimmed their pride.

It could be said that they had really matured. Today was the day to test the fruits of their labor.

Just as this bunch of hot-blooded youths were rearing to step up, Yi Yun had been transported back to the Tai Ah Divine City through the teleportation array.

According to the Tai Ah Divine City’s herb-picking rules, cultivators had to hand in the herbs immediately upon returning to the city.

This was to prevent the cultivators from privately trading herbs, which falsified their harvests.

As such, Yi Yun naturally went to the job office.

It was about noon. Typically, cultivators would only hand in herbs at night. After all, there was a 25 dragon scale runes rent that was fixed. The same amount was deducted whether the herbs were handed in at night or at noon. An additional hour of herb-picking was an additional hour of revenue.

It was usually extremely deserted here in the herb-picking job office. It being noon meant there was nobody around.

Wang was reclining lazily in a chair. She was flipping through a pharmacological text.

Wang was actually an alchemist. Back when she was cultivating in the Tai Ah Divine City, she had obtained a good ranking in the Man roll rankings.

Hearing footsteps by the door, Wang peeped over the book and looked towards the door. What she saw made her frown.

Yi Yun was the one who had entered.

“Didn’t you apply for a seven day herb-picking period? It’s only been three and a half days, why are you back early?” Wang now found Yi Yun irritating.

This kid obviously had keen senses and he had extraordinary talent, but he had been lacking in perseverance towards herb-picking. The herbs he handed in was getting less and less each day.

When Yi Yun applied for seven days of continue herb-picking, she had guessed that Yi Yun would only show up for work, but not exert himself.

But she did not expect that Yi Yun was worse than she expected. He could not endure the boredom and he actually came back three and a half days early!

He was hopeless!