True Martial World Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The increase in strength
Chapter 198: The increase in strength

“Report it to the Elder?” Yi Yun hesitated as he was counting the time in his mind. “How long would it take to report to the Elder?”

“Oh? Why are you asking?”

Wang was surprised for a moment. The Divine City’s Elders all lived within the central divine tower and many of them were in closed-door training. At Wang’s level, she had to go through the bureaucracy, which would definitely take some time.

“Oh… It’s this. I said earlier that I had something to deal with. Can I take off for now?”

Yi Yun did not want to wait here for nothing. He still remembered Baldy Qin’s assessment that was set a month ago. Originally, Yi Yun was fully focused on the preparations needed for picking the primordial herb in order to be in time for the lunar Yin day. As a result, he applied for seven days of continuous herb-picking and he had planned on giving up the assessment.

However, his capture and absorption of the primordial herb went surprisingly smooth and he came back three and a half days early.

Hence, Yi Yun figured that he could make it in time for the assessment.

The two hours of cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall was worth 1000 dragon scale runes.

A hundred or two dragon scale runes was alright, but to lose out on a thousand dragon scale runes, Yi Yun would feel the loss.

Although he would receive a hefty reward for handing over the primordial herb, but in the Tai Ah Divine City, every resource was bought with dragon scale runes, so he had to save every rune.

“What’s the matter?” Wang asked Yi Yun. At this time, what was more important than the primordial herb?

Yi Yun explained the assessment to Wang.

Upon hearing this, Wang snapped unhappily, “It’s just two hours of cultivation time. I too can reward you. The Elder might even want to meet you this time!”

When Yi Yun heard this, he was overjoyed. “Thank you, Sis Wang. Originally, I heard rumors that Sis Wang was petty, but it’s now clear those rumors were untrue. See, since Sis Wang is rewarding me with two hours of cultivation time, it would be a waste not to receive Instructor Qin’s reward too. If the Elder wants to see me, then regardless of what I’m doing, I’ll stop everything immediately and rush to the central divine tower. Nothing will be delayed, right?”

Yi Yun was good at exploiting people. He accepted Wang’s offer and he did not want to waste Instructor Qin’s. He had managed to get four hours of cultivation time in one go, which was worth 2000 dragon scale runes.

Wang was speechless. In the past, she did not think that this kid was that crafty. But upon further thought, if the Elder were to summon him, whether he came from the office or from the school grounds, the distance was about the same and there would not be much a delay.

As for the reward, since Wang had said so, she could not retract it. After all, Yi Yun had brought back a primordial herb. Wasn’t such a large contribution worth more than a bonus reward of two hours cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall?

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes. Get everything done quickly!” Wang said stiffly, but the way she looked at Yi Yun, she had an undisguised sense of appreciation for him. Yi Yun’s account may seem like it was all luck, but from his judgment at that point in time and the arrow he shot using his perception, it could not simply be explained with luck.

If it wasn’t Yi Yun and it was someone else, that person would have been turned into a retard by the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, which made it an empty harvest and also a great waste of a golden opportunity.

“Thank you, Sis Wang!” Yi Yun smiled and turned around, running towards the school grounds.

At this time, in the school grounds ten miles away, Instructor Qin’s group of youths were undergoing their assessment.

“Insert it! Insert it!” A group of energetic youths shouted like they were in heat. A stout youth was holding on to a Primal Arrow. His forehead’s vein popped out and with a loud shout, he inserted the Primal Arrow into the purple tungsten wall with great difficulty.


With a loud metallic sound, the Primal Arrow’s arrowhead was barely inserted into the purple tungsten wall.

Although it was a bit shaky, it was still inserted.

In today’s assessment, about half of the hundred members could insert one Primal Arrow into the purple tungsten wall.

This result was completely different from the one a month ago.

The first reason was that after a month, these people had matured a lot.

The second reason was, a month ago, these youths had just entered the Wilderness Divine Hall and had frog-jumped five kilometers with weights, which made them exhausted.

But today, they were all in tip-top condition.

“Brother Kui, well done. It’s the second arrow!” Someone shouted. The stout youth who inserted the Primal Arrow was none other than Zhou Kui. He was the person with the strongest strength among the hundred people. It was fairly easy for Zhou Kui to insert the first Primal Arrow, but the second arrow was proving to be more difficult.

Next, it was the third arrow, which was the most critical arrow!

By inserting it, he would obtain two hours of cultivation time. If he couldn’t insert it, then it would all be thrown out the window.

Zhou Kui pumped himself up. In this past month, he had been in the smithy, forging metal tens of thousands of times. His palms had been roughed up uncountable times. All of that was to prove himself!

Today, regardless if he could insert the third Primal Arrow, Zhou Kui felt that he was a winner, because he had beaten his previous self.

Just as Zhou Kui was taking several deep breaths and preparing to pick up the third Primal Arrow, someone let out a cry.

“Isn’t that Yi Yun?!” Hearing that voice, everyone turned around. Not far from the school ground, a youth in linen clothes was walking over.

This youth’s hair was messy and his clothes were ripped. He looked very pathetic.

This was of course a result of picking the primordial herb. When the Divine Helion Bead exploded, its shock wave had also inflicted Yi Yun. After he finished absorbing the primordial herb’s essence, he had rushed back to the Tai Ah Divine City and he had no time to tidy up.

This herb-picking kid only just came back!

“Oh?” Seeing Yi Yun, Instructor Qin frowned slightly. But he noticed that Yi Yun’s cultivation level had increased.

A month ago, he was in the early stages of the Purple Blood realm, but now, he was in the middle stages of the Purple Blood realm.

“Instructor Qin, Recruit Yi Yun reporting in!” Yi Yun gave Baldy Qin a standard Tai Ah Divine Kingdom military salute.

“You are an hour late!” Instructor Qin looked sternly at Yi Yun. Just this gaze made many recruits soft on their feet.

“Sorry Instructor. Previously, when I went to pick herbs, I didn’t have time…” Yi Yun tried to explain.

When the crowd heard this, they could not help but laugh.

To be delayed by herb-picking. This Yi Yun had devoted his youth and life to picking herbs. This was probably his life’s pursuit.

They could not understand. This herb-picking job was done by women, why was Yi Yun so enthusiastic about it?

“Hehe, Yi Yun, you came just in time! Let’s compete again today. I’ve already inserted two Primal Arrows. This will be my third arrow!”

Seeing Yi Yun appear, Zhou Kui licked his lips. Zhou Kui had been disappointed not to see Yi Yun today. His strength had increased and his abilities had improved. All this was to prove himself.

And Yi Yun was the best opponent!

A month ago, he had been undermined by Yi Yun. Today, he wanted to exceed Yi Yun and regain his face. Without Yi Yun, he felt like he had punched cotton.

“That… Instructor Qin, I just arrived now. Can I still take part in the assessment?” Yi Yun asked weakly, awaiting Baldy Qin’s instructions.

Since he was so late, Baldy Qin had all the right to disqualify him from the assessment.

Baldy Qin snorted back coldly, “Go on up. Don’t forget what you came to the Tai Ah Divine City for!”

Baldy Qin reminded Yi Yun again not to undermine his cultivation for a pointless job. He really did not understand why Yi Yun loved picking herbs that much.

“Haha, come on!” The most excited person was Zhou Kui. “How about it? You must have gotten quite a lot from picking a month’s worth of herbs! I heard you even applied for seven days of continuous herb-picking. Why did you come back early?”

Zhou Kui smiled at Yi Yun. His arms were crossed across his chest and he casually leaned on a Primal Arrow. This Primal Arrow was one of the two he had inserted in.

He had inserted two Primal Arrows. One was firmly inserted into the purple tungsten wall, but the other was not as firm. The other end of the arrow’s shaft was slowly sagging downwards.

Even so, this was a result to be proud of. Zhou Kui was the only person among the hundred people who was able to insert a second Primal Arrow.

“Because of obtaining a pretty good harvest, I came back early.” Yi Yun said simply.

“Harvest? You got a plentiful harvest while picking herbs? Hehe.” Zhou Kui found it amusing. Could picking a few herbs be considered “pretty good”? What was there to be happy about?

“Yi Yun, you picked herbs for a month. So it’s not fair competing against you. But since it’s your choice, you can’t blame anyone else. Today, I’ll show you what a real harvest is!”

Zhou Kui shook his fists. In this past month, he had burst numerous blisters on his hands. His blood had been mixed with sweat. Holding the hot forging hammer through some cloth, the pain was excruciating. Despite it being memorable to Zhou Kui, it also made him surge with pride.

This was the life of a man, was it not?

How could the herb-picking lifestyle of a woman compare with his?

But Yi Yun said, “You don’t have to. I’ll do it with you. I’m in a hurry and someone might be looking for me in a while.”

As Yi Yun said this, he stood in front of the large metal box that contained the Primal Arrows. His tone was casual, but this tone made Zhou Kui frown. He was unhappy. It seemed like Yi Yun did not even care much about this assessment.

This kid! Who do you think you are? And there was someone else who wants to meet him, who was it? Another medicine kid he picks herb with?

He sure had turned into a celebrity and he was busy enough!

Zhou Kui rubbed his wrists. He took a deep breath and bent his back. He hugged the third Primal Arrow.

Today, I’ll show you the results of the grueling demon-like training I endured through from forging metal!

Zhou Kui got into a firm horse-riding stance. Both his feet was planted firmly on the ground. With his lower body stable, he passed his strength from his spine to his shoulders then to his arms!

His muscles swelled up, with vein after vein popping out. Just as he was about to shout out to lift up the third Primal Arrow, he heard a deafening “Dang” sound. He nearly let out his breath!

What’s the matter?

Zhou Kui turned around and his eyes widened.

Behind him, a Primal Arrow was firmly embedded into the purple tungsten wall. The end of the arrow shaft was still vibrating. It was not because it was unstable, but because the power at which it was inserted with was too large. It had nowhere to dissipate the energy and so it could only vibrate to get rid of it!

This vibration could hurt anyone who came too close!

The Primal Arrow had been inserted at least three feet deep!

Wh… What?

Zhou Kui was dumbfounded. This arrow was inserted by Yi Yun?

How did he do it so quickly!?

He took at least ten seconds or more to insert an arrow. The time needed to pick up the arrow was especially time consuming as he had to gather his strength.

But just now, he had just bent his back and he had not even lifted the arrow, yet Yi Yun had already finished inserting an arrow!?

Yi Yun was already beginning to move the second Primal Arrow within the large metal box.

And surrounding Yi Yun were a bunch of youths, with their mouths agape, in a lifeless state. They had just seen with their own eyes how Yi Yun, using his two hands, lifted the first Primal Arrow as if he was lifting wooden logs. It looked completely effortless.

Then, holding the Primal Arrow arrow, he charged at the purple tungsten wall and like skewing kebabs, he inserted the arrow deeply into the wall!

From beginning to end, Yi Yun did not shake once while holding the arrow!

Stable! Quick! Forceful!

The people were still stunned and before they could recover, Yi Yun had already picked up the second Primal Arrow.

Yi Yun’s energy was circulating in his body. The warm flow of energy that came from absorbing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng surged through his body!

Because he already had broken through to the mid-stages of Purple Blood, using all his strength to insert a Primal Arrow did not make him exhausted. It even gave him a delightful feeling!

But as he was holding on to the second Primal Arrow, Yi Yun suddenly paused. “Oh? It seems there’s some disharmonious flow of energy…”

When he was using his all his body’s energy, Yi Yun had a feeling that although the strength given to him by the primordial herb was great, it was like a horse without reins that made him find it hard to control.

He had always been using the cultivation technique, “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” to control his body’s energy, but he slowly found that “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” had some shortcomings.

The primordial herb’s energy was too strong. As the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” was a cultivation technique before the Purple Blood realm, it was becoming more inadequate.

When Yi Yun stopped, it made the crowd more speechless.

It was difficult to lift the Primal Arrow. Due to the Primal Arrow’s weight, their arms would feel like breaking. As such, once they lifted it, they would rush to insert the arrow to save energy.

None of them would be like Yi Yun, who held the arrow while in a pause, it was as if he was contemplating the meaning of life.

This is way too overbearing!

Just as the people were thinking about this, it was as if Yi Yun was suddenly enlightened. Without any hesitation, he held the second Primal Arrow and charged at the purple tungsten wall.


With a second loud sound, the second Primal Arrow was firmly inserted!

Again, the arrow head was inserted more than three feet deep and the tail was vibrating violently.

Not far away, even Baldy Qin was quite dumbfounded by this scene.

What is this kid… doing?

He had clearly been picking herbs for a month, how did his strength increase so much? Although it had something to do with him breaking through to the mid-stages of Purple Blood, but there was a tiny difference between the early-stage and the mid-stage. It could not result in such a great increase in strength…

Baldy Qin had the cultivation level of a human lord, but looking at Yi Yun, he had no clue.

“Second arrow! It’s still easy.”

The people’s hearts trembled. Yi Yun’s strength had opened a gap between them, a eighteen-street wide gap!

Yi Yun licked his lips and was overjoyed. These 1000 dragon scale runes sure were easy to earn!

Yi Yun casually rubbed his wrists. He bent down and touched the third Primal Arrow.

He did not take a break and he was doing it all at one go!


With a clear shout, Yi Yun’s hands stably lifted up the Primal Arrow!

By feeling the energy flow within his body, he could still sense that inharmonious feeling. Nevertheless, it did not affect Yi Yun’s explosive power.

Third arrow, in!

With a shout, Yi Yun’s blood boiled within his veins. The primordial herb’s energy gushed out like an erupting volcano!

At this point, Yi Yun could feel his energy reach a climax. He could not wait to vent it out!

With the Primal Arrow in his hands, he sent his whole body’s strength into the Primal Arrow and stabbed it with all his strength!


The tumultuous sound tore apart the heavens!

Even the purple tungsten wall slightly trembled!

This third Primal Arrow was forcefully nailed into the wall. The arrow’s tail was vibrating so quickly that it formed shadows.

This arrow went in more than four feet deep!

Compared to the previous two arrows, this was more than two times stronger!

The surrounding youths were dumbfounded. What… is this kind of strength…?

How could that be?

Yi Yun, who was in front of them, was a humanoid desolate beast!

Zhou Kui was in a daze. The lofty sentiments that had previously surged in his heart had disappeared. The masculine declaration he had prepared when he won was now a joke.

Didn’t… Yi Yun pick herbs?

One can improve that much just by picking herbs?

Among this group, some forged metal while others were sparring partners. They went through an arduous month. They either suffered from muscle aches from repeatedly swinging the forging hammer, resulting in blisters and blood on their palms, or those who were sparring partners, who were beaten up seriously. After they put on some medicine, they had to stand up to be beaten again…

Through their hard work, they managed to save some dragon scale runes. They used it to exchange for relics and elixirs in the Ten Thousand Pagoda. It had to be said that the Tai Ah Divine City’s relics and elixirs were much better than the ones they ate back home.

Their progress had been obvious; but compared to Yi Yun, it was completely inferior.

It was a torture to compare; trash thrown out upon comparison!

“How… How did your strength increase so much…? How is that possible…?” Zhou Kui could not believe it. In the past month, he had not slacked off at all, yet he could not compare with Yi Yun who went to the mountains to pick herbs?

Yi Yun smiled. In this past month, didn’t every second count?

Besides picking herbs, he was wearing 200 cauldrons in the Flowing Mercury Gown daily. He climbed up and down the herb mountain, training his strength and movement.

When he returned at night, he would meditate till morning. He had never laid down in bed to sleep.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, sleep was too extravagant. By replacing it with meditation, he could also slowly increase his cultivation level while resting.

And because of capturing the primordial herb, Yi Yun had to use all his tricks and he underwent great danger. Under extreme danger and various difficulties, he seized that one-in-a-thousand chance and he grabbed the opportunity that no one thought possible!

Could this be compared to simply wielding a forging hammer or taking a beating while sparring?

Of course, Yi Yun did not say any of this.

He grinned and said to Zhou Kui, “This is all because…”

Yi Yun dragged out his words to whet the people’s appetite, before finally saying the three words.

“Of good luck…”

Zhou Kui nearly vomited blood due to anger!

He felt that Yi Yun was teasing him. The hard work they had put in this whole month had been upended by Yi Yun’s mention of good luck.

Zhou Kui was really angry. He ignored the strength gap between him and Yi Yun and said bluntly, “Stop brushing me off! What do you mean by good luck? You have just been picking herbs, it is a job meant for women. By goofing off all day, how can you grow in strength? Or grow in cultivation level? What did you…”

Before Zhou Kui finished his words, a group of men dressed in black cloaks suddenly walked over from the edge of the school ground.

These men were dressed oddly. They had a mysterious feel to them. Their casual steps seemed slow, but the space between their feet seemed to contract. In a few steps, they had reached the center of the school ground.

Among them was the herb-picking office’s Wang. She impressively followed behind these men. Wang, who never showed any respect to anyone, was now respectful. Clearly, these people in front of them were important.

Upon seeing these men, even Instructor Qin turned serious. The arms he held behind his back now hanged downwards.

“Lord Law-enforcer!” Baldy Qin slightly bowed. His position in the Tai Ah Divine City was lower than these people.


The youths present were shocked. What position was a law-enforcer?

Although they did not know the cultivation levels of these men in black, they could feel an oppressive feeling from their auras.

And Instructor Qin’s attitude clearly showed that these “law-enforcers” were important people.

Many of the youths immediately stood at attention. Baldy Qin was also confused. Why would the law-enforcers from the central divine tower come to a recruit school ground?

A middle-age man who was the leader of the black-cloaked men unveiled his face hood, revealing a wizened face. On his face, there were three parallel lines that formed a astonishing scar. It was as if he had been scratched by a desolate beast’s claws.

His gaze swept the crowd of youths and calmly asked, “Who is Yi Yun?”