True Martial World Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Divine Fate Bone Charm
Chapter 201: Divine Fate Bone Charm

“Oh? You want to take a look at the first-ranked top-class rewards?” Elder Jian Ge looked at Yi Yun with surprise and soon smiled.

He did not hand the first-ranked jade scroll to Yi Yun and instead asked with interest, “Little rascal, what are your goals for the future? Or what future level do you want to train to?”

Future level?

Yi Yun was slightly stunned and shook his head subconsciously. He had never thought of his future cultivation goals.

“Oh?” Elder Jian Ge frowned slightly upon seeing this, “No goals?”

Yi Yun thought a bit before answering , “It isn’t that I have no goals. It is just that this junior does not know how far he can go. Whatever level this junior sees, he will aim for that level.”

Yi Yun knew that in this world, sages were awesome, but sages were not the end of martial arts. Above sages, there were great emperors.

What was above a great emperor? Yi Yun did not know.

The path of martial arts was like mountain-climbing. The higher one went, the further one could see. Of course, a sage was like a legendary level for the current Yi Yun. Yi Yun would not say it as it sounded ridiculous.

The Purple Crystal was an impressive divine item. Yi Yun knew that even with his weak senses, the primordial herb had nowhere of hiding in front of the Purple Crystal. Even a human sage who used all of his perception on Yi Yun’s body could not discover any trace of the Purple Crystal.

The ability shown by the Purple Crystal had exceeded the level of sages.

By possessing such a treasure, how could his goal only be a sage?

Elder Jian Ge still did not know how ambitious Yi Yun was. But what Yi Yun said had made Elder Jian Ge very satisfied.

He knew that Yi Yun’s talent was lacking in several aspects, but these were unimportant. A warrior had to have a goal, whether it was achievable or not.

When Elder Jian Ge was still young, he had made his goal to become a sage. Back then, many people were saying he was an idiot with big dreams. How could a sage, that only appeared in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom once in 500 years, turn out to be him?

Many people had ridiculed him for overestimating himself; however, the people who ridiculed him had all slowly died of old age, turning to bones.

As for Elder Jian Ge, he slowly went from human lord to the pinnacle of human lords, before becoming a human sage.

Having an ambitious dream was not laughable; what was laughable were the people who had no dreams but mocked those who had them.

“This is the first-ranked top-class jade scroll. You can look through this. There is a huge gap between you and your dreams!”

Saying this, Elder Jian Ge threw a jade scroll to Yi Yun.

This jade scroll was golden in color and looked much smaller than the previous one.

Yi Yun sank his senses within…

But after seeing one item, his eyes could no longer move away from it.

There was such a divine item in this world?

“Divine Fate Bone Charm, 32 glory points, 50,000 dragon scale runes!”

Just the price made Yi Yun take a gasp of air! It was too expensive!

By handing over the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he had only gained 3 glory points. However, Elder Jian Ge had previously said that it was only worth a third of its original price due to the severe damage of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

If so, the glory points obtained from handing over an intact piece of Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would likely be 9 glory points.

But the Divine Fate Bone Charm’s price was nearly four times that of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

Besides that, it also needed 50,000 dragon scale runes!

For such a precious item, it only had one sentence for its description:

“The Divine Fate Bone Charm transforms a person’s physical fitness, increasing the person’s affinity with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, improving their martial arts talent.”

Improving one’s martial arts talent…

Just the last description made Yi Yun yearn for it!

Yi Yun was surprised that there was such a herb in this world!

Yi Yun’s perceptivity was not bad. Having lived two lives, his soul’s power was extremely strong. He was not short of elixirs and bone relics for cultivation.

Although he did not have a cultivation technique, he could find them and collect them himself.

The only thing Yi Yun was helpless against was his martial arts talent.

Having tunneled into this world, into a vast wilderness’ youth’s body, his talent was extremely common.

Yi Yun did not know how much talent the Divine Fate Bone Charm could increase, but he believed that the price quoted by the Tai Ah Divine City was fair. Since it was labeled as 32 glory points and 50,000 dragon scale runes, it was likely worth that much.

“Oh? Has something caught your fancy?”

Elder Jian Ge noticed Yi Yun’s change in expression.

“This junior would like to ask the senior. The Divine Fate Bone Charm described in the first-ranked top class jade scroll… is there any cultivation level restrictions?”

“Divine Fate Bone Charm? Haha!” Elder Jian Ge laughed. “So that’s what caught your fancy! There is no cultivation level restriction for the Divine Fate Bone Charm. It’s sufficient with your Purple Blood realm. This Divine Fate Bone Charm is an impressive item. It is a special desolate bone relic refined from a primordial desolate beast, but… it’s not refined from our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom… To be exact, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Desolate Heaven Masters cannot refine a bone relic of this level.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun felt awed, “Even the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Desolate Heaven Masters cannot refine it?”

“Yes, the Desolate Heaven technique is extensive and profound. There are only a handful of sage-ranked Desolate Heaven Masters in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but they don’t have the knowledge for refining the Divine Fate Bone Charm.”

When Elder Jian Ge finished saying that, he gave a long sigh, “This world is very large. Outside of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there are many other Divine Kingdoms too. There are even some deep-heritage sacred-level family clans and sacred-level sects! This Divine Fate Bone Charm was refined from a sacred-level family clan. The connection between the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and that family clan goes deep.

Elder Jian Ge’s brief description was shocking information to Yi Yun.

Sacred-level family clans! Sacred-level sects!

Those super powers which had an unknown years of heritage, what would they look like?

For some unknown reason, Yi Yun suddenly thought of Lin Xintong.

What was the Lin family that Lin Xintong came from like? Was the Lin family within the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom? Or was it outside of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, in the vast lands outside, somewhere on the broad planet?

But there was no point in thinking about all of these vast and ambitious items. His main goal was to obtain one Divine Fate Bone Charm.

“Hehe, kid, you sure don’t lack in ambition! The price of an item like the Divine Fate Bone Charm would scare a lot of people! But, taking the Divine Fate Bone Charm once is when it has the most beneficial effect. The more you eat, the lesser the effects. Also, the better talent a person has, the less effective it is.”

Hearing Elder Jian Ge’s explanation, Yi Yun finally understood.

Those who had amazing talent would not gain much from taking the Divine Fate Bone Charm.

With Yi Yun’s current rate of accumulating glory points, it would clearly not be easy to exchange for the Divine Fate Bone Charm. Items like primordial herbs could only be caught once. It was not that he couldn’t capture another one, but if he were to capture another one, he did not dare to hand it over.

Then it seemed like the only way to accumulate glory points was to break the records of the ancestors, especially those hard records that were left behind on Sage Avenue!

These records would be Yi Yun’s goals!

“Elder Jian Ge, this junior will exchange for the first three volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!”

Yi Yun announced his decision. He had to go one step at a time. To break the records on Sacred Avenue, Yi Yun needed to master the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” well, allowing his strength to increase.

That afternoon, Yi Yun bade Elder Jian Ge farewell and returned to his residence. He began planning his next 6 months of training.

But at this time, without Yi Yun knowing about it, the news that he had picked a primordial herb and received glory points had spread in the Tai Ah Divine City like wildfire!

The warriors in the Tai Ah Divine City were all obsessed with cultivation. They were either meditating or fighting, besides that, they would be out hunting desolate beasts.

They seldom followed the gossip on the grapevine as they lacked interest in it.

But for news that were spread, they were huge events! Soon, the news spread even further. Even the top ranking figures on the Tai Ah Divine City’s roll of honor got to know about it.

At this time, in the Tai Ah Divine City’s smithy, Zhou Kui was bare to the waist, revealing his strong muscles. With a human-sized forging hammer, he was busy forging metal.

Beside Zhou Kui were a few Xuanwu Army members. Like Zhou Kui, they were all burly. None of them looked like they were thirteen years old.

“Hey! Ha! Hey! Ha!”

They shouted with a rhythm. They took turns hammering a piece of special metal that needed to be hit a million times. It was very rhythmical.