True Martial World Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Loses underpants
Chapter 205: Loses underpants

The news that Yi Yun had publicly humiliated the Hongdao Association in the low class cook house quickly spread.

Among the rookies, the Hongdao Association and Yi Yun were respectively an organization and someone they paid close attention to. It was obvious with the Hongdao Association; it always had a high prestige among rookies. Yi Yun had recently had a windfall by picking a primordial herb. He was considered an influential figure among the rookies, so many people paid close attention to him.

For such a person to be at odds with such an organization, it was definitely something worth watching among the first and second year rookies.

They also knew that, after Yi Yun finished his rookie job, he would specifically be ‘taken care’ of. Yi Yun would probably be in trouble.

The Hongdao Association had absorbed many talents amongst this batch of first year rookies!

They were very fast to act. A month ago, just as the rookies entered the Tai Ah Divine City, the Hongdao Association began to lock onto many targets. Those who were talent-spotted by the Hongdao Association came from the Zhong state’s capital’s family clans. They already had great reputations before entering the Tai Ah Divine City.

They had names like Capital’s Four Bully Lords, Imperial City’s Six Young Masters. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom capital was no doubt a place with the most number of family clans in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Those who could receive such titles were certainly not bad.

Li Hong also came from a family clan in the capital. Also, he had a wide social network and was very reputable. Many young masters gave him face, or it would not be easy for him to establish the Hongdao Association with such prestige amongst the rookies.

To absorb the young masters from the capital into the Hongdao Association, Li Hong had promised them many benefits.

But now, Yi Yun had humiliated the Hongdao Association. This was no doubt also an insult to these young bullies.

These young bullies were not angels. Back in the capital, due to their strong family backgrounds and their own talents, they could be said to be overbearing. They dominated and bullied. Normal people could do nothing against them.

After knowing that Yi Yun had said “go f**k yourself” to Li Hong in the cook house, their feathers were ruffled.

It was made worse when they heard that this kid Yi Yun came from the Cloud Wilderness. His background was worse than some family clan from a remote state. How outrageous could this be?

“This hick that came from the Cloud Wilderness is courting death? He dared to provoke Brother Hong? It’s already good that the bunch of us do not mess with others, but to think someone dares mess with us?”

“Fourth brother is right. It has always been us bullying others. Never has someone dared to bully us. Since this kid is sick of living, we will oblige him. When we enter the arena, the few of us will cripple him!”

The various little devils from the capital were all eager. They couldn’t wait to press Yi Yun into the ground while crushing his face.

Li Hong turned solemn and said, “Don’t underestimate this kid. He seems to have some skill. Although this primordial herb was picked due to it experiencing a calamity, I suspect it wasn’t that simple. By exchanging the primordial herb for dragon scale runes, his net worth is great!”

“Hahaha! Dragon scale runes?”

When the little bully lords of the capital heard this, their eyes lit up. “Brother Hong, now that you mention, I remember. Isn’t betting allowed in the arena? The few of us haven’t gone into the arena ever since coming to the Tai Ah Divine City. We are kind of tight on dragon scale runes. Now, a fat sheep has been served up to our doorstep!”

It was too difficult to earn dragon scale runes for rookies. It was the same for these young masters from the capital.

In the beginning, the Hongdao Association gave them some small benefits, but it was far from adequate, and soon they ran out.

Now, they suddenly remembered that betting was allowed in the arena. Besides, their target Yi Yun was loaded. This was a great opportunity bestowed by Heaven!

If they did not rip Yi Yun off, it would really be their loss.

“Don’t worry Brother Hong. We’ll make sure he loses till he loses his underpants.”

“The few of us will begin saving dragon scale runes from today. If not, when the day comes, we might not have enough dragon scale runes to kill this kid.”

The small bully lords soon came to an agreement.

A Hongdao Association Chief said, “Don’t worry. In the event you lack the dragon scale runes, the association will support you. We must make sure the kid loses his underpants!”

“Yes… You guys do as you see fit.” Li Hong muttered and nodded with some hesitation.

As such, the Hongdao Association publicized their intentions. They would beat Yi Yun like a dough into noodles at the arena and at the same time, make Yi Yun lose his underpants.

The news spread amongst the first and second year recruits. They had no relations with Yi Yun, so naturally, they were not too worried about Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s luck was too fate-defying. Humans tend to be jealous. Since the cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City were all competitors to one another, seeing Yi Yun easily earn a large amount of dragon scale runes made them jealous. Now that Yi Yun was quickly going to be in trouble, many felt a sense of schadenfreude.

They wanted to see what Yi Yun’s thoughts on this would be, and how he would react.

Many thought that having earned a huge amount of dragon scale runes, Yi Yun had no need to carry on picking herbs. One could only earn tens of dragon scale runes a day picking herbs, what use was that for?

Yi Yun should now be quickly exchanging them for resources, training hard. Even though cramming before the battle was insufficient, at least he wouldn’t lose too badly.

But… On the second day, many of them saw Yi Yun carrying his herb basket, as if he was not involved in it. He carefreely went to pick herbs.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Many turned dumbfounded upon seeing this. This was too ridiculous!

“Yi Yun… You are still picking herbs?”

Someone could not help but ask.

Yi Yun looked at the person with an odd look and said in a matter-of-fact manner, “Of course I have to pick herbs. There’s still a month left. I plan to break the herb-picking record.”

Breaking the record?

When the people heard this, they were dumbfounded.

To many people, the phrase “breaking record” was too distant. Even the lowest record like picking herbs was shocking to hear. They could not react in time.

The people watched Yi Yun enter the teleportation array, and with a flash of light, Yi Yun disappeared.

“This kid actually wants to break the record…”

“That primordial herb seemed to have given him a 10,000 dragon scale runes reward… but to break a record, it wouldn’t be simple…”

“He sure is ambitious. With people planning to besiege him, yet he tries to break the record with full composure. Isn’t he afraid that he will beaten into a cripple in another month or two? Or… is he confident? But those who came to the Tai Ah Divine City are all talented. He may be able to trump against many in his small world, but he does not know how big the world is, and how strong others can be.”

People discussed animately. These people were all proud sons of Heaven from all across the lands. They too thought they were awesome in the past, but soon they knew their place.

There were too many formidable people in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Yi Yun was of course, uninterested in the discussions between these people. At this time, he had already arrived in the #60 herb mountain.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was extremely rich and it was a good place for cultivation.

Yi Yun stood in a empty ground in the woods. He took out a palm-sized jade scroll. The front of the jade scroll was engraved with a golden dragon and on the back were the words “Tai Ah” in ancient script.

This jade scroll was the first volume of the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”!

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom strictly controlled the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”. Those who exchanged for the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” had to strictly safeguard it. If it was found out that one privately circulated it, both the circulator and the ones who secretly learned it would be punished severely.

Yi Yun slowly inserted his consciousness into the jade scroll. He could feel an ancient aura surge towards him. It was like a mystic door had appeared in front of him before slowly opening, revealing the truth of infinite mysteries.

Yi Yun knew these were the nomological truths.

A cultivation technique like the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” included within it nomological truths, and this was not something that could be described with words.

Previously when Yi Yun learned the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”, once he obtained the manual, he could easily make a copy.

But he could not copy the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”. Only when Yi Yun completely learned the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” could he be able to carve the nomological truths he understood into a jade scroll; hence, creating a copy of the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” that could be circulated for future generations.

Everyone’s understanding of the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” was different. There were tiny differences in the nomological truths engraved within. So a jade scroll like the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” had different qualities.

The “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” jade scroll provided by the Tai Ah Divine City was of high quality, making it very expensive. This was only lent to the cultivators for learning. They still had to return it in the future.

If it was lost, there would be serious repercussions!