True Martial World Chapter 210

Chapter 210: The result of the Heaven’s Eyeball
Chapter 210: The result of the Heaven’s Eyeball

The Radiant Sun Qi energized Yi Yun’s whole body. His body’s fatigue was wiped away. A brand new energy warmed Yi Yun’s body as it rejuvenated him.

The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ powered by the Radiant Sun Qi was the real ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!

The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was a compilation cultivation technique. But it was more biased towards internal energy, which allowed a warrior’s Yuan Qi to pool and it’s quality to increase. As for stances, the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ did not go too much into it.

With the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ powered, it was not limited to a particular weapon. It could be used whether it was a saber, a sword or a spear.

Yi Yun slung his Thousand Army Saber across his back and ran straight to the job office.

In a few more days, Yi Yun would turn thirteen. His height had increased, but compared to the ridiculous length of the Thousand Army Saber, he was still shorter.

As such, Yi Yun found it very inconvenient to carry the Thousand Army Saber around.

“If I have the chance, I must get myself a interspatial ring.” Yi Yun was thinking that, be it the Thousand Army Saber or the Tai Cang Bow, they were too long to sling across his back due to their length. It was alright to carry them during normal training, but to pick herbs in the #60 herb mountain, it was easy for him to get stuck among the woods when he was traveling through them.

But right now, Yi Yun was tight on money. He had a 3000 dragon scale rune loan and in a few more days, he needed to prepare dragon scale runes for gambling in the arena.

He had to wait before buying an interspatial ring. It was imperative that he prepared the amount needed for the betting.

And the only way to quickly accumulate wealth right now was to break the herb-picking record.

When Yi Yun appeared in the herb-picking office, the Thousand Army Saber across his back made him seem like he was carrying a flagpole on his back, this made him stand out.

“Little brother Yi Yun, it’s been a while since I saw you. I thought you wouldn’t be picking herbs after you obtained the primordial herb.” In the office, Zhao Qingcheng and company saw Yi Yun from far. They greeted him with a smile. For a boy that looked like the brother from next door, Zhao Qingcheng and her sisterly friends had a good impression of Yi Yun.

When they previously heard that Yi Yun had picked a primordial herb, they found it hard to believe. But after receiving a few rounds of confirmation, they knew it was not a joke. They sincerely felt happy for Yi Yun.

“Yes… I’ve been busy training the past few days, so I haven’t been to the herb mountain much.” Yi Yun shyly smiled.

“Hehe, Little brother Yi Yun sure is great. We were all hoping you would break the record! You were only lacking in a few thousand, but you didn’t come for about ten days…Now, there’s only twelve days left to the sixty-day limit…” Zhao Qingcheng said it with some regret.

Previously, Yi Yun had managed to accumulate 10,000 dragon scale runes from picking the primordial herb. Together with all the other miscellaneous herbs, he had picked about 14,000 dragon scale runes worth of herbs.

But the record set by Zhong Yi was about 19,000.

Yi Yun was still 5200 runes short of the record.

With twelve days left to pick 5200 runes worth of herbs, Yi Yun had to pick an average of 434 dragon scale runes worth of herbs a day to reach his goal.

This was not easy!

“You finally thought about picking herbs? I thought that after you had your windfall, you lost interest in picking herbs!” At this time, Wang spoke without much emotion from behind the herb-picking counter.

“Sis Wang sure likes to joke. I still plan to break the record!” Yi Yun grinned and greeted Wang.

“Break the record? Ha!” Wang placed one hand on the table and looked at Yi Yun with a deep gaze. “Kid, you sure are confident! Do you know how many dragon scale runes you are lacking?”

“I know!” Yi Yun said it directly. “I’ve counted it carefully. The recruit ranking match will begin soon. I want to use the dragon scale runes I earn for my betting!”

Upon hearing Yi Yun, Wang squinted her eyes and looked at Yi Yun. “To pick over 5000 dragon scale runes worth of herbs in twelve days, you can’t be hoping to pick some Heaven-ranked herbs…”

80% of the dragon scale runes Yi Yun had accumulated previously came from the Blood Yang Flower and the primordial herb. This was all due to luck, but Yi Yun had never really picked many low-grade herbs.

“I heard that you offended the Hongdao Association. The entire association has declared war on you…” Wang said in her leisurely tone. This matter had spread throughout the Tai Ah Divine City and it was especially known among the rookies. Zhao Qingcheng and her friends, of course, heard of this and they were all worried for Yi Yun.

“Yes, that’s why I need Sis Wang’s care and concern. The rookies from the association pawned all their belongings to gamble with me. If you don’t give me more dragon scale runes, I won’t be able to afford the bet…” Yi Yun said in a pathetic manner.

“Don’t give me that crap!” Wang said coldly. She gave a herb basket and a sickle to Yi Yun. After that, she said mildly, “Elder Jian Ge has increased the reward for breaking the herb-picking record. If you break the record, you will receive 25,000 dragon scale runes and 2 glory points.”

Wang’s apparently unintentional words made Yi Yun overjoyed.

This was timely help.

He really had to thank Elder Jian Ge.

“Don’t get happy too early. Break the record first!” Wang poured a bucket of cold water; however, although she kept attacking Yi Yun with her words, she was looking forward to Yi Yun’s next step.

Every since Yi Yun picked the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, Wang had a different kind of appreciation for Yi Yun. She faintly believed that this youth would one day soar in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

With a flash of the teleportation array’s beam, Yi Yun arrived at the #60 herb mountain for the first time in a long time.

Facing this familiar surroundings, Yi Yun took a deep breath. The #60 herb mountain’s Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was thick and fresh. It gave people a mind-refreshing feeling

With his spiritual energy interfacing with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun used his recently formed Heaven’s eyeball to scan the surroundings.

Immediately, a world completely formed from energy appeared within Yi Yun’s vision.

In a radius of five kilometers, every life became an energy figure. Whether it was a blade of grass or a flying insect, they all had their own representative energy light dot.

These light dots were very faint. Before Yi Yun formed the Heaven’s eyeball, he could not sense it at all.

And the energy blobs that were clearly lit up like a flame were no doubt herbs.

The more valuable the herb was, the more energy it contained.

In a radius of a few dozen miles, there were 20-30 herbs. There were a few Mystic-ranked herbs. There were no Earth-ranked herbs, but by changing locations, he could easily find them.

After forming the Heaven’s eyeball, Yi Yun felt like the herb mountain’s grounds were littered with tons of herbs to pick.

If he were to carefully search the few herb mountains in the Tai Ah Divine City, given sufficient time, he could probably find another primordial herb.

Of course, there was no need to do so.

Firstly, it was a huge waste of time and the outcome was not guaranteed.

Secondly, Yi Yun would not dare to hand in the primordial herb he picked. He could only absorb it himself. What was most important for Yi Yun now was the glory points. For the energy aspect, Yi Yun could get that from the Wilderness Divine Hall.

The Wilderness Divine Hall had six primordial species sculptures. Each of them had an alarming amount of energy within it. With Yi Yun’s current cultivation level, he could not reduce the energy within them by much through his few attempts.

Yi Yun picked herbs as he pleased and he found about 200 dragon scale runes worth so far.

By changing his location, with a scan using his senses, Yi Yun had managed to find 500 dragon scale runes worth in about an hour.

It was too easy.

Yi Yun used the remaining time to cultivate.

A warrior had to endure the boring and lonely cultivation process. Yi Yun had previously gained a thin concept of eternity when drawing the last Sun picture.

This made Yi Yun even more diligent. Life could not repeat itself like the rising and setting of the Sun. If one did not grab every moment, one would waste their talent and potential. It would be a great regret.