True Martial World Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The power of the Radiant Sun
Chapter 211: The power of the Radiant Sun

The sun was blazing high up in the sky.

In a clearing in the woods, Yi Yun stood upright in his linen clothes. His left hand was hanging down, while his right hand held the Thousand Army Saber in a stretched out manner. The blade was parallel to the ground. The saber, that was seven feet two inches long, did not tremble at all. If a bowl full of water was placed on the blade tip, no water would spill out.

Yi Yun maintained this posture for 15 minutes. Standing motionless, he was like a statue.

While Yi Yun stayed motionless, Yi Yun’s body was circulating a tremendous amount of energy, the Radiant Sun Qi was surging like a tsunami.

It was noon and this was the time when the Radiant Sun Qi was most intense.

At this moment, the Sun in the sky moved in a tiny angle, this made the shadows move slightly. The blade of the Thousand Army Saber exited from the shade and it reflected the glare of the Sun, sending off a blinding white flash.

In that split moment, Yi Yun moved!


The Radiant Sun Qi erupted from Yi Yun’s body, like lava erupting from a volcano. Yi Yun’s body drew out a series of shadows and he charged at a towering cliff in front of him!

Yi Yun’s entire body seemed to be imbued within the blazing Sun and the Thousand Army Saber was sent out with a slash, like a burning flame.


A bright white flash fell from the sky. It was like a snow white stream of water gushing through the sky!

A thundering sound accompanied the blinding flash. A huge half-moon blade beam was sent out at an incredible speed and it hit the cliff heavily.


With an intense explosion, the blade beam had totally cut through the cliff! It was a deafening sound!

Ten seconds later, the flash faded away. The cliff in front of Yi Yun was over ten meters tall, but there was now a huge crack, that went from the bottom to the top!

This crack was a foot-wide, and the two sides of the crack had been melted by the high temperature. It had melted into some magma-like substance.

The seven feet two inch long Thousand Army Saber had sliced through a cliff, which was over ten meters tall, with a six feet blade!

This was all due to the Radiant Sun Qi!

With Radiant Sun Qi powering the Thousand Army Saber, its power was incomparable to before.

If this saber were to slice a person, the result was obvious. Those not strong enough would not only be split into two, they might even be reduced to ashes.

Yi Yun suddenly thought of a phrase commonly seen in the legendary novels from his past life, “My saber is not easily drawn, but once it unsheathes, it sees blood.”

This phrase was usually used by main characters to sound cool, but it was perfectly describing Yi Yun now.

As the saber’s power was too great, it was impossible to simply stop at touching. Hence, the moment it was unsheathed, it would see blood. There might not even be blood, since the blood would be burned dry by the Radiant Sun Qi!

“I wonder what level my strength has reached now…”

Having arrived in the Tai Ah Divine City over a month ago, Yi Yun’s strength had increased enormously because of him absorbing the primordial species and primordial herb’s energies and also recently, by learning the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!

His cultivation level was getting close to the late stages of Purple Blood. This cultivation level speed was going at a tremendous pace.

Yi Yun wanted to test himself against all the top elites from all over the Divine Kingdom.

“I’m really looking forward to the rookie rankings…” Yi Yun said to himself as his fighting spirit burned.

At dusk, Yi Yun returned to the Tai Ah Divine City.

In the office, Yi Yun handed over his day’s harvest. They had a total worth of 509 dragon scale runes.

This amount greatly surprised Wang.

“How… did you pick so much?” Yi Yun’s original speed of herb-picking was about 200 dragon scale runes a day. He had not come for the past ten or so days, yet his speed had doubled!

Yi Yun shrugged and said, “I managed to form the Heaven’s eyeball in the past few days, so my perception has become sharper…”

It was really shocking to pick 500 dragon scale runes worth of herbs in a day, but Yi Yun had the perfect explanation now.

But this explanation made Wang even more surprised.

Formed the Heaven’s eyeball?

How old was he!?

Thinking back, when Wang formed the Heaven’s eyeball, she was in the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. It was even further along her cultivation before she was able to completely open Heaven’s Eye.

Wang’s natural talent was not bad, but compared to Yi Yun, the gap was huge.

He was a freak!

Yi Yun could only be described as being a freak. He was not a genius because he was not outstanding; in fact, he was mediocre in some aspects.

But in certain aspects, he had amazing talent!

If this carried on, Wang did not know how far Yi Yun could go. She was looking forward to it. She even felt that she had underestimated Yi Yun in her assessment.

And in the next few days, the number of herbs that Yi Yun turned in did not decrease, but it actually increased.

It went from just over 500 dragon scale runes to 600 and then more than 600!

In just 8-9 days time, Yi Yun’s accumulated 19,300 dragon scale runes from herb-picking, breaking Zhong Yi’s record!

He broke the record?

Wang found it amazing. She had never expected that she would see a young man break the previous herb-picking record in her lifetime or even while she manned the Tai Ah Divine City’s job office.

The Tai Ah Divine City did not pay much attention to the records for the miscellaneous jobs, so they were not eligible to engrave their name on Sage Avenue. The rewards given were also much lesser than those given for hard records.

But a record was still a record. It was still extraordinary!

To the Tai Ah Divine City, it had been a long time since someone broke a record.

As such, the news spread rapidly!

When Yi Yun was in a dispute with the Hongdao Association before, it only spread amongst the first and second year recruits’ circle. The senior cultivators had no interest in a new association’s gambling battle with a kid.

But they would pay attention to the breaking of a record. Even the herb-picking record was something to be concerned about!

Even Qin Haotian and Li Xiao were no exception!

In the central divine tower of the Tai Ah Divine City, a girl in a red dress stood in a Earth Fire Desolate Heaven chamber. She had just completed a cauldron of desolate bone relics. She took out a lightly-scented handkerchief to wipe the tiny droplets of sweat on her forehead.

This girl was Luo Huo’er, the number one person on the Man roll of honor. She was a mysterious person that seldom appeared in public.

She had extremely great talent in alchemy as well as in the Desolate Heaven technique, this made many people incredulous.

When Luo Huo’er showcased her talent, many large factions tried to recruit her, but all the carrots dangled out in front of her were rejected.

As such, these factions began to suspect that Luo Huo’er already belonged to a particular faction. It was obviously impossible to recruit her if she came from a prominent family.

But when they investigated Luo Huo’er’s background, they could not find anything. It was as if she had appeared out of thin air. Her background was a complete mystery.

This was such an anomaly that many even speculated that Luo Huo’er might come from a incredibly large family clan. This family clan might even be bigger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they thought this was the reason why they couldn’t find out anything.

But all of these speculations were illogical. The simple reason was that, if Luo Huo’er came from a super family clan, she had no reason to come to the Tai Ah Divine City for training.

Although the Tai Ah Divine City was impressive, it was nothing compared to the factions that were stronger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. It was likely that they had better training grounds than the Tai Ah Divine City, so if Luo Huo’er came from an impressive background, then why did she not stay in her own faction for training?

Hence, Luo Huo’er’s identity became even more puzzling.

At this time, Luo Huo’er was carefully opening the cauldron. A square array disk flew out. On the array disk were 7 green desolate bone relics. They were jumping around in a mischievous manner as if they were jumping pixies.

A aromatic smell that fascinated people emanated out.

Although she was tired, Luo Huo’er had an excited expression on her tiny, flushed face.

Storing away the desolate bone relics, Luo Huo’er took out a mirror. She tidied up her hair that had gone messy after finishing her refinement process. She said to herself while facing the mirror, “As expected of Luo Huo’er. You can even refine relics of such a level!”

While saying that, a gorgeous smile appeared. With this smile, two cute dimples appeared at the edges of her lips.

“Hehe, I can take these to the Ten Thousand Pagoda. Then I’ll only be 8000 dragon scale runes short of breaking the refining record. It sure wasn’t easy. I heard that no one has broken any records in the Tai Ah Divine City for 2000-3000 years. They will need me to break one!”

“Come to think of it, there was some crazy dude called Su Jie who appeared in the Tai Ah Divine City 30,000 years ago. That guy pushed the Desolate Heaven technique record too high. If not, I would have broken the Desolate Heaven technique record in my first year. I don’t know how the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom got so lucky as to produce such a powerful Desolate Heaven Master who can barely keep up to 70-80% of my standard…” As the girl in red spoke, her expressions were vivid. The way she looked at the mirror and spoke to herself was a rare sight.

“But then again, this is good. After I break the record, no one will ever be able to break the Desolate Heaven technique record again! Hehe, my name Luo Huo’er will stay here forever!”

“But… to break the record, I haven’t been practicing my alchemy. Although I know that among the Desolate Heaven technique and alchemy, it’s better to practice one, but my alchemy skills are good too. I can’t bear to give up on it. Hah.. having so much talent sure is a headache.”

Luo Huo’er’s words sounded extremely arrogant, but accompanied by her good looks and charming smile, it appeared extremely cute.

But at this moment, a small loli ran into the Desolate Heaven chamber in a panic. She shouted as she ran, “Miss, Miss, something bad has happened!”