True Martial World Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Maid Servant Dong’er
Chapter 212: Maid Servant Dong’er

The little loli who ran in had not grown up yet. She looked even smaller than Yi Yun. She wore a loose dress and because it was inconvenient to run in it, she used her two tiny hands to clutch her skirt while running. The bangs on her forehead bounced as she ran.

Luo Huo’er immediately wrinkled her cute pair of small eyebrows, “What’s with the panic? Seriously, shouting over some matter. Lady-like! Do you know what it means to be lady-like?”

Luo Huo’er pointed at the young girl’s head without any reservations. With her lecture, the young girl’s forehead turned red.

The young girl said in a very wronged manner, “Miss, Dong’er knows.”

This young girl was Luo Huo’er’s servant girl. Amazingly, Luo Huo’er actually brought a servant girl when she entered the Tai Ah Divine City. Others, even people from the royal family like Yang Qian did not bring an imperial maid or a eunuch with them.

“Tell me, what’s the big deal? Is the Mimi you are rearing not eating again?”

Mimi was Dong’er and Luo Huo’er’s cat. Not only did Luo Huo’er bring a servant girl with her into the Tai Ah Divine City, she also brought a cat.

“Uh… no.” Dong’er shook her head like a rattle. She had a cute mushroom hairstyle, and with this shake of her head, her silky hair flew up. “Missus, some… someone has broken a record.”

“Broken a record…” Luo Huo’er was stunned for a while, “You said broken a record!? Who broke it?”

Luo Huo’er widened her already excessively large eyes.

Was something wrong? No record had been broken in the Tai Ah Divine City in a few thousand years! She was just about to break one, but someone had beaten her to it. How could there be such a coincidence!?

“Yes… Yes, that person is called Yi Yun. He broke the herb-picking record. I think he’s 12-13 years old.”

“Yi Yun? The brat who got lucky and picked a primordial herb?” Luo Huo’er had previously heard of Yi Yun picking the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng that failed surviving a calamity.

She was very jealous of Yi Yun’s luck. Why didn’t she pick it? With the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, she could use it to practice. It was a primordial herb and she had never refined a primordial herb into a drug before.

It was unexpected that just a few days later, Yi Yun had broken the herb-picking record.

Luo Huo’er was extremely pissed. If she broke a record after Yi Yun, it wouldn’t be as impressive.

“He was cheating. He earned a lot of dragon scale runes from picking the primordial herb. This herb was probably more than half of the record!”

Luo Huo’er ground her teeth as she felt disgruntled.

She was supposed to be the first, but now Yi Yun broke the record purely due to good luck. Besides, how could a herb-picking record compare to a Desolate Heaven technique record?

The Desolate Heaven technique record was a big record, and its rewards were excellent! Not only would it be regarded highly by the upper echelon of the Tai Ah Divine City, once it was broken, one could leave one’s name on Sage Avenue and even stir up the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

As for picking herbs… That was practically the worst record in the Tai Ah Divine City. The person who designed that record probably did it out of a whim. The rewards were also pathetic.

How could the herb-picking record compare with the Desolate Heaven technique record? They were far from being on the same level! But, both of them had the same term of “breaking a record”.

This was unfair! What right did one have to say “breaking a record” by picking herbs.

“Forget it, I won’t stoop down so low as to compare mine with such a low level record.” Luo Huo’er consoled herself and slowly calmed herself.

“Right, Missus. Yi Yun offended the Hongdao Association. In the upcoming rookie competition, the Hongdao Association will be specifically ‘taking care’ of Yi Yun. It seems all of them want to fight Yi Yun…”

Dong’er told her another piece of information.

However, Luo Huo’er was uninterested in this piece of information. “Hongdao Association? An organization formed of a bunch of brats only. Brats fighting against brats is something compatible.”

Luo Huo’er was completely uninterested in the arena level Yi Yun was involved in. What standard could they have?

In fact, Luo Huo’er was not ranked high on the Heaven and Earth rankings, only in the Man rankings was she ranked first.

A person had limited energy and time. Luo Huo’er spent most of her time practicing the Desolate Heaven technique and alchemy. As a result, she seldom went out to hunt desolate beasts, so her ranking on the Heaven roll of honor was very low.

As for the arena battles, Luo Huo’er never participated in it after the rookie rankings. Her reason was, “It is irritating to always be challenged.”

After the news of Yi Yun breaking the herb-picking record spread, the Hongdao Association naturally learned of it.

Regarding this, the Hongdao Association was very happy. Picking herbs did not depend on strength. There was no use breaking the herb picking record. The biggest benefit was that Yi Yun was rich again, allowing them the opportunity to win even more dragon scale runes.

They had already heard that Yi Yun received a one-time award of 25,000 dragon scale runes and 2 glory points from breaking the herb-picking record.

Added with the amount Yi Yun earned from picking herbs, and the amount he borrowed from the usury, a conservative estimate of Yi Yun’s wealth was above 35,000 dragon scale runes!

This large sum of wealth made everyone envious!

As a result, many of the new members of the Hongdao Association, especially those rich young masters from the capital, rushed to the bank to pawn all of their belongings in exchange for dragon scale runes. They were waiting for the rookie ranking competition to bet with Yi Yun.

The Hongdao Association even opened a special leadership meeting to decide on the order in battling Yi Yun. As for the Capital’s Four Bully Lords, being seniors among the capital’s circle, and with their relations with Li Hong, they easily became the first four.

They were the first to fight with Yi Yun.

Hence, the Four Bully Lords were overjoyed.

“Hahaha, thank you to all the brother’s help, offering this opportunity to us. In the future, if you ever need any of our help, we will never refuse!”

The Four Bully Lords smiled and cupped their hands, as if they were celebrating their victory parade.

Someone shouted, “Brothers, don’t go too far. If you cripple Yi Yun, the judge might decide that Yi Yun is not fit for battle, then we won’t have a chance to fight later on.”

“Haha! Don’t worry. We will control our beatings, making sure that he gets beaten up badly without affecting his later battles.”

The Four Bully Lords felt some regret for not being able to heartily beat up Yi Yun.

At this time, Li Hong who was sitting at the seat of honor said, “You guys be careful too. Don’t fail miserably in this very easy task. This kid has some skill. He has gone to the Wilderness Divine Hall many times recently, and has spent quite a considerable amount of dragon scale runes in doing so.”

Ever since Li Hong became enemies with Yi Yun, he had paid close attention to Yi Yun. He had spies in places like the Wilderness Divine Hall, so Li Hong knew much of Yi Yun’s recent actions.

“Wilderness Divine Hall? Many times? That kid!” The Four Bully Lords were stunned when they heard this. They were suddenly infuriated. It was as if a beautiful goddess that was within sight but beyond reach was now being pressed onto a bed for Yi Yun to do anything with.

Fatty among the Four Bully Lords said in a grudging way, “A place like the Wilderness Divine Hall is just to use the primordial species’ pressure to compress a person’s Qi and blood. It’s a waste going there often! This kid has lots of dragon scale runes, yet he spends it wastefully. I hate him. We had to work very hard for many days just to earn a bit of dragon scale runes!”

“Right, we haven’t even entered the Wilderness Divine Hall a second time yet! We haven’t gone to the Sword Scar Palace either. We can’t buy most of the items in the Ten Thousand Pagoda as well. Yet with a bit of luck, this kid is wastefully spending resources. It’s such a huge waste of treasures! These resources should belong to us!”

Seeing the Four Bully Lords rage, someone in the Hongdao Association said, “The Tai Ah Divine City is a place where strength matters. Relying on luck without strength is not the way to success. You are right. These resources are rightfully ours. We just need to grab them from him!”

“Right, grab them from him!” The Four Bully Lords echoed, agreeing to it.

But Li Hong said, “Besides going to the Wilderness Divine Hall many times, I have news that Yi Yun used the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng reward back then to exchange for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.”

“The Tai Ah Sacred Technique!?”

Li Hong’s words set off another huge storm at the venue. The Four Bully Lords felt a surge of blood to their heads. They were enraged.

All of the good stuff had gone to the pigs!

Yi Yun a bumpkin from the Cloud Wilderness, and he actually exchanged for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’! What gave him the right to learn this cultivation technique?

“The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’… What a joke. Only one in five geniuses can learn this cultivation technique and obtain Radiant Sun Qi. Those are geniuses! Even geniuses have such a low probability learning it! It really boils my blood. How can the Tai Ah Divine City’s Elder give the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ to such a person. It’s really an insult to the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!”

The Four Bully Lords were extremely pissed. They too wanted to learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!

Although the probability of learning it was low, they too had some hope that they were lucky. If they were to learn it, their life would become completely different!

It could make their family members see them in a different light. They could walk proudly amongst the young master circles in the capital.

Those famous beauties in the capital would stick to them, actively trying to get close to them.

When that happened, wouldn’t they be able to pick and choose?

“F**k, if I learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Zhang Xinlian, that b***h, would not dare reject me. She would even obediently climb into my bed!”

The Four Bully Lords’ Lofty was unhappy and said the thoughts buried deep within his heart. Back then, he had been rejected by Zhang Xinlian, and bore a grudge as a result. He couldn’t wait to tear off the arrogant Zhang Xinlian’s clothes and devastate her body.

All of them wanted to try learning the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, but the cost of trying it was too high. They had no way of affording it!

They did not even have the chance to try, yet Yi Yun had wasted it. It was obvious how they felt.

“Yi Yun, this bumpkin, wants to learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. He sure is a toad lusting after swan meat!”

“Right… Right!”

The eldest among the Capital’s Four Bully Lords, Fatty suddenly slapped his thigh. He thought of something which made him extremely excited. He even said words with a tremble, “You guys, say… Is it possible… to get Yi Yun to bet the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!?”

When Fatty said it, everyone immediately quietened down.

Using the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ as a bet!? This proposal made everyone shocked. But one by one, they became excited. Maybe… there was a possibility?