True Martial World Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Throwing in the Towel
Chapter 220: Throwing in the Towel

The Hongdao Association’s thirteen-year-old youths were all gathered together. They were analyzing Yi Yun’s moves and weaknesses. Finally, they decided on a battle strategy.

When a swordsman reaches the point of being one with the sword, he had a weakness. Once he loses the sword in his hand, his battle power would be greatly reduced. According to this reasoning, these youths believed Yi Yun was the same. As long as he lost the brick in his hand, his battle power would drop!

As a result, their battle strategy was to first control the brick in Yi Yun’s hand, then find an opportunity to hurt Yi Yun seriously. It was not impossible to win.

As the youths began to analyze with well-reasoned logic, a cold voice shouted out, “All of you shut up!”

When this voice shouted out, the group of youths jumped in shock. Who was so arrogant to get them to shut up?

But when they turned their heads to see who it was, they immediately turned silent.

The person who shouted at them was the Hongdao Association’s President, Li Hong!

Li Hong had a very livid expression on his face. His eyes were fierce, as if he was a beast that was going to pounce and devour a person.

In the Hongdao Association, Li Hong had extreme authority. When faced with a furious Li Hong, the other youths kept quiet out of fear.

“A bunch of idiots. You still f**king dare to be stupid in front of me!?”

Li Hong ferociously said. The youths that were previously speaking were stunned. They were still oblivious to the situation.

Upon seeing the youths’ expressions, Li Hong’s lips twitched. He wished he could throw these bunch of retards down the Tai Ah Divine City’s cliffs. He felt that, after he formed the Hongdao Association, he had gathered a bunch of idiots and that he had always been commanding a pile of trash.

These kids when compared to Yi Yun… It was like the difference between jade and shit!

But then again, most twelve to thirteen year old kids were usually immature in their thinking. They would occasionally make a naive mistake and say something childish. That was also very normal.

But Yi Yun was different!

His mind was not like a kid’s at all!

Yi Yun had been challenged by a great number of people over the past few days. Yet, he was nonchalant about it. He carried on eating and sleeping, not putting it at heart.

Instead, he even taunted many people. He ridiculed and challenged others. These behaviors made him seem to have adolescent delusions, but the result was that the youths, ridiculed by Yi Yun, turned hot-headed and raised the stakes higher.

This resulted in Yi Yun completely taking advantage of them.

That included the Four Bully Lords.

Initially, Li Hong felt something amiss. Yi Yun always looked like he was in an adolescent delusion, but if that was so, how did he pick a primordial herb?

It seemed far-fetched to explain it away with luck.

Originally, Li Hong was cautious, but he still got tricked by Yi Yun.

The main reason was that Yi Yun was too sinister. Under normal circumstances, a kid from the Cloud Wilderness should not have much worldly experiences, and would not have such great power.

And, it was because of this that Li Hong allowed his men to bet with Yi Yun, resulting in the bets being pushed even higher.

Now, even his Hongdao Association had opened a betting pool. And Yi Yun had brought 5000 dragon scale runes with him to bet on himself in this betting pool, betting that he could complete more than 20 battles!

Once he thought of this bet, Li Hong felt breathless. He really felt his heart, liver and balls ache. Even his intestines seemed to twist together!

5000 dragon scale runes, with a 1:10 payout meant that the Hongdao Association would lose 45,000 dragon scale runes!

This practically was sapping him of his life!

To hope that those recruits who lacked both strength and brains could flip the tables, he might as well hope for pigs to fly.

Li Hong was not naive enough to believe that Yi Yun had learned some “Brick mystic technique” that made him that strong.

Yi Yun still had not used his saber, which meant that the opponents he faced did not have the qualification to make him draw his saber!

To Yi Yun, a brick was more than enough to take care of these imbeciles.

None of the Hongdao Association’s rookies were Yi Yun’s match. They couldn’t even exhaust him!

These 45,000 dragon scale runes were definitely lost!

Li Hong could feel his heart bleeding.

Earning dragon scale runes and resources, and supporting such a large association was not easy! Li Hong’s strength and talent were not the best. Although Li Hong had managed to obtain brilliant results in one year, he still failed to enter the Heaven or Earth rolls of honor.

It was not easy for him to earn dragon scale runes!

Li Hong clenched his fists. Separated by the stages, he looked at the linen-clothed Yi Yun that was nearly a hundred meters away.

Yi Yun had already placed the brick on the table and begun meditating.

When he was watched by Li Hong, Yi Yun sensed it and opened his eyes and his gaze clashed with Li Hong’s.

This clash in gazes made Li Hong feel a sense of fear!

Such keen perception!?

People with keen perception could feel it when they were being secretly watched. But with the large distance between them, Yi Yun still could feel it. This perception was too terrifying!

Even people who formed their Heaven’s eyeball were not as good…

“This kid, you sure are good! I admit I’ve been set up by you!”

Li Hong felt like he had been hit by a heavy blow. He had matured in his thinking early, so although he was only fourteen, he already had the mind of an adult.

Whether it was the rich kids circle in the capital or in the Tai Ah Divine City, Li Hong had used his excellent emotional intelligence to thrive. Or else, he would not have been able to organize such a large organization as the Hongdao Association.

But today, he had been completely played by Yi Yun, a kid who was younger than him by almost two years.

“Wan Kai, if you think you can’t beat Yi Yun, admit defeat!”

Li Hong said to the Four Bully Lords’ Fatty who was standing beside him. Fatty’s name was Wan Kai. He was from the Wan family in the capital, which was also a very famous family clan.

Wan Kai’s strength was stronger than the other three from the Four Bully Lords, but he was at best 20-30% stronger. Li Hong did not think Wan Kai stood a chance at beating Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had not even used his weapon or moves to defeat three of the Four Bully Lords, yet he did it so easily.

It could be said to be a landslide victory.

Since he knew Wan Kai was going up to be knocked down by the brick, it was better not going on-stage.

“I…” Wan Kai’s fat face flushed red.

To throw in the towel without a fight was embarrassing!

But if he fought, all of the Four Bully Lords would have been hit by Yi Yun with the brick, knocking all of them down. This degree of shame was not low.

It would be a shameful result, whether he chose to fight or not.

Wan Kai had never felt so aggrieved!

At this time, Li Hong also turned to his men in the Hongdao Association and spoke without any enthusiasm, “And all of you too… If you think there’s no point in fighting, admit defeat…”

Many of his men were dumbfounded upon hearing this.

“Brother Hong, you want us to just admit defeat like that? Then won’t everything we bet be given to him?”

Having gambled all of their wealth, they were unwilling to resign themselves without battling!

But so what if they felt resigned, if they could get back something by taking some pain, Li Hong would have made them all go up on-stage.

However, the crux of the issue was, even if they all formed a bump on their heads due to the knock, it would not change the fact that they had been cheated.

“Brother Hong, the bad blood between the Hongdao Association and Yi Yun is known by the entire Tai Ah Divine City. This bet was also first instigated by our Hongdao Association. If we were to admit defeat, how are we to live on in the Tai Ah Divine City?”

Someone said in a depressed manner.

Li Hong rolled his eye at this person, “You think that if the bunch of you line up and get knocked down by Yi Yun’s brick, you will still have the face to live on in the Tai Ah Divine City in the future?”

When Li Hong returned with this question, no one said a word.

Indeed, it would be more humiliating if that happened.

They could imagine that after this battle, when people mentioned the Hongdao Association, they would say, “Are you talking about the Hongdao Association, the one where the entire association went to bully one person, but ended up being knocked down by a brick? Of course I know about them! What? You are from that association? Nice to meet you! By the way, did you get knocked down by Yi Yun that time?”

Upon thinking of this, many of their faces turned livid.

“I’ll admit defeat, hai…” Wan Kai shook his head. Since he was inferior, that was all he could do.

There were a significant number of Hongdao Association youths that wanted to follow Wan Kai’s footsteps in admitting defeat. But many of them were still indignant, they felt that Yi Yun wasn’t that strong.

As such, Yi Yun did not meet any significant resistance the rest of the day.

When the referee got Wan Kai to come on stage, Wan Kai immediately admitted defeat.

The surrounding audience were speechless when they saw this scene. Wan Kai’s overall rank was around 10,500. He had even made a big bet with Yi Yun.

Under such circumstances, he decisively admitted defeat before even fighting!

It was clear that Wan Kai had lost all hope of winning.

Wan Kai left the stage in a dejected manner, allowing Yi Yun to win without fighting.

After Wan Kai, two Hongdao Association members who went on-stage also admitted defeat.

There were also others who did not believe in heresy, such as the youth who insisted that Yi Yun had learned a “Brick mystic technique”. He still firmly carried out his own battle strategy, hoping to take the brick away from Yi Yun’s hand and then “find an opportunity to hurt Yi Yun seriously”.

The result was obvious. When the fight began, just as the youth was waiting to carry out his battle strategy, Yi Yun just disappeared from his vision.

Following that, he felt a pain in his head. He was instantly put down when his vision turned black!

The youths from the Hongdao Association were stunned. This gap was too great!

At this moment, this new batch of rookies in the Tai Ah Divine City looked at Yi Yun with fear.

Yi Yun’s strength was too great! It was too far from them.

How far could Yi Yun go in the future? What would his Earth ranking be?

They did not dare to imagine it.