True Martial World Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Star Picking Hand
Chapter 222: Star Picking Hand

At night, in the arena hall, many rookies were gathered here. They were discussing the day’s battles and their outcomes, while waiting for the next day’s challenge tokens.

Except for some people as popular as Yi Yun, who were designated more than thirty matches even before the ranking matches began, the other cultivators did not have to fight that many matches. Usually they would decide on the following day’s matches after considering the first day’s results and rankings.

Hence, the challenge tokens were handed out again every day.

As for the twelve challenge tokens for challenging Yi Yun, they were all collected and then redistributed to those who had reserved a spot to fight Yi Yun.

Previously the challenge tokens for Yi Yun were easily snapped up. But today, it became a hot potato.

No one wanted it!

But… with the match reserved and the bet paid, one still had to collect the token, even if they did not want to!

“Where is Zhang Chang? Come collect your challenge token! Hurry!”

The person in charge of distributing the challenge token said impatiently. The challenge tokens for Yi Yun had been consecutively declined with all sorts of excuses by the people who had reserved them. It was as if they were being sent to the execution grounds.

Zhang Chang’s face turned bitter upon hearing his name. It was as if his parents had died, he reluctantly squeezed out from the crowd.

Seeing the challenge token for Yi Yun on the administrator’s desk, Zhang Chang wanted to slap his own face. Why did he have to be so cheap? Back when he had managed to grab it, he thought he had made a big sum. Now though, he knew that this token he snatched was like a piece of brick.

It was like he had nothing better to do but be bricked!

Just as Zhang Chang went up on stage, a youth in white walked calmly past Zhang Chang. He had a folded fan in hand and a mild smile on his face. It was as if he was a wandering tourist.

Upon seeing this youth, Zhang Chang was stunned for a moment. Just as he was wondering what the other party was going to do, he saw the youth wave his hand. His palm seemed magnetic as the token on the desk flew into the white-clothed youth’s hand with a “whoosh”.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll take it for you!”

The youth in white smiled. He turned around, and with a “pop” of his fan, he slowly fluttered it.

This youth looked very handsome and was like a piece of jade. However, he looked feminine and lacked a certain air of masculinity.

Upon seeing this scene, the surrounding people were dumbfounded. How did he fetch things through the air?

With thoughts and Yuan Qi injected into a magic weapon, then controlling it to kill people through telekinesis. Wasn’t this something only warriors in the Yuan foundation realm could do?

This youth didn’t look any older than 14 years old. He couldn’t be at the Yuan foundation realm or he would have been a national sensation.

“He’s Liu Yuxing!”

Someone recognized the youth in white and said out loud.

“Oh? Liu Yuxing!?”

Many had never seen Liu Yuxing in person, but they had heard of his name.

Liu Yuxing may be ranked 10,006 on the Earth rankings, but everyone knew that those who went over the 10,000 place would charge up the rankings after the rookie placings were completed. It was normal for them to rush up a few thousand spots, and very common for them to end up being around the 4000-5000 spots on the Earth roll!

“So it’s the son of Duke Liu. What he demonstrated earlier was the Liu family’s secret technique, Star Picking Hand!”

Telekinesis was indeed something only Yuan foundation realm warriors were capable of. Back when Yi Yun chose the Heaven Upheaval Seal as his weapon, the referee had told Yi Yun that only a Yuan foundation realm warrior could control the Heaven Upheaval Seal and that Yi Yun’s cultivation level was lacking. Later, Yi Yun really did not control the Heaven Upheaval Seal, but used it as a brick.

Of course, Liu Yuxing had not broken through into the Yuan foundation realm. But the limitation that other Purple Blood realm warriors had was not applicable to Liu Yuxing.

No one knew what a cultivation technique the “Star Picking Hand” was. But just from being able to perform telekinesis, it was something shocking.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, there were indeed many hidden dragons. Even some Purple Blood realm warriors had the means to do something only Yuan foundation realm warriors could do!

“Liu Yuxing wants to challenge Yi Yun!?” A bald youth exclaimed in surprise. Liu Yuxing’s reason for taking Yi Yun’s challenge token was obvious.

Liu Yuxing ranked sixth amongst the rookies due to his strength. This was completely different from Yi Yun.

This was going to be interesting now that Liu Yuxing challenged Yi Yun!

“Challenge?” When Liu Yuxing heard the bald youth’s words, he found it harsh to the ear. Fighting Yi Yun with his stature was a lowering of his status, and he dared say the word “challenge”?

“Was it you who said it…”

Liu Yuxing said it softly, and without any apparent moves, the bald youth suddenly jerked. It was as if an invisible sword had been pointed at his eyebrows, causing him to have breathing difficulties and his heart stopped.

“Ah… Ah…”

The bald youth stretched his neck backwards. He pressed against his chest with great effort as if he was in great pain.

“Brother Zhang, what happened?”

Seeing the bald youth’s odd behavior, his surrounding friends were alarmed. They rushed to check on the bald youth’s situation.

But at this time, the bald youth felt the pressure on his forehead relieve. That invisible killing intent subsided.

The bald youth broke out into cold sweat. Till now, he still did not know what had happened.

His strength was weak, and he came from a small family clan in one of the remote states. He ranked around 2000 amongst the rookies and was one of the those at the bottom. However, he should not have been so weak as to nearly be killed by Liu Yuxing. He did not even know what means the other party had used!

“You… You…” The bald youth looked at Liu Yuxing in horror. What just… happened?

“You just can’t say whatever is on your mind without consequences.” Liu Yuxing played with the fan in his hand and said it with a feminine voice. “There’s just someone who can’t stand Yi Yun and paid me to finish him off.”

“So… do you understand?”

Only then did people understand the reason why Liu Yuxing had punished the bald youth. He had found the word “challenge” insulting. He was to finish Yi Yun, not challenge Yi Yun. In most cases, the word “challenge” usually referred to someone inferior battling someone superior.

Liu Yuxing closed his fan and through a distance of nine meters, pressed on the bald youth’s chest. He already felt that even if he won this match against Yi Yun, it would just add to Yi Yun’s reputation. He wasn’t pleased about this. Hence, when this bald youth said that, it made him more upset.

The bald youth felt as if Liu Yuxing’s fan was pressing against his chest, retarding his heart beats.

He said with difficulty, “I… I understand.”

Only then did Liu Yuxing give a satisfactory nod. He looked at Zhang Chang who had come to collect the challenge token for Yi Yun and said, “The token is mine. As for the battle with Yi Yun, just admit defeat.”

Liu Yuxing said casually. Naturally, Zhang Chang had no way of disagreeing. He nodded like he was pounding garlic, “Yes, please take it.”

Liu Yuxing chuckled and played with Yi Yun’s token twice before turning to walk out of the hall.

The people inside the hall immediately gave way for Liu Yuxing to walk through. Who would dare to block Liu Yuxing’s path!?

Only after seeing Liu Yuxing’s back disappear into the night did people swallow a mouthful of saliva and whispered, “This guy… he is more arrogant than Yi Yun!”

Yi Yun had used a brick against the Four Bully Lords and never used a proper weapon from the beginning to the end. To many, this was an act of arrogance.

But compared to Liu Yuxing, Yi Yun would really be considered humble.

“He’s arrogant. But he has the ability to be arrogant. To be ranked sixth amongst the rookies. If Yi Yun was excluded, Liu Yuxing is actually ranked fifth! And the Liu family’s ‘Star Picking Hand’ has a great reputation. How it works is a mystery because many of those who have seen the ‘Star Picking Hand’ are already dead!”

Many family clans had secret cultivation techniques that they fiercely guarded. Even the powers and effects of these secret cultivation techniques were not known.

Of course, to completely keep the powers and effects a secret was impossible.

During competitions or fights, people would still see it.

But this would result in those uninformed people who had little insight not understanding the moves. As such, the moves become even more mysterious and fearsome.

“Liu Yuxing said someone paid him to beat Yi Yun. It has to be Li Hong. After all, Yi Yun had made a huge bet in the Hongdao Association’s betting pool. Li Hong would not just wait helplessly. I thought tomorrow’s matches would end with Yi Yun’s landslide victory again, but this would be interesting. We can see the elegant appearance of the ‘Star Picking Hand’!”

Many were looking forward to it, including the bald youth who had been abused by Liu Yuxing in public. He too wanted to know what Liu Yuxing’s cultivation technique was.

And how was Yi Yun to deal with Liu Yuxing?

After a night without events, the Tai Ah Divine City’s rookies surged to the arena upon daybreak.

After cultivating for a night, Yi Yun still did not know what sort of opponents he would be facing today.

Because Yi Yun had no challenge tokens to collect yesterday, he did not go to the hall.

While on the road, Yi Yun noticed that many were looking at him and privately discussing something.

As Yi Yun’s strength was frightening, these people did not dare to point at Yi Yun. Their discussions were all through Yuan Qi transmissions.

Yi Yun gave an odd look and touched his nose. What’s going on?

“Yi Yun! You became famous again!” From afar, Zhou Kui walked towards Yi Yun with a silly smile. He had bet that Yi Yun would win more than ten matches in a row yesterday. As such, he had won a large sum of dragon scale runes, so he was delighted.

Earlier on, he felt that if he knew Yi Yun was so strong, he would have bet 20 consecutive victories for Yi Yun. This would result in him earning more.

But today, he learned that Yi Yun had been eyed by Liu Yuxing!

When Zhou Kui was in the Xuanwu Army, he had heard a general mention the new generation of heroes in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. At that time, the general had mentioned Liu Yuxing. He was a person with terrifying strength and had previously gone on the battlefield, killing others.

Liu Yuxing was a proud person and even considered everyone beneath his notice. But this was built on the foundation of absolute strength!

Upon hearing that Yi Yun was going to fight Liu Yuxing, Zhou Kui was a bit delighted at his good luck. He was thankful that he did not bet on Yi Yun winning 20 matches. Whether Yi Yun was to win today’s battle was still up in the air!

Seeing Yi Yun’s confused expression, Zhou Kui said, “Brother Yi, do you not know? Today you will be fighting with Liu Yuxing!”