True Martial World Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Battling Liu Yuxing
Chapter 223: Battling Liu Yuxing

Liu Yuxing?

Upon hearing Zhou Kui’s words, Yi Yun became momentarily dazed. Clearly Zhou Kui’s words meant that Liu Yuxing was very strong, or else he would not have rushed over just to tell him that.

Among the rookies, Yi Yun knew of Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu. As for the other strong rookies, he did not know anything about them. Yi Yun had no idea about any of the rookies after fourth place.

This was because Yi Yun had only been picking herbs or cultivating ever since he came here. He was not aware of almost any of the events that had happened, so he knew very little about the well-known figures.

“Is Liu Yuxing very strong?”

“Of course! He is the son of Duke Liu. He has already gone on the battlefield, he has even killed before. He’s ranked sixth amongst the rookies!”

Ranked sixth amongst the rookies?

Upon hearing this ranking, what Yi Yun thought was simply “OK“.

But seeing Zhou Kui’s expression, as if Liu Yuxing was a heaven defying force, Yi Yun did not want to shock him so he silently nodded. He echoed, “Then it must be someone whose strength is not bad…”

“It’s not only ‘not bad’! Liu Yuxing’s ‘Star Picking Hand’ has an uncanny attacking method. You must pay attention to it. It can kill a person from a hundred paces away in an intangible way!”

Zhou Kui knew some things about the ‘Star Picking Hand’, but his level of understanding was not very detailed.

“Star Picking Hand?”

Of course, Yi Yun had never heard of this cultivation technique. To kill someone from a hundred paces away in an intangible way sounded bizarre.

But bizarre did not equate being powerful. He knew that the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was undoubtedly the number one cultivation technique in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Just from the extreme difficulty in obtaining the opportunity to cultivate it, or its cultivation difficulty, illustrated this point.

Over the tens of millions of years, uncountable number of sages had learned the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, there were even those who had the capability to add their own understandings and enlightenment into the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!

In fact, those who could add to the nomological truths in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ were the greatest sage-level experts. Figures of such levels were not someone that appeared in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom every generation.

Yi Yun arrived at the arena. There were a lot more people in the arena today compared to the previous day.

Many of the second and third year cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City had come to watch today’s matches.

Yi Yun’s outstanding performance the previous day had spread throughout the rookie circles in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Yi Yun’s performance was still not something that attracted the attention of senior cultivators that had reached the Yuan foundation realm, like Yang Qian and Yao Dao. But amongst the veterans who were ranked past 2000-3000, a person like Yi Yun was a potential threat to them.

In less than a year, Yi Yun would be coming for their spot. It was always good to pay attention to a future opponent.

“He’s Yi Yun.”

The moment Yi Yun appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of many. It could be said that Yi Yun barely counted as a prominent person in the Tai Ah Divine City.

“Liu Yuxing has appeared. That’s Liu Yuxing.”

With a slight commotion in the crowd, a youth in white strolled into the arena.

Liu Yuxing was like a delicate jade, and extremely refined. His spotless clothes and shoes were white and crisp.

Liu Yuxing only took a glance at Yi Yun, no longer looking at him after that. He sat down at his seat and began focusing. It was as if he was indifferent to everything around him, giving off an air of arrogance.

Yi Yun silently used his spiritual energy to interface with the Heaven’s eyeball and secretly observed Liu Yuxing from a distance of over thirty meters.

Having formed the Heaven’s eyeball, Yi Yun could gain a rough understanding of the Yuan Qi fluctuation within a person’s body, and from that, infer a person’s cultivation level.

“He should be in the entry stages of the late-Purple Blood realm…”

Yi Yun felt that Liu Yuxing’s cultivation level was just slightly higher than his own, so it was reasonable that he was in the entry stages of the late-Purple Blood realm.

The second day’s competition for the rookie ranking matches officially began!

Yi Yun’s first few opponents immediately gave up, until…

“Divine Wilderness Stage, 10,003, Yi Yun! 10,006, Liu Yuxing! Come on-stage for the match!”

The referee shouted loudly on the Divine Wilderness Stage.

“They’re up!”

There were a lot of people who were not paying attention to the ongoings matches and just meditated or discussed privately amongst themselves. But now, they all began to pay attention, looking straight at the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Many amongst them had come to the arena just to see Yi Yun’s and Liu Yuxing’s match!

Now, it had finally begun!

Liu Yuxing’s clothes fluttered in the wind. Like a graceful swan, he gently landed on the stage without kicking up any dust. Just this levitation art was an amazement to many.

Purple Blood warriors did not have the ability to fly, but Liu Yuxing’s levitation art looked no different from flying.

Yi Yun walked up on stage. He stood thirty meters away from Liu Yuxing and faced him.

Liu Yuxing’s hands were held behind his back, with his head slightly tilted up.

He glanced at Yi Yun and calmly said, “Someone paid me 8000 dragon scale runes to get me to break your winning streak. So me standing on this stage today is not because I’m interested in challenging you…”

While saying this, a sword appeared in Liu Yuxing’s hand.

This sword appeared like magic. Liu Yuxing casually swung the sword and pointed the blade at Yi Yun, but the sword was still within its scabbard.

Liu Yuxing did not unsheathe his sword and said, “Let’s begin. If you can make me unsheathe my sword in ten moves, and if you’re able to survive three of my hits, then I’ll let you see the Liu family’s secret technique: ‘Star Picking Hand’!”

The Liu family’s ancestors had instructed that the ‘Star Picking Hand’ was not to be easily used, as they did not want people to see the effects of this cultivation technique.

So if it was possible, Liu Yuxing did not want to use the ‘Star Picking Hand’ to finish Yi Yun.

What he said was clearly heard by everyone present. Liu Yuxing was really arrogant!

He did not want to unsheathe his sword while facing Yi Yun!

Yi Yun was not a pushover. By previously defeating the Four Bully Lords, he had already proven his extraordinary strength.

But Liu Yuxing still said those words even after seeing his matches. That meant that the strength Yi Yun revealed did not pose a threat to him!

The result of this battle depended on how much hidden strength Yi Yun had!

If Yi Yun had nothing else hidden, then he was bound to lose!

Liu Yuxing was indeed terrifying!

Among the 2000 or so rookies that came to the Tai Ah Divine City, they were all said to be elites. But even amongst them, there were huge gaps! The experts amongst the rookies were not weaker than some of the senior cultivators that had been training in the Tai Ah Divine City for more than three years!

“Force you to unsheathe your sword within ten moves?” Yi Yun smiled. His right hand touched the interspatial ring on his left hand’s ring finger. With a flip of his hand, he had taken out the Heaven Upheaval Seal.

Seeing Yi Yun’s action, many stared for a while before recovering.

Heavens! Are we seeing right!?

Even at this time, Yi Yun was still going to use the brick?

Was he planning to use the brick to settle the match with Liu Yuxing!?

Yi Yun planned to brick down Liu Yuxing, a person of great stature, like the Four Bully Lords!?

Was he mad!?

With the Heaven Upheaval Seal in hand, Yi Yun loosened up his wrist and said, “If you can make me unsheathe my saber in ten moves, and if you’re able to survive three of my hits, then I’ll let you see a cultivation technique I recently learned.”

Yi Yun returned Liu Yuxing’s words back at him without much modification.

Liu Yuxing frozed.

“What did you say?”

Liu Yuxing’s forehead popped a green vein, his face turning livid.

He was eccentric enough. He knew that Yi Yun was actually very strong, but Liu Yuxing’s character was as such. But he never imagined that Yi Yun was even more eccentric than him.

He dared to speak to him in such a manner.

Liu Yuxing did not unsheathe his sword, but it did not mean he would not use his sword. Even a sword placed within its scabbard was much more powerful than a brick!

“Making you unsheathe your saber in ten moves and you’ll show me your cultivation technique? Hehe…” Liu Yuxing laughed with anger. He was willing to demonstrate the Liu family’s ‘Star Picking Hand’ to Yi Yun, yet Yi Yun used the same words back at him. But what cultivation technique could he have that could compare with the ‘Star Picking Hand’?

Liu Yuxing felt that he and the ‘Star Picking Hand’ had been insulted by Yi Yun!

“Courting death!”

In his outrage, Liu Yuxing attacked. The calm Divine Wilderness Stage in the middle of the arena was immediately stirred up by a gust of violent wind!

Sword Qi soared up and shot out without restraint!

Liu Yuxing appeared in front of Yi Yun like a ghost!

This violent wind was a result of his movement skills. It was a terrifying speed!


Liu Yuxing stabbed out straight at Yi Yun’s neck. A sheathed sword would be missing out on its attack power, but with Liu Yuxing’s Yuan Qi infused within it, this stab’s strength was also extremely frightening!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

Before the blade arrived, the stirring sword Qi had already sliced the purple tungsten floor like a sharp sword, causing shocking sword marks to appear on it.

The purple tungsten was extremely hard, but the sword Qi still left a mark. It was obvious how strong Liu Yuxing’s attack was!

Seeing this sword coming, Yi Yun retreated and used the Heaven Upheaval Seal in his hand to block.


A metallic clang sounded out. Yi Yun felt the Heaven Upheaval Seal tremble. The unrestrained sword Qi had impacted the Heaven Upheaval Seal, hitting it directly!

It was blocked!

Many were greatly surprised! Yi Yun had used the Heaven Upheaval Seal to block Liu Yuxing’s sword Qi. The first move was over!


A hideous look flashed within Liu Yuxing’s eyes. A short and small weapon like the Heaven Upheaval Seal could barely be used to hit people, but to use it as a shield was almost impossible.

But Yi Yun actually managed to use it to block his attack!?

“Locking On Mountains!”

Liu Yuxing’s move changed and a rain of blade beams poured down on Yi Yun!

The dazzling blade beams were immersed within the wind. Only the beams could be seen, not the sword itself! It was hard for people to imagine that an unsheathed sword would be able to send out so many blade beams!

These blade beams had covered a radius of nine meters. Within these nine meters, almost everything was under Liu Yuxing’s absolute authority!

Yi Yun was surrounded inside this absolute territory. Being inside this region, he could be attacked by endless sword attacks, and in a blink of an eye, a hundred stabs could be sent out!

“Competing in speed?” Yi Yun smiled. He had never truly been afraid when it came to speed.