True Martial World Chapter 234

Chapter 234: The Rookie competition’s last two days
Chapter 234: The Rookie competition’s last two days

The rookie ranking competition carried on over the next few days!

This rookie ranking competition was the most grand one seen in the past twenty years of the Tai Ah Divine City’s history. It could be said that it was filled with experts!

Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran entered the top 3000 on the second day of the ranking matches. This was indeed a result to be proud of.

In addition, the man from a humble background, Gu Mu, managed to gather attention after suddenly surprising everyone in his first match, which ended with him entering the top 4500.

Although it was worse than Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran’s result, it was still a result that left many rookies in the dust.

Because of this new ranking, Gu Mu was ranked third amongst the rookies.

As for the Yi Yun who was more famous than Gu Mu, he had not appeared until today.

The rookie ranking competition lasted for ten days.

The first four days were for the rookies to challenge one another. It was mostly for the average rookies to rank themselves amongst each other; mainly for those ranked over 10,000.

From the fifth day onwards, elites like Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran began climbing up the Earth rankings.

According to the competition rules, a person could take part in up to twelve matches a day. But these twelve battles only referred to the limit of the number of challenges one could receive a day.

If one wanted to challenge others, one could only issue two challenges a day!

Typically, when rookies climbed up the Earth rankings, the common practice was to gradually move up, rising up the rankings bit by bit. After all, this was the first time the rookies were climbing up the Earth rankings. They had to slowly battle it out and compare their own strength to the veteran cultivators’ strength as they slowly made their way up.

Typically, rookies who aimed to enter the top 6000 would begin in the top 8000. By doing so, they got used to the battle styles of the veteran cultivators,while gaining experience at the same time..

In six days, one could challenge others twelve times. It was sufficient for deciding their overall ranking.

As for the final result for the rookie rankings, it was calculated through this method.

Every rookie would be ranked according to the Earth ranking they would get in their battle history. The higher one ranked, the higher they would be ranked amongst the rookies. If the rookies fought between themselves, then the victor would be ranked ahead.

The rules sounded complicated, but they were actually very simple.

If Qiuniu was ranked 2900 on the Earth rankings and Chu Xiaoran was ranked 2800. Even if Chu Xiaoran was to be defeated by someone else on the last day, Chu Xiaoran would still be ranked first amongst the rookies!

But if Qiuniu felt he was stronger than Chu Xiaoran, he could challenge Chu Xiaoran on the last day. If he won, then first place would go to Qiuniu.

These rules were extremely fair. They would also reflect the rookies’ ranking in an impartial manner.

If the rookies were to take turns to fight their ranking matches, it would take a lot of time to rank 2000 people. But with the Divine City’s ranking rules, a person only needed to partake in slightly more than ten matches.

It was the ninth day of the rookie rankings!

There were only two days left before the end.

The rookie rankings were basically set at this point. There were three rookies who entered the top 5000 of the Earth rankings. There were more than a hundred who entered the top 8000.

As for Yi Yun, he was absent! His ranking was still at 10,003.

Many could not comprehend why he was not present. What was Yi Yun doing?

“What’s wrong with Yi Yun? We haven’t seen him for days. Could he be set aback by Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran?”

Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran were monsters. After Yi Yun saw their match, he had been absent from the second day onwards. As such, many people made this assumption.

“How could he be this weak? Also, there’s no need for Yi Yun to compete with Qiuniu or Chu Xiaoran. He can easily enter the top 5000 of the Earth rankings to vie for third place with Gu Mu. If he were to obtain third place, then the rookie awards he would receive would still make many envious.”

People’s tongues wagged. It was now the second to last day, yet Yi Yun had not participated in any challenge battles. He had only four challenge chances left. No one knew what he was thinking.

But at this moment, not many were concerned with Yi Yun.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran. They were all thinking that it would not be surprising if Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran were to battle on the last day!

This battle would decide who was first amongst this batch’s rookies!

Just thinking of this battle made many feel excited.

At this moment, in the central divine tower, Elder Jian Ge and the thin old man, who took Yi Yun to the saber tomb to gain insight on the primeval source saber truth, were playing chess.

Both of them were old friends. To people at that level, having a confidant was not easy. Due to their long lifespan, many of their friends and relatives had slowly died of age throughout their long lives. People who could go along with them were few and far between.

“Cang Yan, how’s that kid Yi Yun?” Elder Jian Ge casually asked as he placed his chess piece. He had been secretly paying attention to the rookie competition over the past few days.

“Oh, he hasn’t come out yet…” The thin old man answered without much thought.

Elder Jian Ge frowned. “He still hasn’t come out? How many days has he been in there? For a Purple Blood realm junior to stay in the saber tomb for so long, is he planning to discover something?”

“He’s been in there for the past 4-5 days…” The thin old man played with his chess piece and chuckled. “I have been paying attention to him for the past few days. He has been sitting quietly in front of the words bearing the saber truths. Seeing him in that state, I did not call out to him. Speaking of this, I told the kid that he had to pay one glory point per day in the saber tomb. Now that he has stayed in there for that long, I still haven’t gotten the remaining glory points from him. He sure lucked out.”

“You…” Elder Jian Ge was speechless. “To think that you are still in a mood for joking. This Yi Yun has been sitting in the saber tomb for so long. It’s most likely that he has gone astray trying to gain insight. Back then, not even Qin Haotian stayed in the sword tomb for that long.”

The words of the saber truth were too profound. For a Purple Blood realm warrior to try to understand them, it would not be a surprise if he gained an incorrect understanding of them.

If someone went too far on this incorrect path, it would adversely affect their future development.

“Cang Yan, quickly bring the kid out. If he has gone astray, correct him. Do not allow him to go astray any further.”

Elder Jian Ge had always been concerned about the younger generation.

Many Elders in the Tai Ah Divine City were oblivious to the younger generation that came to the Divine City to train. After all, a genius like Qin Haotian only had a 1% chance of becoming a sage.

In the long lives of these Elders, they had gotten accustomed to seeing geniuses. Slowly, they did not pay much attention to them. Only those that became a sage gained their attention.

“Hai, you really are long-winded, but… The rookie ranking competition is about to come to an end. This kid really should come out, if not he will miss it.”

With this thought in mind, the thin old man let go of the chess piece and walked towards the saber tomb.

At this point, Yi Yun was fully immersed in a trance-like state in the saber tomb.

In Yi Yun’s energy vision, line after line of energy light beams circulated. These flowing light beams were like saber beams moving.

In Yi Yun’s vision, these words did not look like words, they looked like the slashing and dicing of a saber!

Each saber move’s trajectory path was deeply branded in Yi Yun’s iris.

In his soul, Yi Yun constantly demonstrated it and imitated it.

By using the words’ strokes as saber moves, the energy flow within the words were, faintly, in conjunction with the energy flow within Yi Yun’s meridians.

“Every word’s stroke has an energy direction. And it’s in the same direction as the energy flow in my meridians… It’s really magical!” Yi Yun spoke to himself. The person who engraved these words could even inscribe the sutras, that controlled the energy within the meridians, within the words. This method was completely unheard of.

This person had clearly perfected his control over energy and laws. It was no wonder that the first city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City used this person’s tomb as an array field for the foundation of the Tai Ah Divine City.

As Yi Yun was having these thoughts, he suddenly heard a “Zha Zha Zha” mechanism sound.

He turned his head, and saw the large bronze door open. Cang Yan was standing by the doorway.

This old man stroked his chin. He was looking at Yi Yun as if Yi Yun was an animal in a cage.

“Kid, do you know how many days you have been in here?” Cang Yan asked.

Yi Yun shook his head, “It can’t be that short…”

Over the past few days, Yi Yun had been focused on cultivation. Whenever he was hungry, he ate a bone relic that he had. There was no way of telling the time of day in this ancient tomb; hence, Yi Yun did not know how much time had passed.

“Oh, it’s been about four days, not more than five, so… You owe me three glory points. When it comes to it, you will need to pay me back.” Cang Yan chuckled.

Yi Yun was shocked because it had been so long!

He really did not think he had been in here for so long!

But over the past few days, Yi Yun had gained a lot. Even if he had to pay the three glory points, it was worth it!

As for the rookie ranking competition, he had been absent for so long. There were only two more days left, which meant he had to rush back.

Yi Yun deeply craved the rewards for the rookie ranking competition.

“Thank you for the senior’s reminder!” Yi Yun cupped his hands. The old man was stunned. This kid actually thanked him. Was he going to renegue on those glory points?

“Kid, let me tell you. The ancient tomb’s saber truth words leads straight to the primeval source. If you gained any insight, it will let you skyrocket. Your first steps on the martial arts path will be in front of others. You will not take many detours and will have a great future.”

“But… if your level is too low, it will not be easy to gain any insight. In all of these years, this old man has brought many young geniuses into the saber and sword tombs to learn the essence of the saber or sword. But only Qin Haotian was able to gain a tiny understanding of sword intent. Qin Haotian is a natural swordsman. He has extremely high perceptivity with the way of the sword!”

“Kid, you must decide where you stand in your abilities. The things you can understand, do your best in understanding it. If you cannot understand something, do not force it. The road ahead of you is still long. In the future, when you are at a higher level, it will be much easier to study it when you come again.”

It was rare for the old man to say such words with such well meant intent.

After Yi Yun heard this, all he said was, “Thank you for the senior’s guidance!”

This kid!

Cang Yan stroked his chin. He felt that Yi Yun had a hint of confidence within his eyes!

He was not set aback by the saber truth words, but he gained confidence from them!

For a person with a low level to understand a high level law and even managing to obtain confidence from it, it was not a good sign.

Because most of the time, they should find it very difficult to understand, so how could they have confidence?

Those who had confidence had most likely gone astray, so they thought it was simple!

“Could this kid gone on the wrong path? If he really took the wrong path, then the confidence he has will have the opposite effect later…”

For things that depended on perceptivity, it could only be understood and not explained. Cang Yan was powerless to render assistance. Yi Yun had to rely on himself.

“I can’t have caused problems by taking this kid to the saber tomb, right?”

Seeing Yi Yun look so confident, the old man really turned worried. Such people usually were wrong without knowing it.

But Yi Yun had already bidden farewell and walked out of the tomb.

He was rushing to join the rookie ranking competition.

It was now noon of the ninth day of the ranking competition. If Yi Yun wanted to register a challenge battle, he had only four chances left!

“Four chances… It’s enough!” With this thought, Yi Yun walked towards the arena…