True Martial World Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Divine Strength Ox King Skill
Chapter 237: Divine Strength Ox King Skill

“Taking off his armor to battle?”

Hearing Qiuniu’s words, the audience were stunned. Most people thought that one’s battle power would be stronger when covered in full body armor.

If he took his armor off, wouldn’t Qiuniu’s defense strength drop down a notch?

Qiuniu could not withstand Yi Yun’s saber even while he was wearing armor!

“This is so terrifying. How is Yi Yun’s saber so sharp? Qiuniu has never been hurt while fighting!”

No one could understand it. Previously when Qiuniu entered the top 3000, he had fought a veteran cultivator who used a long battle axe. That battle axe was extremely heavy, but when it struck Qiuniu’s armor, Qiuniu was still able to withstand it using his armor that was protected by his Yuan Qi!

Yi Yun’s saber did not look as powerful as the long battle axe, so how did he break through Qiuniu’s defenses?

People looked with wonder and awe at Yi Yun’s saber.

That sharp long saber was still dripping blood.

“Pa Da! Pa Da!”

Drop after drop of blood bloomed upon landing onto the purple tungsten ground, like plum blossoms.

This saber was too terrifying!

By now, Qiuniu had taken off his helmet and removed his chest plate and back plate.

Every part of this armor set resounded loudly when it was thrown onto the stage. It was hard to imagine how heavy it was when every part was added up.

“The armor is used to provide defense. This set of white metal armor has outstanding defense capabilities! But…” As Qiuniu said this, he threw the large glove from his right hand.

“The white metal armor is too heavy. I wear it not for protection, but to limit myself and to train my strength! I am constantly using my family’s secret technique, ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’ to counteract the white metal armor’s weight. As such, I am constantly cultivating!”

“And only by taking off the white metal armor can I push my power to an extreme!”

While saying this, Qiuniu had completely removed all of his armor. He was wearing black, tight-fitting clothes. His muscles stretching out the fabric of his clothes.

Qiuniu roared.


A surge of Yuan Qi exploded from Qiuniu’s body as his muscles began expanding!

Vein after vein bulged and twisted. Even Qiuniu’s height grew taller as a result.

He was originally 1.9 meters tall. Now, he was more than 2 meters tall. His arms were as thick as an adult’s thigh. The long hair, on his nearly bald head, also grew longer under his power, all the way to his back.

After revealing his ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’, Qiuniu’s aura was completely different.

He took out a large polearm from his interspatial ring!

This polearm was as long as Qiuniu’s height. The polearm’s shaft was as thick as a child’s wrist. And the polearm’s head was about three feet wide!

This peerless weapon gave people chills when they saw it!

“Hahahaha! This feels great! It really feels great!”

Qiuniu laughed heartily, “It’s been a while since I completely removed all of my armor to use the ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’!”

Qiuniu stretched his body comfortable as his joints crackled. The wounds that were previously opened by Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber had also stopped bleeding from the expansion of Qiuniu’s muscles.

“Let me warn you. My body is an impenetrable body! This is a form of blood lineage! Although I have taken off my white metal armor, it has also released my ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’. With the support of the ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’ protective Yuan Qi, my defense ability only strengthens and doesn’t weaken!”

Hearing Qiuniu’s words, the surrounding audience were secretly horrified. Qiuniu was too terrifying!

An impenetrable body of a blood lineage! This was a rare physical state. It was no wonder Qiuniu had such odd strength.

By taking off his armor, Qiuniu’s defense actually strengthened! With increased defense, with his enormous strength, just being hit by that polearm was an obvious result!

Qiuniu seemed to not possess any weakness at this point!

“Are you ready?”

Just after saying this, with his large polearm, his figure moved like a gust of wind!

His figure also formed many afterimages. He was too fast!

People thought that Qiuniu was not proficient in his speed. In fact, in the previous battles, Qiuniu’s speed was indeed slow. He even seldom took more than a few steps. Most of the time, he stood in the middle of the arena like a fortress.

But Qiuniu, who had now taken off his armor, was completely different!

Only now did people realize that Qiuniu’s speed was as terrifying as his strength!

Qiuniu’s power that exuded from his body was extremely overwhelming. Although he was heavy, but with his terrifying strength, the weight from his body was nothing!

Although Qiuniu’s movements lacked style, just from the burst of speed he could muster, he was definitely amongst the best compared to warriors of the same level!

His defense was strong, his attack power was strong and his speed was also fast. How was one to win against such an opponent?

People began to worry for Yi Yun.

Qiuniu, whose position could not be determined by the audience, suddenly appeared in front of Yi Yun!

In an instant, the chaotic afterimages formed as one. With the large polearm in hand, all of Qiuniu’s strength exploded!

“Quaking Heaven Strike!”

Huge amounts of energy was imbued into the large polearm. Qiuniu’s polearm strike could easily flatten a mountain!


The Yuan Qi within the large polearm exploded. A crater appeared in the purple tungsten arena. With a leap, Yi Yun floated away like a swan!

He dodged it!

Qiuniu sneered and swiped the polearm at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s body was in midair as it twisted in an incredulous manner. He dodged it again as if he was blown away!

“Sha! Sha! Sha!”

The large polearm moved in a dazzling manner!

But Yi Yun’s body seemed to be weightless. Every swipe of Qiuniu’s large polearm was avoided, it was as if he was blown away by the Yuan Qi. Even the overwhelming Yuan Qi blast was easily avoided by Yi Yun.

Qiuniu was fast, but Yi Yun was faster!

By reaching the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, and with the pure Yang power’s impetus, Yi Yun’s speed had reached an incredible level.

People’s eyes were fully occupied by the scenes on stage. One violent explosion after another appeared while Qiuniu and Yi Yun’s afterimages weaved together!

It was hard to imagine that this was a battle between two thirteen year old kids!

“What’s happening on stage!?”

The weaker warriors could not see what was going on. They only knew that the battle was extremely intense. As for who had the upper hand, they did not know!

“Qiuniu has been continuously attacking while Yi Yun has been dodging them all!” A better-ranked rookie explained, “Now it seems like Qiuniu has the upper hand. Yi Yun has not exchanged blows with Qiuniu at all!”

“Of course he doesn’t dare to exchange blows. Who would dare to parry that large polearm’s force. Yi Yun’s saber is so thin. If their weapons were to clash, Yi Yun’s arms might go numb and his saber might even break! But Qiuniu might not have the upper hand! Indeed, Yi Yun might not have the ability to clash with Qiuniu, but Qiuniu can’t hit Yi Yun. If this drags on, Qiuniu’s stamina will rapidly deplete. No matter how strong he is, his stamina will gradually run out. Once that happens, Yi Yun can turn the tables and win!”

Someone held an opposing view.

With the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, Yi Yun indeed held the upper hand. By using his movements to deplete Qiuniu’s stamina and finally counterattack when Qiuniu was exhausted, that would be the smartest approach and was Yi Yun’s only chance of winning.

Yet again everyone became stumped, not knowing what the outcome of this match would be. People held their breaths and opened their eyes wide. They were afraid to miss even a single exhilarating move.

But… At this moment, Qiuniu’s speed began to slow down till he eventually stopped.

He held his polearm in one hand and looked at Yi Yun with a burning fighting spirit.


Yi Yun looked all around.

“Ah! You noticed it?” Qiuniu again twisted his thick neck out of habit. “My previous attacks had all been dodged by you, but I actually set up a Yuan Qi cage.”

“This is also a move of the ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’, named ‘Trapped Ox Lock’. It can create a blockade in empty air from the Yuan Qi released in each attack. It is especially used to deal with fast opponents like you!”

“With my powers, I can only maintain the Yuan Qi blockade for less than a minute, and I can only use it once. After that I will be too tired to use it a second time…”

Qiuniu did not mind exposing the weakness of his attack, “But… This is already sufficient. As long as I can obtain a chance to strike with the ‘Trapped Ox Lock’, that would be enough!” Qiuniu confidently said!

He was extremely confident. He was planning to win the battle with one strike!