True Martial World Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Clinching Victory
Chapter 238: Clinching Victory

“‘Trapped Ox Lock’? What’s that?”

Hearing Qiuniu’s words, everyone focused their gazes on him. They could not see anything happening on the stage, but when they concentrated, they could feel the odd Yuan Qi fluctuations in the middle of the Divine Wilderness Stage!

The Yuan Qi was converging together without dissipating!

“Trapped Ox Lock? He is using compacted Yuan Qi to trap Yi Yun?”

A few veteran cultivators had a keen perception of Yuan Qi. They could also understand Qiuniu’s plan. Yi Yun’s movement techniques were too good, so Qiuniu had to use his ‘Trapped Ox Lock’ to hold Yi Yun in one place.

Even if the lock only lasted for a few seconds, it was still enough for Qiuniu!

As Qiuniu’s frontal assault was too terrifying, no one would be able to take it head on! As long as Qiuniu managed to force Yi Yun to take his blow head on, then Qiuniu would win the match!

“This battle strategy is very effective. As expected, Qiuniu does not plan on letting Yi Yun deplete his stamina. Yi Yun is in trouble now!”

People held their breath. Qiuniu’s attack could easily kill someone!

Below the stage, there were some doctors on standby. Many of these doctors were past cultivator graduates of the Tai Ah Divine City. They could be considered the seniors of the rookies present here. Their jobs were to treat the seriously injured participants and they were responsible for their lives.

However, as weapons were hard to control, there would be a few accidental deaths in the arena every year.

They had to pay special attention to dangerous characters like Qiuniu. There was a high probability of his opponents dying!

Qiuniu slowly circulated his Yuan Qi. He was like a hungry tiger that was stalking it’s prey. He was staring at Yi Yun ferociously.

“My ‘Trapped Ox Lock’ isn’t strong. You just need a short amount of time to break it, but… I will not allow that to happen! I will do my best by using my strongest attack to defeat you!”

“This attack is one of the last three moves of the ‘Divine Strength Ox King Skill’. I can barely use it as its strength is too great. Even I cannot control it well. Just using it might kill. There is still time for you to admit defeat!”

As Qiuniu said this, he lowered his body into a squat, before half-kneeling on the ground. In this weird pose, both his hands held the large battle polearm’s shaft. His body’s Yuan Qi was like a simmering volcano!

Yi Yun was silent as he faced Qiuniu. He gently flipped the Thousand Army Saber and he pointed the tip of his blade at Qiuniu.

This was Yi Yun’s answer.

Qiuniu laughed, “As expected, you will not admit defeat. Yes! If you admitted defeat, you would not be a respectful opponent that I can look in the eye. Now, try to handle this attack!”


Qiuniu’s Yuan Qi exploded. The surge of Yuan Qi was condensing behind Qiuniu as it slowly formed a single horned Sky Ox’s phantom image!

Qiuniu’s body seemed to slowly rise up, which made it look like he was holding up the sky.

“Sky Ox Tyrannous Blood!” Qiuniu roared as his aura reached an extreme point. He charged forward with this indomitable aura leaking out of him. Each step Qiuniu took left a crater on the purple tungsten stage!

With the Sky Ox’s phantom image boosting his surging strength, Qiuniu swiped his large battle polearm downwards at Yi Yun!

There was no doubt that this strike would be able to slash open the stage!

Facing this strike, that resembled a ravaging storm, Yi Yun was amazingly calm. He held his saber with both hands, the Thousand Army Saber’s tip forming an angle with the ground. At this moment, Yi Yun’s mind was exceedingly tranquil, because his mind was completely at one with the Thousand Army Saber.

The various insights he had gained from the saber tomb now rushed into Yi Yun’s mind.

Yi Yun had spent many days in the saber tomb, trying to understand its teachings. Yi Yun had imprinted the energy trajectories of those words deeply in his mind.

The energy and the word’s strokes all contained a saber truth within them!

Now, it was time to validate his understandings!

As Qiuniu’s attack moved downwards with an unshakable pressure, Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. The Thousand Army Saber slashed directly upwards with a green flash that flew straight into the sky!

At that instant, it was as if Heaven and Earth had turned silent. Time had stopped, leaving behind that blade slash. With an indomitable presence, it had sliced through everything!

The Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Reigning Supreme!


The blade beam and the polearm’s beam collided. Yi Yun was like a god and he moved past Qiuniu with his Thousand Army Saber! As he held onto the saber, he charged into the roaring Sky Ox phantom image!

This Sky Ox image was formed from Yuan Qi using Qiuniu’s “Sky Ox Tyrannous Blood’! But Yi Yun’s saber slashed upwards with unstoppable onslaught.

The sky ox phantom image was split in half by the Thousand Army Saber!


With the Yuan Qi exploding and the Trapped Ox Lock Yuan Qi wall shattering, a chaotic force erupted, causing the weapons surrounding the Divine Wilderness Stage to rattle. Even the purple tungsten protective wall experienced severe tremors!

However, Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber had pierced the force field. His body opened up a distance of thirty meters from Qiuniu before he landed steadily on the ground.

With the Thousand Army Saber’s tip placed on the ground, Yi Yun turned around.

On stage, Qiuniu’s back was facing Yi Yun. His body had completely frozen.

With his hand holding onto the battle polearm, he stood there, petrified in this position, without dropping the polearm.

His gaze had stagnated and his face muscles twitched. He lowered his head with great difficulty to look at his chest with disbelief in his eyes.

A bloody line had appeared, which went from the middle of Qiuniu’s eyebrows, following down the bridge of his nose to his chin, all the way to his chest.

Under Qiuniu’s muscular pressure, it took a few seconds before blood started spilling out from this wound, issuing a “Si Si” sound.

Yi Yun’s saber had sliced Qiuniu from the middle of his eyebrows to his left rib. The wound was about two feet long and even his ribs were broken!

This saber had not only sliced through the Sky Ox phantom image, it had also broken through Qiuniu’s protective Yuan Qi and at the same time, cut Qiuniu’s iron-like muscles open and broke the ribs on the left side of his chest!

Blood flowed out more rapidly, covering Qiuniu’s face, neck and chest. It made Qiuniu look extremely savage.

He could clearly feel that Yi Yun’s saber had sliced open his ribs and cut the muscles around his heart!

If Yi Yun had gone an inch further, his heart would have been cut open and he would have died!

But Yi Yun’s control of his energy in that slash was excellent. There was not a millimeter of inaccuracy!

That slash was too terrifying!

Qiuniu felt his palms begin sweating. He did not expect such an opponent amongst the Tai Ah Divine City’s rookies. Just one slash was enough to completely defeat him!

And Yi Yun had taken his ‘Sky Ox Tyrannous Blood’ head on!

This was Qiuniu’s strongest attack, one that he could not completely control. To be defeated while using this move, he admitted defeat from the bottom of his heart!

“In the battle of Yi Yun versus Qiuniu, Yi Yun wins!” The referee gave Yi Yun a deep glance and announced the results of the match.

Qiuniu had broken nine ribs, and his chest had been split open by the Thousand Army Saber. His left lung and heart were no longer protected by his Yuan Qi. It was difficult for him to even breathe, so it was natural that he had lost his ability to fight.

At this moment, four doctors who were on standby below the stage rushed onto the stage. They took out some medicine that they had prepared to treat Qiuniu’s wounds.

The doctors included three females and one male. They thought that they were going to treat Yi Yun at the end of this and that he might even be mortally wounded.

But unexpectedly, it was the complete opposite. The person who was injured was actually Qiuniu.

And Qiuniu’s wound was shocking. This slash was extremely precise, it was similar to a surgeon using a surgery knife.

It was a terrifying slash!

A few doctors looked at Yi Yun and they felt that this junior of theirs was unfathomable. In the future, he was likely to skyrocket!

“Thank you!” Yi Yun held his Thousand Army Saber and cupped his fists before turning to get down the Divine Wilderness Stage!

He knew that Qiuniu would be alright. He had deliberately avoided Qiuniu’s vital organs in this final slash.

He had learned this slash in the saber tomb. Yi Yun had only managed to understand two slash moves throughout his time spent in the saber tomb.

This ‘Reigning Supreme’ was the first saber move. In fact, this move did not completely display the essence of the the Saber Truth’s 32 Words. If one had to say how much it contained, it was just a thousandth of the essence of the Saber Truth’s 32 Words’ and it only had a ten thousandth of the charm.

Even so, by combining it with Yi Yun’s pure Yang Yuan Qi, it was still extremely powerful!

At this moment, everyone in the audience looked at Yi Yun with a completely different look.

Thinking back to the last slash, they felt like they were in a dream and they had not woken up from it yet.

Qiuniu’s ‘Sky Ox Tyrannous Blood’ attack was earth-shattering, but Yi Yun actually used his long and thin Thousand Army Saber to block it and then, he sliced through Qiuniu’s protective Yuan Qi to secure victory!

It was a shocking reversal!

Everyone thought that Yi Yun had no way of taking Qiuniu’s attack head on. But Yi Yun not only took it head on, he even defeated Qiuniu!

Think about it. A primordial ox charges at a person with a domineering aura, while that person stood still, but the primordial ox was defeated with one punch!

It was simply insane!

Even when Yi Yun returned to his seat, many people still had their mouths open from the shock.

“Amazing… Amazing… Is Yi Yun planning to get first place amongst the rookies!?”

Yi Yun’s amazing defeat of Qiuniu was beyond all forms of imagination.

Who could still compete with him?

Previously, Yi Yun had used one brick to smack his opponents unconscious one after another. It was quite impressive to do that, but not many people feared it.

Yi Yun had never used his saber, so no one knew how good his saber techniques were. But now, they had seen it.

It was chilling to the bone!

“The gap between us is too great… I really… can’t believe it…” In the crowd, Gu Mu, whose fame was not inferior to Yi Yun’s, turned pale after seeing this battle.

He had no way of comprehending Yi Yun’s strength!

He had been wanting to battle Yi Yun, but now that notion was a complete joke.

At this moment, in the Elder seat of honor on the side of the stage, a law-enforcer revealed an odd look after seeing the match under his black hood, .

“This saber technique… Did I see it incorrectly? At such a young age and having only been in the Tai Ah Divine City for only three months, it’s impossible…” He frowned.

And then he asked an arena administrator, “Do you have a video recording disk array of this battle?”

“Of course…” The administrator replied respectfully. They would use a disk array to record all the important matches and then archive them for future reference.

“Give me a copy!” The law-enforcer exclaimed. He was not sure and so, he planned on passing on the disk array footage to a Divine City Elder to confirm his guess…

He felt that it was impossible, but still, he needed an Elder to confirm it.