True Martial World Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Emperor Saber, Sovereign Sword
Chapter 243: Emperor Saber, Sovereign Sword

After Chu Xiaoran summoned her Aspect Totem, her aura was completely different. A pure chill now covered her entire body.

Seeing Chu Xiaoran in this state, the audience became secretly horrified. It was as if the person on stage was a snow lotus, growing on an icy divine mountain. The Glacier Snow Wolf behind her boosted this strong visual impact!

Chu Xiaoran’s blade faced the ground. What was once a soft ‘like water’ sword was now suddenly turning hard and sharp. This cold blade then stabbed into the purple tungsten stage.


A cold wind blew out from the stage! Frost Qi began to emanate, with Chu Xiaoran’s sword as its center.

Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

Column after column of ice pillars formed on the stage’s platform. The entire Divine Wilderness Stage had now turned into a forest of ice, with Chu Xiaoran at the center.

Yi Yun stood inside the the ice forest, facing Chu Xiaoran’s sword, experiencing the bone-chilling coldness around him.

Seeing this scene, the audience became shocked. These ice pillars were formed from Chu Xiaoran’s Yuan Qi. A Purple Blood realm warrior could actually form a ice forest using her body’s Yuan Qi? How much Yuan Qi was that!?

A Purple Blood warrior’s body had limited amount of Yuan Qi. If typical warriors were to do the same as Chu Xiaoran, they would be drained of all their body’s Yuan Qi, making them unable to battle anymore.

“Oh… This ice forest…”

Yi Yun looked around and frowned slightly. He could feel that each ice column had a spiritual connection with Chu Xiaoran.

Interfacing with his Purple Crystal, he opened his energy vision. Now, Yi Yun could see that each ice column contained extremely pure energy. And this energy had thousands of connections with Chu Xiaoran.

The ice column’s energies came from Chu Xiaoran’s body, but at the same time, these ice columns also gathered Yuan Qi from the surroundings to supply Chu Xiaoran.

“This is an array technique!”Yi Yun suddenly realized.

The ice forest may seem to consume a great portion of Chu Xiaoran’s energy, but once it was set up, Chu Xiaoran would be supplied with energy from this array technique, while fighting within the ice forest’s boundary. As a result, she would have an absolute advantage in it.

“Is this how the ice laws are used…?”

Yi Yun knew that by controlling ice elemental energy, one could only use Frost Qi to attack enemies. It could definitely not be used to create such an exquisite array setup with magical effects.

Laws are the fundamental principles behind energy. By grasping the understanding of laws, one would be able to wield their methods for using energy.

The higher the realm of laws, then the application of energy would be closer to perfection!

At this moment, Chu Xiaoran attacked!

When she stabbed out, if was as if all the Frost Qi on the stage was drawn out. The energy within the ice column array was driven by Chu Xiaoran’s attack, now sweeping towards Yi Yun!

“Peak Frost Lotus!”

Chu Xiaoran twisted her blade and the surge of Frost Qi formed a huge ice lotus in the air which shot towards Yi Yun.

This unrestrained sword Qi did not break through the ice columns when it entered the ice column inside the array, instead it moved through it unimpeded.

Just from this move alone, one could see the level Chu Xiaoran had attained in her ice laws.

Facing this attack, Yi Yun charged forward with pure Yang Yuan Qi injected into the Thousand Army Saber. With a slash of his blade, the saber Qi laws appeared once again


The saber beam shot into the sky, and Yi Yun’s saber Qi had a fierce collision with Chu Xiaoran’s sword Qi.

The two aimed to better the other. Boom!

When the aftershock of the immense explosion approached, both Yi Yun and Chu Xiaoran were pushed back. When Yi Yun was retreating, his eyes suddenly focused and he abruptly lifted his head. Just above him, the huge Glacier Snow Wolf was attacking him!

Its white killer fangs flashed. Although it was a phantom image formed from the Power of Desolates, it could still fight like a real beast!

The Glacier Snow Wolf attacked downwards with both claws!

Its seven meters long body possessed claws that were like a row of sharp swords. These swords slashed at him, right at Yi Yun’s throat!

At this moment, Yi Yun had just finished his move, and having used up his energy, he could not muster any more at this time. Facing the Glacier Snow Wolf’s attack, Yi Yun forcefully twisted his body in midair.

Minute Subtlety!

Although Yi Yun could not fly, he could use his Minute Subtlety movement technique to be in one with his surroundings. He did not need to touch anything to control his movements!

His body moved to the side and at the same time, he slashed out with his saber!


The Thousand Army Saber clashed with the wolf’s claws. Yi Yun felt his chest go numb. Having received this strong blow, he retreated backwards. With his feet on the ground, he used the Thousand Army Saber to cut through the ground. Due to the strong impact, Yi Yun had slid backwards a distance of seven meters. The Thousand Army Saber had caused a series of sparks on the purple tungsten metal!

Before Yi Yun could recover his breath, he suddenly had a change in expression.

He realized that he had landed in the middle of six ice columns!

And in his energy vision, he could clearly see that these six ice columns were brighter than other ice columns. They had gathered a lot of energy and seemed like a volcano about to erupt.

That’s bad!

Without any further thought, Yi Yun leaped upwards. And just before he leaped up, the six ice columns exploded simultaneously!

The flying ice fragments, which were like tiny ice swords, charged towards Yi Yun!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

Yi Yun waved his Thousand Army Saber and covered his entire body with saber beams. Each icicle was destroyed by the Thousand Army Saber, but there were still some tiny icicles that pierced Yi Yun’s protective Qi, cutting open Yi Yun’s flesh!

Suddenly, blood started to fly everywhere!

Yi Yun had been injured!

The audience were shocked. This was the first time Yi Yun was injured in the competition!

Chu Xiaoran’s attack was too terrifying. Her continuous attacks were dazzling!

Previously, Chu Xiaoran did not reveal her real strength. Against Long Li, she had achieved victory with her weakest abilities. This was not because Chu Xiaoran wanted to appear weak on purpose. The reason was that if she was to use her ice laws and Aspect Totem, her attacks would be like a storm! A person like Long Li would have no way of handling it!

At this moment, before people could react, they saw Chu Xiaoran flying through the air like a snow spirit.

Chu Xiaoran was now making her second move!

Without stopping, she sent out attack after attack. Even the audience, who were watching the battle from the sidelines, had no chance to take a break, Yi Yun even less so as he was on stage!

Chu Xiaoran slashed her sword, making sword beams appear like a torrential ocean!

At this moment, the color of Chu Xiaoran’s eyes turned icy-blue. It was as if her pupils contained endless glaciers within them!

Chu Xiaoran slashed with her sword, behind her, another six ice columns simultaneously exploded. The fragmented ice crystals were then guided by Chu Xiaoran’s sword, flying towards Yi Yun!

At the same time, the Glacier Snow Wolf behind Chu Xiaoran howled. It then entered the sword and became the sword’s soul! This, together with the fragmented ice crystals, was Chu Xiaoran’s strongest attack! This was the extreme power of her attack!

“Azure Blue Frost Sea, Ephemeral Beauty!” Chu Xiaoran softly said those words, as if they were a poem with a picturesque sword beam!

If Chu Xiaoran was said to be a snow lotus, then the beauty she had been accumulating for a millennium was now being released in an instant!

This attack seemed to stop time. Everyone’s expression seemed to have frozen.

Chu Xiaoran’s strength was too terrifying, and it was deeply profound. It was heaven-shaking once it was revealed!

How could one block such an attack!?

Seeing this torrential tide of blue sword beams shooting towards him, Yi Yun constricted his pupils. His irises reflected the approaching sword beams. The cold Frost Qi and killing intent was going to destroy everything!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s mind was as still as water.

With his right hand gripping the Thousand Army Saber’s hilt, he injected all of his spirit energy into the saber’s blade.

Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Killing At Its Core!

In a split second, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood seemed to appeared behind Yi Yun. Shura Hell!

The color of blood started to spread as cold killing intent sealed their surroundings!

Back when the saber tomb’s owner gained his insight into the saber truths, he had gone through numerous battles and killed a countless amounts of people!

The real saber truths were not something one could write in any book, it was something that had to be forged in the Shura Hell’s sea of blood!

The way of the saber was to press forward with indomitable will to kill everything!

This attack was the strongest saber move Yi Yun learned in the saber tomb!

When he slashed his saber, it was as if everything in the world disappeared, leaving only a blood-red blade beam. It looked as if it would slice through the arena!

What? This is!?

At the moment Yi Yun slashed out, Cang Yan and Jian Ge became deeply shocked. Cang Yan even stood up from his seat.

This kid!

Cang Yan’s eyes lit up. Previously when Chu Xiaoran condensed the Aspect Before Yuan phenomenon and displayed her ice laws, Cang Yan and Jian Ge were only appreciative. They were not as shocked as they were now!

Yi Yun’s saber and Chu Xiaoran’s sword collided once again!

The saber was like an emperor!

The sword was like a sovereign!


The ice crystals shattered, the white wolf howled and the sea of blood swelled!

There was a terrifying explosion, which caused a shockwave to materialise and spread throughout the arena

Cha! Cha! Cha!

Pieces of ice crystals pierced Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi!

The Power of Desolates, which formed the Glacier Snow Wolf, also surged through Yi Yun’s body and meridians in a rampant manner.

Yi Yun even felt his blood momentarily freeze. Although he quickly circulated his Pure Yang Qi to melt the Frost Qi, it still left Yi Yun pale, and his blood flow chaotic.

He was once again injured. He could deeply feel the scariness of Chu Xiaoran. She was strong, not only in her strength, but also in her battle tactics, techniques and in her understanding of the laws!

When Yi Yun gained insight into the killer moves of the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, he was in no way weaker than Chu Xiaoran in terms of attack power. But with her techniques, she managed to overwhelm him with her attacks. Chu Xiaoran had even estimated where he would land after blocking the Glacier Snow Wolf’s attack. She had gathered the energy within the six ice columns ahead of time to explode the moment Yi Yun landed on the ground!

From the first attack and the Glacier Snow Wolf’s attack combo, followed up by the ice columns’ explosion, these three attacks were the foundation of Chu Xiaoran’s final attack. This attack was Chu Xiaoran’s real deathblow!

These type of calculations for this one attack was unbelievable, and Chu Xiaoran was just a thirteen year old girl!