True Martial World Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Heaven Opening Mountain
Chapter 251: Heaven Opening Mountain

On the stage, Li Hong held his long staff and began approaching Yi Yun. As he approached, his aura grew stronger.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t your saber very fast? Use any of the hidden saber moves you have. When I’ve blocked all of your saber moves, then it will be the end!”

Li Hong was extremely confident in his defense capabilities.

Yi Yun eyes flashed with a cold beam.

He slowly rotated his blade. What Li Hong had said was in fact correct. What Yi Yun was lacking the most in his martial arts was combat experience!

Li Hong had slaughtered numerous desolate beasts in the Divine wilderness. This benefited both his staff techniques and combat experience greatly.

Although other weaker children of family clans might not kill desolate beasts as rookies, they would still often spar with their peers while growing up.

Actual combat was the best way to hone one’s fighting techniques.

But for Yi Yun, the number of big battles he had experienced could be counted with his fingers. Besides the sparring with Lin Xintong and the slaughtering of fierce beasts in the Desolate Human Valley, there was only the Jin Long Wei selection and the current rookie ranking competition.

Yi Yun was very serious in every battle, especially in battles with people of similar strength as himself. This was a test he had to undergo, and also the best way for him to hone his saber techniques.

“Since you want to see my saber moves, I’ll grant you your wish!”

Yi Yun took a few steps forward and the Yuan Qi in his body started surging. His energy followed the Saber Truth’s 32 Words’ flows and circulated within his meridians.

Reigning Supreme!

With the Thousand Army Saber in hand, Yi Yun slashed downwards. A green flash gushed out like a bright crescent light, and gushed towards Li Hong with domineering momentum!

Li Hong roared and his earth-yellow Qi surged, making the scales on his body expand.

Yi Yun’s saber slashed heavily onto Li Hong’s body.


With a violent explosion, Li Hong’s scales ruptured. Due to the intense blade beam, Li Hong was sent flying!

Li Hong’s body slammed heavily into the Divine Wilderness Stage’s wall. The intense vibrations caused the weapons hanging on the walls to drop to the floor!

Seeing this scene, people unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Yi Yun’s saber was extremely powerful!

“Hehe… Good move!”

Li Hong was half-sitting by the corner of the wall. The scale armor on his body now had a two-foot long gash, going from his chest all the way to the waist. The scales around the gash had been completely broken by Yi Yun’s attack.

But after breaking through the scale armor, the saber move had expended most of its energy. It did not manage to break through Li Hong’s protective Yuan Qi and only gave him slight injuries.

Li Hong rubbed the blood off his lips and stood up. The scale armor on his body was rapidly repairing itself with a surge of his earth-yellow Yuan Qi.

“Your saber moves are not bad, but unfortunately you do not have enough Yuan Qi. Just a little bit more and you would have been able to hurt me. I was just testing the defense of my ‘Heaven Opening Technique’. That was the only chance you had of hurting me…”

“You sure are full of nonsense.” Yi Yun frowned. Li Hong’s defense was indeed strong. Li Hong had taken the move Yi Yun learned from the Saber Truth’s 32 Words head on, without even dodging!

“It’s not too late for you to become complacent after you take on my second attack!”

Yi Yun swiped with his Thousand Army Saber and a horrifying burst of killing intent surged out. The saber was a weapon that was used to kill. In mortal countries, sabers were banned unlike swords. Swords were ceremonial weapons. Emperors, gentlemen and scholars would choose a sword. But a saber was different. People, who used a saber, were people who really wanted to kill!

The owner of the saber tomb had inscribed the killing way of the saber into the Saber Truth’s 32 Words!

Suddenly it seemed like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood appeared behind Yi Yun. And where Yi Yun stood, the area had now turned into a blood pool hell!

Killing At Its Core!

The Thousand Army Saber slashed forward and the blood waves gushed. The entire Divine Wilderness Stage seemed to turn into a world of blood!

Seeing the saber slash forward, Li Hong’s eyes burned with fighting spirit.

“Come forth, Heaven Opening Mountain!” Li Hong hit his staff onto the stage and earth-yellow Yuan Qi surged into the Divine Wilderness Stage!


The ground trembled and a mountain sprang up from beneath Li Hong’s feet!

This mountain was majestic!

This was a mountain formed from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi by Li Hong, but it was no different than a real mountain!

“Oh!? This is?” Yi Yun was shocked. Seeing a mountain suddenly appear before him, how could he not be shocked?

Although Yi Yun was shocked, the Thousand Army Saber still cleaved downwards without hesitation.


The saber slashed downwards sending out a blood beam that spread tens of meters wide. However, this blood beam was completely blocked by the mountain!

Li Hong had formed a mountain to take on Yi Yun’s killer move!


A ear-piercing sound rang. The Thousand Army Saber’s blade beam slashed into the mountain, making a hole about seven meters deep. Although it caused a deep hole, it could no longer go any further.

Even after the blade beam’s Yuan Qi was completely expended, this mountain still floated above Li Hong’s head.

The mountain was more than twenty meters tall, and its base was tens of meters in radius. It did not sound large, but it looked very shocking in person!

This mountain had a terrifying weight. If it was not by using the powers of the laws, Li Hong would definitely not be able to lift it. This was really the strength of lifting a mountain!

The audience became dumbfounded.

This was too great an exaggeration. To use a small mountain to block Yi Yun’s attack?

“This is the law of the lands! Right, Li Hong’s Yuan Qi was earth-yellow in color. And earth-yellow Yuan Qi of the lands is most suitable for the ‘Heaven Opening Technique’ that focuses on defense! By injecting the Yuan Qi of the lands into the Heaven Opening Real Qi to form the scale armor, he can increase his defense by another level!”

“Blending the law of the lands into the ‘Heaven Opening Technique’, Li Hong is a real genius. Many people cannot even learn the ‘Heaven Opening Technique’, let alone combine the laws they know into the ‘Heaven Opening Technique’!”

Li Hong, who was ranked number one amongst the second year cultivators, was not an average person.

Also, he was about to breakthrough into the Yuan foundation realm. The Yuan foundation he had formed within his Dantian was already in its embryonic form.

This Yuan foundation embryonic form gave Li Hong plenty of energy. This was also the foundation that allowed him to the use the Yuan Qi of the lands to form this small mountain!

If it was Chu Xiaoran, although she was accomplished in the frost ice laws, she could only form tens of ice columns by consuming a large portion of her Yuan Qi. Previously, after exchanging two blows with Yi Yun, she had completely depleted her Yuan Qi.

This was the benefit of being at the peak of Purple Blood realm, or the quasi-Yuan foundation realm. The difference in cultivation level was something difficult to overcome when both parties were geniuses!

Seeing the seven meter deep gash on the mountain, Li Hong laughed. “How can a saber slash apart a mountain? Your attack is not bad, but unfortunately, I have formed this mountain. You will never be able to split it apart!”

Li Hong picked up his staff. He had consumed a great deal of Yuan Qi by forming the mountain.

Heaven Opening Mountain was a manifestation of Li Hong’s law of the lands. Once it was formed, it pushed Li Hong’s combat power to its extremes.

“I see, law of the lands…”

Yi Yun squinted and looked at the mountain in the sky. After all, Chu Xiaoran had managed to control the power of the laws, while Li Hong had spent a year in the Tai Ah Divine City. He had experienced slaughters in the Divine wilderness, so how could Li Hong be unable to learn any laws?

As the best second year cultivator, he definitely had something worth presenting.

“The power of laws is something that I am in urgent need of.” Yi Yun thought.

“That is as far as you go! By having to use the Heaven Opening Mountain to defeat you, it is something you can be proud of!”

Li Hong smashed with the staff!


The mountain trembled and the entire mountain crashed towards Yi Yun. He was using an entire mountain as a weapon to attack?

This was a real eye-opener for the audience.

Such a mountain formed from Yuan Qi was not something the Thousand Army Saber would be able to block.

Indeed, Yi Yun did not try to resist it.

He used his Minute Subtlety movement techniques to retreat.


The mountain crashed into the Divine Wilderness Stage. People felt the entire arena tremble like a minor earthquake.

“To… be crushed by that mountain, it will probably cause death…”

People broke into cold sweat.

In the Tai Ah Divine City, killing someone in a battle was subject to at least imprisonment. But at this moment, Li Hong’s eyes were red with murderous intent. How could he be bothered with imprisonment?

In the crowd, Yang Dingkun grinned.

Li Hong had not disappointed him. By conjuring the Heaven Opening Mountain, Li Hong had gained complete control over the situation. He was looking forward to seeing Li Hong smash Yi Yun into smithereens.

If that happened, not only would he win the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, he could also have one less talented competitor that made him jealous in the future.

Actually if he had his way, Yang Dingkun wished that all of the geniuses in the Tai Ah Divine City, like Qin Haotian, Li Xiao and the Qiao brothers would all die in their training excursions.

The Heaven Opening Mountain smashed downwards again and again, but Yi Yun managed to dodge it each time. Although it looked like each attack imperiled Yi Yun, he managed to escape unscathed every time.

Facing different opponents who used different battle techniques had broadened Yi Yun’s horizons.

A person like Li Hong gave Yi Yun an impression of a greedy and sinister person. It was unexpected that he could use such methods in the arena.

Yi Yun was cognizant of the fact that he had just embarked onto the path of martial arts. He would face a variety of opponents in the future. Some of them might not even be part of the human race.

They had all sorts of strange moves. If he did not take the opportunity to hone himself and broaden his horizons now, he might suffer greatly in the future.

The battle became more and more intense. Everyone stared wide-eyed, afraid to miss out on any of the exciting scenes.

The audience gradually realized that Yi Yun’s movement was extremely fast. While Li Hong’s mountain was huge and fast because it was powered by the laws, it was still difficult for it to crush Yi Yun.

And it seemed that Yi Yun had such a strategy in mind as he dodged again and again using Minute Subtlety.

Yuan Qi had to be consumed to power a mountain. It was not something that could be sustained.

At this moment, Li Hong grinned. “Trying to expend my stamina? Do you think my Heaven Opening Mountain is that simple?”

By willing it and pointing with his staff, “Split!”


A thunderous rumble sounded, and the Heaven Opening Mountain exploded in the air, splitting into rocks of various sizes. Like stars in the sky, they enveloped the Divine Wilderness Stage!

The larger rocks were the size of a face basin, while the smaller ones were the size of a fist. The rocks were densely packed and surrounded Yi Yun.

“Do you think your Minute Subtlety is that great? How are you to dodge my attack now?”