True Martial World Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Radiant Sun
Chapter 252: Radiant Sun

Minute Subtlety was indeed amazing. But no matter how great a person’s movement was, it would be impossible to dodge an attack that was densely packed, leaving no space for one to burrow through!

Yi Yun was surrounded by rocks. The audience could no longer see what was happening on the stage due to the rocks blocking their line of sight.

“What is happening on stage? Damn it, I can’t see!” Someone was so anxious that he wished he could drill through the rocks just to see how the battle between Yi Yun and Li Hong was going.

“Li Hong’s law of the lands… should have already reached the second stage!”

Every law had it’s own grade system.

The higher one gained insight into one, the harder it was to progress. Li Hong could use Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to conjure a mountain. Being able to use the mountain to both attack and defend, this was the first stage of the law of the lands!

And to be able to split and conjoin the mountain, to the point of changing it into numerous smaller stones, in which each stone could be controlled according to one’s thoughts, this was the second stage of the law of the lands.

Going further, the law of the lands became even more powerful. For example, it could cause the earth to spew out molten lava and then control the power of the lava. Another example would be to control gravity. These were all different levels that the law of the lands had.

Of course, ignoring Purple Blood warriors, even Yuan foundation realm warriors would not be able to reach that stage. It was too difficult.

“Yi Yun, if you kneel down and beg for mercy, I can still terminate this attack. If I strike, I will no longer be able to control whether you die or not!” Li Hong reminded Yi Yun. It was not that he did not want to kill Yi Yun, he did, but he did not want to endure the punishment of imprisonment.

Although people could not see Li Hong, they could still hear him. Hearing that Li Hong was about to issue a strike that would leave Yi Yun’s life up in the air, the spectators held their breaths.

By seeing Li Hong control the mountain and make it slam into the stage, which caused the entire arena to quake, everyone couldn’t help but believe in Li Hong’s words. It was possible that when the mountain came crushing down on Yi Yun, Yi Yun would become nothing more than a bloody pulp.

If Yi Yun wanted to break through this move, he would have to use a hidden saber move with indomitable strength to slash a path out!

And then, with extreme speed, Yi Yun could fly out through that path.

That was the only way he could possibly survive.

But the point is, how would Yi Yun’s saber split open a path for him?

Everyone was eager to see if he could do it.

On the Divine Wilderness Stage, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was surging. He looked at the rocks that completely blocked his vision. He interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and opened his energy vision.

With the energy vision, Yi Yun could see that each rock was made out of energy. They did not stand independently and they all had an energy link with Li Hong.

“Oh? All of this energy is part of the laws of the lands…”

Yi Yun frowned. He could clearly see the energy circulating within each rock, but he could feel that the energy circulating within them was not perfect. There were many spots that were far from perfect. Comparing it to the energy flow of the saber tomb’s 32 words, the difference was even more obvious.

“Yi Yun, did you not hear me? Do you really not know the meaning of death!”

Seeing that Yi Yun had no intentions of replying and just stood there, pondering over something, Li Hong fumed.

“Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish!” Li Hong roared as the staff in his hand shot out a wave of earth-yellow Qi that swept through everything like a surging tide!

All the rocks that were floating in the air above the Divine Wilderness Stage began to shake!

A few of the law-enforcers by the stands stood up. They were circulating their Yuan Qi and using their spiritual energy to see through the layers of rock, locking onto Yi Yun’s body!

They were ready to take action at anytime!

They would not stop the match, but once it was clear that one party was going to lose, they would save him. They could not sit idly by and look at the number one genius rookie getting killed by Li Hong.

The atmosphere tensed up into an unprecedented fashion!

Everyone’s heartbeats seemed to stop. Li Hong laughed and leapt up high. His staff seemed to connect the heaven and earth!

At that moment, Li Hong seemed to start emitting the same pressure as a mountain.

“Suppressing Mountain Attack!” Li Hong roared as he swung his staff downwards!

The numerous rocks surrounding them were swept up by the staff and they charged towards Yi Yun!

The attack had no blind spots and the rocks were interconnecting to the point that even a rat could not escape!

Numerous rocks smashed downwards with Yi Yun at the center!

Every blink of an eye, thousands of rocks would bombard him!

And Yi Yun did not escape at all!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The rocks crashed into each other emitting ear-splitting booms. The entire arena was shaking!

People watched with their mouths wide open as the spot that Yi Yun was standing on became engulfed by flying rocks!

A huge rock was forming at that spot rapidly!

Did Yi Yun not dodge the rocks?

Many people were shocked. They originally thought that when the rocks fell down on Yi Yun, he would use a hidden saber move to cut a path open. But he didn’t!

The rocks quickly piled up and the mountain of rocks grew taller!


Yi Yun…

Many people stared wide-eyed at the mountain of rocks. Many suspected that Yi Yun had now been turned into a bloody mess!

Li Hong’s eyes were ferocious. He was so immersed in trying to kill Yi Yun that he no longer took imprisonment into account!


The rocks started to combine again, reforming the mountain that stood over twenty meters tall, as this happened, Li Hong descended from the sky. With a heavy whack, he hit the mountain!


The power of this attack passed through the mountain’s outer shell, all the way to its center. The entire Divine Wilderness Stage shook once more!

Li Hong stood above the Heaven Opening Mountain’s peak. His staff was now stuck deeply in the mountain. The mountain was formed from Li Hong’s Yuan Qi, so it would not hinder his attack. All the power within his attack had been perfectly transmitted to Yi Yun’s body!

Being crushed by a mountain that exceeded ten million pounds and then being hit with Li Hong’s one attack, had Yi Yun already been turned into meat sauce?

There was total silence. Only the sound of Li Hong’s last attack echoed around the arena!

“Is… Is he dead?” Someone said with a trembling voice. Yi Yun’s friends, Song Zijun and company all felt like they had their hearts in their mouth. Zhao Qingcheng nearly screamed out loud.

“Heh! Very good!”

In a corner of the arena, Yang Dingkun grinned maliciously. He was very pleased with this result. Even if Yi Yun did not die, he was most likely crippled. Maybe all of his meridians were now broken to the point that even the best medicine would be unable to cure him.

“Oh? That is…”

Yang Dingkun was suddenly shocked. He saw that a dark red liquid was oozing out from the cracks in the rocks at the bottom of the Heaven Opening Mountain.

What is that?

Usually, dark red liquid would be blood, but this liquid was clearly different from blood. It was thick and torpid. There were even boiling bubbles popping in it and it appeared to be extremely hot!

This is…


Not only Yang Dingkun, but now, the entire audience had noticed the magma that was oozing out from the rocks. More and more oozed out, thickening the liquid!

Magma!? What happened!?

Did Li Hong’s law of the lands reach the point of being able to melt the mountain into magma?

When the law of the lands reached a higher realm, it could indeed manipulate magma!

Magma was the anger of the earth. A peak human lord who had an affinity with earth could cause a volcano to erupt with a simple wish!

But… it was impossible for Li Hong to have already reached that stage.

“How could it be? Manipulating magma!?”

“Yi Yun? What happened to Yi Yun?” People were now very anxious and looked at the law-enforcers. Why haven’t the law-enforcers done anything yet?

But the few law-enforcers who were in charge of the match only had odd looks on their faces and did not take any action.

Above the Heaven Opening Mountain peak, Li Hong was also stunned.


He was the person most aware of his own strength. He knew that he was far from being able to manipulate magma!

“How could the Heaven Opening Mountain create magma?” Li Hong asked himself in an incredulous manner.

At this moment, more and more magma gushed out. The mountain became hotter and Li Hong could feel a blast of hot air streaming out of it. He could no longer stand above the Heaven Opening Mountain.

He could even feel that, as the amount of magma increased, the Heaven Opening Mountain melted more and more!

The Heaven Opening Mountain, which was now soaking in magma, was like a candy that was dissolving in water. It was getting smaller.

“How is this happening!?”

Li Hong was greatly alarmed. At this moment, he could hear a faint sound. Suddenly, purple gas surged out from the entire Heaven Opening Mountain!


Li Hong was surprised and leapt off the Heaven Opening Mountain’s peak. A few seconds after he jumped off, searing flames appeared on the mountain peak!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Hot Pure Yang fire burned, covering the entire Heaven Opening Mountain! It was like a Sun, rising out of the Heaven Opening Mountain!

Swaths of purple gas tumbled willfully into the flames as they soared to the sky!

All the pure Yang Qi in a radius of several miles was pulled over. The Yang Qi mixed with the purple gas and became a part of it.

Now, it was noon, and the sun was scorching and purple gas was being emitted!

Above the arena, the purple gas was slowly condensing into a long valley.

The blurred valley had trees and flowing rivers. But these trees and flowing rivers seemed to faintly burn within the purple gas…

“This is!?”

Li Hong stared at the valley with his eyes wide open.

All of the veteran cultivators in the audience suddenly had inexplicable horrific looks on their faces. The rookies were in muddled states, they did not know what the purple gas represented.

“Radiant Sun Qi! It’s Radiant Sun Qi!” A veteran cultivator shouted in an incredulous manner.

“Not only is it Radiant Sun Qi, it is the Tang Valley stage of the Radiant Sun Qi! Who has mastered this level of Radiant Sun Qi?”

Many people did not react in time, but when the rookies heard it, they were stunned.

Although they had never seen Radiant Sun Qi before, they had still heard of the famous Radiant Sun Qi.

Radiant Sun Qi came from the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and it was the strongest power in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. It was also the greatest inheritance of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

More and more magma appeared on the stage. The mountain was now glowing red hot and slowly melting. People began to arrive at a realization of the impossible possibility…

“Yi Yun… didn’t he exchange for the… ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’?” When someone said that, everyone held their breaths.

Yi Yun!?

He had exchanged for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ less than two months ago!

He was a rookie and his cultivation level was just at the peak of the middle stages of Purple Blood! He had already mastered the Radiant Sun Qi?! And it was even at the Tang Valley stage of the Radiant Sun Qi!?

What a joke!

At this moment, in the central divine tower, Cang Yan and Jian Ge were playing chess and watching a video projection of the battle going on using a disk array. The disk array was locked in place and it had been set up perfectly represent the ongoings happening in the arena.

After confirming that Yi Yun had learned the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, Cang Yan and Jian Ge did not feel the need to watch Yi Yun and Li Hong’s battle in person.

It was enough to watch Yi Yun using the video projection.

They were originally just watching without paying a lot of attention, that was until Li Hong used his killer move. Only then did they start paying attention to the match, they were worried that Yi Yun might not be able to handle the attack, but…

Seeing Radiant Sun Qi gush out… Cang Yan nearly flipped the chess board!

“This kid! Am… Am I seeing things!? Old man Jian, did you see that!?” Cang Yan asked Jian Ge.

Jian Ge said with a speechless expression, “I am looking at it!”

“It’s the Tang Valley stage of Radiant Sun Qi. Yi Yun has only been practicing the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ for less than two months, it’s really… impressive!”

By giving Yi Yun this evaluation, Elder Jian Ge had already praised him a few times. Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult for a junior to be praised by a sage even once.

Only two months had passed since Yi Yun picked the primordial herb and used the glory points he obtained from it to exchange for the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. But no one knew that after exchanging the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yi Yun had actually only used about ten days to master the Radiant Sun Qi!

If Elder Jian Ge knew this, he would become even more astonished.

At this moment, in the arena–

The amount of magma had increased and had started to flow off the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Most people had by now guessed that Yi Yun had mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, but there were still some who insisted that this was impossible.

At this moment, a ear-piercing sound rang out!

In the middle of the Divine Wilderness Stage, a purple blade beam had risen out from the Heaven Opening Mountain!

At that moment, it seemed like that blade beam had become the only thing in existence!

The blade beam was tens of meters long and it split the humongous Heaven Opening Mountain in two!


The Heaven Opening Mountain violently trembled and the two parts of the mountain collapsed!

People could then see that the middle of the Heaven Opening Mountain had completely melted, leaving behind a gaping hole!

And a youth in linen clothes, holding a long saber, stood where the hole originally was!

Above him, lava rain splattered down, while beneath his feet, lava surged.

But this surging lava was blocked by the pure Yang Qi and did not even come close to the youth!


Everyone stared widely and were completely stunned!

Yi Yun’s… Radiant Sun Qi had split the Heaven Opening Mountain apart with one attack!

People knew that when the Heaven Opening Mountain crashed down, Yi Yun had used his Radiant Sun Qi to melt out a place for him to take shelter. He was unscathed from beginning to end!

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