True Martial World Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Pure Yang Body
Chapter 254: Pure Yang Body

“For this match, Yi Yun wins!” The referee loudly announced the results of the match from the Divine Wilderness Stage.

When people heard this, they felt that they were still in a dream. Previously, when Li Hong had condensed the Heaven Opening Mountain, it was so overwhelming and shocking to the senses. It made people feel like using force to match him head-on was impossible.

But he had been defeated by Yi Yun. His Heaven Opening Mountain and the staff had both been split apart by Yi Yun!

“Even Li Hong who is ranked around 1000 on the Earth roll has been beaten by Yi Yun! Yi Yun is heaven-defying!”

He had nearly reached the 1000th rank in a rookie ranking competition. In previous years, it was the utmost limit of just a few notable people to reach a ranking of around 1000 at their first end of the year competition. This was enough to make the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s large factions pay close attention to them and to draw them in.

No one doubted that Yi Yun could secure a spot within the top 1000 in another month or two. It might even not take that long.

To enter the top 1000 of the Earth roll in less than a year. Was he still human?

“What say you, is there a possibility that…Yi Yun has the capability to enter the top 1000 now?” Someone said, but when the people present heard it, they were stunned. To enter the top 1000 now?

Upon further thinking, Yi Yun still had one more match in his rookie ranking competition!

“This…is impossible!” Someone said it. Although Yi Yun had defeated Li Hong in an overwhelming manner, he had consumed a lot of energy. It was unlikely he could enter the top 1000 today.

After all, the people in the top 1000 were all Yuan foundation realm warriors. To exchange blows with a Yuan foundation realm warrior, just the other party’s massive Yuan Qi quantity was enough to swamp you.

No matter what, Yi Yun’s results in this Tai Ah Divine City rookie ranking competition was one that has not been seen in the past century!

It was even more alarming that he had mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in two months.

At this moment, in the corner of the spectator stands, Yang Dingkun was livid.

When Li Hong had been sent flying by Yi Yun’s attack and had his staff broken into two, Yang Dingkun felt as if that attack hit his body as well.

He lost…

He lost 50,000 dragon scale runes and the ‘Truth of the Laws’ as well!

Li Hong would still have to return the 50,000 dragon scale runes to him, so he was not miserable over it. But the ‘Truth of the Laws’!

It was the heritage of the Chu royal residence. Under normal circumstances, if an outsider wanted to learn the ‘Truth of the Laws’, they had to join the Chu royal residence. However, Yi Yun had previously rejected the Chu royal residence’s invitation.

But now, Yang Dingkun had lost the ‘Truth of the Laws’ to Yi Yun. If his family learned of this, he would be punished!

Thinking about being confined, having his resources deducted, or other more severe domestic disciplines, Yang Dingkun’s face twitched.

He clenched his fists tightly, and his arm trembled. “How could…this happen? Li Hong, this trash! He actually lost to that little bastard!”

Yang Dingkun grit his teeth. He was thinking how he could not give the ‘Truth of the Laws’ to Yi Yun, but all the gambles in the Tai Ah Divine City were under the jurisdiction of the law-enforcers. The law-enforcers were grim and impartial. It would be wishful thinking to take the ‘Truth of the Laws’ back from the hands of the law-enforcers!

At this moment, a flame lit up in the arena, exploding out of thin air!


In the spectator stands, the law-enforcers were stunned.

“It’s an announcement by the Elders!”

A few of the law-enforcers stood up and absorbed the information contained within the flames. It entered their ears immediately.

“Yi Yun! The two Elders, Jian Ge and Cang Yan request your presence!” The referee said to Yi Yun. This referee was also a law-enforcer.

When the surrounding cultivators heard this, they were speechless.

Another summoning by the Elders!

How many times in the past three months has Yi Yun been summoned by the Elders since he entered Tai Ah Divine City?

Most of the spectators had been in the Tai Ah Divine City for several years and they had only gotten the rare chance of meeting the Elders yesterday all because of Yi Yun, let alone be summoned by them.

If not for Yi Yun, would the Divine City’s Elders come personally to the arena to watch a rookie competition?

“This junior will set off now.” Yi Yun cupped his fists at the referee.

As he was about to leave, the referee asked, “Yi Yun, you still have another match left today. Do you plan on continuing?”

Yi Yun’s ranking was now 1028. If he made another challenge, he could really enter the top 1000.

Yi Yun hesitated for a while.

To enter the top 1000, he had to challenge Yuan foundation realm warriors?

He felt that that in his current state, it was very difficult to skip a level to fight Yuan foundation realm warriors.

By using Radiant Sun Qi and powering the Saber Truth’s 32 Words with Radiant Sun Qi, Yi Yun could at most use ‘Reigning Supreme’ or ‘Killing At Its Core’ 3-4 times.

If the opponent could withstand his 4 attacks, he would lose.

In the battle with Li Hong, Yi Yun had exposed his weaknesses. His cultivation level was low and he had insufficient Yuan Qi.

If his opponents understood this thoroughly, they could use defensive tactics, and make Yi Yun expend all his energy. If that happened, Yi Yun’s chances of victory would be very tiny.

Yi Yun shook his head, “Not for the time being.”

He would of course return to the arena. But now was not the time. Yi Yun had a lot to digest today. Also, Yi Yun wished to understand the nomological truths as soon as possible.

With the power of laws assisting him, his Yuan Qi consumption efficiency would improve.

As such, it would be able to make up for his lack of Yuan Qi.

“Alright.” The referee nodded. A law-enforcer came before Yi Yun and said, “Follow me, I will take you to the central divine tower!”

Fifteen minutes later, in the hall of the central divine tower, Yi Yun met Elders Jian Ge and Cang Yan.

Once Yi Yun entered, Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun as if he was a monster. On the other hand, Jian Ge began to size up Yi Yun from top to bottom.

“Kid, you actually managed to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in two months?” Cang Yan still found it incredible at this moment.

“Uh…” Yi Yun did not know how to answer. Did he have to tell Cang Yan that he actually only used 12-13 days to master it?

Yi Yun’s lack of an answer made Cang Yan think he had made a silent affirmation.

“That’s amazing! Way back then, Old man Jian used 4 months to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. You used half of the time Old man Jian used.”

As Cang Yan praised Yi Yun, he also revealed Jian Ge’s shortcomings.

Jian Ge had initially wanted to say something else, but when he heard Cang Yan’s words, he became a bit embarrassed. With a cough, he slowly said, “Old man Cang, I recall that you took 5 months to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’? That is one month longer than me.”

Hearing Jian Ge’s words, Cang Yan’s old face turned red, and just laughed it away.

“Learning the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ fast doesn’t say anything. Although I was slower, I managed to become a sage 400 years earlier than you.” Cang Yan said proudly.

Jian Ge was rendered speechless upon hearing this. Old man Cang’s skin was really thick.

“Old fool, why don’t you mention that you are 800 years older than me!?”

Jian Ge and Cang Yan became sages around the same time. They had a friendly relationship, so it was common for them to spat.

But…in front of juniors, they would have to maintain their dignity and refrain from squabbling.

Yi Yun felt flattered that the two of them behaved in such a manner in front of him.

He knew that Cang Yan and Jian Ge had already treated him as a disciple amongst the juniors. As such, they acted freely, and they had no qualms doing so.

This clearly indicated that the two old men appreciated him!

“Haha! Earlier means earlier! About that…Kid!” Cang Yan turned towards Yi Yun, “I previously mentioned that those who learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ might not become a sage. That is indeed true. In the past 5000 years, there are plenty of juniors who have learned the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ faster than me, but the number of them that became a sage can be counted with my fingers! Although you mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in two months, do not be complacent. You are still far from becoming a sage.”

Cang Yan was afraid that Yi Yun’s early accomplishment would get to his head, so he exhorted him.

Having led two lives, Yi Yun of course understood this. He respectfully answered, “This junior understands.”

“Alright.” Cang Yan nodded. “Speaking of this, about 100,000 years ago, there was a person who left the fastest record of mastering the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. That person did become a sage, and he was one of the best amongst the sages.”

“Oh? There’s a record for mastering the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’?” Yi Yun stumbled for a while. There was even a record for the time it took to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’?

If he knew that earlier, he would have declared so upon mastering it.

Yi Yun felt a pity because the rewards from such a record was definitely handsome!

He made a mental note to figure out what records he could break to quickly gain glory points.

“How long did that senior take to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’?” Yi Yun asked.

Cang Yan extended two fingers and said, “20 days!”

“20 days!?”

Yi Yun was shocked, “So fast!?”

He knew that it was only due to the Purple Crystal that he mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in just over than ten days. But there was someone in the history of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom that managed to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ using his own effort?

What sort of talent was that!?

That person may have had his own fortuitous encounters, but Yi Yun believed that no matter what it was, it could not be compared to the Purple Crystal.

“Are you surprised? I was surprised when I heard it too. In fact…that person had a pure Yang body. So it was half the work with double results to learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. Eventually, he was given the title of Pure Yang Immortal. He created the Pure Yang Palace…but unfortunately, the Pure Yang Palace has been destroyed. The way of the world is ephemeral…” Cang Yan slowly said. Yi Yun was slightly stunned. A pure Yang body?

The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was pure Yang in nature, so it was a matter of course for a person with a pure Yang body to master it quickly.

With this in mind, it was no longer a pity for not reporting his record of mastering the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. He did not have a pure Yang body, so there was no way to explain how he mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in just over ten days.

But…the name pure Yang body sounded familiar, as if…

Yi Yun suddenly had a thought.

Lin Xintong!

Didn’t Lin Xintong have natural Yin Meridians!?

Due to her natural Yin Meridians, Lin Xintong had to travel around the world to search for a way to join up her terminated meridians.

Yi Yun owed a lot to Lin Xintong, and he had previously promised to find a way to help Lin Xintong join up her terminated meridians.

Now with something related to Lin Xintong’s body, Yi Yun could not help but ask, “Elder, this junior has heard of a constitution known as natural Yin Meridians. People with this condition cannot live past 400 years, and they would reach a limit when they cultivate to a high level…But after hearing what the elder said, that senior with a pure Yang body managed to become a sage.”

“I wonder if it is possible for a pure Yang body to neutralize natural Yin Meridians? Is there a relationship between the two?”