True Martial World Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Totem Mystic Technique
Chapter 255: Totem Mystic Technique

“Oh? You know about natural Yin Meridians as well?” Cang Yan stroked his chin, “Natural Yin Meridians counter natural Yang Meridians, while a pure Yin body counters a pure Yang body.”

“Is that so?” Upon hearing this Yi Yun felt some regret. Previously, Cang Yan had mentioned that an elder senior with a pure Yang body had managed to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in twenty days and he eventually became a sage.

Yi Yun had original thought that if Lin Xintong’s natural Yin Meridians could counter the pure Yang body, then Lin Xintong would have a chance to be a sage. Now, it appears that he thought too simply.

Yi Yun asked, “What is a pure Yin body? And what are natural Yin Meridians?”

Jian Ge took over and stroke his beard and said, “People with natural Yin Meridians definitely have pure Yin bodies, but people with pure Yin bodies do not necessarily have natural Yin Meridians.”

“Pure Yin bodies can only occur on women. Their bodies can perfectly synthesize with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and they are usually rare cultivation geniuses. Pure Yin bodies also have different grades. The purer the body is, the higher the cultivation talent.”

“The extreme state of pure Yin bodies is having natural Yin Meridians. As the saying goes, things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme, people with natural Yin Meridians would encounter all sorts of limitations on the path of cultivation. As you said, the girl will not have a lifespan exceeding 400 years. They would reach a bottleneck once they reach a certain cultivation realm!”

“Such girls with pure Yin bodies are very rare. Some people say they have so much talent that they cause the Heavens to be jealous; as such, they have short lifespans and their path of cultivation is cut short by Heaven’s law!”

Heaven’s laws cutting short the path of cultivation?

Yi Yun was stunned. Just for those words, he could imagine the difficulty needed to join up natural Yin Meridians.

“Does the senior know of any ways to join up such terminated meridians?”

Hearing Yi Yun’s question, Jian Ge shook his head, “Difficult! Too difficult! It is a Heaven-defying feat. Since the path of cultivation is cut short by Heaven’s laws, to join them up using a mortal’s power, it is too difficult. However, there have been legends that once these terminated Yin meridians are connected, the girl would become a cultivation genius, one not seen in millions of years. She will skyrocket and become a Great Empress!”

“And it seems that in ancient times, there was such a legendary Great Empress. She had natural Yin Meridians, but by using some unknown method, she had joined up her own terminated meridians.”

Upon mentioning ancient Great Emperors, Jian Ge felt emotional. There has not been a single Great Emperor ever since the establishment of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

“Ancient Great Empress?”

Yi Yun had a thought in his mind. Since there were people who managed to defy Heaven, it proved that this was not an impossible path. Since he had the Purple Crystal, he was different from others. He should have the means to do it…

As Yi Yun was thinking through it, he noticed Cang Yan’s eyes flashing some sinister thoughts as he stared at Yi Yun. It was as if he was seeing something.

“Uh…What is this senior looking at?” Yi Yun touched his face awkwardly.

“Kid, you are asking in so much detail. Do you actually know a girl with natural Yin Meridians?”

Yi Yun paused without knowing how to respond.

“Hehe…” Cang Yan began smiling lewdly and he lowered his voice, “Girls with pure Yin bodies are stunning beauties, they are the best of the best in the world. And for the extreme state of pure Yin bodies, natural Yin Meridians, are even more so…This girl’s body is so pure that it is like a melting iceberg…”

Once Cang Yan said this, Jian Ge began coughing, as if he wanted to stop Cang Yan from continuing. But Cang Yan turned a deaf ear and carried on saying with his mysterious tone, “Kid, have you heard of Yin and Yang complementary? It is using Yin to balance Yang, and using Yang to balance Yin. The greater the difference between the man and woman’s body, the better and clearer the effects. A girl with pure Yin body is the best partner to do such complementary intercourse, even more so for a man with pure Yang body. Besides, this kind of thing is also very beneficial for the girl…”


Jian Ge began to cough vigorously. He was speechless. How old was Yi Yun? To think this dirty old man was telling a thirteen year old child such things!

But Cang Yan became even more excited and treated Jian Ge as air, “I say, Kid. You have so much talent in cultivating the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. In the future, your body will be full of Yang Qi. So, although you do not have a pure Yang body… if you were to master the ninth level of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, you will definitely be stronger than any typical pure Yang body…But being pure Yang to the extreme might not necessarily be good. You will still need a hint of pure Yin Qi to attune yourself, which pushes you to the highest levels.”

Old man Cang began to chuckle with a “you know it” expression. Yi Yun’s mouth turned agape. He did not know whether to nod or shake his head at that moment.

“Old man Cang, what sort of nonsense are you telling him!?” Jian Ge said grumpily.

“Old man Jian, I wasn’t speaking nonsense. Everything I said was reasonable. Tell me, what did I say that was nonsense?” Cang Yan rebutted with a question in a serious manner, which caused Jian Ge to choke.

He had to admit that although Cang Yan’s words did not sound right, it was nothing but the truth.

“Besides,” Cang Yan patted Yi Yun on the shoulder and pulled Yi Yun over with his back facing Jian Ge, then he whispered, “Actually, I suspect that this Yin and Yang complementary intercourse might be able to help a girl with natural Yin Meridians to join up her terminated meridians.”

“Ah? There’s such a thing?” Yi Yun thought about it. Could that be true?

“Hehe, I’m guessing! But who can say that it can’t be so? Yin and Yang complements. That is a truth that never changes. I can’t guarantee if it will join up terminated meridians, but there will definitely be some benefits. At least it will extend the girl’s lifespan. Speaking of this, do you actually know a girl with natural Yin Meridians?”

Old man Cang was very concerned about this. When Yi Yun’s pure Yang was perfected, he needed a trace of pure Yin Qi, which would be an absolute fortuitous event for Yi Yun.

Yi Yun laughed dryly twice. He did not admit nor deny it.

If Yi Yun admitted it and began discussing Lin Xintong’s condtion with this wretched old man, he would find it odd. It felt like an obscene act of coveting a goddess behind her back.

Regardless, Cang Yan’s words gave Yi Yun a method to join up Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians.

Ignoring the act of intercourse, as long as he found treasures that contained pure Yang Qi to nourish Lin Xintong’s body, it would be very beneficial for her. With Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal, it was not hard for him to find pure Yang treasures.

“That…Senior, I have another question about the mystic techniques of totems. In a few days, I plan to go into the Divine wilderness to hunt desolate beasts. I want to try condensing a Aspect Totem!”

Yi Yun changed the topic. To condense an Aspect Totem, it could not be done out of thin air, he needed a mystic technique!

The totem mystic technique was the same as a cultivation technique. It was a very important technique for warriors.

“Oh? You want to try condensing a Aspect Before Yuan?” Old man Cang’s eyes lit up. Those who could condense an Aspect Before Yuan were fantastic people. These people were still very rare for a place like the Tai Ah Divine City, which gathered all sorts of geniuses!

Not only did they need perceptivity, they also needed talent. Different warriors had different affinities with the Power of Desolates.

Although some people had outstanding talent, they were bad at absorbing a desolate beast’s Power of Desolates. Such a person might find it very difficult to condense an Aspect Totem even after reaching the Yuan foundation, let along Aspect Before Yuan.

“I’ll try it…” Yi Yun said with a smile. “If I really can’t do it, I’ll just wait till I breakthrough to the Yuan foundation realm.”

“You kid! You have mastered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and you have also gained insight on the Saber Truth’s 32 Words. You even want to try the Aspect Before Yuan. Anything good is yours.” Cang Yan cursed in a friendly manner. “Don’t get your hopes too high though. It is alright if you can’t condense it. There are not many people who can do it. The results you have obtained is already amazing.” Cang Yan said as he threw a jade scroll at Yi Yun.

“The totem mystic techniques are in there. You can choose it. Of course, I’ll charge you as per normal for. A good totem mystic technique is not cheap!”

The Tai Ah Divine City had its own rules. The allocation of resources were strictly adhered to the rules.

Yi Yun caught the jade scroll with joy.

The beginning of the jade scroll introduced the different grades of Aspect Totems.

Aspect Totems had a dazzling variety!

Different warriors could condense different kinds of Aspect Totems according to their body’s characteristics and the cultivation techniques they learned.

For example, the Aspect Totem Chu Xiaoran condensed was in the shape of a desolate beast.

Some people would condense Aspect Totem forms like plants, weapons, star constellations or even mountains and rivers.

The stronger an Aspect Totem was, the harder it was to condense. Once formed, it would be great in scale, to the point of causing an unnatural phenomenon!

Of course, it was very difficult to reach this a stage.