True Martial World Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Unrestrained
Chapter 258: Unrestrained

“You…You want to choose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’?”

Cang Yan took a while before asking Yi Yun a question. He could not believe what he was hearing. Was there a gaping hole in this kid’s brain?

All of the three mystic techniques were extremely difficult to learn. And the third mystic technique was the most difficult amongst the three!

Whether it was the killing of 10,000 primordial species or the comprehension of the profound energy circulation trajectories, it was extremely hopeless.

Furthermore, it was a remnant!

Only fools or crazy people would choose such a mystic technique.

Yi Yun nodded and said, “Senior Cang Yan, I’ll chose this. Since the mystic technique is incomplete, it should be very cheap, right?”

While saying this, Yi Yun looked at Cang Yan with anticipation. He hoped Cang Yan would give him a concession.

“Cheap?” When Cang Yan heard Yi Yun’s words, he fumed. “Cheap my ass! If you want this mystic technique, it costs 2 glory points per page!”

Cang Yan was speechless. After all that he said, Yi Yun still ignored every word of his.

“Eh…” Yi Yun grimaced.

Two glory points per page meant that the twelve pages would cost 24 glory points in total. It was too expensive!

“Senior, this mystic technique is just placed here and there’s so many pages missing. With no one mastering it, nobody reads it too, right…?” Yi Yun asked timidly.

Cang Yan stared and said, “Who says no one reads it? Sages would often come here to try and understand the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ has those twelve pages only and there is only one copy. Although it cannot be mastered, it still gives sages some inspiration of the laws!”

“Alright!” Yi Yun could only accept it. He had originally earned 3 glory points from picking the primordial herb, 2 more glory points from breaking the herb-picking record and 1 more from being ranked first in the rookie ranking competition.

With a total of 6 glory points, he had spent 2 to purchase the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. The remaining 4 glory points could only be used to rent 2 pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

By spending all his glory points in a split moment, Yi Yun felt as if he had gone bankrupt overnight.

It was very hard to get glory points.

As for dragon scale runes, Yi Yun still had plenty left. Before Yi Yun had participated in the rookie ranking competition, he had 50,000 dragon scale runes. After the gambling battles with the Hongdao Association members, Yi Yun’s dragon scale runes total had reached 100,000.

Yi Yun had also earned a large amount from the Hongdao Association’s betting pool. After tax, he had earned 30,000.

Adding to that, in the final match Li Hong had given him another 50,000 dragon scale runes and Yi Yun had earned dragon scale runes from the reward for being first amongst the rookies.

Adding it all up, Yi Yun had a total of 220,000 dragon scale runes!

Yi Yun was extremely rich. Yi Yun could spend his dragon scale runes anywhere that needed dragon scale runes without any worries.

“It’s time to consider changing my residence…”

Yi Yun had been staying in the free dormitories and was lazy to move. This time, he could immediately move to the central divine tower.

“Kid, you will regret it in time!”

As Yi Yun was leaving the library, Cang Yan’s angry voice came from behind.

Yi Yun did not know what to say. He looked at Cang Yan who was blowing his beard and staring with widened eyes. He suddenly felt sorry for the old man. It seemed like he had been cheating him all the time.

“Cultivating the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ requires me killing a large number of primordial species. I definitely do not have that ability. I might as well go to the Wilderness Divine Hall, and try to see if the Wilderness Divine Hall’s primordial species’ energy is any help in mastering the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…”

Yi Yun was not confident with this idea. To condense an Aspect Totem, he needed to absorb desolate beasts that he killed himself. The soul imprint within a desolate beast would dissipate if it was killed by someone else, especially one killed millions of years ago. As such, it would be very difficult to condense it.

Regardless, Yi Yun decided to give it a try. It could still be beneficial for him to use the energy within the Wilderness Divine Hall to familiarize himself with the cultivation methods of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun headed towards the central divine tower. He planned to first settle the central divine tower move-in procedures before heading to the Wilderness Divine Hall to cultivate the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

Due to the Wilderness Divine Hall’s expensive entrance fee, even rich cultivators would not choose the Wilderness Divine Hall as a place to cultivate their cultivation techniques. After all, it was common for a person to spend 3-4 days in cultivation at a time. If it was all done in the Wilderness Divine Hall, it would cost 40,000-50,000 dragon scale runes!

But Yi Yun could do anything according to his wishes with 220,000 dragon scale runes in hand.

Anything that could aid him in cultivating the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was nothing, even if it was to deplete him of all his wealth.

Before Yi Yun proceeded far, a voice called out, stopping him.

“Are you Yi Yun?”

Yi Yun turned over and saw two 17-18 year old youths standing behind him.

“You are?”

Yi Yun did not know the two.

“Young master Yang invites you to the Divine Moon Restaurant,” said one of the youths.

Although the youth had a deadpan expression, the tone he used in his words sounded unpleasant.

“Young master?” Yi Yun frowned. Cultivators who came to the Tai Ah Divine City usually could not bring followers. The two youths did not look like followers, but they looked like cultivators. “Surnamed Yang, could it be the Chu royal residence’s Yang Dingkun?”

With some thought, the only person surnamed Yang that had any interaction with him recently was Yang Dingkun.

“No! You’ll know when you go. Let’s go to the Divine Moon Restaurant.” The youth said again.

Yi Yun laughed, “What if I don’t go?”

If any Tom, Dick or Harry were to invite him, could he ever be free?

Seeing the ages of the two youths in front of him, they were likely cultivators who had spent a long time in the Tai Ah Divine City and they would soon leave the Tai Ah Divine City.

But Yi Yun felt that they were not that strong. They might have broken through to the Yuan foundation realm. But even if they had broken through, they did not have a strong foundation. In terms of strength, they were probably no match for Li Hong.

“You…” The youth did not expect Yi Yun’s reaction and immediately frowned. He patiently explained, “The Chu royal residence invites you!”

“As I guessed, it’s the Chu royal residence.” Yi Yun had guessed it earlier on.

“That’s right!” The youth said proudly. He obviously felt that Yi Yun would not stay arrogant once the words “Chu royal residence” were said.

This was what many would normally think. Yi Yun may be strong, but no matter how strong he was, he was still a junior. Compared to a large entity like the Chu royal residence, he was nothing. The Chu royal residence was filled with experts, so who would dare to offend them?

Yi Yun smiled, “The two of you must have joined the Chu royal residence midway?”

Yi Yun came to a realization that the Chu royal residence absorbed all sorts of talent within the Tai Ah Divine City by getting them to sign contracts. Their main goal was to attract outstanding talent, but they did not mind pulling in people with average strength to fill the numbers. After all, those who could enter the Tai Ah Divine City were the best amongst their peers.

This was also the reason why the two youths called a descendant of the Chu royal residence, “Young master Yang”.

The two youths nodded instinctively. Just as they were about to carry on speaking, Yi Yun turned around and left after saying, “Not interested.”

The two youths were dumbfounded, “Yi Yun, you…”

They did not expect Yi Yun to be so arrogant. They had joined the Chu royal residence a few years ago. The name, “Chu royal residence” was always useful in the Tai Ah Divine City. Many young geniuses would not dare to offend the Chu royal residence no matter how strong they were.

But Yi Yun, who was a first year rookie, completely looked down on the Chu royal residence.

The young master of the Chu royal residence had personally invited Yi Yun to the Divine Moon Restaurant. It was the most expensive place to eat in the Tai Ah Divine City.

They served all sorts of priceless food. If one was rich enough, one could even eat the meat of a primordial species!

Seeing Yi Yun walk further into the distance, the two youths looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Yi Yun did not take this matter to heart. It was quite easy to guess the reason why the Chu royal residence was looking for him under the current circumstances. Yang had a request beseech him, yet he had sent two errand boys over; he sure had an air of importance.

Yi Yun went straight to the administrative office of the central divine tower to obtain a permanent room.

He chose a room at the 69th level of the central divine tower. This was pretty much the best room cultivators could stay in.

The central divine tower was a large array that gathered Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The higher it was the thicker the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The purity and concentration of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi on the 69th floor satisfied Yi Yun greatly.

It was half the work with double the results when cultivating here!

Yi Yun was led by a young voluptuous girl, who was wearing a tight black dress, to look at the room.

The size of the room was not too exaggerated. It was about 100 square meters.

However, the facilities within it were expensive and extremely exquisite. There were three arrays used for cultivating. Each one of them had different functions and they each needed one desolate beast relic to power them.

As for the bedding and the carpet, they were made from king-ranked desolate beasts’ skin. They were given additional processing by masters such as embroidering array inscriptions within them. Sleeping on them nourished the body and it would subtly strengthen one’s foundation.

Outside the room, there were all sorts of facilities that aided one’s training. It was very luxurious.

“How is it?” The black-clad beauty asked with a giggle. Her voice was extremely sweet, like a wind chime. She was an attendant of the central divine tower that was in charge of hospitality and service.

The central divine tower residences was the only residence in the Tai Ah Divine City that had service personnel.

“It costs 20,000 dragon scale runes a month to stay here.”

The black-clad girl already knew Yi Yun’s identity, but she was very curious about this young man. Even the cultivators in the top ten of the Heaven and Earth rolls might not be able to afford living here.

And it had not even been four months since Yi Yun came to the Tai Ah Divine City.

“Yes, not bad!” Yi Yun was very satisfied. Yi Yun was not stingy with anything that could increase his cultivation speed.

“I shall rent this room for half a year!” Yi Yun said without much ado and passed his identity token to the black-clad beauty. There were 220,000 dragon scale runes stored within the identity token.

The black-clad beauty’s eyelid twitched.

For half a year, that was 120,000 dragon scale runes. In the entire Tai Ah Divine City, there was no other cultivator that could spend dragon scale runes in such a manner except this youth in front of her. It was impossible and completely ridiculous to find another.

After all, the black-clad girl earned a salary as an employee of the Tai Ah Divine City. And that salary was also paid in dragon scale runes.

Employees also needed to cultivate. They could not give up on their martial arts just for their jobs in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Hence, they would also need to use dragon scale runes to exchange for resources.

As a low-ranking employee, the black-clad girl’s monthly salary was just 3000 dragon scale runes. Compared to the youth in front of her, she was speechless. The youth had spent in a second what she earned in three years!

“This is your key.”

The black-clad girl gave Yi Yun a golden key. This was the central divine tower’s key, and the key was in the shape of a tetragonal pyramid. It was very exquisite.

“Thanks.” Yi Yun took it and smiled at the black-clad girl to show his appreciation.

Following that, Yi Yun left the central divine tower and went to the Wilderness Divine Hall. He bought 60 hours in one go and that was another 30,000 dragon scale runes spent.

In a day’s work, Yi Yun had spent 150,000 dragon scale runes. This gave Yi Yun mixed emotions. It was easy to be unrestrained once one had a lot of money.