True Martial World Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Desolate Heaven Technique Record
Chapter 260: Desolate Heaven Technique Record

Yang Yuefeng did not truly want to make a transaction with Yi Yun in the meeting today. To put it bluntly, he wanted to use the overwhelming stature of the Chu royal residence to pressure Yi Yun to yield to them, returning the ‘Truth of the Laws’ back to the Chu royal residence.

The 20,000 dragon scale runes were just a token amount to give Yi Yun a reason to resolve the situation.

But Yi Yun had immediately gone on to say that he wanted glory points.

Yang Yuefeng had one glory point. It was insufficient, but even if he had enough, he would not use his glory points to exchange for the ‘Truth of the Laws’.

After all this was Yang Dingkun’s problem. Yang Yuefeng was only here to remedy the situation.

Yang Yuefeng initially planned to use this opportunity to impress the Chu royal residence’s Elders with his abilities, causing them to value him more. But Yi Yun was not able to appreciate favors!

“Yi Yun! I said everything nicely and was all smiles. I have given you enough face, yet you treat me as someone easily bullied?”

Yang Yuefeng was an extremely talented Desolate Heaven Master and had been valued by his family ever since he was young. Amongst the younger generation in the Chu royal residence, other than the heir of the Chu royal residence, he had the highest position.

Under these circumstances, he had always been looked upon as a leader amongst the younger generation of the Chu royal residence. Normally, who wouldn’t be subservient towards him?

Today, he had lowered his stature to negotiate with Yi Yun. His every word had been polite and earnest.

But even after doing all of that, this kid did not reciprocate and even treated him as a monkey.

Who did this kid think he was?

“Your face?” Yi Yun sneered. “Your face isn’t worth anything to me. I did not want to go against your Chu royal residence, but I am neither a fish on a chopping block for you to chop. If you are unwilling to take out two glory points and merely want to get the benefits without any risk, then there’s nothing more for us to talk about.”

Yi Yun rebuffed Yang Yuefeng immediately.

Yang Yuefeng was fuming. He angrily looked at Yi Yun and said, “Don’t you regret this!”

Saying that, Yang Yuefeng rose.

“Let’s go!” Yang Yuefeng shook his sleeves and left.

Yi Yun did not even bother to take a glance at them and simply carried on eating with his head down.

Although it was troublesome to offend the Chu royal residence, Yi Yun was not afraid of them. The Chu royal residence may be powerful, but it could not hoodwink the masses in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Although he was insignificant compared to the Chu royal residence, Yi Yun was confident that in a few more years, he would be able to demonstrate enough value to make people know that he was a future sage.

When that happened, the Chu royal residence would be unable to resist the combined forces of all the other factions trying to rope him in.

Furthermore, the Chu royal residence might even try to befriend him at that time. It was after all just a manual that was leaked out. To offend a future sage because of something like that would definitely not be wise.

As Yi Yun was about to leave after having finished his meal, there was stir in the cook house. A few people were excitedly passing on a message.

Yi Yun listened carefully. Something big had just happened in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Luo Huo’er had broken the Desolate Heaven technique record left behind 30,000 years ago!

“Desolate Heaven technique record?”

Yi Yun was slightly surprised. It was no doubt that the record meant a lot!

“Luo Huo’er is impressive!”

People were very excited as they discussed Luo Huo’er’s breaking of a record. After all, no one had broken a record in the Tai Ah Divine City in the past thousands of years.

Yi Yun was the only one who had broken a record with the herb-picking record.

But the herb-picking record was just established out of a whim by the Tai Ah Divine City to encourage hardworking people. It was just a record to fill the numbers and had no opportunity to leave one’s name on the Sage Avenue.

Compared to Luo Huo’er’s breaking of the Desolate Heaven technique record, it was nothing.

The Desolate Heaven technique’s record was a huge record. It could be said to be one of the most important non-combat records in the Tai Ah Divine City.

It was a record where cultivators had to process desolate bones and produce desolate bone relics with various effects in a fixed amount of time.

Finally, the Tai Ah Divine City would assess the value of the desolate bone relics and pay for them in dragon scale runes. The final amount of this was the final score.

This needed a Desolate Heaven Master to have a well-honed Desolate Heaven technique to produce the high-grade and expensive desolate bone relics.

At the same time, the Desolate Heaven Master had to have a very low failure rate to accomplish this. The Desolate Heaven Master also had to have a high production speed as well as plenty of Yuan Qi to sustain the long assessment!

Stamina, speed and precision were all essential!

A person who could break the Desolate Heaven Master record was undoubtedly a well-rounded genius!

“I’m so envious! Luo Huo’er was already number one on the Man roll, now she has even broken a high standard record. She really has all sorts of resources at her disposal! I heard that this record will reward Luo Huo’er with 100,000 dragon scale runes and 25 glory points!”

For cultivators that managed to break records, the dragon scale runes were just a token sum, the glory points were the real reward!

“25 glory points? Amazing! Back when Yi Yun broke the herb-picking record, I think he was rewarded with 2 glory points. And that was after the Divine City’s Elders raised it provisionally.”

“We are so lucky. We managed to see the breaking of a large record not seen in a thousand years. Many people do not even have a chance to witness something like this!”

There was a flurry of discussion. They were all of worship and admiration towards Luo Huo’er.

Ever since the Tai Ah Divine City was established, every record had been constantly refreshed by numerous cultivators. After all, geniuses were not omnipotent. Some people were better in one field, so all of the records left behind were left there by the best in that field.

Because of that, every broken record made people feel powerless and frustrated. It made many lose the courage to even attempt to break the record.

As such, even though there were all sorts of records in the Tai Ah Divine City, they would usually stay unbroken for thousands of years.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Luo Huo’er’s breaking of the Desolate Heaven technique record was a meaningful event in the Tai Ah Divine City.

The achievement of breaking into the top 1000 of the Heaven and Earth rolls in one years was nothing compared to it.

“Desolate Heaven technique record… Luo Huo’er…”

Yi Yun returned his cutlery while murmuring.

The Desolate Heaven technique record awarded 25 glory points. Breaking records was definitely the fastest and most efficient way to accumulate glory points.

Yi Yun wanted to exchange for the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ and the subsequent volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. He was in great need of glory points!

Yi Yun needed at least 30 more glory points to relieve him of his pressing problems.

“Are you really not going to think it through?”

A middle-age man with a long face pressed a jade scroll on the table, looking earnestly at the girl in red sitting in front of him.

After Luo Huo’er broke the Desolate Heaven technique record, the news of it had quickly spread throughout the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Many major factions were alarmed!

The main reason was that Luo Huo’er had no background. It was as if she had appeared out of nowhere. With hope that she could be roped in, what major faction would not go mad over her?

Many factions had already sent envoys at the level of elders and entered the Tai Ah Divine City through their connections. They had personally come to Luo Huo’er to give her all sorts of favorable conditions in an attempt to rope her in.

These factions were mostly reclusive family clans. Many of them were even more powerful than the Chu royal residence.

But Luo Huo’er was uninterested in them.

Luo Huo’er smiled sweetly and politely said, “Thank you for the kind gesture, but Huo’er does not wish to be bound, Huo’er prefers freedom.”

“If the conditions are not satisfactory, we can discuss them further.” The long-faced middle-aged man asked, unwilling to give up.

“It’s really not necessarily. Thank you for Uncle Song’s love, but Huo’er still prefers freedom, going wherever she wants.” Luo Huo’er politely said, sounding as pleasant as a lark.

“Really… Then that’s a pity.” The long-faced middle-aged man had lingered around for a long time, but he could only silently leave after seeing Luo Huo’er’s lack of interest.

When the door closed, Luo Huo’er’s bright smile immediately disappeared. She curled her mouth and snorted, “What a small broken faction. To think you call yourself a reclusive family clan. Trying to use a bunch of junk to trick me into joining. Dream on!”

Her maid servant, Dong’er revealed her head from the room, “Miss, these people are so troublesome.”


“Miss, there was a leaflet that was sent just now. The Chu royal residence’s Yang Yuefeng wishes to see you.”

Luo Huo’er paused for a while, “Who’s Yang Yuefeng?”

“Uh… He’s number ten on the Man roll. He’s ranked not far behind you. Previously when Elder Yuehua was teaching, he was trying to get close to you!”

Dong’er said in a speechless manner. Yang Yuefeng was after all an outstanding figure and ranked close to Luo Huo’er, but Luo Huo’er did not even know who he was.

But Dong’er knew that it was not because Luo Huo’er’s memory was bad, it was because she selectively chose to filter out insignificant people.

The stronger one’s soul was, the greater was one’s ability at selectively forgetting things.

In Luo Huo’er’s own words, remembering these useless peoples was a waste of life.

“Another toad, not meeting!” Luo Huo’er would patiently deal with the elders of large factions, but for a junior from the younger generation, Luo Huo’er could not even be bothered.

“Yes.” Dong’er nodded fiercely. “As expected, Miss is the best! Previously people placed Miss, Qin Haotian and Yi Yun as the three elites of Tai Ah. Now, they should know that Qin Haotian and Yi Yun cannot compare to Miss?”

Dong’er proudly said. She was proud of Luo Huo’er from the bottom of her heart.

“To be born in a place like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, Yi Yun and Qin Haotian aren’t bad for reaching such a level.” Luo Huo’er said as she suddenly recalled something and curled her mouth. “Yi Yun, that rascal which only knows how to use loopholes, actually managed to break a record first and stole my first place.”

Even though Yi Yun’s record was nothing compared to Luo Huo’er’s Desolate Heaven technique record, it still put Luo Huo’er in a bad mood. Luo Huo’er remembered Yi Yun only because of this. If not, she would not have bothered with the rookie ranking competition at all, and neither would she have bothered to remember who Yi Yun was.

“Dong’er, set up a sound-proof barrier array. I want to cultivate! After all, because of the training in the Desolate Heaven technique, I have been putting my cultivating aside…”