True Martial World Chapter 262

Chapter 262: I am neighbors with him?
Chapter 262: I am neighbors with him?

“Damn Dong’er, darn Dong’er. You only know how to eat! Then, I’ll let you eat!”

Luo Huo’er was pinching Dong’er’s ears. At this moment, her heart was filled with anger, with no place to vent her frustration. Just recalling the last words Yi Yun said about seeing her breasts made Luo Huo’er feel like exploding.

“Painful…Painful…Ouch! Miss, you are going to pull off Dong’er’s ears!” Dong’er said in an aggrieved manner. Poor Dong’er still did not know what had happened. She was happily eating a bun, when suddenly a calamity from the Heavens fell upon her. That is why she was in such a state now.

Only then did Luo Huo’er release her. Dong’er’s tiny ears were red and her large eyes were filled with tears.

Seeing Dong’er’s pitiful look, Luo Huo’er’s heart started to soften. But she was still fuming inside. She grunted, “I told you to guard the door. Why were you here eating and not guardıng the door!?”

Dong’er touched her tiny red ears and said wrongfully, “I…was hungry…”

It was common for Dong’er to feel hungry guarding the door without a replacement…

Of course, even if Dong’er was not hungry, she would not just focus on guarding the door. She had plenty of other things to do such as staring blankly, sleeping and fiddling with flowers. She could even spend most of the day watching a small bug walking on a blade of grass.

In the central divine tower, Luo Huo’er would spend most of her time cultivating or practicing her Desolate Heaven technique. Although Luo Huo’er seemed like a capricious person, she was always working hard on her cultivation. Hence, Dong’er would be left alone and bored out of her mind most of the time.

“M…Miss. Was the ‘Sacred Fire Infinite Book’ seen by someone else…?” Dong’er pursed her lips as she asked fearfully.

The reason why Luo Huo’er instructed Dong’er to guard the door was to prevent her from being disturbed, and even more importantly, prevent others from discovering her practicing of her family’s cultivation technique, the ‘Sacred Fire Infinite Book’.

“It is worse than that!” Luo Huo’er said angrily. In fact, even if someone saw her cultivating the ‘Sacred Fire Infinite Book’, they would find it difficult to tell the level of the ‘Sacred Fire Infinite Book’. Luo Huo’er was just being careful, erring on the side of caution.

“Worse than that?” Dong’er opened her tiny mouth and started to stare at Luo Huo’er with round eyes. She knew she was in great trouble today.

Although she had an extremely good relationship with Luo Huo’er, they were after all still mistress and servant. She knew that her duty was to dedicate herself to serving Luo Huo’er.

“What happened, Miss?” Dong’er uneasily asked. She started praying in her heart hoping that it was not something unredeemable.

Luo Huo’er’s face turned red as she did not know what to say.

Even though she and Dong’er had a very close relationship, Luo Huo’er would never tell Dong’er the details of such a shameful event.

Did she need to tell Dong’er about that ruffian who heard the narcissistic words she was saying after he entered the training ground? And on top of that, he completely saw her whole body!

Not only that, he had even used a scoundrelly method to escape from her hands!

Just thinking about it made Luo Huo’er feel resentful. She went through such an unacceptable ordeal, and not only was there nowhere for her to vent her frustration, she could not tell anyone what had happened, not even Dong’er.

With nowhere to vent her resentment, Luo Huo’er started pinching Donger’s ears again. But this time, she did not use any strength.

“Damn you Dong’er, you listen carefully. In the future, when you are guarding the door, you are not allowed to go anywhere else! Also, I will punish you by not allowing you eat buns or any food for the next ten days! I will only give you an avoiding grain relic!”

When Luo Huo’er said this, Dong’er’s face paled in fear. It was as if she was facing the world’s most terrifying event.

“No buns, no food…”

Dong’er was too sad for tears. The avoiding grain relic Luo Huo’er mentioned was a fierce beast relic made specially for replacing meals. It did not have much Yuan Qi within it, but eating one stopped that person from feeling hungry for ten days.

But the avoiding grain relic had no taste. It was as bland as eating white noodles. Dong’er felt like she had entered hell when she thought about not having any food for ten days, having to subsist on just a tasteless relic.

“Miss…” Dong’er said in an aggrieved manner as she lightly pulled on Luo Huo’er’s clothes. Her watery eyes seemed to speak for her.

“This is not negotiable!” Luo Huo’er said hatefully, but after seeing Dong’er as if she was about to die, her heart softened. She said, “This time, I will be light on you. The ten days will be shortened to five!”

Saying that, she shook Dong’er’s hand off and stormed angrily towards the central divine tower’s administrative office.

She wanted to know how could a rascal, who appeared out of nowhere, manage to get the key of the central divine tower’s 69th floor training ground.

A black-clad beauty was sorting a room list in the central divine tower’s administrative office. She looked like she was in her twenties. She had an excellent body and beautiful good looks.

The central divine tower was the face of the Tai Ah Divine City, so it was common for her to receive all sorts of guests. As a service staff, every aspect of this beautiful girl was excellent.

The black-clad beauty was stunned when Luo Huo’er stormed into the room angrily to question her. After understanding Luo Huo’er’s question, she chuckled, “Little sister Huo’er, the person you are talking about is most likely Yi Yun.”

Back when Yi Yun rented a room at the 69th floor of the central divine tower, this black-clad beauty was the one who took him to see the room. Yi Yun, who was just thirteen years old, was able to pay half a year’s worth of rent in his first year of entering the Tai Ah Divine City. It was a great shock to the black-clad beauty, so she remembered him very clearly.

For him to be so powerful at such a young age, it indicated that he would have a promising future. He was a diamond bachelor, if only she could get him…

But this desire of the black-clad girl was just fantasy and she knew that. Previously, she cultivated in the Tai Ah Divine City for six years and her results were terrible when she graduated. It was only because of her beauty that she was able to stay in the Tai Ah Divine City and work in the central divine tower.

“Yi Yun!? He’s Yi Yun?” Luo Huo’er did not recognize Yi Yun at all.

She knew of Yi Yun only because he was the first person to break a Tai Ah Divine City record in the past thousand years. It peeved Luo Huo’er.

When the name Yi Yun was mentioned to 99% of the cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City, they would either admire him or be jealous of him. Only Luo Huo’er was bugged by his name.

This time, it was that Yi Yun again!

“Yes, he’s Yi Yun, a young man with great achievements.” the black-clad girl giggled. “He’s a tenant of the 69th floor of the central divine tower, so it’s natural for him to have the training ground’s key. That training ground was originally meant to be shared amongst the adjacent rooms. Oh yes, he’s even your neighbor!”

The black-clad girl was looking at Luo Huo’er with envy.

But when Luo Huo’er heard this, she felt as if a bronze basin was dropped on her head…


Luo Huo’er was extremely shocked.

I am neighbors with that toad!?

Did it not mean that she to lower her head whenever she saw that rascal?


If it was not for what happened today, Luo Huo’er could completely treat Yi Yun as if he was just air, just like a toad on the side of the road. Although she did not like it, it was alright seeing him.

But…after today’s event, Yi Yun would have all sorts of images appearing in his mind whenever he met her again. Just thinking of this made Luo Huo’er go crazy.

The black-clad girl apparently did not notice Luo Huo’er’s mood and carried on saying without much thought, “You two are amongst the best geniuses in the recent batches of the Tai Ah Divine City. You two can mix around and share experiences with each other. Hai, I really envy all of you…”

When Luo Huo’er heard this, her mouth twitched a few times. Mix around and share experiences? Don’t make me laugh!

“I do not want to be his neighbor!” Luo Huo’er blurted out. She did not expect that Yi Yun could afford to live on the 69th floor of the central divine tower.

“Eh?” The black-clad woman was shocked. “Why do you not want to be Yi Yun’s neighbor? Yi Yun has already paid for the room, so it is natural for him to be staying at the 69th floor of the central divine tower…”

There were only a few rooms prepared for cultivators in the 69th floor of the central divine tower. No matter how the rooms were switched, they would still be neighbors. The only way out for her was to move to a higher or lower level.

But the rooms situated at the 70th floor and above were not for the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators. This was because the concentration of Yuan Qi was a waste for low level warriors.

To stay at the 70th floor and above, one had to pay one glory point every two months. Even though Luo Huo’er was first on the Man roll of honor, she did not have so many glory points to squander. Using glory points in exchange for a place to live was too wasteful.

As for moving to the 68th floor, Luo Huo’er got more angry just thinking about it. Why did she have to move to the 68th floor!? If anyone had to move, it was that toad!

“I will find that kid and settle score!” Luo Huo’er ground her teeth and thought hatefully.

At this moment in the Tai Ah Divine City’s herbal mountain, in a place with beautiful scenery.

A youth in linen clothes was sitting on the grass, with his back leaning against a tree. He was quietly reading an ancient book. He would gently brush away the occasional fallen leaf.

“Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, “Truth of the Laws”…

Yi Yun planned on returning to his residence in the central divine tower to continue his research of the two manuals, but when he opened the door, he met a violent girl who nearly killed him.

Yi Yun found it puzzling, but there was no doubt that the violent girl’s strength was higher than his. Therefore, he decided to avoid the central divine tower temporarily. After that, he came to herbal mountain #60 under the guise of picking herbs.

He had to admit that the Chu royal residence’s ‘Truth of the Laws’ was a valuable book.

The ‘Truth of the Laws’ did not focus on explaining every single nomological truth’s cultivation method. The entire book introduced nomological truths. It was a secret manual that introduced the laws in a general fashion.

If he could understand it, it would be a great help for his future when it came to cultivation of the laws.

In the introduction of the ‘Truth of the Laws’, it explained that the path of martial arts had 3000 Great Dao. Each Great Dao could lead to the peak. While some of these Great Dao were difficult, others were easy. The powers one could obtain from each route were not the same.

These 3000 Great Dao were split into several big categories.

The first category was the Dao of weapons!

When it came to weapons, there were saber truths, spear truths and sword truths. All of them came under the classification of the Dao of weapons.

Some swordsmen only used swords throughout their lives. Even so, they could still reach the pinnacle of martial arts with just swords.

Similarly, it was possible with spears, sabers and polearms!

Yi Yun understood that the Saber Truth’s 32 Words in the saber tomb were left behind by an expert who had reached an unfathomable level at saber truths.