True Martial World Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Learning because I don’t know
Chapter 264: Learning because I don’t know

As Yi Yun was studying the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, another sensational news broke out in the Tai Ah Divine City.

The Desolate Heaven Master of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family, Grandmaster Yuehua, would take up residence as one of the new Elders of the Tai Ah Divine City.

Grandmaster Yuehua would begin public teaching of the Desolate Heaven technique tomorrow. Each month, she would hold three lessons.

This news buzzed in the circles of the cultivators that focused on the Desolate Heaven technique.

These lessons would be taught by a sage-level Desolate Heaven Master!

Previously, few sage-level figures would show any concern for the young cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City. After all, the chances of a cultivator from the Tai Ah Divine City becoming a sage was extremely low. And these sage-level figures prioritized their own cultivation.

Therefore, how could cultivators not get excited when they suddenly learned that Grandmaster Yuehua would be teaching young juniors that were at the Purple Blood realm or Yuan foundation realm?

Besides, Grandmaster Yuehua was one of the best Desolate Heaven Masters in the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

People were discussing it. It was in fact no coincidence that Grandmaster Yuehua became a Tai Ah Divine City’s Elder at this moment in time.

The main reason was because of Luo Huo’er’s breaking of the Desolate Heaven technique record a few days ago.

The Desolate Heaven technique record Luo Huo’er broke had previously lasted for 30,000 years.

What did 30,000 years mean? A normal sage only had a lifespan of 10,000 years. Only the great figures who reached the middle or late stages of sages would have a lifespan of 30,000 years.

It was not surprising that Luo Huo’er would eventually become the best Desolate Heaven Master in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. If Luo Huo’er were to become a sage, her Desolate Heaven technique would then reach an extreme level. She could become the most powerful Desolate Heaven Master seen in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s for the past 100,000 years!

Because of this, the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was paying close attention to Luo Huo’er. All the powerful factions would provide Luo Huo’er with all sorts of benefits in their attempts to befriend her, even if they knew it was impossible to rope her in.

This was also a form of expression made by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family.

The royal family’s Desolate Heaven Master Yuehua came to the Tai Ah Divine City personally to become an Elder and hold Desolate Heaven technique lessons.

Everyone knew that Yuehua was only here to teach one person. And that person was Luo Huo’er! It was just out of convenience that Yuehua would take on the other Desolate Heaven technique apprentices as well.

Even though the other cultivators, who focused on the Desolate Heaven technique, knew that they were just side characters, they were still overjoyed. They had gained something great all thanks to Luo Huo’er.

But when Grandmaster Yuehua’s class details were released, many cultivators were dumbfounded.

Each lesson held by Elder Yuehua’s would cost 3000 dragon scale runes in tuition!

Tuition fees were paid monthly, which meant that one would have to pay 9000 dragon scale runes a month!

It was too expensive!

Many Desolate Heaven Master apprentices could not afford such high fees. Only those ranked at the top of the Man roll of honor would barely be able to afford Grandmaster Yuehua’s lessons.

Although many were disappointed, they knew the reason behind the expensive fee.

Just from Grandmaster Yuehua’s name alone, many cultivators would come in droves. Even cultivators who had never come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique would join the class just for fun. Even if they could not understand a thing, just seeing Grandmaster Yuehua was good enough for them.

When that happened, how could Grandmaster Yuehua teach with the lecture hall so full?

Hence the 9000 dragon scale runes was used as a barrier to entry.

Those who could pay the 9000 dragon scale runes would be people with some attainment in the Desolate Heaven technique. As for those who just wanted to see Grandmaster Yuehua, they would stop here as no one would pay 9000 dragon scale runes just to join in for fun.

Although the tuition fees were expensive, there was an additional provision. This made many Desolate Heaven technique apprentices had something to look forward to. There was a scholarship award.

Those who attended Grandmaster Yuehua’s class and obtained outstanding results as well as the affirmation of Grandmaster Yuehua, would receive a scholarship.

This scholarship was funded from the tuition fees collected from the rest.

If anyone could break any Desolate Heaven technique related record in the Tai Ah Divine City, the tuition fees would be permanently waived. In addition, they would be given 8000 dragon scale runes worth of Desolate Heaven technique materials every month.

This allowance could be stacked. Breaking one record would have one’s tuition fees waived and be awarded a monthly allowance of 8000 dragon scale runes.

By breaking two records, the tuition fees of 9000 dragon scale runes would be returned, and with the double allowance, one would get 25,000 dragon scale runes a month!

This additional provision tempted many.

But even a fool knew that this last provision was customized for Luo Huo’er!

This scholarship system could even be considered as a way to reward and win the favor of Luo Huo’er by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family. Besides Luo Huo’er, who else could break a Desolate Heaven technique related record?

Learning the Desolate Heaven technique was a resource-burning trade. And materials used was a large proportion of the heavy costs. Many Desolate Heaven Masters may be ranked ahead in the Man roll of honor, and have a lot of dragon scale runes, but they would still think twice before spending them. They lived their lives on a tight budget.

With Grandmaster Yuehua establishing a scholarship system, if Luo Huo’er was to break another record, then the materials needed for her future practicing of the Desolate Heaven technique could be used without any monetary concern.

Many Desolate Heaven technique apprentices could only sigh when they thought of this. Luo Huo’er’s was a genius whose Desolate Heaven technique left them in the dust.

The original intent of the establishment of the Tai Ah Divine City was to gather resources to groom geniuses. It was fair competition. Those who could not gain the resources could only blame themselves.

The registration for Elder Yuehua’s class began.

Although the tuition fees were expensive, there were still many who registered for it. Although the cultivators, ranked ahead on the Man roll of honor and focusing on their Desolate Heaven technique, felt the pinch of paying 9000 dragon scale runes a month, they could still afford it.

Once 9000 dragon scale runes were paid, each person would receive a small lecture token.

Very quickly a few dozen lecture tokens were handed out, but there was still a long line. It was natural that there would be many attendees for Elder Yuehua’s first lesson.

When the lecture tokens were almost completely handed out, many people had begun leaving. At this time, Yi Yun dawdled into the administration office, intending to receive a lecture token.

The clerk in charge of handing out the lecture tokens recognized Yi Yun. Seeing Yi Yun asking for a lecture token, the clerk’s expression turned odd. He reminded Yi Yun, “This is a lesson for Desolate Heaven Master apprentices.”

He was afraid that Yi Yun had made a mistake. After all, Yi Yun should have been attending lessons for warriors that taught laws, cultivation techniques or Aspect Totem.

“Ah, I know.” Yi Yun said and handed over his identity token, intending to pay the 9000 dragon scale runes.

Seeing the dragon scale runes fly up, the clerk froze for a moment before asking, “You know the Desolate Heaven technique?”

The clerk was very aware of Yi Yun’s Cloud Wilderness background. He was poor. And to learn the Desolate Heaven technique, it needed the support of plenty of resources. Considering Yi Yun’s martial arts talent was so monstrous, it was unlikely that he could also have learned the Desolate Heaven technique…

“I don’t really know.” Yi Yun shook his head, and then said matter of factly, “I’m learning because I don’t know.”


Hearing Yi Yun’s words, the clerk nearly choked.

Learning because I don’t know?

These words, which sounded completely logical, made the the clerk speechless.

A rookie, who was completely clueless of the Desolate Heaven technique, actually wanted to attend Grandmaster Yuehua lecture? That was a three lesson course that cost 9000 dragon scale runes!

He knew that Yi Yun was extremely rich after the rookie ranking competition. He could only sigh at the fact that one could be so capricious when one was rich. No matter how much the tuition fees were, he could learn it if he was interested!

At this moment, in the central divine tower, Luo Huo’er was lying comfortably in bed. She was playing a small token in her hands.

She did not pick up a lecture token because someone had sent the lecture token directly to Luo Huo’er.

Luo Huo’er was extremely satisfied with this.

This was not about running errands or the waiving of tuition fees, it was a matter of face.

As the Tai Ah Divine City’s most perfect girl genius, how could she not receive any special treatment?

“Miss, in the future we will get a monthly allowance of 8000 dragon scale runes! This Grandmaster Yuehua sure is a nice person.”

Maid servant Dong’er was looking at Luo Huo’er. She had not eaten for two days now. Although she had eaten the grain avoiding relic and wasn’t hungry, she still felt that her mouth and stomach were empty.

She wished that Luo Huo’er would absolve her of her punishment in her good mood.

Luo Huo’er rolled her eyes at Dong’er and said, “What’s 8000 dragon scale runes of allowance? It’s far from enough for me to spend. Wait till I break another Desolate Heaven technique record and receive 25,000 dragon scale runes in monthly allowance. I might even break a third record and receive 42,000 dragon scale runes in allowance. When that happens, I can practice the Desolate Heaven technique however I like.”

“Yes, yes. Miss is the best!” Dong’er began kissing ass. A the same time, she was eagerly looking at Luo Huo’er with her big eyes.

Luo Huo’er snorted, “I know what you are thinking. I’ll absolve you of the next two days of punishment. Follow me to class tomorrow!”

Of course, Dong’er could not enter the lecture hall. All she could do was wait outside.

As such, under all the anticipation, Grandmaster Yuehua’s course began.

The classroom was located underground in the central divine tower. A large Desolate Heaven technique hall with an area of a thousand square meters was used as the classroom .

In the large hall, there were all sorts of desolate bone relic arrays, cauldrons as well as rows of stone tables. All sorts of valuable materials were placed on the tables.

Just the layout and materials made many feel that the 9000 monthly tuition fee was not that expensive after all. Practicing the Desolate Heaven technique was a huge drain on resources, but in this class, the materials were provided free of charge.

Many cultivators had arrived in the lecture hall an hour early. They had an expectant mood as they waited for Grandmaster Yuehua to appear.

There were a total of 106 cultivators in this class. When Luo Huo’er entered the room, there were already almost a hundred people present.

When Luo Huo’er appeared, it naturally caused a stir.

“It’s Luo Huo’er!

When someone said that, everyone’s eyes turned towards the classroom’s entrance.

Luo Huo’er was wearing a purple Desolate Heaven Master robe. She was like a different person in public. Slowly walking over, her every action was elegant, exuding the air of someone from a high class family.