True Martial World Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Enemies Meet Again
Chapter 265: Enemies Meet Again

In the purple Desolate Heaven Master robe, Luo Huo’er looked extremely bright and lovely. Her gracefulness made her look like a proud peacock.

The cultivators who could pay the tuition fee were all elites who had a bright future ahead of them. Some of them even came from reclusive family clans. But in front of Luo Huo’er, they immediately turned inferior, they were like the green leaves growing beside a beautiful flower.

But these elites did not mind this. They were happy to be serve as Luo Huo’er’s foil.

Luo Huo’er, who was like the bright Sun at mid-day, not only had extremely high talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, she was very beautiful as well. If they could marry her, it would be a great thing.

Not only would they then have a beauty in their arms, they would also raise their own positions in their family by marrying Luo Huo’er.

“Miss Luo, I had reserved a table at the Divine Moon Restaurant, hoping that Miss Luo would grace herself there, but Miss Luo didn’t come. I wonder if Miss Luo will give me face and appear tomorrow?”

Yang Yuefeng said with a smile as he came forward when Luo Huo’er approached her seat.

Yang Yuefeng assumed that he would be unable to persuade Luo Huo’er into joining the Chu royal residence. He also knew that it was extremely difficult to win Luo Huo’er’s heart, but hard work had to be injected into everything. Who knows if it might succeed or not?

Luo Huo’er however, treated Yang Yuefeng and the rest of these young masters, who thought highly of themselves, as toads.

Just as she was thinking up an excuse to humor Yang Yuefeng, she noticed a figure. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a youth in linen clothes walking into the classroom after pushing the main door open.

Compared to all the others present, dressed in beautiful Desolate Heaven Master robes, this youth’s clothes were very simple. Although the cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City did not judge a person by the way they dressed, it was still unfitting to dress in linen while attending a noble Desolate Heaven Master class. It was like a dance ball where people were decked out in elaborate costumes, but a person appeared in uncouth clothes. Wearing a Desolate Heaven Master robe was a gesture of respect to Grandmaster Yuehua who was about to show up.

Seeing this youth, Luo Huo’er was stunned.

Yang Yuefeng, who was beside Luo Huo’er, was also stunned.

Isn’t that… Yi Yun?

What was he doing here? Was he here to learn the Desolate Heaven technique?

Luo Huo’er was stunned, but only for a moment. Her face then turned red. Her face, which had a deliberate smile on it, had now frozen.

At this moment, Yi Yun, who had just closed the main door and turned around, also spotted Luo Huo’er.

The both of them stared at each other.

Yi Yun was a bit surprised. It’s her?

Back when he met Luo Huo’er in the central divine tower, Yi Yun did not give it much thought. But after seeing Luo Huo’er for a second time in Grandmaster Yuehua’s class, Yi Yun suddenly had an idea of who she was.

A cultivator, who practiced the Desolate Heaven technique and lived at the 69th floor of the central divine tower could only be the first person on the Man roll of honor, Luo Huo’er.

Yi Yun had naturally heard of the recent events surrounding Luo Huo’er. The royal family’s Desolate Heaven Master Grandmaster Yuehua had purposely come to the Tai Ah Divine City because Luo Huo’er caught her attention.

Yet, Yi Yun had seen Luo Huo’er’s wardrobe malfunction and he had told her , “Beauty, I can see your breasts.”

Thinking of this, Yi Yun’s expression turned wonderful.

He could not help but think of the scene he saw that day, Yi Yun subconsciously glanced at Luo Huo’er’s perky female peaks.

This was purely out of reflex, but this tiny movement of his eyes was caught by Luo Huo’er who had extremely sharp senses.

Luo Huo’er turned extremely angry. Her face had turned from red to green as she clenched her tiny fists. If not for the people present, she would have stormed away.

Instantly, the atmosphere turned heated. Luo Huo’er’s eyes seemed to give off sparks.

Yi Yun could feel the killing intent and quickly looked away in an ashamed manner. It was as if nothing had happened.

This happened under everyone’s watchful eye. Many were baffled at Luo Huo’er’s stare at Yi Yun. Had something happened between Luo Huo’er and Yi Yun?

Yi Yun felt uncomfortable being stared at by Luo Huo’er. He opened his mouth, thinking of giving an apology.

But at this moment, he heard a Yuan Qi voice transmission from Luo Huo’er, “If you say anything about that day, you will die!”


Yi Yun gave a wry smile. He knew that it was a big deal if a girl’s body was seen by others in this world. If she was seen by a man she liked that might still be acceptable, but that wasn’t the case if she was seen by a male stranger. Even the girls in Yi Yun’s previous life, who valued their chastity, would find it difficult to accept that.

Furthermore, Luo Huo’er was an extremely proud girl that was anything but ordinary. She definitely treated her body as something extremely important.

“You must be Miss Luo Huo’er. I am very sorry for that day. I did not know you were inside, neither was it intentional. As for that matter, I will never mention it to anyone.”

Yi Yun used his Yuan Qi to transmit his voice, with a very sincere tone.

“Hmph!” Luo Huo’er sneered, “It wasn’t intentional? Then it wasn’t intentional today?”

What Luo Huo’er was referring to was Yi Yun’s glance at her breasts just a moment ago.


Yi Yun had no way of refuting it. His glance was purely a male reflective instinct. It did not go through the brain, it was something the eyes would do by themselves.

But his skin was not so thick to say that that was not intentional.

“You are not allowed to stay at the 69th floor of the central divine tower!” Luo Huo’er suddenly said with a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

Now, Luo Huo’er was slowly calming down. She could not do anything to Yi Yun. She could neither kill him just because her body had been seen, nor because her shameless, narcissistic words had been heard.

But Luo Huo’er did not wish to see Yi Yun. Just seeing Yi Yun made her feel awkward and depressed. Therefore, she did not want to be neighbors with Yi Yun.

“You won’t allow me to stay at the 69th floor?” Yi Yun frowned. He may have apologized, but he did not like to be ordered around.

“It is the freedom of people to choose to stay in the central divine tower. If Miss Luo doesn’t want to see me, you can move to the 70th floor.”

“You…” Luo Huo’er was at a loss of words by Yi Yun’s counter. Moving to the 70th floor required glory points. Although Luo Huo’er was rich, she could not afford to spend glory points like that.

Seeing Luo Huo’er’s face turn green and then white, Yang Yuefeng could no longer stand watching this any further.

He had originally been speaking with Luo Huo’er and was thinking of inviting her to the Divine Moon Restaurant for a meal. Just as he was looking forward to the answer from Luo Huo’er, Yi Yun had entered, absorbing all of Luo Huo’er’s attention.

The two of them had been staring at each other for more than ten seconds. From the looks of it, they were likely communicating with Yuan Qi voice transmissions.

Was it possible that this poor kid from the Cloud Wilderness had some dealings with Luo Huo’er?

Yang Yuefeng had previously been ridiculed by Yi Yun and had wanted to deal with him. Now, having seen the goddess in his heart being involved with Yi Yun, how could Yang Yuefeng feel pleasant?

He immediately took a step forward and stood in the middle of Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er.

“Kid, what are you doing here?”

Yang Yuefeng questioned Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s attention was completely on Luo Huo’er previously. Only when Yang Yuefeng appeared did he see him.

“Oh? Isn’t this the retarded young master from the Chu royal residence who wanted to use 20,000 dragon scale runes to exchange for the ‘Truth of the Laws’? Right, when he gave his self-introduction, he did mention that he was a Desolate Heaven Master. His Desolate Heaven technique is not bad and he ranks tenth on the Man roll of honor. It’s no wonder he appeared here.”

These thoughts flashed across Yi Yun’s mind. He could not be bothered with Yang Yuefeng.

Sensing Yi Yun’s disregard of him, Yang Yuefeng’s forehead popped a blue vein. “Kid, are you deaf? I was asking you a question!”

Yi Yun glanced at Yang Yuefeng and coldly said, “Aren’t you asking a nonsensical question. Since I’m here, naturally it’s to attend the class.”

Hearing Yi Yun say he was speaking nonsense, Yang Yuefeng’s face sank. “Attending the class? You? This is a place to learn the Desolate Heaven technique, taught personally by Grandmaster Yuehua. Do you even know the Desolate Heaven technique?”

Yang Yuefeng was aggressive and Yi Yun impatiently replied, “So what if I do? And so what if I don’t? Is there a rule saying that one needs to know the Desolate Heaven technique to attend the class?”

With Yi Yun’s rebuttal, all the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices were dumbfounded.

From Yi Yun’s words, it was clear he did not know the Desolate Heaven technique.

It was normal if one thought further about it. With Yi Yun’s experiences, how could he know the Desolate Heaven technique?

But he actually spent 9000 dragon scale runes to attend Grandmaster Yuehua’s class, without even knowing the Desolate Heaven technique?

“Hahaha!” Yang Yuefeng laughed as if he had heard the world’s funniest joke.

“You don’t know the Desolate Heaven technique and you actually came here to listen to the lecture? Do you think you are worthy? This ridiculousness goes to an extreme!”

Yang Yuefeng was a talented Desolate Heaven Master so he had his pride.

The Desolate Heaven technique was his field. He may not have as great a talent in martial arts compared to Yi Yun, but he was a king when it came to the Desolate Heaven technique.

Yi Yun was simply looking to suffer by entering a field that he dominated.

Yang Yuefeng had already bore a grudge from back when he was ridiculed by Yi Yun when he tried to get back the ‘Truth of the Laws’. He was thinking of a way to seek revenge, but now Yi Yun had came to his door, which greatly suited him.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with Yang Yuefeng and walked pass Yang Yuefeng and found a seat. All the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices were giving odd looks at Yi Yun.

This dude was too weird. He did not know the Desolate Heaven technique, yet here he was to join in on the fun. Did he not have anywhere to spend his money?