True Martial World Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Power of Desolates Extraction
Chapter 267: Power of Desolates Extraction

“What are you doing?”

Yuehua walked to the front of Yi Yun. She was tall, standing at a height of 1.75m. Coupled with her powerful aura, it made people feel a sense of being suppressed.

“I’m sorry Teacher Yuehua. I do not know how to refine a bone relic.” Yi Yun shrugged.

“You don’t know?” Yuehua was surprised. She never expected that there would be a student like this. “If you do not know how to refine a bone relic, you should at least know how to create seals. You can first refine the desolate bones. It is alright if you are unable to form a relic..”

Yuehua looked at Yi Yun’s age. He was approximately thirteen years old. Real geniuses, who began learning the Desolate Heaven technique, would be able to refine bone relics at this age. If he could not refine one, then it could be said that he was not suitable to learn the Desolate Heaven technique.

Yi Yun still shook his head, “I do not know how to form the seals either.”

“Oh?” Yuehua raised her eyebrows. What are you doing in my class if you do not know anything?

She did not ask this question out loud, but it was clear what she was thinking from her facial expression.

Yi Yun explained, “I am a beginner. I previously read some literature on the Desolate Heaven technique and I am very interested in learning it, so I came to Teacher Yuehua’s class to learn.”


When Yuehua heard Yi Yun’s words, she was slightly stunned. He spent 9000 dragon scale runes to attend her class out of interest?

This young man was quite interesting!

Yuehua did not think that Yi Yun was crazy. In fact, she appreciated Yi Yun for his courage in doing whatever he wanted to do.

Besides, this youth took out 9000 dragon scale runes without even blinking his eyes just for his own personal interest. It meant that he had other things he excelled in.

But despite appreciating him, Yuehua did not think that Yi Yun would be able to learn the Desolate Heaven technique from her. Her class was meant for students with a foundation. The lessons she held would be fast-paced. How could Yi Yun, who was a beginner, keep up with them?

Yuehua said, “Having courage is good, but you must still be able to recognize your own abilities. My classes will not be taught at a slower speed just because of you. There might be many things that you will be unable to completely understand. For this class, you can just listen by the side. If you think my class is pointless after the class is over, I can get someone to return your tuition fee.”

Yuehua felt that Yi Yun was like an ignorant newborn calf, unafraid of tigers. He did not know himself, but even so she appreciated such a hot-blooded youth. Due to this, she took care of Yi Yun.

When Yi Yun heard this, he got a favorable impression of this beautiful Desolate Heaven Master. He said, “Thank you Teacher Yuehua, I will still try.”

“Alright, up to you.”

Yuehua did not bother with Yi Yun anymore and walked towards Luo Huo’er.

Luo Huo’er was the person she was most concerned about.

Yuehua stood beside Luo Huo’er for a long time, watching every seal Luo Huo’er made carefully. There was an undisguised appreciation of Luo Huo’er in her eyes.

She had come to the Tai Ah Divine City especially for Luo Huo’er. This girl was a Desolate Heaven technique genius that only appeared in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom once every several tens of thousands of years.

Two hours quickly passed.

Only about half of the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices managed to complete their desolate bone relic refinement. The others either failed in their refinement or failed to complete it in the designated time.

Most of the desolate bone relics completed were made for Purple Blood realm warriors.

Only a few of them were for Yuan foundation realm warriors.

For example, Yang Yuefeng’s Seven Treasure Totem relic was meant for early-stage Yuan foundation realm warriors, to aid them in condensing an Aspect Totem.

But compared to Luo Huo’er’s relic, it was nothing.

Luo Huo’er placed her disk array down at the last moment. A purple desolate bone relic rolled around playfully in the disk array.

Seeing the purple desolate bone relic, the surrounding Desolate Heaven Master apprentices did not know what to say.

Luo Huo’er had refined a Purple Heart Forgetting Dust relic. It could be used by peak Yuan foundation realm warriors to break through to a higher level.

Compared to the other relics, it was on a completely different level.

If a Desolate Heaven Master had Luo Huo’er’s current standard, that person could become an esteemed guest in a large family clan.

All the relics were examined by Yuehua.

Even the failed desolate bone relics were examined by Yuehua. She would even occasionally give some pointers, telling them the reason for their failure. This made many of those who were given pointers feel overwhelmingly flattered.

These were pointers given by a sage-level Desolate Heaven Master! Every word said by Yuehua was remembered and repeated in the minds of everyone.

Only Yi Yun did not receive any of Yuehua’s pointers because he did not even have a failed product.

In the past two hours, Yi Yun did not do anything from beginning to the end. Many of the apprentices were embarrassed when they saw Yi Yun standing there like a wooden pole.

They all felt that if they were the ones in Yi Yun’s shoes, they would feel like they were sitting on a bed of nails.

“Tsk, this kid’s psyche sure is good. Doesn’t he feel awkward standing there sillily?”

“That’s right, even I feel bad for the kid. He truly doesn’t belong to the same group as us. What’s the point in staying here stubbornly? He probably cannot even understand Grandmaster Yuehua’s pointers. It’s really hard on him.”

Yi Yun really did not fit in amongst a group of Desolate Heaven Master apprentices.

It was like a group of geniuses, who had gathered together to discuss poetry and arts, suddenly had an old farmer intrude amongst them, but the old farmer was unable to say anything regarding the poems. All he could discuss with others was how much grain he could collect in his farm, or the number of chicken eggs his hens had laid.

What was the point of making himself uncomfortable?

All the youths present were between 14 to 17 years of age. They had great self-esteem and were at the point in life where they wished to strongly express themselves. If they were in Yi Yun’s shoes, they would not even be able to endure a second, they would have left a long time ago.

“This idiot…”

Yang Yuefeng gave a dismissive glance at Yi Yun. He could no longer be bothered with Yi Yun. At this point, Yi Yun was still hanging in here stubbornly, spending 9000 dragon scale runes to be in this awkward scenario. Wasn’t this signs of madness? It was impossible to win against a madman because one had to have the same thoughts as a madman.

Just as Yang Yuefeng began to think highly of himself, Grandmaster Yuehua came to Yang Yuefeng.

Yang Yuefeng bowed and passed his product with anticipation.

Yuehua gave it a few looks before giving him a few pointers. Although there were no obvious compliments, those affirming words made Yang Yuefeng feel honored.

He secretly looked at Luo Huo’er, hoping that Luo Huo’er would notice him, but… he was disappointed.

Yang Yuefeng still did not lose heart. He knew the extreme difficulty of pursuing Luo Huo’er. He did not hold out much hope for it. All he hoped was that even if he could not win her heart, he would at least be able to form a cordial relationship with Luo Huo’er. This would be extremely beneficial for his future.

“I have a rough understanding of everyone’s Desolate Heaven technique standard. Now, I will begin teaching and I will start with the most basic thing, extraction of energy.”

Yuehua returned to the stage after inspecting everyone’s product.

The first step to refining a desolate bone relic was to extract the energy from a desolate bone.

This first step was extremely important. If the extraction of energy was not done well, then it would be a waste no matter how good the desolate bone materials were. The subsequent steps of energy control, purification, activation and so forth would then become impossible to discuss.

Yuehua continued, “There are about ten common, basic methods to energy extraction. They all have their own advantages. Besides that, different schools of Desolate Heaven techniques would have their own mystic techniques. These mystic techniques are to increase the Power of Desolates extraction efficiency.”

“In addition, there are many personal extraction methods. If you reach an even higher level, you will even be able to combine several basic methods to create your own extraction mystic technique. Of course, that is very difficult… Many famous grandmasters find it difficult to do so…”

“It may be difficult, but in the history of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there have been many Desolate Heaven Masters about your age who managed to create their own extraction mystic technique. This kind of extraction mystic technique are only suitable for oneself. You can say that it can only be understood and not be taught…”

When Grandmaster Yuehua finished saying this, her gaze landed on Luo Huo’er.

It was clear what she meant. She wished that Luo Huo’er would create a miracle by developing her own extraction mystic technique.

Only Luo Huo’er amongst those present had the ability to do so.

Luo Huo’er knew Yuehua’s thoughts and clenched her tiny fists. There were three major steps in the Desolate Heaven technique.

The first step, Power of Desolates extraction.

The second step, controlling the Power of Desolates seal.

The third step, forming the relic itself.

The most basic part laid in the first step. She was determined to figure out a extraction mystic technique of her own. This was an extremely important part of her Desolate Heaven Master career.

Seeing Luo Huo’er’s determined and ambitious gaze, Grandmaster Yuehua nodded in a satisfactory manner. She then said, “In today’s class, I will only be talking about energy extraction. At the end of the lesson, there will be a little test.”

“In the future, I will have a test at the end of every class. Your test scores will be recorded down by me for your final grade. Those who have outstanding grades will be rewarded by me!”


When they heard Yuehua speaking about tests, some became nervous while others became excited. As for Luo Huo’er and Yang Yuefeng, they were undoubtedly the type of people who were excited.

Test? My favorite!